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Not really the first of the fifth Metal Gear Solids, The Phantom Pain made a lot of top ten lists in 2015 despite some criticism about mission-recycling and the puerile portrayal of female characters. The immersive action-sneaker had a strange, insinuating run-up when another game, ostensibly by an un-heard of Swedish game studio, was teased at a gaming show that bore uncanny resemblance to the previous Metal Gear game in the areas of graphics and gameplay.

MetalGearSolid5TPP   MetalGearSolid5TPP

New Game+ Individual Levels: 1:48:20

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Level Time Date Player(s)
MGS5 Episode 0 0:12:42 2016-04-01 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 1 0:02:37 2016-03-24 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 2 0:03:07 2016-03-30 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 3 0:00:27 2016-03-19 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 4 0:00:31 2016-03-19 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 5 0:01:01 2016-03-20 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 6 0:03:18 2016-04-12 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 7 0:01:12 2016-03-27 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 8 0:01:20 2016-03-20 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 9 0:00:54 2016-03-25 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 10 0:01:22 2016-03-21 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 11 0:00:20 2016-04-28 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 12 0:04:57 2016-03-30 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 13 0:03:16 2016-04-17 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 14 0:01:10 2016-03-20 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 15 0:01:18 2016-03-21 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 16 0:01:12 2016-03-22 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 17 0:01:45 2016-03-27 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 18 0:02:00 2016-04-12 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 19 0:00:50 2016-03-24 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 20 0:04:10 2016-04-01 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 21 0:00:39 2016-03-22 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 22 0:01:14 2016-04-17 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 23 0:01:19 2016-04-02 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 24 0:01:00 2016-03-26 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 25 0:00:59 2016-03-22 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 26 0:00:35 2016-03-24 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 27 0:00:58 2016-03-24 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 28 0:03:46 2016-04-17 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 29 0:00:39 2016-04-17 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 30 0:02:03 2016-03-25 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 31 0:00:32 2016-04-17 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 32 0:01:38 2016-03-26 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 33 0:01:43 2016-03-26 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 34 0:00:54 2016-03-25 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 35 0:00:33 2016-03-25 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 36 0:01:17 2016-03-21 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 37 0:01:12 2016-03-22 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 38 0:00:52 2016-03-26 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 39 0:01:01 2016-03-26 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 40 0:00:28 2016-04-28 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 41 0:02:04 2016-04-04 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 42 0:00:43 2016-03-28 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 43 0:05:17 2016-04-12 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 44 0:03:16 2016-03-28 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 45 0:05:52 2016-04-28 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 46 0:10:05 2016-04-19 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 47 0:00:41 2016-03-22 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 48 0:03:52 2016-04-11 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 49 0:02:56 2016-03-26 'Tigger77'
MGS5 Episode 50 0:00:43 2016-03-25 'Tigger77'

Author's comments:

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain any% IL Speedrun


First Thanks to all the guys that keep SDA running and a awesome place!

Second, this is my first run I did in my new home in Sweden ;) I hope it is not the last.

I bought MGS V at the end of November and liked it very much. I am currently in possession of all 4 FOBS and most of the endgame weapons.
Without spending any real money on those stupid MB-coins of course.

This Metal Gear has the most Gameplay I ever encountered in a MGS game but also the weakest story of all of them IMO.
Because it was hard to settle for a category, I choose any% because at least all missions can be completed without violating the category.
As other valid categories I suggest a S-Rank PSNK as well as a "No Traces" Bonus category for the level where this is actually possible.

Enjoy the run and see you around.

This IL Table is an any% table. Meaning everything in game possible is permitted.
I make use of Rank-restricting items to save time as well as Fire support from Mother base.

This run is done using the PS3 version with Disk.

The run is timed using real time hence the In-game timer is not reliable.

***Episode 0: Prologue: Awakening***
One of the most frustrating things to run I ever did. There is maybe 1 mins of gameplay you can do anything to speed up the level.
Getting pushed by Ishmael, Killing the tow guards with fast headshots and running straight to the exit/ trigger points.
Also in this level the difference in loading speed to for example PS4 version is very very visible ... just let this run play along one done on the PS4 ...

***Episode 1: Phantom Limbs***
First real Mission. I call the chopper as soon as possible to distract enemy’s on the final post.
Because I call the Heli selecting pick up and not support this those non minder my rank.
I take the most direct way to the Fast travel spot with the horse I could find.
The rest is running precisely with Raiden as fast as possible to get Miller.
On the Way to the chopper one needs some luck to make it touch down fast, all in all I'm satisfied with that level.

***Episode 2: Diamond Dogs***
"Learn to run Mother Base" ... what an annoying thing to do ... I dolphin to Ocelot to get him talking as fast as possible.
I then keep as close to him as possible while extracting the 3 guards making him talk while I do that.
This helps me to speed this up at least a little.

***Episode 3: A Hero's Way***
Well this mission is very short. The key is to be there at the right time so he stands outside the tower.

