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Max Payne was released in 2001 and many people declared it game of the year. This third-person action adventure game has Max Payne going through the underground of New York City killing all in his wake for the murder of his wife and child. The game combines the stunts of action films with "bullet-time" and a deep noir story that makes a person remember what a great single player gaming experience can be.


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Dead on Arrival in 78 segments: 0:42:41 by Nigel Martin.

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Author's comments:


A complete explanation of the tricks and glitches used and some general notes on the approach to the different run categories are available here ->

Audio commentary is available on track 2, where I go in depth on the tricks and the run in general. /End Template

While beating my head against a brick wall (read - attempting a SS run with the p1c8 super jump sequence), I decided to do a segmented run as I felt motivation for it. It allowed me to practise the levels intensely and to understand enemy patterns and behaviour; also to update some strats. Playing for best real time has its own set of challenges, but the main differences between this and the NYM run are movement and bullet time usage - I don't use any bullet time in this run.

As always, I optimise with respect to the 0.5s save penalty. Though a lot of the quick saves were due to the save glitch, which pretty much always saves time in real time. 24/53 quick saves were save glitches; there are also 25 auto-saves, at the start of each level.

While experimenting with the save glitch, literally the day after starting this run, I discovered the Dead Man Walking (DMW) glitch; which has a big impact on Part I. While I think the levels with the DMW glitch are just as interesting, if you disagree fear not! Only 4/25 levels are done with the glitch. There are several additional discoveries which you will see, all of which resulted in levels having to be redone (7 in total). Of special note are two major super jump skips on p1c6 and p3c8 and the sequential save glitch saved a lot of time in p1c7.

Note: All loading screens and save lag are edited out. In other words, timing the video from gaining control to losing it (and adding 0.5s per quick save) is the official SDA time.

/Level Specific Comments/

Part I, Prologue
The sequential save glitch débuts in this first level. I save glitch the first 4 cutscenes so I have control in the last which saves about 1.5s. I found the shotgun is best for the last guy and then I have to very carefully time my exit - too soon and the final cutscene isn't triggered, too late and...

Part I, Chapter 1
This is split into 3 segments because of the save glitches. The first segment is by far the hardest because I have to manipulate enemy fire at 2 points, manipulate the technician to be fast and the save glitch is very hard to time. The final segment activates the DMW glitch!

Part I, Chapter 2
Since the DMW glitch is active I lose the ability to quick save, meaning the next few levels have to be done in one segment each. This is a problem when there's a total of 6 super jumps to try and nail! The first 3 save a maximum of 11 frames each, so 0.37s which is a fair bit of time. The final jump saves a couple of seconds so that's critical. The two after the cutscene only save 4 frames each (running or doing one jump up the stairs is exactly the same time), so I lose 8 frames total from super jumping, which is acceptable. Times throughout the level were exceptionally fast (I used an on screen timer).

Part I, Chapter 3
Continuing with the DMW glitch, I get two rapid fire shots on the first 2 guys then basically blast through everyone else in the level. The crux moves are the first 2 kills and then having to get three shots in a row - 2 guys and blowing the boiler. I practised the timing for knowing when to drop down after the boiler, as if you're too fast you encounter a death line which as the name implies kills you instantly.

Part I, Chapter 4
SHIT!!! I really thought this was going to be straight forward but the last super jump was absolutely insane. I know for a fact I got to the last jump over 60 times and only managed to get it 3 times without clipping the edge. The timing is horrible and half the time you make the jump you die, the other half you clip the edge. One of the other times I got the jump it was actually a fast run, but - and I can't believe the feeling of deflation - when trying to skip the comic strip after the loading screen, I spammed f1 as usual (not anymore after this!) but I hit it on the wrong frame and locked the button up, so I couldn't skip the comic strip!!! Yes, yes, skipping comic strips quickly is part of the run as well.

Part I, Chapter 5
It's actually pretty hard to nail all the small tricks required to make a fast run, the molotov, super jump, escape from the key room, bannister jumps at the end... I had to redo p1c5-p1c9 due to big skips found in p1c6 and p1c7. I deactivate the DMW glitch by using painkillers in this level so I can quick save in the next level.

Part I, Chapter 6
The guys at the top of the first staircase need killing as they kill instantly if any attempts are made to bypass them - I therefore shoot while going up the stairs. Usually I have to hope they are already walking down the stairs, here I get some good shots round the corner though. The 2nd segment is really hard, the super jumps out of the window are very tight and I have to basically hit the save glitch with 1 save. The real trick to this is manipulating the cutscene Max to stand to the side, leaving a gap to roll past. 90% of the time he stands in the middle and it's impossible, which is what held this skip back before.

Part I, Chapter 7
The sequential save glitch means I can get really far ahead in the lift cutscene and because Gognitti isn't triggered properly (at the start, I go over the rooftops and don't go back to the top of the stairs) I get stuck in a cutscene that lasts until I trigger the next one. The really great thing is that there's no slow-mo, so rolling is super fast. This is what rolling looks like in real time! Killing the guys in the cutscene was hard though. The boss fight is just insane, I don't think it's possible to kill Gognitti faster than that...

Part I, Chapter 8
In 10s I'm over half way through the level (if it were to be played normally)! The third jump through the trap door is a total bitch though, especially with no setup time...

Part I, Chapter 9
Save glitching results in a lot of time saved on this level. Being able to do a super jump in the cutscene means I can get up and kill half the enemies before the cutscene ends (and get hit by the shotgunner without taking damage just before it ends!). The two deagle shots I do on the 2 guys opposite and a level up are incredibly random, since save glitching gets rid of the crosshair and it's not as simple as just marking a dot on the centre of the screen. The boss has to be killed after the cutscene since he's invincible in it.

Part II, Prologue
This is almost exactly the same as in the segmented NYM run, except it's faster to save glitch when playing for fastest real time, thus splitting the level in two. The blood lines are actually hard this time because the camera is really zoomed in after the save glitch.

Part II, Chapter 1
I managed to come up with a strategy to do the boss fight with no slow-mo! It took a while to get the hang of it; initally over half the attempts failed instantly when I got shot in the back from the shotgunner, sometimes 5+ times in a row. When I actually got my foot in the door, I was usually instantly killed and to top it off, any hit I take before taking on the boss is usually fatal. A roll is required after killing the two to the left, otherwise the boss will always kill you. So all in all, an incredibly low success rate. For the rest of the level, due to there being two comic strips which can be skipped with a save glitch, I am basically forced to split this level into 3 segments. Save glitching the comic strips generally saves a couple of frames even with the save penalty.

Part II, Chapter 2
It took a lot of planning to get this level optimised and there is the p2c3 boss fight to consider. Getting the sniper costs 5s and saves basically nothing, so it was a bit of a no brainer. Most of this level turned out to be manipulation of enemy fire, I got very lucky in these two segments.

