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This probably under-appreciated 2008 sandbox sends you to Venezuela to throttle all attempts at democracy until the resource surfeit has been properly tackled. Its creators, Pandemic Studios, made sure there's never a quiet day as multiple factions vie for control over the oil that's rightfully not the Venezuelans'. You choose a character out of 3 and fly in to perform your mercenarial duty towards the moneyed big business that's rightly assessed the prevalent conditions as extremely exploitable. The way buildings crumble upon detonation makes you squint your eyes to shield them from loose rocks and shards of glass. Obtaining a tank is childishly simple. Life, that is to say, is quite good.


Best time as Jennifer: 1:32:19 by 'Tigger77' on 2014-12-09, done in 24 segments.

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Author's comments:

Mercenaries 2 World in Flames Segmented Speedrun in 01:32:19 finished at 09.12.2014

This is my Mercenaries 2 World in Flames Segmented Speedrun. It started back in 2012, I got to segment 12 where,
my Cappture Card broke down and I took a longer break from Speedrunning in general.
now in 2014 I finaly finished my Thesis and got a Elgato game capture HD and a lot of free time.
The conclusion is the rest of this Speedrun.

The run is done in 24 Segment, this way I could put in some havy luck based strategies and a satisvied level of
Optimasiasion. Also with the help of segments I could use some save warp time savers.

Mercenaries 2 is a game with a lot of bugs and some crash problems also some of them can be used as speedtricks.
The Faction frendly and mission system can be abused to a certen degree to also save some time.

You can choose from tree difrent character:
Mattias Nilsson the Swedish guy that heals faster.
Christopher Jacobs the big American guy that can carry more Ammo
Jennifer Mui from Briten how can run faster...

so the obvius choce for a Speedrun is Jennifer.

Note: If you save a game with a weopon with zero amunation the game will refill it with one shoot or mag when you load again.
That is the reoson I still have one rocket even I used it all on the last segment.

*** Start Segment 01 *** Time: 0:00:00 *** ingame-%: 00% *** Duration: 03:31 **********************************

The first Segment starts of with a little boats ride and the killing of the 4 guard Soldtiers.
To destrey the gate you get interdrucet to the air attack system of the game and you have to destry the
gate so the Trigger moves to the next objective. To still save some time I jumb over the gate during
talking and distry it from there. In the next part you I kill the soldiers before the game adds the objektive.
To trigger the next waypoint I need to run back a little and aktivate the waypoint.
Next is driving to the second gate and take cover so the rocket guy don't eliminate my car.
The rest of the segment is driving throu the sulm things so the game can show of how you can distrey things.
At the end you can wittnes that Jennifer is can take a lot of damage. This will be used a lot in this run.

*** End Segment 01 *** Time: 0:03:31 *** ingame-%: 01% *******************************************************

*** Start Segment 02 *** Time: 0:03:31 *** ingame-%: 01% *** Duration: 03:11 **********************************

next on the list is taking over Solanos Villa. I drive ther with the Motorcyle and use the amasing phisycs
to drive up that Hill and kill the first of the targets. to take the car after the second kill saves a lot
of time because I can drive over the theart guy and use the explosing car to kill the last guy and run onto the Villa.
I lose some time here because those guys decide to stand there.
Getting the tank works fine and killing the last 10 guard inside the Villa works resnoble well so that the ovarall
performence in this segment is satiscfied.

*** End Segment 02 *** Time: 0:06:42 *** ingame-%: 07% ******

*** Start Segment 03 *** Time: 0:06:42 *** ingame-%: 07% *** Duration: 03:07 **********************************

This segment is mostly driving so I take Fionas car and drive to the pickup Truck. You don't need tio open that dam GPA as Fiona says.
Driving the druck works fine and as long as I don't lose all the guns it's fine. I'm very satisfied with the parking part.
before I end the Segment I aktivated the next UP mission so I can start that one right away in the next Segment.

