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Released in 1999, Metal Slug X improved upon Metal Slug 2 in almost every way. Less slowdown, more weapons, more vehicles, and greater challenge to name a few improvements. Like the first Metal Slug, X has you shooting your way to the end, but this time you get to shoot mummies and aliens too.


Timing note: Load times aren't counted in Metal Slug Anthology runs to make times comparable between versions.

Difficulty note: Normal and hard modes in the PlayStation versions of Metal Slug 1 and X are not allowed because the difficulties lie between easy and normal in Metal Slug Anthology.

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Easy mode 0:18:56 by Jeremy 'DK28' Doll.

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Author's comments:

Thanks to all SDA staff as always. You guys keep this place running and it keeps getting better. Thank you for making SDA a home for people like me to publish my runs. You all are the best!

Continuing in the Metal Slug series, we move on to X. Arguably one of the best in the series. Since I love 2 so much, it was the next step for me to take on X as it's identical in the mechanics and gameplay. But the best part of this game? They started getting crazy with the announcer, for anybody wondering where 'Rocket Louncha' came from... Too good.

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Sparrows FTW:

Again, Tarma is my favorite, but Joecoolgames made me an awesome layout for my stream, so I played as Fio as a thank you to him.

Mission 1 - Straightforward really. Although, the Three Towers can be trouble if Enemy Chasers don't cooperate. Like Homing in Contra III, Enemy Chasers are also homeless. New strat here is using the Slug, allows for a quicker boss kill and saved time overall.

Mission 2 - Steer clear of the mummies. Easier said than done, the dogs are very annoying. The tower climb actually went very well as did the boss. I hate going up...

Mission 3 - The beginning has to be done this way. All soldiers must be killed before the shield soldier appears. And you have to let him come on screen so you can knife the shield and kill him. In the following scene, the soldiers on the ground can't be killed by shotgun as you can see. Oh well, no time lost as they come up to meet me. The Harrier mid boss doesn't have the double damage glitch like in Slug 2, so I have to destroy it while conserving bombs for the Boss. Speaking of, the Boss goes well, I'm tad short, but negligible.

Mission 4 - The Motorcycles are critical to take care of. Heavy Machine Gun, spray and pray. Bad luck on the Bus with soldier spawns. The run through the Missile Silos went well. Heading downhill to the tank and I almost avoid getting fat, oh well. I get a good pattern and some of the Bosses turrets self destruct from the damage I dish out.

Mission 5 - The first car is 50/50 between a Laser and the Rocket Louncha. I don't get the Laser, so it's a smidge slow to get into the Slug. Headed to the Subway, the Tank runs me down. I was hitting the bomb button, but they weren't coming out. I chalk it up to being fat, because you throw bombs way slower, and input delay. The Subway as a whole, I'm very pleased with. Turns out I could have skipped a bomb drop in the sewer, but I need them in case the Boss goes awry. However, the Submarine actually stayed in place and took a beating.

Mission 6 - More input delay as I run off the first raft... Anyway, Iron Lizard is OP on the Wavy Bridge. I do love that weapon. Allen can't even handle me right now. Once inside, things heat up. I conserve the Laser with a late pick up. Once I start down the final Gauntlet, weapon conservation is critical. I keep Flame over SHotgun as it's more powerful for the Orb and UFO at the end. This final part of the stage is masterful. Going into the Boss, setup is strong. I evenly punish with Flame an Bombs on the Orb, then the Mothership... I quickly spawn the Slug, but more importantly, pick up 2nd LT Hyakutaro. It's over from there.

Very pleased with the destruction of this game, I love the Metal Slug series. Koopa Kid and I will be bringing the co-op of this soon. Enjoy!

You're Great!

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Individual-levels run of Pin Point mode in 0:13:51.46:

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Mission # Time Date Player
1 0:01:15.40 2006-12-21 Miguel Ángel 'Neo-tze' Blanco Durán
2 0:02:03.51 2006-12-21 Miguel Ángel 'Neo-tze' Blanco Durán
3 0:02:08.97 2006-12-21 Miguel Ángel 'Neo-tze' Blanco Durán
4 0:01:47.18 2006-12-21 Miguel Ángel 'Neo-tze' Blanco Durán
5 0:03:09.80 2006-12-21 Miguel Ángel 'Neo-tze' Blanco Durán
6 0:03:26.60 2006-12-21 Miguel Ángel 'Neo-tze' Blanco Durán

Miguel Ángel Blanco Durán's comments (translated into English thanks to Giancarlo André 'gia' Rivas De Amat):

I am impressed by how many people have put so much effort into their play, it is an incentive to others like myself. Keep at it, like in other domains of life the last word of a game is not set in stone, keep moving forward.

That is why I wanted to participate on this site with a contribution of my own, I hope not the only one. Although many things are taken lightly and life has moments on which you have to focus, like in the game, and in life you shouldn't miss out on what's important.

Metal Slug X has an straightforward premise but it is not a simple game, it is a simple idea that can turn complicated. Every kind of game has its own charm, most people think that gaming is a waste of time, but a wise man learns from his mistakes and the mistakes of others, knowledge of this allows us to learn more from life. That is what games have taught me, as well as that you can repeat parts of life as if using an extra continue or loading a game save.

A lot of friends didn't want me to keep playing, perhaps they just weren't actually friends, despite this many female friends supported me, nothing happens without trust. I chose Fio because I've always believed in sexual equality, I saw other videos where they do the same, sometimes life inspires you in beautiful ways.

I want to dedicate this record to someone special who helped and supported me, Micaela, for whom I don't wanna kill vampires.

Miguel Ángel Blanco Durán's comments in the original Spanish:

En esta carta me admira como varios chicos se esfuerzan por jugar es un aliciente para otros como yo. siguen adelante, como en otras ramas de la vida no se sabe la ultima palabra de un juego, sigan adelante.

Por eso deseo participar en su pagina con mi colaboración, ya que espero que no sea el único juego en el cual participe, ya muchas cosas se toman a la ligera y la vida tiene sus momentos serios, como en el juego y en la vida no se debe descuidar lo mas importante.

Metal slug x es u juego simple por si idea en general pero no sencillo, es una simple idea que se puede complicar, cada tipo de juego tiene su encanto, la mayoría piensa que jugar es una pérdida de tiempo, para un hombre sabio aprende de sus errores y de los errores de los demas, sabiendo esto se puede aprender mas en la vida, eso es lo que me enseñaron los juegos y también se que se puede repetir partes de la vida como en un continue o salvar partida.

Pese a todo muchas de mis amistades no querían que me esfuerze jugando, solo no eran mis amigos realmente, mas bien hubo varias anigas que me apoyaron, nada se consigue si no hay confianza.

En el video escogí al personaje Fio porque siempre creí en la igualdad se sexos,vi en otros video de records hacer lo mismo ,a veces la vida te inspira de las maneras más bonitas.

También quiero dedicar este record a alguien especial ,me ayudo y me apoyó, a Micaela por la que no quiero matar vampiros.

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