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Released in November 2008, Mirror's Edge is an experiment on a new perspective for games a'la Prince of Persia - a first-person parkour video game. The player controls the protagonist, an Asian girl named Faith, as a messenger (called 'runner') fighting an oppresive regime by facilitating unmonitored communication.


Runs on the PC version:

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PC version with deaths and resets 0:30:16 by Harry Ogier, Truls Olsen, Steffan Griffiths, Robert Müller and Lucas Burns done in 127 segments appended to one file.

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Author's comments:

We plan on doing an audio commentary of the run at some point, so these notes will not go into huge amounts of detail – it will aim to give a quick summary of some of the key tricks, glitches, strats or routes we used.

Main Glitches and Tricks

There are some glitches that we use throughout the run to help us get places we shouldn't, help go faster and so on. The main ones are:
Side-Jump Boost: This is probably the most used glitch of the game. It's a simple matter of side jumping to the right or left, turning your camera in the direction you side-jumped, and you will be instantly at top running speed.
Kickglitch: This is also commonly used throughout the run. To put it simply: whenever a wall-run kick is performed, Faith will get an invisible platform underneath her for 1-2 frames, where it is possible to, if timed correctly, jump off of said platform. To do so with some degree of consistency, we bind a scroll direction to jump and scroll to jump off of the platform.
Slide-Glitch: This glitch is used to skip animations such as elevator button-pressing animations, or turning valves. To do so, we bind a scroll direction to 'Use' and either slide/crouch/coil jump + scroll next to the animation to skip it.
Wall Boosts: Wall boosting is a simple trick to get more speed and we do it whenever we can. When you wallrun and jump off of the wallrun, you gain speed and go faster. Scrolling against a wall essentially means you are instantly wallrunning and jumping off of that wallrun, which can massively increase speed.


Chapter Analysis/Summary

Because an audio commentary version of the run will be out or may already be out, I'll stick to explaining the big out-of-bounds skips or really hard tricks throughout the run.

Prologue involves some of the hardest tricks in the run. At the very beginning of the run is probably the trick that took us the longest to get. The kickglitch chain saves about 5 seconds or so but is incredibly hard, and took us hours and hours to land (even without a fast climb). The remainder of prologue involves some precise kickglitches and good movement. The orange railing kickglitch after the vent, for example, is incredibly precise and hard to land. One thing to note is that we take a weird route before grabbing the helicopter. This is because if you go too fast and run directly to the helicopter, you'll miss it, so the weird route is actually necessary.

Chapter 1:
The first chapter is home to the first and probably hardest out of bounds skip of the game. To trigger the out of bounds, we have to enter the bright-green room to despawn the room we just left. We then get back to that room, kickglitch off of a black wall and then wall-boost along the same wall. It's a hard trick to do fast but saves about 15 seconds so is worth it. At the very end of Chapter 1 there is also a hard kickglitch across the street, and getting this kickglitch without a grab is even harder.

Chapter 2:
Chapter 2 also has an out of bounds skip, probably one of the easiest in the game. To get out of bounds you can simply wallrun-jump over a barbed wire fence, run to a certain spot and kill yourself to get to a checkpoint later on in the level. Later on in the level comes the Jacknife chase and also one of the newest strats in Mirror's Edge. Isyfly799 found a new kickglitch route that saves about 10 seconds over doing it regularly. This chain is nearly as hard as the prologue kickglitch chain, but well worth it. At the very end of Chapter 2 we do a simple kickglitch across the gap to save us from running all the way around, saving quite a lot of time.

Chapter 3:
The out of bounds skip in Chapter 3 is quite precise and technical to get, you need to be at the right height off of a wallclimb turn jump to grab the lamp and get out of bounds. From here, we run and kickglitch into a checkpoint, quitting and reloading to get into the Office. The Office features probably the most "frame perfect" side-jump boost of the whole run, which is at the very beginning to pick up the gun from the table without colliding into it. Later on in the level we get to a long straight area which we need to get through as fast as possible. There are lots of technical strats used in this segment, the hardest being the double-kickglitch wallrun into wallclimb-sidestep, wallclimbing again and then coiling. This is a new strat found by LamboGD and Isyfly799 which saves a lot of time over doing it regularly. Finally for Chapter 3 is another new strat – Checkpoint D kickglitch. It may look like a simple trick, but to make the jump over this gap before the very end of Chapter 3 requires a speedy kickglitch, around 45+Km/h over a regular 38 Km/h kickglitch.