Part II, Chapter 3
This is one of my favourite levels. For the sake of 10 frames or so, I decided to segment after the 4th super jump, making it a very challenging segment with the dodgy door at the start as well. By segmenting at the end of a jump, I lose no time and in fact gain a couple of frames since saving stops my forward momentum and I don't need any after that jump. The 3rd segment is save glitching the boss fight. I worked out that I can get the ingram ammo without it costing me any time. This is because the boss always takes 61 frames to turn around and head to the back. As long as I get to the back with him I lose no time as I need to use the explosives at the back to kill him. As long as I kill the three guys in the right order, he will run to the back and after that I need to grab some weapons to end the level.

Part II, Chapter 4
The first segment has 3 super jumps and the fire skip. It's important to get a boost off the top of the shelf for the first super jump and then the fire skip is down to some luck with about a 30% success rate. I save over the entrance to the sewers, which as in the previous level, means I lose no frames as my forward momentum needs to stop there anyway. However, I forgot to reload the ingrams before saving. This gave me just enough rope to hang myself for the 2nd segment. I had to kill 4 enemies with 48 ingram ammo, which is tough when the first guys in line act like shields to the others. However I managed to find a way to do it, sure as I was that it was better than redoing the previous segment! It took a fair few attempts with pretty much every enemy killing me and a special shoutout goes to the shotgunner round the corner, the number of times he one shotted me in the back...

Part II, Chapter 5
One molotov to rule them all! Once I got used to the sniping the only real challenge was the molotov throw. It took a lot of practise before I finally got some kind of consistency with it, but even then killing all 3 quickly was rare. The 2nd segment was unadulterated madness! An incredibly frustrating segment as I get shot from all angles to start with, however I finally got this really fast run. Finally, the last segment is of course incredibly easy, but because of that I have managed to optimise it to what I believe is 1 frame away from perfect. The main challenge here is skipping the comic strips perfectly.

Part III, Prologue
This is definitely my least favourite level. It's broken into 3 segments with 1 save glitch. Not getting the 2nd fall cancel on the blood lines is not a mistake, I need to land so I get a long roll onto the next line, with the fall cancel it's impossible. I've tested it extensively and it's faster this way than getting the rolls setup so that I can get both fall cancels.

Part III, Chapter 1
So many times I got killed from the deagler or the shotgunner in the first segment. The shotgunner does this agent smith bull shit running side to side making him very hard to hit, especially since he needs to be neutralised quickly. 2nd segment has 3 super jumps and a jump over the lasers, which isn't too hard, but the shotgunner killed me so many times after I made it. The final segment keeps up the luck manipulation so I don't get hit.

Part III, Chapter 2
This is a very difficult level in that you can literally get hit anywhere. It took a fair amount of determination to put up with endless resets due to getting killed. I managed to luck manipulate heavily, so that I didn't get hit at all and only took fall damage. However, 99% of the time I got hit or killed. The loss of my crosshair due to the save glitch didn't help either.

Part III, Chapter 3
No level is easy, even one with only 7 enemies. Basically more shooting without slow-mo and accurate movement. I attempted a crazy grenade to kill the 2 guys who try and kill the scientist, but even though it worked (once to be fair) it was slower than running and gunning. I again take no damage, setting myself up nicely for p3c4.

Part III, Chapter 4
I think I defied some fundamental law of the gaming universe by not getting hit in the first segment. I'm in the habit of getting very lucky with health on my fastest runs. I managed to work out cues for running past the deathlines (at the car crashes), to the point that I was within a few frames of the deathlines disappearing. The 2nd and 3rd segments are more running, gunning and heavy lucky manipulation. The final segment posed me a real problem when I was first planning it, I didn't have a single gun that could kill the boss in one clip. I then realised I could prefire his position with a grenade, thus allowing me to kill him with the 4 sniper bullets I happened to have (phew that worked out well!). Not that it wasn't very difficult with grenades flying everywhere and a sketchy dot drawn on my screen (supposedly calibrated) acting as my crosshair!! Oh yeah and all the enemies I didn't kill, so most of them, just waiting for me as I go for the phone. Running for the phone was like an escape out of the matrix.

Part III, Chapter 5
What I like to think of as the home stretch begins here. I originally planned to do this in two segments, but there are a lot of things to be optimised. After getting this run I actually ran it again, going for two segments, only to see that I was losing more than the 0.5s penalty in just the first segment. The super jump onto the balcony is done perfectly in the 2nd segment, I literally get the jump instantly on landing. It is the most difficult super jump in the game, you have to land on a platform so small there is no room for error and then you have to be pressing jump the frame you're on the platform. Doing it with slow-mo makes it relatively straight forward, but without...

Part III, Chapter 6
Plenty of tricky super jumping in this level. In particular, the circular room trick is very hard. I have to super jump, fall cancel and then land right on the edge to get a boosted roll. The two guys in the projector room are dangerous as well. The save glitch was interesting, I did a sequential save glitch to work out where I should be going and aiming and then drew the positions on my mouse mat. I aimed to kill the guys in the back room with the grenade, which is what I did in other attempts, here I just got lucky as they didn't get in my way!

Part III, Chapter 7
The start of this level is as normal, but note I go straight into the lift after the comic strip, avoiding the firefight - thanks to Dalek who discovered this. There's a real onslaught of enemies after this and they are all very well armed. However, anything is possible. It took a lot of planning to work out how to not so much as do a roll to avoid enemy fire in this level and I probably got killed more in this level than any other. It's possible to not get hit in the final segment, but it was such a fast run and cost me virtually no time that I had to keep it. The final comic strip skip was sweet.

Part III, Chapter 8
While it may look like the start can be done faster, I really pushed for fast times and for killing the first 4 guys I got two 115s, a 114 and this 113 (in frames). Anything under 120 is tough and doing this with no slow-mo definitely takes some getting used to. You will notice the major super jump skip up the side of the building! I had this idea a long time ago but could never make it work as there is a tiny 1 pixel (or very small anyway!) platform (like in p3c5) that just had no earthly reason to be there. I tried getting on the slope, but you just slide off. I worked out how to trigger the final events as normal, the key is triggering Horne before entering the cutscene. I save glitch this cutscene as it is 0.5s faster due to the grenade I throw snapping the cable and interrupting the cutscenes. I very nearly missed the fact that you can damage the tower before the final cable, but after ExplodingCabbage encouraged me to improve my final segment regardless of final run time, I discovered this final 3s time saver! I'm actually glad I did this level twice as a lack of understanding of the final sequence would have cost me. The run ends when I shoot the cable.
Exact final time is

Secret Finale
It's not part of the run, but I decided to include it as a fun extra. Doing it normally would be too... easy... After playing around with it for a while I decided to go for 1xJackhammer only, no rolling, no damage. I think it's pretty clear from watching it that not picking up a single stray bullet is pretty rare. I get myself in a particularly difficult situation here after the guy rolls and I'm being shot at from all directions, but I somehow get away unscathed.

/Thanks to/

Usual thanks to SDA staff old and new, SDA members and viewers!

"Vengeance waits for no one, and neither do I."

Single-segment Dead on Arrival: 0:56:41 by Nigel Martin.

