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December 1987 saw the birth of easily one of the most expansive series of video games of all time, with at least five spinoff series at last count. The original game, the only one in the original series to keep track of score, features the blue bomber going after six of Dr. Light's other robots turned evil by Dr. Wily.


Best time: 0:23:58 by Trevor Seguin on 2005-12-20.

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Author's comments:

Hi, this is my first submission to SDA in a long time. The run is good, but improveable. It was made primarily for the 2005 TG bounty, so I didn't quite go as balls-out for the kind of personal satisfaction that I did, for example, with my Biohazard 2 run. I'm open to discussing/sharing ways to improve it, so feel free to contact me. I look forward to submitting other speedruns in the near future.

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