*** End Segment 03 *** Time: 0:09:49 *** ingame-%: 08% ******

*** Start Segment 04 *** Time: 0:09:49 *** ingame-%: 08% *** Duration: 01:29 **********************************

This very short segment is basicly just manipulating a Motorbike and then some driving.
Also the next mission gets stratet before I save.

*** End Segment 04 *** Time: 0:11:18 *** ingame-%: 09% ******

*** Start Segment 05 *** Time: 0:11:18 *** ingame-%: 09% *** Duration: 01:04 **********************************

The next Mission will be done in 4 Segments to get the fastes time with the help of savewarping.
The first part is taking the raven, drive outside take a motorbike and use a very usfull trick to get trough the wall.
When driving a Motorbike in this game and you demount it, the charecter always goes down on the left, if you are close enough to a wall you go right throu it.
I then mark the drop point on the roof at the gound floor because the trigger goes slightly over the roof and therfor registers the smoke down on the streets
to get the drop. Unfortenatly there are anti Air guns on the roof and it takes some luck so the Helicopter don't get shoot down.
Then Savewarp.

*** End Segment 05 *** Time: 0:12:22 *** ingame-%: 09% ******

*** Start Segment 06 *** Time: 0:12:22 *** ingame-%: 09% *** Duration: 00:58 **********************************

Next part starts of identicly. Raven -> Motorbike and then use the phisycs of the game to make a rediciluss jumb
right into the drop area. running around untill it's time to savewarp again.

*** End Segment 06 *** Time: 0:13:20 *** ingame-%: 09% ******

*** Start Segment 07 *** Time: 0:13:20 *** ingame-%: 09% *** Duration: 01:01 **********************************

Next short Segment is agayn aquiering a Motorbike as fast as possible then make a nice jumb into the enemys base and savewarp after the drop.

*** End Segment 07 *** Time: 0:14:21 *** ingame-%: 09% ******

*** Start Segment 08 *** Time: 0:14:21 *** ingame-%: 09% *** Duration: 01:47 **********************************

The last part of this segment is to get capture the van of the Kidnapper and it's lockation is random at any market spot
but with some luck manipulation its of curse the fastet one. unfortenetly the game do not register that I got the right truck because
I was to fast. to solve this I need to get out and immidetly in the Van again so the game triggers the next step.
It also requiers some luck so that stupid hostige don't run of so I block his path.
The segment ends with me getting my first teammate.

*** End Segment 08 *** Time: 0:16:08 *** ingame-%: 16% ******

*** Start Segment 09 *** Time: 0:16:08 *** ingame-%: 16% *** Duration: 05:22 **********************************

In this Segment I make conntect with the PALV, there stupid HQ is on top if a really high hill so high not even the broken Motorbike
can climb up that high. At the top I buy 5 Castro Helicoper (The main transport vhiicle from this point on)
I order a Helicopter after I accept the mission to capture the outpost. To capture a outpost you need to call the Factions reenforcment
and then they need to enter the main building.... because of the horrible AI this is a huge luck depending Segment and took a lot of retries.
after the outpost is captured I go in to buy 3 Atelerie strieks as well as the first Oil capasetie upgrade.
to save some more time I use a Transit to go back to the HQ and start the next mission.

*** End Segment 09 *** Time: 0:21:30 *** ingame-%: 18% ******

*** Start Segment 10 *** Time: 0:21:30 *** ingame-%: 18% *** Duration: 08:02 **********************************

This is the first slightly more difficult Segment.
The Optectiv is to find some Mendez guy. To get that I first need to destry a few buildings.
I fligh over the hill to take cover from the sams that would shoot me down otherwise.
after I destroed the first building I fligh to the next one and crash it with my Helicopter.
After destroing the theard one I'm on my way to the church. the objective is to defend the church as long as it takes to find that Mendez guy.
The key here is to get a helicopter from the reinforcment that the PALV send and for some reason the Tanks stop attaking the church and I just wat.
I'm not allowed further away from the curch or the game will go on mission failed state.
To make most of it I flight as near as possible to Mendez position and start charging in at the sonnest possible moment.
After I crashland on him the mission is over and so is this Segment.