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Author's comments:

A complete explanation of the tricks used and some general notes on the approach to the different run categories is available here ->
Many of these tricks are explained in videos in my youtube channel:
There is audio commentary on track 2 which will cover all the important things (and wastes no time getting straight into it!). Additionally the discussion thread (which is the thread I have used for all of my Max Payne runs) ->,9484.0.html
If you enjoyed this run please post feedback there, it will be much appreciated.

I started this run in mid December 2010 and was attempting on and off until I put it on hold for the DoA segmented run in June 2011. I started again in mid November 2011 and finally got this in March 2012.

New discoveries in my 25:34 NYM run and 42:41 DoA (segmented) run led to this improvement. I was expecting some small improvements from doing the segmented runs, but the major skip at the start of p1c8 probably simultaneously led to me doing this run and it being significantly harder than before. You get 1 shot at making the super jump through the trap door and excluding it would have been the sensible thing to do. Ironically as it turns out, it isn't even (remotely) necessary for finishing in under an hour. The other new major skip worth noting is in the final level, p3c8. I had to improvise on the segmented route, as that involves landing on a tiny platform which if you miss, you die.

In my SS attempts, I made the Chapter 8 jump less than 30% of the time. The hardest thing about the run was the elusiveness of this trick.

The new skips and general higher standard of play has resulted in just over 4 minutes of improvement in total. I think it's fair to say sub 57 is a massive milestone.

The final time can't be compared with the segmented DoA run because I can't use the save glitch or the DMW glitch, due to the need to reload a quick save.

*As usual I started attempts from the start of gameplay in pro1, no point watching that cutscene every time!
**The game resets your health and weapons in the following levels: p1c1, pro2, pro3 and p3c7.


p1c2 - Missed the two guys at the boxes, probably 3s lost.
p1c6 - Failed the super jump at the start a bit.
p1c9 - Enemy ran all the way round because I didn't get the super jump in the first two attempts, cost a few seconds.
p2c5 - Messed up my weapon selection, lost a couple of seconds.
- Abandoned my strat in the final room with the killer suits and therefore lost a couple of seconds.
p3c1 - Missed the super jump :(
p3c2 - I got put off by the fire that was left at the door and ended up using the wrong weapon.
p3c6 - More super jump fail trying to get over the railing.
p3c7 - Missed the first super jump, costing a few seconds.

While I lost time due to failing super jumps, my overall success rate was exactly 50% which I'm really happy with. I tended to get loads first try and then have trouble with a few, but that's just how it goes.


All SDA staff past, present (and future, keep it going!) and everyone who has taken an interest in my Max Payne runs in whatever capacity; it's been fun.

"You know something, Utivich? I think this just might be my masterpiece."

Dead on Arrival Single-segment with resets: 0:51:35 by Nigel Martin.

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Author's comments:


Despite having completed six Speedruns of this game prior to this one and having run it on and off for over 5 years, getting a deathless run just doesn't get any easier. Seemingly insignificant errors or just plain bad luck all too often lead to instant deaths, but if you're reading this then that must mean I finally succeeded...right?!

For an explanation of all tricks in this run see the comments on my other runs. Once again I have done audio commentary, so see track 2 for in-depth details!

Very soon after finishing my segmented DoA run I discovered a new application for the save glitch, the start of level save glitch (SOLSG). However, I misunderstood it at the time and so didn't realise its potential - suffice it to say that it has a lot. RTA runs have been made very popular over the last few years since online racing started and, with this new glitch, this game certainly suits the RTA category.

I worked out the route for this run back in 2012 and have been attempting on and off ever since. However, this game doesn't submit to anything less than a relentless grind. I therefore had to put myself through an intense 6 week block, attempting every day, to get this done once and for all.

This run is more varied and technically challenging than a SS run, with the addition of the save glitch - another frame perfect trick along with the super jump that I have to perform frequently. Overall though there is less pressure regarding deaths as the DMW and save glitches bypass some difficult parts. Save glitches and quick saves are utilised only where they save time for an RTA run. A segmented run would utilise a few more, which don't save much time, but where you can manipulate luck and nail everything perfectly.

While planning the route I had to balance time saved with SOLSGs vs DMW glitch, since when the DMW glitch is active you can't quick save. By the time you get to p1c6 it's quicker to use the SOLSGs due to major skips in p1c6 and p1c7 - I FINALLY BROKE P1C7 COMPLETELY!!

A couple of things to note: I start from a new file this time around, due to the ability to save glitch the opening cutscene of the first level, which lets me gain control early.


pro1 - Not great positioning at the start, despite managing to open the wardrobe with the shotgun in the cutscene (0.5s).
- After the final kill my timing was a bit off and I didn't wait for long enough before exiting the room, so had to go back to trigger everything properly (2s).
p1c2 - Missed a shotgun shot in the vault, so had to jump round the enemy (1s).
p1c6 - Failed the super jump out of the window a few times (5s).
p2c4 - The grenade was thrown at too sharp an angle, thus not killing the two guys below (3s).
p3c4 - Unfortunately the m79 shot only killed one, but luckily the remaining two still ran towards me (4s).
p3c5 - It's rare I miss the super jump, but I missed it twice here; biggest mistake of the run, but I can live with that being 10s.
p3c7 - Didn't manage to get the 3rd super jump in the opening cutscene, but I often don't, still it would have saved a few seconds.
p3c8 - Super jump onto the statue would have saved a second.

Notice how several of these 'mistakes' are super jump related!? My overall success rate was AGAIN exactly 50%, which seems to be the same for all my SS runs! So much time is down to getting the super jumps and 50% is good, at least for me.


All SDA staff past, present and future, and everyone who has taken an interest in my Max Payne runs in whatever capacity; they've come a long way.

New York Minute 0:25:34 by Nigel Martin, done in 63 segments. A bloopers file is also available.

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Author's comments:

/General Comments/

This run contains very entertaining glitches and many surprises for you all since I have worked on this project completely on my own and haven't posted any progress. I have done audio commentary on track 2 (I had a bit of a cold when recording so apologies for the weird voice), but there's a lot of subtle things so these comments are pretty comprehensive as well.

There are 63 segments but while the final time is only 25;34, the average segment length is actually 45s (pure gameplay, not including time spent in cutscenes). This is because the in-game timer takes into account the use of slow-mo (rolling is quicker) and stops for cutscenes - The +8 seconds per kill is NOT counted by the timer.

I ironically discovered the save glitch while planning my Single-segment, Dead on Arrival run. Since it requires a reload of a quicksave to work, it could not be used at all in that run, but it had obvious potential for a segmented run, cue this run. Since I discovered virtually all glitches in Max Payne Speedrunning I do not tire of repeat runs if they are worth it. Having said that, I do feel I have broken this game to the limit now.

In terms of optimisation, I aimed for no more than 0.3-0.4s lost per level. Given the way the Max Payne engine is, what with rolling etc. I can't overstate how incredibly difficult this is and I honestly can't say if I'v managed it or not but I hope I'm at least not far off! Note I don't use the save glitch at every opportunity as it doesn't always save time.