***Episode 4: C2W***
For instant win destroy the dishes before accepting the mission...

***Episode 5: Over the Fence***
D-Walker and Raiden for max speed. You can drive right up to the cell

*** Episode 6: Where do the bees sleep?***
Yeah wall clipping!! This is the only time an Out of bounds is faster in this game.
I set up the Horse and try to execute the clip as fast as possible (could be better).
Then it's running and killing the skulls. they die faster with the grade 9! luncher as with the honey bee.

***Episode 7: Red Brass***
I get to the rocket sniper spot as fast as possible, which lies just outside the hot zone and use the cigar to summon the 3 generals.
I did a lot of testing and it seems like the time goes slower on the PS3 as on the PS4 for the Phantom Cigar ... This is nearly the earliest I could hit them.

***Episode 8: Occupation Forces***
In this mission, I can make use of the Rank restrictive items. I use the Fulton ballista on the D-Walker to get the 3 vehicles out asap.
I also order a Sandstorm so the soldiers of the outpost I drive through don't go to an alarm and I can exit the hot zone faster.

***Episode 9: Backup, Back Down***
To finish that mission you only need to kill one vehicle ... so I order an air strike and go out of the hot zone.
The game takes a ridiculous amount of time until it accepts my win ...
Also the In game timer gets super fucked up by the cigar.

***Episode 10: Angel with Broken Wings***
I Order the chopper right at the start. Then drive to the prisoner and extract the car with the Fulton ballista ...
I use the I-droid to break with the Walker. Then go to the Chopper ASAP.

***Episode 11: [Replay] Cloaked in Silence***
I use my super colour sniper for this fight (it is a Brennen *8) a Headshot takes around 95% health and a body shoot takes 47% or something like that.
This means I need to shoots. I use the downtime at the start to run towards the exit and avoid one shoot of her. Then I snipe her the first time.
During reloading I walk back to save those frames. The second shoot was a headshot with is super rare for the second shoot :)

***Episode 12: Hellbound***
One of the longer missions. I use Raiden and stealth for max speed. The grade 7 riot pistol is sleep one shoot for all regular enemy’s regardless where you hit them.
After the Box Travel, I go collect Huey and run to the chopper spot. The hide game from Shalalabudhadg is annoying and from my experience a little luck depending.
A perfect run can be trashed here because the chopper decided it is not safe to touch down jet...

***Episode 13: Pitch Dark***
Again I use the Box travel to transport myself inside the facility. The stealth suit is for safety to not die ... you don't really need him.
The grade 7 Several makes short notice of the tanks and I also good to open locked doors. I exit with a container near the Box traveling spot.

***Episode 14: Lingua Franca***
This level is already really fast if you know the location of the hostage ... it gets even shorter if you have the Fulton ballista.
I drive near the visconsent and make the medicore difficult shoot from far away and exit the hot zone.

***Episode 15: Footprints of Phantoms***
You need to destroy 4 walker gears ... I do that from far away with tow well placed grade 7 Rockets ... nice and easy.

***Episode 16: Traitors' Caravan***
Another skull level. This time I choose not to fight and just fulton ballista the truck away and go out of the hot zone ... boring level this way.

***Episode 17: Rescue the Intel Agents***
The Second Intel Agent can only be extracted via chopper so I order the chopper to come at the start of the mission.
Then make a Fulton ballista drive by on the first agent and proceed my way to the second. Raiden makes sure the running parts as ASAP.

***Episode 18: Blood Runs Deep***
I had a lot of trouble with this level because if the first outpost goes on soft alert you can no longer Box-travel to the mines.
The fastest way I found was running to the first rebel and killing him via knife ... that way no soft alert ....
In the mines, I use the several door opener again and stun all the kids to extract them via Fulton, before I leave the place with the help of a container.

***Episode 19: On the Trail***
For some reason I didn't manage to kill him with a bombardment with I order right at the start ... maybe he’s not there jet ... that was the earlies spot I found.

***Episode 20: Voices***
Another longer mission, it's mostly driving D-Walker. You cannot drive through that fence door with max speed ... D-Walker will stop for no reason.
When I run through the tunnel, I turn the camera while calling for Walker so it will appear from the right direction.
Inside the hospital I use the grenade launcher to kill that one guy to skip the cut scene (Badly done - lost some time)
After I'm outside I call in rain and simply leaf through the tunnel again.

***Episode 21: The War Economy***
Another short level. Take D-Walker drive inside the facility. Rocked the target and leave via container.

***Episode 22: Retake the Platform***
This level is done on a save with a 1/4 R&D platform for max speed. The rocked shoot is ridicules difficult.
I got one where I aim but it is very hard to do so on PS3. This run is with no zoom aim and a ton of luck.

***Episode 23: The White Mamba***
In order to onshoot Eli the second outpost can not go on an alarm.
With means, I have to take this exact D-Walker route with the stunning working as shown.
After I dismount the Walker, I use stealth to make sure the kid near the ship doesn’t see me.

***Episode 24: Close Contact***
Again it's time to rescue tow hostages. I use the Fulton ballista on both and exit via Container. The level 7 battledress makes me to a walking tank...

