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Released by Capcom in 1993, Mega Man IV is the fourth (duh) installment of the venerable Mega Man series put forth in monochromatic glory on the Game Boy. While the details of the plot are always a little different, the essence is always the same: Dr. Wily is up to no good and it's up to Mega Man to blast through his robotic cohorts and bring him to justice. Featuring robot masters from the NES Mega Mans 4 and 5 as well as a unique boss named Ballade, this game offers plenty for the Mega Man fan on the go.


Best time: Single-segment 0:41:55 by Will 'willwc' Blatt on 2012-12-15.

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Author's comments:

These notes are basically critiquing the execution of the run for the verifiers. There's a bit of prerequisite discussion of route/strategy planning in the game thread ( and I'll be happy to answer any other questions from verifiers. Regarding the timing, the player still has control after the final boss is defeated. In this game, Mega Man's movement back to the left at the end is scripted and signifies the end of player control in the run (aside from the cutscene dialogue).

Pharaoh Man:
No major errors here. Got an extremely friendly boss pattern, which is rare.

Ring Man:
Climbing the ladder into the Roader was an ugly mistake. It doesn't cost much time at the point where it happens, but it means that I don't have enough health to one-cycle the second mini-boss later, so there's about five seconds lost there. Everything else went really smoothly.

Toad Man:
Other than getting hit by the fish late in the stage, this went fine.

Bright Man:
Missed a jump late in the stage that cost a second or so, but no major issues. Getting hit right before firing the second Rain Flush was unfortunate.

Biggest mistake of the run here. I got the fastest possible pattern (one disc fire, then open twice), but was slow reacting to the first opening and didn't get enough hits in, then was unlucky to hit both fireballs at the second opening which causes it to close. Thankfully it only did one more disc fire before opening again, but this was still about a 10-12 second loss. Ballade fight looks a little sloppy but wasn't really slow.

Crystal Man:
No major issues in the stage. Missed the opening charge shot in the boss fight which meant two extra Ring Boomerang hits were needed later on.

Napalm Man:
Very easy stage, aside from the second Rush Coil jump. Nothing to note here.

Stone Man:
Stage and boss fight both went extremely well.

Charge Man:
The best run of this stage I can ask for, save for getting hit by the off-screen bomb. Got an extremely friendly pattern from the boss--getting him moving to the right and firing the Power Stone next to him will let all three stones hit him to allow for much faster firing, and he never goes into his extended invulnerability phases.

Fight went okay, not great. Escape level was good after a couple of missed buster shots at the start.

Got a nice bit of luck not getting hit by the enemy on the third screen, then gave that time back by getting off rhythm and getting hit by a missile on the next screen. Boss fight on the ship deck went perfectly.

Rest of the Wily stage was excellent, save for the brief moment of panic when I inexplicably slid left instead of right just after the second mini-boss fight.

Pharaoh/Crystal re-fights were both a little sloppy but nothing majorly bad. Napalm/Stone both went well. Charge wasn't as good a pattern as the first time, but still better than average. Got hit twice in Ring but didn't really cost any time. Toad/Bright both went okay.

Wily Phase 1 wasn't perfectly executed given that I got lucky with the initial pattern (I should get six or seven hits in when the boss's first move is the right arm sliding in) but was still pretty fast. Phase 2 did not feature very good shooting to start out, but given that I got unlucky with the lengths of time that the boss was vulnerable for the first two cycles I couldn't have two-cycled the boss anyway (which is possible with better luck + aim). Phase 3 was flawless.

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