My exact final time is 25;34;99. I worked this out by finishing the final level at different times in order to work out when it ticked over to the next second since it accumulates 1/100ths of a second from all the previous levels.

Trivia: I do 50 super jumps in total, this is double the number in my SS run. The most I do in one level is 9.

Note: The game does record 100ths of a second for all the level times even though it only shows the time to the nearest second at the start of each level.
Note2: There is one glitch I discovered that I have confirmed with Mike is banned. Basically the first time the game loads up a level, the timer will be about 0.2s above what it should be and it will pause for about 16 frames. Playing on 30fps means you can gain about 0.5s because of this. Doing this effectively neutralises the save penalty meaning you could make a run of infinite segments paying no price for it (except having to restart the game for every attempt!). Clearly this can't be allowed so in order to avoid this you simply do a quick reload of the save and then the timer will match up fine.


Thanks to the SDA team who do all the work behind the scenes which is required for every single run on this site. SDA members, Max Payne runners, especially Shido who made a good start with his NYM run, honorableJay who helped me find lots of good places to use the super jump when I initially discovered it and Inexistence gave me the idea that spamming save to use the save glitch still only counts as one extra segment. Thanks to all the people who have posted feedback and ideas in the thread as well, it's been much appreciated!


Note - Activating bullet time does not alter time based events, the game seems to rely on the in- game timer for them. An example is you can cause the end of a level to fade out quicker if you use bullet time but the timer runs right up until the start of the loading screen for the next level so you would just spend longer in the black to make up for it (I have tested this).

Rolling: If you roll, the in-game timer slows down by a small amount during the roll as you are effectively in bullet time to an extent. This is why rolling is faster than just running when you are using the in-game timer but it is slightly slower in real time.

Super jump: Discovered by me about halfway through my old NYM run. I came across a good explanation from Maddieman on the Alanwake forums after posting the discovery; "C_jump() commands stack, so I think what's happening is the jump animation is being triggered twice (very quickly, because of the weapon switch), effectively doubling or tripling your jump height." For a full explanation of how to perform the trick see this video -> Also note that this trick is hard to do consistently as it requires frame perfect timing and so it's way harder than in Max Payne 2.

Save glitch: Discovered by me as previously mentioned. Basically if you save the frame before a cutscene kicks in, then reload, you then have control during cutscenes. It is very obvious where I do this as you can see me spamming save. Note I am allowed to save multiple times but with it not counting as more than one extra segment as I only reload once, it doesn't affect the timer and so the extra saves are basically redundant. Due to the various different types of cutscene there are all sorts of varying results from using this glitch. If I don't use this glitch at any point in the run, trust me there is a good reason.

Rolling through fire: A lot of the flames are just special effects and so don't harm you if you know where to go. As the fire builds up though, it will start to burn you.

Fall cancelling: When Max falls from above a certain height, there is a landing animation. It is often possible to cancel the landing animation if you spam jump as you land and continue holding strafe so you roll. Normally it requires an almost individual approach each time and seems to be frame perfect making it very difficult to do.

Quick roll: This can only be done after a cutscene is triggered showing you a slow-mo view of the deaths of certain enemies you kill or after a scripted slow-mo sequence, if you roll immediately after the cutscene as the game is transitioning from slow to normal play you roll really fast with the timer still going as normal.

Glitching into/through walls/floors: If you manage to get into a wall you will die instantly (the game physics does not like it). At one point I do go through the floor without dieing however; part 3, chapter 6, the second super jump I do, but I get in through the edge so it's not quite the same.

/Specific Segment Comments/

Part I, Prologue (Level time 0:08)
Segment 1: I use bullet time to get in position quicker than I can in real time, it enables me to get to the cutscene very quickly. Don't let the simplicity of this segment fool you, as previously mentioned it is incredibly hard to optimise movement in Max Payne and so this took over 1000 attempts on its own. I spam save just before the cutscene kicks in but actually time the first save perfectly!
Segment 2: AHHHH I can't see what the hell I'm doing in this segment! I have to kill everyone before the cutscene ends and I swear I almost went insane doing this.... all the screaming of Max's wife and flashes as random cutscenes kicked in (game being confused with me breaking it). I had to have the sound on as well to listen for where my bullets were landing to give me some clue about just where the hell I was aiming. I tried drawing on my mouse mat (which is a piece of paper) to show where I had to move the mouse but it wasn't reliable :[
After I completed Prologue 3 I saw a video of a casual Speedrun by TheAngel who went out of the final room once the three junkies are dead and headed back to the top of the stairs which caused the final cutscene to kick in quicker, this actually saves almost three seconds (my previous time was 0:11). The roll at the start does not have to be quick, the timer stops at a preset time (within a few hundredths of a second). The final time you get is not all that simple. If you roll out of the room too quickly, the level won't end until you go back; if you roll out too quickly but Max starts talking the level will end but you will lose a few tenths of a second in a transition to the final cutscene. If you are slow you won't lose any time in the transition. This attempt is just down to a stupid number of retries and luck. Note I keep slow-mo held down as I roll at the end, this causes the sound to go really quiet for the final cutscene.

Part I, Chapter 1 (Level time 1:16)
Segment 3: Nasty segment. In every way. The first very nasty bit is killing the guy through the bars and then rolling twice down the stairs in the cutscene. Later I have to hope that the technician is quick to the keypad (time varies) and that is totally out of my control (short of failing to stay ahead of him). All that matters is I am far enough ahead of the technician for him to make use of the kill cutscene, so my sub optimal killing of the enemies at the top of the stairs doesn't matter.
Segment 4: Well this is yet more fun being active in a cutscene. I especially like how I can save the technician here (he gets killed automatically when the cutscene ends anyway though). Note how I don't have a crosshair, this happens when you use the save glitch. It makes killing the three enemies, each in 1 shot, very hard. The rest is very precise rolling, getting to the train for 29:11 is fast.

Part I, Chapter 2 (Level time 1:20)
Segment 5: The layout of this level and the terrain make it horrific to navigate, making it very hard to optimise. My strategy for this level was very different from my old run, note how I kill barely anyone! I got a decent run fairly early on and couldn't touch it for ages, then finally I beat it by like 0.1s then again by another 0.1s to the run you see here. Apart from the fact I have got to the first cutscene 0.27s faster in another attempt, there are basically no mistakes.
Segment 6: Bullets incoming! There is a very high chance of getting killed right at the start by about 50 bullets coming from different directions, again optimising movement is a big challenge here and you can easily slip around and waste time on that control panel. After that I have to luck manipulate the enemy positions so that there is no one in my way and again after the cutscene (two guys can potentially completely block you) then I have to get a super jump at the end. Phew!

