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Released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2011, Metal Gear Solid 3 HD is basically Metal Gear Solid 3 in HD. As if you hadn't guessed that already.

MetalGearSolid3HD   MetalGearSolid3HD

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Foxhound Rank, Single-segment, European Extreme Difficulty: 1:17:09 by 'HIKARI_MGS'

Author's comments:

PlayStation 3 EU Download version (PAL)
Difficulty: European Extreme New Game Single Segment (No Save)
Rank: Foxhound
Finished Time: 1h 17m 09s
Used Console: PlayStation 3 500GB SSD (SanDisk Ultra 500GB) CECH-4203A PAL
Used Controller: Dualshock 3

Foxhound Rank, Segmented, European Extreme Difficulty: 1:14:27 by 川元 'Hikari' 英則 done in 15 segments.

Author's comments:

MGSシリーズのファンの皆さん, こんにちは!




ちなみに、MGS2 HD版も同じ方法で読み込む時間を早くすることが出来ます。



Author's comments in English:


Hello all Metal Gear Solid fans!

The opportunity MGS3 is, the came back is the HD version in the PS3, and to improve further improve the capture and restart the crowded spear You can also attack with full force to the limit of their own in the spirit of obstinacy, put a good record I was able.

The HD version of the PS3, so that the data can be loaded by HDD, time to load is reduced, about 9 minutes time will be faster as a whole compared to the PS2 version.

Do not do the reset by playing the interval to time attack and come back to it to read the HDD, if you play it from the back to the title screen again turned the game over, trick to speed up the time to read it, the time rate to be read faster you can be shortened.

By the way, you can MGS2 HD version will also speed up the time to read in the same way.

Please list Solving play Defeated attack at full speed to the limit of me! lol

Finally, thanks to the staff of the SDA.


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