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Released in November 2004, Snake Eater is the third game in the Metal Gear Solid series. It adds some new features that simulate the difficulty of surviving in a jungle: using camouflage and face paint to blend in with the environment, hunting for food, and treating many kinds of injuries.


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1:23:37 by Hidenori Kawamoto, done in 13 segments.

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Author's comments in Japanese:


今回のMGS3 Snake Eater European Extreme Foxhoundタイムアタックでは、一箇所壁すり抜けバグを使える箇所があり、それを使いました。

使った場所は、セーブポイント8 "Krasnogorje Mountaintop" で、このバグ裏技を使うと、2つのエリアをスキップでき、ちょうど1分タイムを短縮できます。 やり方は、動画を見て頂けたら良く解ると思います。

この壁すり抜けバグ裏技は、Adnan Kauser氏が2008年にYoutubeにアップされたバグ技だったのですが、今まで誰もSpeedrunに使わなかったのが不思議でした。

私もバグ技とか自分のプライドが許さないとか思って全然使いませんでしたし。 いざ使ってみると、バグ技もSpeedrunにはかかせない技術の一つかなと思いました。

バグ裏技使用については、賛否両論有るかと思いますが、SDAからバグ裏技使用の許可を得てプレイしています。 ちなみに、バグ技なしでのクリアタイムは、1h24m42sです。



Author's comments in English:

Hello all MGS series fans.

This is a MGS3 Snake Eater European Extreme Foxhound speedrun where I used a bug that lets me slip through a wall in one area.

The place I used this bug is at save point 8, "Krasnogorje Mountaintop." With this bug I skipped two areas, and it's possible to cut a minute off with it. I I think if you watch this run, you will be able to learn how to perform this glitch.

Adnan Kauser uploaded a video of this bug to youtube in 2008. I'm not sure why none of the speedruns have used this bug before.

I also wasn't going to use the bug because my pride wouldn't allow it. But trying the bug, I thought that bugs and glitches are simply another technique that shouldn't be overlooked for a speedrun.

About this bug, I thought it wasn't allowed, but it turns out SDA approved this bug. By the way, my clear time without the bug is 1:24:42.

Finally, I would like to thank the SDA staff and MT.


Single-segment European Extreme, Fox Hound rank 1:44:55 by Merlin Medau.

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Author's comments:

This is my first speedrun, I'm playing the german PAL version on European Extreme. First I'd like to say that MGS3 has been one of my favourite games to begin with and that's why I had the idea to make a speedrun.

My goal was to obtain the FOXHOUND ranking in under 2 hours, without severe injuries and 0 life gauges...

I planned and created most tactics and the route by myself, I didn't want to copy Adnan Kausers run, I deliberately tried to do things differently. I guess the biggest difference is the battle with The End.

The part from the beginning until The Pain is the easiest in my speedrun, but I had quite some troubles with Ocelot, although Ocelot and Volgin are amongst the easiest bosses. The battle with The Pain went without damage, but I spent too much time for him. From this moment until The End everything went well, without much trouble.

The battle with The End was good, but not perfect, the most important thing during the battle is the cigar spray. Without this weapon it would be impossible to win this fight in such a short time.

The only real problem I had was in Krosnogorje. There were 5 enemys but I only had 4 bullets left so I had to take down one enemy with the cigar spray.

The rest went well, except a few minor mistakes and I'm really surprised that I managed to finish this speedrun much faster than in 2 hours.

I think that it'd be possible to do this in 1:40h, but it will be difficult. I'll try to achieve a FOXHOUND ranking without any damage or to undercut my time record sometimes in the future...

New game +, European Extreme, Fox Hound rank 1:27:34 by Hidenori Kawamoto.

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Author's comments in Japanese:






最後にこのゲームの製作に関わっているコジプロのみなさん、そして小島秀夫監督、素晴らしいゲームをありがとう! (T0T)/

European Extreme Kerotan rank 1:38:42 by Hidenori Kawamoto, done in 18 segments.

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Author's comments in Japanese:

Metal Gear Solid fanのみなさんこんにちは!(^0^)/

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater European Extreme Kerotanタイムアタックは今回で、六回目のトライになります。




Author's comments in English:

Hello all Metal Gear Solid fans! (^0^)/

This is my sixth try at a Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater European Extreme Kerotan run.

Last time I tried was two years ago, and back then I thought it was hard shooting the 64 Kerotans. This time shooting the Kerotans was fairly easy, and I could play more relaxed and have fun. My clear time was nearly 3 minutes shorter than my last run.

Please see how my play has advanced over these two years.


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