*** End Segment 10 *** Time: 0:29:32 *** ingame-%: 19% ******

*** Start Segment 11 *** Time: 0:29:32 *** ingame-%: 19% *** Duration: 03:42 **********************************

In the last segment recorded on the old capture card I take the Bootrace and finish it as fast as I could... thers not realy much to say about it.

*** End Segment 11 *** Time: 0:33:14 *** ingame-%: 20% ******

*** Start Segment 12 *** Time: 0:33:14 *** ingame-%: 20% *** Duration: 03:17 **********************************

More Quality HD .... the new Capturecard at work. This segment was probebly the most frustationg of all Segments because the old
Capture card broke down at a sucsessfull try so that was frustrationg.
With the new capturecard I first needet to corectly work with the new gear and so endet curupting another even faster try...

Because this segment involves quite a lot of luck in the second rocketluncher shoot because the fucking aim is as wors as in Valkyria Chronicles.
also the Jumb with the Motorbike is not easy as well.
but it all worked out with a even faster time and in HD.

*** End Segment 12 *** Time: 0:36:31 *** ingame-%: 21% ******

*** Start Segment 13 *** Time: 0:36:31 *** ingame-%: 21% *** Duration: 07:37 **********************************

The next one is the EVA driving part of the game. after Transit to the outpost I immidetly call for a Heli
because June cane be litterly at tow places at once and bring the Helicopter right in. I fligh to EVA and drop right into the Missionzone.
The car part is very tricky because the phisuct works realy aganst you, the car can basicly flip over a small stone or somthing like that.
there is a small mistake in the driving but it was the fastes try I managed in a lot of trys so there you go.

*** End Segment 13 *** Time: 0:44:08 *** ingame-%: 27% ******

*** Start Segment 14 *** Time: 0:44:08 *** ingame-%: 27% *** Duration: 05:20 **********************************

After EVA it is time to recrute the last team member, The drunk pilot. I go to Juen and transit to the UP-HQ where I order a Helicopter.
I fly to the Pirates, those guys are hostile to the PALV faction so they start shooting at me. It is important that the helicopter survives that because I neet
it for the rest of the Mission. If you enter a building for a mission they repark your vhiicle and repair it.
Next is flying to the Iland to get the 3 Bunker Buster, you need to get all three for the mission to continue, distrying one will end the mision.
after that I fligh still with the same heli to the Bunker and dystry it. In a few tryt the bunker just survievs for no reason and in others I got killed by the
guys there, If you watch closly in the video you can see that I had the chance to take over a tank for a shorrt period of time ... no idear where that thing came from...

*** End Segment 14 *** Time: 0:49:28 *** ingame-%: 33% ******

*** Start Segment 15 *** Time: 0:49:28 *** ingame-%: 33% *** Duration: 02:40 **********************************

after the team is completed it is time to get the Main missions going.
I go to UP-HQ again and then to the Outpost to acept the mission to take offer the next outpost.
I use again the reparking of the heli and a lot of luck for the UP guys to enter the building as fast as possible.
Short segment still a lot of tries.

*** End Segment 15 *** Time: 0:52:08 *** ingame-%: 35% ******

*** Start Segment 16 *** Time: 0:52:08 *** ingame-%: 35% *** Duration: 12:32 **********************************

Now comes the longst segment in the run. It is the last big UP mission.
I have to get to a excutive and help him destry documents. The reason this segment is so long is that the dystroing the documents part is on a timer so he needs always the same
amount of time inside the buildings.
on the way to the guy I take some Oil for later use.
after I save him from the first enemys its pretty streagt forward. Just protect him as he if inside the building.
At the secend place I jumb to early from the tower and have to wait downstars for him to finish de documents. It dosent cost time just looks ugly.
After that mission I got the information about the wereabouts of some informent.