Part I, Chapter 3 (Level time 0:51)
Segment 7: This chapter involves quite a bit of luck manipulation. To start with I have to kill the first two guys as quick as possible, then I have to hope the door opens quickly (opens very quick here). When I get to the room with three baddies and some cannisters, I just roll straight through and have to hope that the 3rd guy doesn't get in my way (9/10 times he does). I do 2 fall cancels as I go down the stairs and get some nice slides down them, making it faster. Finally I luck manipulate the two baddies to leave a gap for me when the door opens at the end of the hall; I save before the padlocked door.
Segment 8: This is a very optimised segment. It started off as a seemingly easy segment but to get it really optimised took a lot of work. There is a difficult shot to blow the boiler; it is important to do that before killing the two enemies because you need to wait a bit anyway as getting too close to the boiler as it falls will kill you instantly. After this I do two fall cancels and then luck manipulate the enemies at the end so they don't block my path to the lift. It was very lucky that I didn't get hit given my health is pretty low at this point, so that was the icing on the cake.

Part I, Chapter 4 (Level time 0:42)
Segment 9: This all hinges around getting three rolls in the cutscene, so you are basically at the boss's door by the time it finishes. In the room with the key I take two shots at the last guy but I am backing out of the room anyway so if the first shot had killed him I would have had to move further back or else I would have rolled into the door, so it doesn't waste any time. I perform the save glitch, skipping a comic strip, although it doesn't really save any time, it's a good point to segment.
Segment 10: This is just about as perfect as my gameplay gets. It may only be 25s of gameplay, but getting all the rolls perfect and especially getting that super jump at the end is very difficult. It is very rare that you don't clip or land on the edge of the roof at the end as you fall down.

Part I, Chapter 5 (Level time 0:55)
Segment 11: I decided to do this level in one segment as I knew I could not be 0.5s faster in two segments (which I would lose due to the save penalty). I got a good 0:55 but then realised I could roll through the window at the end, saving about 0.3s, so I had to redo it... After countless 0;55s, in the end I got about 7/100ths of a second off a 0:54 (a run 0.93s slower was still a 0:55) but as the in- game timer counts 10ths and 100ths of a second that was good enough. I spent 12+ hours on this segment and just could not stand to run it any longer for less than a 10th of a second. I got all the best times I had ever got at checkpoints throughout the level as well.

Part I, Chapter 6 (Level time 1:38)
Segment 12: This level was originally going to be in two segments but I need to manipulate the first few jumps so that I don't lose any health which is incredibly difficult. This segment basically deals with the difficult set of jumps and rolls at the start. Most of the time you take at least two lots of fall damage and then I'm left with virtually no health. The fall damage is based on quite a bit of luck. I found that super jumping on the fence then rolling is faster than just jumping over by about 0.2s.
Segment 13: I super jump up the stairs to the first cutscene. I don't use the save glitch here as after the cutscene is over your position is reset to normal. The goon takes varying amounts of time to get to the laundry door, I did quite a few repetitions to see the best times he can get there so I knew what to aim for.
Segment 14: This segment was quite fun, I need to manipulate the second guy so he doesn't block me and then I need to make sure I don't get shot too much going through the window (my health is fairly low) and that I again don't get blocked. I am really pleased with how fast this was and I even have time to shoot an abbreviation of my name into the lift wall (RID) :)

Part I, Chapter 7 (Level time 1:06)
Segment 15: I found out that you can jump over the rooftops at the start and still trigger Gognitti as normal by going down the stairs a little way then back up past the trigger point again. It actually didn't turn out too bad despite having to pull off four fall cancels and a super jump. I spam save fairly heavily to make sure I don't miss activating the save glitch!
Segment 16: Way back when I was doing audio commentary for my first Dead on Arrival run, I said how cool it would be if I could just jump down these stairs. Well, thanks to the save glitch I am invincible and can do just that. However, if I beat Gognitti to the next cutscene I would then get stuck in a stationary cutscene, so I have to be far enough behind him so he has time to get the the lift. If you get to the cutscene so much as 0.1s faster, he won't make it. The strange thing is he will the first time, but upon reloading, he won't anymore. This means I have plenty of time to get the painkillers.
Segment 17: If you're reading this before watching the run then I won't spoil it but serious kudos if you work out where I am before the cutscene ends. Those attentive enough may catch a glimpse of me in the cutscene ^_- . I originally did two super jumps after the cutscene to the top of the construction site but then I worked out you could super jump in the cutscene. Let's just say this is one of my more brilliant discoveries. It is very rare that you can overtake Gognitti straight after the cutscene, usually he blocks you, therefore it took many attempts to discover otherwise and many more to get a good attempt.
Segment 18: Making sure I got all three fall cancels in this segment was a painstaking effort! The timing is incredibly tight but if I missed one I would lose about 0.3s. I have to kill all the guys in the halls in order to trigger the final cutscene, though I don't kill the first guy in the hall as most of the time the grenade takes care of him. I have very little time to reach for F5 (quick save) after doing the last roll before the final cutscene kicks in. I got to the final cutscene with 1:12:33 but I didn't get the roll right or get the molotovs out in time so I had to redo it, but that was 4 hours of attempts ago... I certainly felt elated when I got this though.
Segment 19: Fun segment! I throw three molotovs killing all the enemies bar the boss who I kill when the cutscene ends (he's invincible in the cutscene). I got this segment fairly quickly but thought it could be beaten, however I couldn't even get that close after many further attempts. What makes this so fast is I press slow-mo virtually on the first frame you can and so while I'm not looking at Gognitti exactly I lose litte time.

Part I, Chapter 8 (Level time 0:44)
Segment 20: A new shortcut. I originally thought the trap door was above somewhere else but apparently not! Note this would basically be suicide to do in a Single-segment run; if I miss the final jump I wouldn't survive the fall and even if I got a super jump, there is a very high chance I wouldn't get high enough. For this segment, my super jump almost under the opening door is spot on. For the final jump your angle and height has to be perfect or you won't make it.
Segment 21: Fast. Time between super jumps is minimal.
Segment 22: This should have been a fairly easy segment but the fall cancel was pretty rare (1 in 10 or less) and the roll through the door has to be at the perfect angle so you don't slide down or over the railing. Once I get the roll in the cutscene the rest is pretty standard. I don't have control in the cutscene so that roll has to be done before the guy dies.
Segment 23: I thought this would be simple but it took a ton of attempts to get all three super jumps fast and of course the fall cancel. I only killed one person in this entire level, I also performed NINE super jumps :)

Part I, Chapter 9 (Level time 0:27)
Segment 24: I was almost worried at how quick I got this and how consistent I was at this segment; I had virtually no problems getting all three super jumps and I was getting to the cutscene with times all within 0.1s of each other. I managed to get this run which was a bit faster though because I timed the final super jump well coming out of the roll. As it turns out the save glitch doesn't save any time here because the timer continues to run through the cutscene.
Segment 25: Killing. A lot of it. The main thing that matters before the cutscene is killing the two guys, a floor up from me, quickly. I get to the cutscene very fast and the boss fight was my best yet, I basically kill Lupino and his bodyguard at exactly the same time. - Part I done.

