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Released in December 1991, this is the 2nd Mega Man game for Game Boy. It follows the standard Mega Man model, but with 8-bit tunes that have been ground through a combine harvester.

MegaMan2GB   MegaMan2GB

Best Single-segment Time: 0:18:47 by Daniel 'Tremane' Schwab on 2015-09-02

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Author's comments:

Even after his crushing defeat at the hands of Mega Man during the events of Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, Dr. Wily was already planning his next scheme. If he could get his hands on the time machine that was being developed at the time-space research laboratory, he thought he just might be able to change the past.

Well he is wrong.. *laugh*

Mega Man blazes through a mix of Mega Man 2 & 3 NES Stages with the new slide he obtained over the years, yet he has to learn how to cancel it.. *sigh*

I´ll just copy and past what "Patrik 'Cremator' Salonen" posted in his run about the knowledge we had and i´ll just add the new strats and tricks we found nowadays..

Cremator >> There are a few things in the game play mechanics that serve well to ruin fast game play, namely:
The sliding, which cannot be interrupted once it's started. This is why I sometimes walk instead of sliding if the platform is slower to cross by sliding instead of walking/jumping.

Cremator >> The climbing mechanics. If you push your D-Pad even a little to the side, Mega Man refuses to move anywhere. In that case you cannot let go of the ladders, either, as Mega Man will immediately grab it again, which resulted in a lot of frustration until I realized I can just use the analog stick (when playing with Game Boy Player and a GC controller) if I need to let go of the ladders. The former problem continues to annoy me in this run, though: You'll see me stopping for short periods of time that it takes me to realize Mega Man stopped moving and change my grip on the controls.

Cremator >> Everything and everyone has a recovery time, so the normal strategy to just spam insane amounts of bullets doesn't work. On the other hand, the bullets do not disappear if they don't hit the enemy or go out of view, so you can pace your shooting so that the next bullet will hit on the very first possible moment after the enemy's invincibility period wears off. You could also technically spam bullets to kill two adjacent enemies nearly simultaneously. The latter trick isn't used in this run.

Cremator >> Rush Jet is the best iteration in the series by far. It's incredibly versatile and it only uses weapon energy when you're standing on it, ie. you can travel long distances without using much weapon energy if you jump constantly (see Magnet Man, for example).

Cremator >> This run is done on the European version. This manifests in a few differences compared to the American version: Top Man's stage is missing a one square-sized wall (which saves probably a second) and a platform in Wily's space fortress doesn't exist in the European version (makes no difference, really).

Tremane > sliding with a good timing reduces the "getting-hit animation" to almost not visible

Tremane > Hard Knuckle is used to "screenwrap" / i´ll just link the video from "pld90x" since he was the one talking to me about this new trick. He found the video of "trailboss95" who used it to softlock the game. Thank you guys very much! // // he also explains how it´s done so please watch his video!

Tremane > Metal Man has a bug in his fight, where you can get him stuck in the bottom left corner ( as seen in the video ) / i have a strong presumption that it has to do with the room layout and it´s just to small..

Stage by Stage: Changed Route, we love to go fast - so we go Metalman first, because of his fight bug.

Metal Man: We start of with damage boosts in the crusher section and hope for a good mole spawn to damage boost through the last crusher ( we got lucky there :) ) , in the next screens we just grind for a small refill which enables us to setup the Metalman fight. The fight against Metalman can easily be reproduced by doing exactly as shown in the video!

Woodman: Nothing much to say in this Stage, lot of damage boosts/slides.
Woodmans shield isn´t as though as it looks, you can manage to get hits through it. I got 2 which is ok :)

Airman: In this stage it´s crucial to get a small refill for the leaf-shield if you do exactly as I did, otherwise you run short of it for the Airman fight. You can easily prevent running short on ammo if you kill one of the Air-blower with the buster.

Clashman: We grab 1 e-tank here and abuse a lot of rushjet to climb the ladders faster, nothing much to add here.
Clashman fight is rough, you have to hit EVERY air-shot and 1 bullet from the buster to get him down, in addition I jump to get the air-shots out of the screen as fast as possible, which enables me to shot earlier.

Magnetman: we use the metalblades to kill those annoying magnets so we don't get pulled by them ( saves 1 sec in the first screen if done correctly ). I then abuse rushjet jumps to preserve energy and skip the yoku-blocks.
Magnetman fight goes down smooth enough in my opinion ( i hate shooting Up-left/right with the metal-blade.. :< )

Hardman: lots of rushcoil usage here to climb ladders faster, taking early damage on the apes to be able to jump on the rushcoil earlier and a very fast hardman fight, nothing much to add here.

Topman: Now it´s getting interesting, we see the screenwraps for the first time ( if you dont understand how they work, please look up the video I provided above ). I skip both Cat fights and a lot of going around. I use it one more time in this stage on the ladder so I dont have to switch weapons and dont get hit unnecessarily. ( But also miss the easiest and fastest 2nd e-tank grab )

Needleman: This stage is unchanged, except we grab the important 2nd e-tank here. Also I have to use one in this Stage so we dont get killed by all the needle damage.. :<

Quint: His weakness is Hardknuckle ( 5 dmg á hit ) or Clashbombs ( 4 dmg á hit ), since we have to save Hardknuckles for the Wily Stage we use Clashbombs + Metal blades ( 2 dmg á hit ); quint has ~30 HP so he goes down pretty fast though.

Wily Stage: Using the Hardknuckle at exactly those spots you can save a lot of going up/down in the stage, the rest of the stage is using Rush-jet/marine.

Wily fight 1st phase: you have to hit him 12 times; using rushjet here speeds-up the fight a lot since you don't have to jump all the time - additionally the further to the right you kill him, the less time he needs to get into phase 2.

But careful! if you kill the 2nd phase and wily is too far on the right side he will leave the screen but never come back again ( => SOFTLOCK !! ) be aware of that!
I use Sakugarne on the 2nd phase since I have to e-tank anyways and it´s an easy menu movement + if you run out of Sakugarne it automatically switches to Buster (P) which I use for the 3rd phase!

After the "long" battle against Wily we shot him down while chasing him.

His silly looking spaceship crashes into the earth and Megaman is the Hero of the Past and/or future?!

Big thanks to pld90x / trailboss95 / nudua for the screenwrap knuckles ;)
and mr.cab55 / barnowl / all i forgot

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