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Released in 1992, the second Illusion game on the Master System puts larger emphasis on puzzles. Mickey has an expanded moveset, which still includes his beloved "Butt Stomp" from his first endeavor. Your goal is supposedly to recapture some crystal from an evil phantom to restore happiness, but judging from the ending makeout scene with Minnie, we all know what Mickey's goal really was.


Best time, European version: 0:36:24 by Tom 'Konnan' van Mol on 2005-11-06.

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Author's comments:

First of all, thanks to Nate for capturing the run and Radix for uploading it.

This game must be 1 of my favorite Master System games, bringing great graphics and replayability for its time. I could have speedrunned the game in 2 different ways: fastest completion or fastest 14 powerstar completion. I've chosen to do the fastest completion only because it truly represents speedrunning, and collecting the 14 powerstars doesn't give the run any more value.

This run isn't perfect, but pretty hard to crack. In total I make about 10 seconds of error which I should have prevented, and about 15 seconds of human errors't I also loose about 12 seconds in picking up 2 remote powerstars, but in my opinion a few extra health slots are essential to beat the game without dieing. So a sub 36 is in reach, but it won't be easy for anybody who will try to beat it.

Have fun watching the video! Watching the run doesn't need any knowledge of the game, so anybody can watch it. Feel free to contact me if you have a question, any feedback, or a comment how I could improve the game, please do so. My mail is tumpke AT hotmail DOT com

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