***Episode 25: Aim True, Ye Vengeful***
The child soldier gets the D-walker Fulton ballista drive by treatment and the XO gets carried out of the hot zone this level ends the mission regardless if you are on an alarm or not.

***Episode 26: Hunting Down***
I Order the Airstrike ASAP and just drive to a spot outside the hot zone.

***Episode 27: Root Cause***
I drive to the hostage and break using the I-droid. Then get out of there ... not much to say...

***Episode 28: Code Talker***
More skulls! I completely ignore the sniper skulls and just drive with my shield on the back through the area.
Raiden can take one shoot most of the time. So the success rate of the first part is actually pretty high.
This helped me to get a very good driving done with is the hardest part of this level. That jungle and the bridges are a nightmare.
After I got to code Talker I skip the slowly walking out part with a checkpoint reload, after that it’s more running and driving.

***Episode 29: Metallic Archaea***
Even More Skulls!! This time I take them on! I use the downtime at the start to bring in a grenade from my secondary weapon.
Then its CGM grade 6 time! A few good placed rockets and the fight is over.
Raiden is not really necessary in that mission because you need to wait for the skulls to leave the are before you can use the Cigar to speed up the chopper.

***Episode 30: Skull Face***
Driving driving driving... Just drive straight through all defences and then use walking mode for the stars, Raiden does speed up the last part.
In addition, the loading times for the PS3 version on this level are ludicrous.

***Episode 31: Sahelanthropus***
That thing is a stupid boss the amount of damage you deal varies greatly depending on stuff ... I don't really know but it's good to shoot the middle part when he cry’s so a lot of RNG is needed for a good run.

***Episode 32: To Know too Much***
Another D-Walker driving mission, because the Target is behind that sand hill that shoot is quite hard ...

***Episode 33: [Subsistence] C2W***
Exactly the same as the normal version of this mission ... I don't know why I get a longer time.

***Episode 34: [Extreme] Backup, Back Down***
The only difference to the normal version is that I need to aim a little better ... still the strategy doesn’t change.

***Episode 35: Cursed Legacy***
A nice short mission the shoot with the Fulton ballista is very hard and I needed a lot of try’s for that. Also driving in the jungle is never fun.

***Episode 36: [Total Stealth] Footprints of Phantoms***
Again, the same strategy works as for the normal version of this mission.

***Episode 37: [Extreme] Traitors' Caravan***
Again again the same strategy applies ... this is getting boring...

***Episode 38: Extraordinary***
The only mission where I get the "No Traces" bonus ... and therefor-Rank 1 in PS3 point leader board.

***Episode 39: [Total Stealth] Over the Fence***
The strategy is almost the same just the use of the stealth suit for safty ... there is one guy near the container.
Also start when it is raining for guards position.

***Episode 40: [Extreme] Cloaked in Silence***
For the extreme version I make use of the Bombardment and my super sniper. 2 Shoots and the Air support make short process with the lovely Quite.

***Episode 41: Proxy War Without End***
More Airstrikes!!! A nice level witch costed me a lot of money because those Air strikes.

***Episode 42: [Extreme] Metallic Archaea***
If you get the Skull stuck in trying to shield each other which the stone things you gone have a fast time.

***Episode 43: [Flashback] Shining Lights, Even in Death***
This mission cost a lot of Heroism and is not very fun to play. At least the stuff doesn’t really die in your mother base.
You need to kill all the guys on your way down and in the room. I found out only the ones in the top room can be skipped. (Guess the burn to death trying to run outside ...)

***Episode 44: [Total Stealth] Pitch Dark***
Same strategy as the normal version just this time stealth is a must have.

***Episode 45: A Quiet Exit***
This is the hardest mission of the entire run... I need Raiden to save time in the end of the level,
but he has 0 defence ... everything kills me nearly instantly in this mission.
In addition, I need some luck so that my chopper kills the enemies I want. I sunk more GMP in this mission then in some FOB's ...

***Episode 46: True Ending***
AAAAAARRRGGGGGGGG again this frustrating Level with 99% cut scene ... the only difference is there is no chasing part on a horse ... making this 2 mins faster than the prologue.

***Episode 47: [Total Stealth] The War Economy***
Nearly the same strategy, just stun the guard on the way this time.

***Episode 48: [Extreme] Code Talker***
Yes ... it is possible to get through the skulls on extreme with D-Walker ... The damage they do is ludicrous they one-shot a Tough guy or snake with grade 7 battle dress...
The only way is to hope they miss and have a Shield on your back ... because getting through the skull part is very rare I settle for a run with not perfect but decent D-Walker driving.
Rest of the mission is identical to the normal version.

***Episode 49: [Subsistence] Occupation Forces***
A nice level which is a little tricky. I need to avoid an alarm or I cannot freeze the guy I pick up later.
A stunned or death enemy on the road thus not hold the convoy long enough to extract all of them.

***Episode 50: [Extreme] Sahelanthropus***
Sub 1 min was my goal, this depend heavily on the Boss opening his week spot and other unknown factors.

That’s the whole run thanks to all the runners of MGS V that ever uploaded a run somewhere.
Many strategies come from them but I don't remember names very well ;) see you!!

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