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The final game in the Prime trilogy, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption was released in late August 2007. Corruption introduced a new control system that allows the player to control Samus by pointing at the screen and repeatedly performing gimmicky motions, as well as a Hypermode system that allows you to obliterate enemies in exchange for a portion of your energy bar; unfortunately, it sacrificed much of the open-ended exploration that made up much of the earlier games' gameplay in favor of linear, objective-based progression.


Best time: 2:09 by 'Paraxade' on 2010-03-01, done in 32 segments.

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Author's comments:

READ: Do not reupload this run to YouTube or anywhere else, especially without permission. It shouldn't be available anywhere other than SDA and anywhere I've personally uploaded it; link to this game page on SDA or my playlist on YouTube if you want to share it somewhere. Please respect the amount of work, time and effort that went into making this run and respect what I want for it.

Thanks to:

I started working on this run after craztad finished his 2:32 test run in December 2007. Nobody else was stepping forward to do a run of the game, so having already had some experience running it from some short-lived attempts at a low% SS on Hypermode, I decided to do it... albeit embarassingly slowly. I completed the first segment in January 2008, and segment 2 was finished in May. Gaps several months long between segments weren't uncommon (at the worst point, there was a 6-month gap between segments). This was because I had next to no motivation to work on the run, and any time I did I had to put up with things like the controls (you might think this game's controls are fantastic, but you've never speedran it). Honestly I didn't even want to do it after I was around halfway through, but did anyway because I didn't want all my work to have gone to waste, and I didn't want to back out. I started in January 2008, landed on Bryyo in June 2008, landed on Elysia in September 2008 (I did all the Bryyo segments in a 3-month span? wow), got around the halfway point in February 2009, landed on Pirate Homeworld in December 2009 (around which point I decided to just focus on the run and finally began making consistent progress), and finished in March 2010. So this is simultaneously one of the fastest and slowest playthroughs online. XD Before I get started on per-segment comments, I'm going to go over some general things about the run that are worth noting and don't really fit anywhere else.

First - I highly recommend checking metroid2002's Corruption section for explanations of most of the tricks and techniques I abuse in the run. Most of what's not on m2k2, I'll try to explain here in my comments. Keep in mind that my run/m2k2's Corruption section was played/written based on the original NTSC release of Metroid Prime 3. A couple of the tricks don't work on the PAL version, and almost none of them work in Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Second, regarding ng+ - This run is on a new game+ file. There's very minor differences between ng+ and new game in Corruption; the differences are I don't have to scan anything (anything that needs to be scanned is pre-scanned, so I just need to aim at it in the scan visor and press Z) and I can skip cutscenes, which is required on SDA anyway; the differences are nowhere near substantial enough to warrant a separate ng+ category.

Third, regarding checkpoints and home menu abuse - There are a few things I didn't do that might've been SDA legal and made the run easier/faster (game-time-wise anyway) but that I opted not to do for a couple reasons. Frequently through the game there are checkpoints, where the game respawns you if you die as well as resetting the timer to whatever it was when you first got there. I never abuse any of these. It would've felt cheap to me, and I really didn't want to run the game like that. Come on... segments within segments? :/ Every segment is done in one run, from loading up the file to the next time I save. I was considering using the checkpoint before the final bosses, and that checkpoint only, in the same style as the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes run, but it frankly wouldn't make any sense since Corruption runs on a very different checkpoint system than Echoes, so I nixed that idea and segment 32 was done all in one run with no check abuse as well. There's also a way to skip most door loads by going into the home menu before doors and waiting a little bit. I chose not to do this because it would've severely hampered the watchability of the run, as well as making it more tedious to actually run, while only actually being any faster by the in-game timer. One other random thing I'll mention is that the game begins loading rooms when you hit a certain trigger in the room, so pretty much once you hit that trigger any mistakes you make don't cost any time as long as you reach the door before it opens. This covers for a lot of minor movement errors. <_<

Fourth, regarding my route near the end of the game - as I got closer to the end of the run, I was considering whether or not to get the Hazard Shield. There's a secret world in Skyway Access, which allows you to skip turning off the homeworld defenses and walk past most of the demolition trooper sequence. However, since getting out of bounds requires spending some time in the acid rain, it can't be done without Hazard Shield, so it was a question of whether the time saved made up for the time spent picking up Hazard. I timed the Hazard Shield as costing around ~2:10 to pick up. Turning off the defenses costs somewhere between 1:30 and 2 minutes. After running through the trooper sequence a few times and attempting the secret world method with little success, I came to the conclusion that it probably breaks even, if skipping Hazard isn't faster, since the sequence can be done fairly quickly by normal means, while using the secret world would be tedious and difficult, if not potentially slower, especially since some rooms actually take longer from the SW... if there was any time saved, I decided it wasn't worth it. Thus, I skip the Hazard Shield in the run.

