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Released in 2008 for the PC, Mighty Jill Off is a lesbian- and bdsm-themed platformer inspired by the arcade game Mighty Bomb Jack. At the beginning of the game, the Queen boots the titular Jill off her tower, and the object of the game is to climb the tower and make it back to the Queen. In keeping with the game's themes, the difficulty level is, of course, hard.


Best time: 0:06:23 by 'harry9397' on 2012-09-27.

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Author's comments:

This is my run of Mighty Jill Off in 6:23 according to the game timer, here are a couple of techniques that you should know while watching my run;

The Super Jump; Performed by tapping jump just as you reach a platform to stop yourself before you get above it, this makes the camera shoot up just as you perform your next jump and allows you to jump higher, I use this to reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Standing on flames/enemies; The effect of a flame or enemy on a ledge will not affect you if you move just one pixel onto the ledge, I use this in a couple of areas to shorten my route, to perform this hug the ledge on the way up and flick the stick as quickly as you can in the direction that you want to move, you may alternatively judge the placement by eye but it is more difficult.

If you want to watch this run with commentary then I should have this run up on my youtube channel;

And if you want to try the game for yourself and haven't already you can get the game for free at this link;

Thanks to everyone who made this run possible and I hope you enjoy watching it.

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