*** End Segment 16 *** Time: 1:04:40 *** ingame-%: 36% ******

*** Start Segment 17 *** Time: 1:04:40 *** ingame-%: 36% *** Duration: 01:41 **********************************

To get to Solano I need to kill his Informent first on the Oil plattform.
I take a Helicopter and fligh to him, avoiding the SAM's as much as possible and drop right out befor the door.
after that I through a Atelerie and jumb into the water. This is a luck based part because the game needs to register the dystrying of the Platform before
it kills the guy. that way the hole spectacular dystrying of the platform is skiped.

*** End Segment 17 *** Time: 1:06:21 *** ingame-%: 37% ******

*** Start Segment 18 *** Time: 1:06:21 *** ingame-%: 37% *** Duration: 05:21 **********************************

After that it's finaly time to attack solano in his bunker, Juan takes you to a close place and the game intends for you drive the havely guardet street to the bunker.
To make sure you just don't order a Helikopter it states juan as busy for the mission, but if you take the mony for a pickup and wait a little bit it is possible to use Juan again. that way
I still get my heli and can fligh to the bunker.
There I need to destrye the tow SAMS. I land near the first one and then cras my heli in the seconmd one, to not get shoot down from the second one
needet a lot of retrys. In that try the SAM shoots the tree iun front of me with looks really cool :)
after that you are sopposed to capture a enemy helicopter and fly back to your base on a time limit because Solano Genaral attacks it.
I order a transit before I aim the Bunker buster at the Bunker and ghet in it as soon as it hits, that way I skip the entie get back to base part.
Here is the first time ion the game you can very easaly die.
first I need to take care of 2 tanks and 2 other things. THe tanks are going down with the bridge and the anti Air things get some C4 and rokets.
This triggers the second wave of enemys ( 4 Tanks) I dystroy the first one with tow anti Air missels with are the strongest weopen you can carry and enter the second one.
Then I drive to the tow remaning tanks and got very lucky, for some strange reoson one of the tanks destroyd itself and saved me so quite some time.
after defeting the last tank with my own tank I still need to destroy that one, so I park it in the water, after entering the mansion I need to kill the Genaral.
This last jumps and the rocket shoot are not that easy as well. all in all is that one a very hard segment because you die very quickly from the tanks and stuff.

*** End Segment 18 *** Time: 1:11:42 *** ingame-%: 38% ******

*** Start Segment 19 *** Time: 1:11:42 *** ingame-%: 38% *** Duration: 05:38 **********************************

After it is clear that I need a Nuke to get to solano the game goes in it second phase. here everything gets more powerfull, the tanks the helikopters the footsoldiers. It is at that point of the game that you can actuly die very fast if you are not carfull.
first I go to the chinise because ther missions are faster in total then the UN ones.
You can see that my Helicopters are underpowerd as hell as I fligh over the city and get scretchet by normal fire ...
after the longest helicopter ride in the run I attack the outpost and take it over. The same rules as the other outpost aply only I need more luck because now six people must go into the building.
I almoste forgot the to pick up the Oil :)
after that I unlock the fast travel option to the Chiniese.

*** End Segment 19 *** Time: 1:17:20 *** ingame-%: 40% ******

*** Start Segment 20 *** Time: 1:17:20 *** ingame-%: 40% *** Duration: 03:42 **********************************

Before I start the next mission I need to buy more stuff like Oil upgrade and some attelery. to save time I order the Heli befor entering the shop and wait until it touches the ground so it will be still there when I come out.
The mission is to extrakt a guy from the rooftop nearby. to acomplish that I get some realy powerful rocket atelery with I save for the next mission. I just fly into the teritory and aviod all the rockets...
This mission needs a lot of thight execution skill and also a good portion of luck.
After the mission I stock up my Fuel for the last time and save.