Fifth, regarding technical problems - I encountered a lot of technical issues toward the end of the run. The worst was the game would randomly start loading a lot slower than it was supposed to. Obviously I can't run the game like that; I haven't spent this much time optimizing it just to lose a few easy minutes because of a hardware malfunction; so I only ran when the game decided to load properly, judging by how many dots appear next to the game's name before the title screen starts up when you restart from the home menu. I can't be 100% sure that it was as fast as it normally is with a decent Wii/disc, but I doubt there's a huge difference if any, and would've been impossible to rectify the situation without spending some money I didn't have on a new Wii or a new disc (and when I'm so close to the end anyway, it's an even bigger waste of money; slow loads in this game do not matter at all for a casual playthrough, but they make a huge difference in a speedrun). :/

Here are my comments for individual segments. I'm not going to go into a ton of detail on every little thing I did in every segment; I'm not trying to provide a substitute for actually watching the run, but rather I'd just like to explain exactly what I'm doing, point out random little details and places where I did/didn't lose time, and how to pull off certain tricks and strategies for people who are interested, including potential future runners who're interested in trying to beat my run or doing one in a separate category. Including dates for useless trivia so you can see what I meant by embarrassingly slowly x3 As I've mentioned, if you want more in-depth information on how to pull off a specific trick or strategy, visit metroid2002.

Been in progress for over two years and it's finally finished, and I think it's a pretty damn nice run. But I'll be the first to admit it's not perfect. Some of these segments can be improved by at least 10 seconds. This game is just so frustrating to run for so many reasons, perfecting every single segment would have taken me an eternity and made me never want to play a game again (I'm already feeling like I never want to touch motion controls again, especially for speedrunning), from needing to sit uncomfortably just so I could aim properly, since a lot of parts in this game require you to aim quickly and precisely (welding ><), to some segments just being unexpectedly difficult for stupid reasons (I thought segment 20 was gonna be easy before I started, and it ended up being one of the worst segments in the run... wtf.) and all the technical issues I had to deal with during the tail end of the run (see segment 32). I've lost countless runs to crap like the Wiimote not letting me spring ball, or the camera suddenly shifting and screwing with the controls, and more (hello segment 20!!!). Because of all this there is no way I would ever be able to perfect the run and keep my sanity, and as a result it's quite visibly not perfect. Despite the flaws though, it's not a bad run by any means. I think I'm just my own worst critic and judge the run's mistakes and flaws worse than everyone else does.

Regardless, I've put a lot of time and effort into it and it's pretty quick, a lot better than any other run that has been produced of this game, and I think most of the boss fights were pretty well done. I'd guess that this run will be beaten someday, but that seems like it'll be a long way away, since at the moment most people have pretty much no interest in running the game (me included), as you might've guessed from the fact that it took almost 3 years for a run to be finished. A perfect run might be able to sub 2 hours... hell, maybe you don't even need perfection, I don't know how much time I've lost throughout my run and there may be a few sequence breaks left in this game. In fact, a couple weeks after I finished this run, I went back to this game and looked around for some breaks, and ended up finding two new secret worlds and enough tricks to completely skip Screw Attack, which unfortunately is too slow to be helpful in a speed run but is damn cool nonetheless. Anyway, you should definitely be subbing 2 if you abuse checkpoints and the home menu but egh <_<

What's next for me, personally... I *might* consider doing a single-segment of Corruption if I get a new disc. Back in October 2007 I did a low% SS on Hypermode in 3:13, with two deaths on Pirate Homeworld and eight on Phaaze, sent it to nate and wasted a lot of my time and his before realizing it sucked and pulled it from the queue. With my experience from this run, I feel like I could do a great job if I decided to return to that... probably sub 3, deathless; though now with the Screw Attack skip making the new low% 21%, which contains tons of things I can't do in an SS, I probably won't do it unless I could still run 22%. Otherwise, I've got several other run ideas that I'm strongly considering, including Zelda: Twilight Princess, Sonic 06, and Sonic Unleashed. I'm also interested in getting to play a few games that aren't out yet like Metroid: Other M and Zelda: Skyward Sword and seeing whether they're something I'd enjoy speed running. In any case, I'm not saying I'm definitely doing anything yet; I might not do anything else at all.

In the meantime, enjoy the run... it's been over 2 years in the making. It's great to finally have it done, and it's also great to have my first run on SDA, just like you all probably think it's about damn time a run of this game went up. I wish I could say I enjoyed doing it too but I really didn't. :P So enjoy!

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