Part II, Prologue (Level time 0:41)
Segment 26: I did this in one segment as I knew I couldn't be 0.5s faster by splitting the level in two. Notice the jump after the first cutscene, that saves a second or so and then at the end I manage to roll into the cutscene trigger correctly so I only have to view one cutscene instead of two. The timer runs down during the second cutscene (the one I skip) so I save like seven seconds due to this.

Part II, Chapter 1 (Level time 0:59)
Segment 27: I was close to doing this level in one segment but I was right not to! There are many subtleties to running Max Payne and I literally pulled just over 0.5s out of what most people would call thin air in this segment. Not waiting for the grenade blast and generally killing barely anyone saves some time.
Segment 28: The 5% of the time I actually survived the boss fight I wasn't fast enough until finally I finished the level in just 0:59 in-game time. This run came out of no where and I continued attempts but this time held up. Once all the guys in the bar room are dead the level ends after a set period of time, killing the guys who are still chasing me is not mandatory and so it doesn't matter that I don't kill them especially quickly. I remember thinking a 0:59 was not possible for this level roughly a year ago, well, never say never.

Part II, Chapter 2 (Level time 0:57)
Segment 29: I appear to lose time by (half) rolling into a guy in the first warehouse, it's not a mistake as my positioning is spot on for getting to the next shutter door (and I got there about 0.25s faster than any previous attempt). You basically can't avoid him without going way out of the way anyway. The two fall cancels are out of the way straight away and after the second super jump I just need to make sure I don't get shot basically.
Segment 30: I actually got this attempt very early on but tried to beat it as I got a half fall cancel after the second super jump (0.24s lost). However, after over a thousand further attempts I could not beat this time. This is actually a very tricky segment, the railing that I super jump to at the start is not the best of surfaces to roll on. Unless you get it perfect you end up skidding, I swear I have managed to skid along almost the entire railing before!. After that there are two more fall cancels which as always are very rare to get. Finally I need to luck manipulate the guy at the end who often blocks the exit. I shoot a few times as that tends to lure him away so I can just roll past him.

Part II, Chapter 3 (Level time 1:00)
Segment 31: This segment includes my favourite super jump skip of the game (although the jump onto the lift in chapter 7 is a close contender). The first super jump has to be very precise or I won't get high enough to get on the walkway, after that I ingram the guy to get through the door (only weapon that actually hits him in the gap). After the next super jump I now have to do THREE FALL CANCELS IN A ROW. Getting the fall cancel off the pier so that you don't lose any horizontal momentum is nice. After that I roll in as direct a line as I can through the water and save just before the next super jump.
Segment 32: The rest of the skip and the boss fight. After killing the first guy on the ship I do a bit of a bad roll but I am basically at the next door by the time I finish rolling and normally I have to move back anyway after opening the door as it has to close first. After this I just make sure to keep moving but not rolling as that's slightly slower (you have to wait longer to be able to roll through the door). I get to the boss cutscene 0.17s faster than any previous attempt. I'v had better looking attempts but there's no arguing with the timer (especially not when I went back and did this section in several segments and tied this time). I did really want to use the save glitch on the boss cutscene but unless you have a sniper rifle (take too much time to get) it is significantly slower than doing it normally. It felt great to get this segment.

Part II, Chapter 4 (Level time 0:47)
Segment 33: Although I am writing these comments as I complete segments I am confident is saying this is the easiest segment. Hoever, it might have caused me some trouble if it weren't for the fact that I seemingly could not fail to get the super jump every attempt! I roll around the shelves in the 3rd room and through the blockade a little later which saves a fair amount of time. I get a neat quick roll after the super jump and save just before the fall cancel. I segment here as the next segment is HARD.
Segment 34: I split the rest of the level into two given the stupid difficulty of accurately navigating when you can't see where you're going. In terms of optimising it's possible to be just about falling through the hatch when the cutscene ends (which is what you see here), however it's stupidly rare that it happens. If you manage it you can easily save 0.4s+ though. My plan was to save as soon as the cutscene ended but for some reason I carried on playing and got the next fall cancel out of the way as well!
Segment 35: Well having this in one segment opened up the possibility of starting the next level another second early. I get a fall cancel, roll in a direct line and instead of rolling around at the end I take a shortcut along the edge which saves half a second or so. Note when I jump around the corner a shotgun blast is fired, sometimes in this game the shotgun doesn't fire and there is just a cloud of smoke, this is what I need to manipulate in order to survive... The super jump up the stairs saves like 0.8s also. Annoyingly I get a bit of lag at the top of the stairs but you don't lose frames in this game, it just gets stuck on a couple. I wanted to redo this without the lag (it's nothing major, just a bit annoying) but frankly this run was a freak of nature and I don't think I could repeat it any time soon.

Part II, Chapter 5 (Level time 0:30)
Segment 36: I was very surprised to find out that using the save glitch on the final cutscene is slower by about 0.24s (Timer runs down during part of the cutscene and you have to wait for the door to close behind the killer suits before you can open it to trigger the end of the level, if that makes any sense). I therfore segmented about half way through the level, just before the super jump. To start off I get a fall cancel then luck manipulate the enemies so they don't block me. I had to do many attempts to ensure my health was above critical (where he starts walking really slowly). Often I get peppered by the dual ingrammer and then finished off by the first of the trio but this time I didn't get hit at all! This is a very optimised segment.
Segment 37: This was a fun segment. I need the sniper rifle for killing everyone on the second floor but I need to do a super jump so I quickly change to the deagle first then super jump with the sniper rifle. I need to roll to the door to trigger the last of the trio (he's invincible if he's not triggered). I then kill the guy outside the door as he follows you and causes problems otherwise. I also have to kill the last three guys so the cutscene is triggered. I found that if you slow-mo right after you gain control after the cutscene then the killer suits set up in slightly different positions which leaves a path for me to just roll right to the exit. - Part II done.

Part III, Prologue (Level time 0:44)
Segment 38: This segment is up until the blood lines and basically consists of precise rolling. I jump onto the banister as I found it was quicker than rolling around. After the cutscene I have to roll to the door around the chair, it's actually hard to get this fast. After repeating that I roll as early as possible and get my positioning spot on for the next segment.
Segment 39: Ahh the blood lines. Well I never found these to be difficult, until now. The two fall cancels by themselves are extra hard in slow-mo because trying to time them is much harder. The other issue is how perfect you have to be with positioning to get onto the blood line after the second fall cancel, it's very close! I got two other runs that got both fall cancels (and made it to the blood line), one was three hundreths of a second slower and the other was one hundreth of a second slower!

