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Released in December 1991, Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge was the first portable Mega Man game. It consisted of a mishmash of elements from Mega Man and Mega Man 2 for NES, but only the original Mega Man (1) bosses have levels to go through. As is customary with the Game Boy Mega Mans, a new character, Enker, makes his appearance as well.


Best time: Single-segment 0:18:51 by Daniel 'Tremane' Schwab on 2014-08-30.

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Author's comments:

So this is my first submission and also the first out of five Mega Man GameBoy Games.

Let's start explaining Stage-by-Stage:

Cutman Stage:

The first jumps here are very tight and precised but I managed to get them off!
The next row of tight jumps starts after turning around 1 frame so i don't hit the GabyQall on the ground, i managed to get them but hit the ceiling
at the end so i didn't grab the ladder perfectly here. :(
Rest of the Stage is damage boosting and just run-and-gun.

Cutmans fight: always hard as he can troll you very hard with his short jumps, well i missed some shots because of his invulnerable time when he throws
a cutter at you, but that's not much of a time loss and the stage was very good nonetheless!

Elecman Stage:
Pretty much a hard stage to optimize with all those Yoku-Blocks i managed to get the Quick-Block ( the room right after the Kiminari Goro's )
I got lucky with all those small refills as they gave me the opportunity to damage boost twice in the Big ladder section! ( a quick sidenote - jumping into enemies or while getting damaged get's you a little bit faster back on your feet
it's frame counting but still worth a note )

Elecman fight: goes down easily with the Cutter.

Iceman Stage:
Trying to kill all enemies as fast as possible minimizing possible lag.
I used a TAS-Trick in the first icicle room as you can stand with half of your foot on the same platform as an enemy or a damage source, it gives me the fastes way out of the room & it looks dang-awesome :)
I damage boosted over the Sniper Joe which is a hard jump as you could slide into the pit.

Iceman fight: He is invulnerable for roughly 1-1.5 seconds in the fight so i waited a little bit before using the first elecbeam here, but same as elecman he goes down easily with 3 Beams!

Fireman Stage:
Ok first major change here, i use buster all the way until the changkey makers as you can kill them with 1 hit with the elecbeam which was successfully executed in the first section with them.
I didn't get lucky in the second section and hit twice which is just bad luck :/

Fireman fight: wiggling is the key here, he won't shoot until he has a good distance to Mega Man so we just abuse this and dance with him :>

Wily's Castle:

Even before we enter the castle we save roughly 3 seconds in the cutscene - mashing A+B in the cutscene teleports Mega Man in faster!

Short struggle in the Beginning but nothing serious!

First Mole-section: Moles !!!AREN'T Random!!! they have a pattern and you can abuse it. They will respawn immediately if you kill them, but wait around 1 second if you don't kill them! That's why i waited for the first 4 moles and just killed the next 6.

Other than that the Castle went smooth!

Second Mole-section: Same here waited for the first 4 - i killed the moles until i got my refills and then just damage boosted myself through here.

Robot fights: I changed the Order of Fights to adjust it to the TAS, saving a lot of Lag in Bubbleman fight!

Quickman: I clutched this with 1 HP using fire is easier than buster and also does 1 damage á hit.
Flashman: I got a perfect fight, damage boosted when he flash-stopped enables me to shoot him earlier! ( note: there can only be 1 Ice Slash on screen per shot, so i tried to get them off screen as fast as possible that's why i jumped over him at the end so i can finish earlier!)
Bubbleman: As I said, faster fight less Lag!
Heatman: I got all double hits in with the Bubble Lead
Enker: He could have been a little bit nicer, but still good pattern with his jumps as they enable me to hit him while he crosses the room!

Wily Space Castle: (NOTE: mashing A+B in this cutscene saves !! 13 !! seconds as you skip the entire second half of the cutscene)

I made some small mistakes here and there but managed to pretty much play to my best i used some more TAS Tricks ( using carry before and in the ladder room (Pipi the Bird spawns in the direction you're facing even on a ladder so you can use this to manipulate him a little) going under the sniper joe and jumping over his shot )
I got hit a few times unnecessarily which angers me the most as it leaves me with 4 hp at the wily fight.. ( cutting wheel or the chomper would have killed me with that amount of health )
I missed 1 Shot of the 2nd Phase cost me 2 seconds ( I have no clue why i jumped too early there really :( )

Well Dr.Wily is defeated and his SkyCastle explodes while Mega Man escapes and the Outro begins.

Thanks for all the Guys supporting me (Mrcab55,Barnowl,infiniteMystery,pld90x,SlurpeeNinja,everyone i forgot <3)

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