*** End Segment 20 *** Time: 1:21:02 *** ingame-%: 41% ******

*** Start Segment 21 *** Time: 1:21:02 *** ingame-%: 41% *** Duration: 02:18 **********************************

Now things get realy serius. The Mission is to dystry basicly everything from UP.
I start with the HQ. because I'm still on got tearms I can transit inside UP-HQ. Then I go outside and wait for Juan to be ready again. I order a Transite and then a Bunker buster on the UP-HQ.
I go into the transite slightly before the Bunker Buster hits the HQ, that way I'm still on good tearms and can transite to the Outpost I need to deystry next.
It is possible to dystry all 15 buildings with the tow Rocket atelary strikes but it takes a lot of luck, also you need luck to even surwife this madnes and to not get hit during doing the minigame ...
al in all a very luckl based but fun segment. The final result lucks very clean and good and to not make it any more luck based I desidet to save after dystroying all buildings inside the outpost.

*** End Segment 21 *** Time: 1:23:20 *** ingame-%: 41% ******

*** Start Segment 22 *** Time: 1:23:20 *** ingame-%: 41% *** Duration: 01:41 **********************************

Saving in the last segment and loading it now will eliminate all enemys in the camp except for a few on the walls.
I run to the walls and dystry them with C4 and anti Air missel. It is now improtent that the reenforcment helicopter comes from the right derection so it
travels towards the bridge while I enter it.
At the Briddge i got out and order atleerie, get in the heli and fligh to the last bridge segment. As soon as avalible I order the next atteleri.
It's importent to note that the UN didn's get the change to set out a distress signal that way I'm still on good terms with the UN ... with is very improtent for the next mission.

*** End Segment 22 *** Time: 1:25:01 *** ingame-%: 43% ******

*** Start Segment 23 *** Time: 1:25:01 *** ingame-%: 43% *** Duration: 04:01 **********************************

This is my favorit mission because it is suposed to be a really long and very hard mission. With Speedrun taktiks it's still very hard but really sort :)
first I need luck that when I come out of the Chiniese HQ that the Big helicopter is nearby and I can enter it.
That thing is rediclius huge and very hard to manuver.
I fligh to the first buildiung and the enemys attack me because I'm disguist as CHinise. they stopp as son as I leave the Vhiicle with is the key to this stratagie.
I through my first Cruise missel marker and leav the place in the Big heli. I fly derektly to the next building. In the time I arrive there the UN is no longer on my side and after I order the second Missel I need to kill that one soldire on the roof so he doesen't kill me
after that I need to reach the theart building still with the bulkki helikopter. I drop down and order the next missel and imedetly need to enter a UN Helikopter. after I take that one over. I use the onboard arsenal to dystry the last big Building on my way the the final target.
with gets some rockest in the face and the final part of the game starts.
In that mission ther is a lot of Luck and Skill and the result is a really nice Segment where the game gets complitly destroed :)

*** End Segment 23 *** Time: 1:29:02 *** ingame-%: 44% ******

*** Start Segment 24 *** Time: 1:29:02 *** ingame-%: 44% *** Duration: 03:17 **********************************

So last segment: I transit to the only avalible Chinise outpost and enter a big heli. using that one I fligh to the bunker equipted with my Nuke.
I order it and stand infront of the Bunker because game phisiks.
I enter the Bunker and run to the final QTE with is killing Solano.
I save After the last Squere input to have a ingame final time. it is not possible to save after the mission so I save after the last relevent input.
After the game is beaten I go to the save menu and show the final time

*** End Segment 24 *** Time: 1:32:19 *** ingame-%: 44% ******

And so this is the full game in 1:32:19 it was quite a supprise how fast the endtime was, after the testrun I aimed for sub 2h
and ther it is nearly half an hour faster.

The run is not perfect and I'm sure sub 1:30:00 is possible but for the first run of this game there is a nice amount of Skips and tricks
in it and I'm satisfied with the result.

so enjoy the run and see you around


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