Part III, Chapter 1 (Level time 0:47)
Segment 40: No point fall cancelling as you need to blow the laser detonators before you can proceed. Again after rolling off the walkway I don't fall cancel but instead kill so I collect the m4, the reason for this is twofold: 1. I save health (him shooting me) and gain slow-mo by killing this guy 2. Getting the m4 saves sniper bullets for important enemies later. I lose less than 0.10s doing this rather than fall cancelling and ignoring this guy (0.25s quicker initially but you lose time collecting the m4 later). Next I roll under the shutter asap and get to the door before the guy comes through, shooting the detonator kills the guy behind the door allowing me to proceed; I save just before the super jump.
Segment 41: I go to the left as it's a more direct route and avoids having to kill anyone. I discovered that while you can't jump before the upper laser beam activates you can jump over it if your positioning is right, which saves some nice time. I tested going right and going left in the next room and they are both pretty much identical but it's slightly faster going left as it's more direct; again I save just before the next super jump.
Segment 42: I got to the door incredibly fast and then it's a case of rolling along the corridors, hoping I don't get hit. Very often I get hit three or more times or even get killed but this time I only got hit once and got a time 0.5s faster than my previous best; can't say I'm disappointed with that.

Part III, Chapter 2 (Level time 1:14)
Segment 43: I prefire the door at the start and manage to get to the valve in record time. I then roll as early as possible through the flame (any earlier and you instantly die). I have to kill the guy on the opposite bridge otherwise he blocks the door, I shoot the explosive barrel and half roll against the containers so I don't get killed by the explosion; if you roll correctly afterwards you don't lose any further health after the initial blast. You can roll on the inside of the laser in the next room and I found that the fire kill box is in a very strange place, meaning I can jump over it early and go through the animated flames. Finally, it's just a matter of jumping off the walkway and getting the fall cancel before saving. I gained about 0.1s in the first and last sections of this segment over previous attempts and it surpassed my goal of landing for the fall cancel at 1;05;00.
Segment 44: Tough segment! It's much harder than it looks to shoot those barrels quickly as you are on a very narrow platform, loads of attempts I simply slid off and got fried. I fall cancel then I fire one shot - this is so I gain bullet time from the guy who blows himself up, if you don't fire, (engage the enemy) you don't. I have to be careful not to take damage from the explosion, then basically roll to the super jump, kill the three in my way then activate the cutscene. I roll and then have to essentially prefire a guy I can't see with the door in the way. As you can see it's not really possible to shoot him much faster but it's very important to be this fast, otherwise you will pick up stray bullets real quick. I got a very quick time for this segment which was nice as the real challenge was taking no damage; I did this segment several times within about 0.1s of this time but was basically dead at the end.
Segment 45: Yet more health management, I have to not take any damage for the remainder of the level. This effectively multiplies the difficulty of doing it really fast as loads of good attempts are ruined when you get shot. To start with I glance off the edge of the railing and manipulate it so I take no fall damage, I can then kill the two enemies at my leisure while waiting for the ram to break the shutter. I have to hope all the bits break off as I shoot them as the last piece sometimes takes loads of bullets. I kill the guy in my way and then it's just rolling and shooting the detonators. I even manage the fall cancel near the end (normally get half a fall cancel); only slight error was a bad skid when landing after jumping off the sand bags.

Part III, Chapter 3 (Level time 2:07)
Segment 46: This is basically a case of optimising rolling as much as possible. I use slow-mo for the key pads to ensure I hit them as early as possible. I have to kill one of the guys otherwise they all bunch up and block me; I think this is basically the only time I'v ever not been hit which is great for my health management. I use the save glitch at the cutscene at the end of the segment.
Segment 47: The save glitch here enables me to get to the next console and activate it, thus activating the lift, while still in the cutscene, just about. From there it is just more movement optimisation before the 'on the rails' section, which I get out of the way before saving.
Segment 48: It's very important to kill the first two guys fast so I basically just sweep the crosshair over their heads and watch them drop! Next part is just a case of waiting for the scientist to open the next door. I carefully optimised movement in the next section and have to manipulate it so I don't lose health jumping close to the gas pipe flames. Basically the rest of the level is just optimal movement but segments like these always take time to optimise; I think I finally got it good here.

Part III, Chapter 4 (Level time 1:16)
This level required a ton of planning. First of all there are the three invisible barriers which if crossed cause instant death. They occur at the first three car explosions and approximately run down the middle of each car, they cover all heights and width so there is no way past. The point in them is to prevent the player overtaking the black van. When the barriers disappear is complex; if you don't get a skid at the top of the first ramp then the first barrier goes at 0;42;00 (assuming no kills). The fall cancels down the ramp are not so important and it seems to be random to an extent too. After testing with lots of segments I just found the earliest time to cross and kept trying until I managed it in the real attempts. The other problem was the excessive amount of fall cancels which limited how long a segment could reasonably be.
Segment 49: For this first segment, the slide I get at the top of the first ramp is important as it forcing the van to warp to the next point. At the first car crash, I wait on top of the car (just next to the barrier) and then cross within 0.1s of it disappearing. Note about half the time the car explodes later and prevents me from crossing the barrier as early as possible so that had to be manipulated. At the next crash I get to my setup position, again right next to the barrier and time carefully the moment to cross. I got a 0.15s improvement over my best previous attempt and through some miracle I didn't take a single hit (I'm often 1-2 shots from death); I save just before the next car crash.
Segment 50: I kill the three guys surrounding me as I wait until I can cross the death barrier. Again through testing I worked out when it was safe to within a few 1/100ths of a second. The really difficult part of this segment is getting the two fall cancels down the ramp, it really is very rare that I get both. After this I super jump over the gate and fall cancel before saving. I originally intended to roll onto the wooden blocks, which is possible if you're in the right position, but it seems that even if you get a super jump which puts you close to the blocks, the fall cancel roll isn't enough to get you up there. If I didn't fall cancel I could do it but that wouldn't be faster anyway so I just roll over it in the next segment.
Segment 51: Quite simply this segment deals with three fall cancels down the ramp which, if included in another segment, would basically just not happen. I also have to avoid fire and don't use up any bullet time with the fall cancels. I didn't accept my first run of this and improved it by about 0.10s.
Segment 52: In the rare event I got both fall cancels, almost without exception I got insta killed by the shotgunner between rolling. Failing this the shotgunner can hit the explosive barrel behind me which also kills me. Manipulating both these events I manage to avoid getting killed and can proceed to super jump over the railing. I then run seemingly until the cutscene kicks in but I actually start rolling just before so that he does the roll in the cutscene (note using the save glitch here just results in the timer running down during the cutscene). I have to kill the two guys by the van as they would kill me quickly otherwise, 4 sniper shots takes care of BB and from there I have time to collect some painkillers and finish off the nearby enemies (hoping I don't get grenaded) and then I spam 'e' so I can grab the phone (triggering the end of the level) as early as possible. Everything really came together for this segment and I beat my target time by 0.2s.

Part III, Chapter 5 (Level time 0:31)
Segment 53: Pretty straight forward at the start, I super jump up the stairs which saves about a second compared with rolling up. I don't kill the enemy with the laser scope as it would cost me about 0.4s; instead using the fact that I have been very careful with my health, I can take getting hit even though I will lose a bunch in the next segment where I jump off this floor. There is a tiny area I am aiming for that allows me to jump over the railing and onto the 2nd floor, as I don't want to waste time aiming for it I have to just do enough attempts so that I eventually manage it. It is somewhere in the middle though so I always aim for that. It is also important that I land on it straight away as otherwise time could be lost quite quickly; I save just before the jump down.
Segment 54: This was a very hard segment to learn. The start requires jumping not too far right (losing time) or left (getting trapped between the railing and the ceiling) and then getting a fall cancel. I then need a fair bit of luck for the door to unlock, at least 80% of the time it didn't open straight away and thus ends the attempt. I then found that rolling so you slide down the first part of the stairs is fastest. The enemies block my way pretty much all the time so I went over them! After getting the next fall cancel I run the very high risk of getting shot in the back. I swear the game is tired of me owning it so badly that it ups the enemies accuracy for this segment. So many times I would get hit, even up to three times, while rolling. Even if I don't get shot, the killer suit who arms the laser often gets hit by the m4'er behind me which blocks my path. Barring all that I have to shoot the detonators aqap and roll to the exit.

Part III, Chapter 6 (Level time 0:34)
Segment 55: It took a lot of attempts to even begin to be able to do the very first trick in this segment. It is way harder than it looks, positioning and timing have to be perfect. To compound the difficulty, the game sometimes ignores my command to select the pistol (weapon icons come up, but nothing happens when I click) and I can also get stuck after super jumping, just below the railing; there's just so many things that can go wrong. The second super jump is also difficult to get right, mainly a matter of positioning; the third jump is standard but I have to try and get it very quickly and adding it to the previous two jumps makes this a tough segment.
Segment 56: I super jump straight away and then roll to the lower level. This is the best part of a second quicker than rolling further and jumping which enables me to catch the corner of a pillar which is further round (to avoid jumping over the railing) as I did in my previous run. If you get a full fall cancel upon landing after the super jump, the subsequent roll won't get you far enough to land on the lower level so I get a half fall cancel roll. After this is it just a case of rolling down the stairs, getting two fall cancels and then save glitching the cutscene.
Segment 57: My bullet time meter has dimished almost completely but it's all part of the plan! The save glitch dumps me out of bounds with a bunch of enemies for a few seconds before switching over to the cutscene (where I can actually make my way to the exit). This means I have a few seconds to partly replenish my bullet time meter. Health and bullet time management are an important part of this run and the way it all came together, literally down to the last drop of health or bullet time, at several points in the run, to the point where I was never held up by it... well I hope you can appreciate that. As for this segment, yet again navigating my way to the exit is way harder than you might think when you can't see what you're doing. I have a laser to navigate as well and many times I ended up killing myself by rolling into it. My previous best run, I wasn't so far into the jump by the time the cutscene ended; I really surprised myself that I basically made it to the exit in the cutscene this time!

Part III, Chapter 7 (Level time 2:32)
Segment 58: This segment surely took me the most attempts (many thousand). Simply doing three super jumps to the top is relatively easy, what I need to do is make the second super jump land me on the railing as well as the third; this is NOT easy. I practised the killing and getting into the lift plenty of times but it was the first ten seconds that was very difficult. I start off by doing a double switch, this helps me with timing the right amount to go backwards. After the first jump, if you run far enough up the cable without falling off (happened so many times) then you can make it onto the 2nd floor railing. The final super jump requires jumping out by the perfect amount so you can get around the ceiling above but also not too much so the maximum height is reached, enabling me to land on the 3rd floor railing. I got the whole laser field sequence out of the way as well as it is very easy. I save about a second before the lift doors open.
Segment 59: Last time I tried doing this fall onto the lift it was slower because I didn't think to fall off until I was low down, thinking I would die.... You can fall from even higher and land on the top of the lift but it's quicker to just fall clean through. Now I could of course fall from a bit higher and take more damage but that's not necessarily faster as you just take longer to take the impact of the fall. I have tested it and this kind of fall is best. The start of the segment looks straight forward but can vary by 0.5s quite easily. The rolling has to be very precise and I have to roll asap after pressing the button. Also note the flick I do in the direction of the lift, this is to trigger the lift doors to open so I can just roll straight in.
Segment 60: I throw the grenade as fast as possible to blow up the four main frames. I have tried throwing the nade against the wall but grenades barely rebound in Max Payne so I couldn't get it to blow them all up. After this is done I have some free time to kill people, the lift doors open on a preset timer after destroying the main frames. After this I have a lift journey and I use the time to kill two guys to make sure my bullet time meter is as high as possible for the last level. The doors right at the top actually only close when you look at them but it doesn't load the area until the lift doors open properly; further to this it doesn't seem like you can sneek in before they close anyway. In other words, I can see no way to speed up this lift section. The final area involves super jumping up the stairs and then ending the level. I got five times within 0.06s of each other but persevered as I thought I could be a bit faster and got this run which is 0.27s faster than them!

Part III, Chapter 8 (Level time 1:29)
Well, given this is the last level the best I can do is ensure that reaching the next second down on the final timer is not possible. Upon getting to the final segment I realised that I was only about 0.2s shy of the next second so I needed to gain it from somewhere, so I went back and redid Segment 62 and gained 0.33s to make it possible.
Segment 61: I sniper the first four guys and then super jump on the statue (though this isn't mandatory). After the cutscene, I fire 8 bullets in bullet time and the rest in real time; if you fire more in bullet time then the shutter doesn't come down. After this I have to hope the door opens as Horne says "this" otherwise I lose a second or more. It only opens fast about 25% of the time though. After this it is precise rolling (I roll off the railings which is faster) and when I get to the stairs I kill the three guys with the sniper. The lift is triggered a set period of time after killing the last guy so they must be killed quick and then as long as I am ready when the lift doors open then I haven't lost any time. I save here. This segment actually turned out to be difficult, I got a decent run very early on but then could not beat it for hours until finally I got this which is still only about 0.20s faster.
Segment 62: This is pretty straight forward. The next door opens after I kill the two guys in the lift, sometimes it jams but no more than half the time. I was thinking getting to the cutscene for 1:04:00 would be incredibly fast and I was right. Loads of other attempts got in the 3:70s or fast ones would be in the 80s, then a 04:20 came out of nowhere. I carried on attempts afterwards but couldn't match it, until I came back and redid this segment that is. The 1:04:20 was just one of those times where everything came together. After carefully analysing the times throughout the segment I realised where I was losing time and then, again pretty much out of no where I got this 1:04:21! I originally saved just as the cutscene ended but this lost me some time so I started the next roll before doing so this time.
Segment 63: I worked out you can kill all the enemies with only one grenade and so after no scoping the first cable, I throw the grenade, turn around and wait for the explosion before firing at the final cable, spinning around and firing three bullets into the tower to end the game. You can break either cable to start off with but the remaining cable will always be invincible until the enemies are dealt with. Save glitch here can be used to destroy a cable but again not both (even with grenades) so it's slower. In terms of finishing with an optimal time, job done with the previous segments, but I still needed an incredibly tight segment to get an optimal final time. I needed to get 1:30:78 or higher in order for the timer to not tick over to the next second, as you can see I am literally at 0.99! This means 0.99s of other mistakes throughout this run basically mean nothing!

Thanks for watching!

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