Chapter 4:
There are a large variety of ways to get out of bounds in Chapter 4 and to complete the skip. We used the fastest way, kickglitching over a fence and then dropping down out of bounds to hit the loading trigger. We pause buffer until the level despawns so we can kill ourselves. We respawn just before the underground station, skipping about 2 minutes of the level. The rest of the level is good movement and a nice train ride to do nothing on.

Chapter 5:
Chapter 5 is home to a huge number of hard tricks and strats although no real out of bounds skip. Straight at the beginning is a kickglitch onto an invisible wall, and then another double kickglitch down on to the streets. Later on, after the first elevator, there are three incredibly hard tricks very quickly. Firstly, a kickglitch-wallboost into a wallrun climb. Following that, a double kickglitch to get a lot of speed and make the jump across the gap. Finally, a precise kickglitch off of the corner of a wall to land on an aerial before grabbing the zipline. Further on in Chapter 5, after the shotgun guards, come multiple hard kickglitches which save a lot of time over doing it the regular way. Finally, in the mall we use a skip where we climb on top of a sign and clip through the stairs, saving about 20 seconds over the regular way. This is a random trick and we have no idea how or why it works, as it only works a small amount of the time and we have not found anywhere else in the run where it works.

Chapter 6:
The out of bounds skip in Chapter 6 is one of the harder out of bounds to do fast. Firstly, we use a precise kickglitch to land on top of a lamp and sidestep off of it. Then we get to an area where there are no textures or objects, climb up to a platform and kickglitch into a factory room much later on in the level.

Chapter 7:
Chapter 7 is called 'The Boat' because the majority of the level takes place inside a boat. However, we use an out of bounds skip which takes us right to the end of the level. After a few kickglitches and a wall-climb side-step over a fence, we hit a checkpoint – the last checkpoint of the level. Quickly quitting and reloading, we can then kill Celeste and head to Chapter 8.

Chapter 8:
The atrium in Chapter 8 is probably one of the hardest strats in this run. It is called the 'infinite wallclimb' as you can perform a wallclimb-sidestep into wallrun-turn-jump all the way up to the top of the atrium. It sounds and looks easy, but requires some incredibly precise timing to be able to pull off. Upon getting to the top of the atrium, we can run over to a certain spot and jump in a precise direction to hit a checkpoint, then quitting out and reloading into the sniper room.

Chapter 9:
Chapter 9 has what we call the 'Beverage skip'. This skips a very long lift by pressing the button from the outside of it (which despawns the doors as you go up), looking in a precise spot and then pause buffering to load the level around you. We then have to wait for a few moments until the game registers that we are no longer in the lift until we can move. After a short vent section we come to the 'Sniper Skip', which involves jumping constantly along a wafer-thin wall. We do this with a side-jump boost every other jump to ensure maximum speed along it. Finally, after the server room we can quit out and reload to skip the long 1+ minute cutscene, kick Jacknife out of the helicopter and end the run.

PC Single-segment: 0:57:32 by David Streeter.

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Author's comments:

First of all, I would like to thank Flip, the verifiers, and everyone on SDA that has posted on the Mirror's Edge Topics (both PC and PS3). Without them, this run would not be here.
I would also like to thank:
PotatoSalad: Pushing me forward, server room advice, and showing me some awesome Youtube videos that I couldn't seem to find.
IGlyhia (youtube user): His WR Tutorial runs helped my route go from good to better. I didn't follow his runs exactly but they definitely helped a lot.
Brossentia: Watching his summer streamed run motivated me to finish the run after a long break and also showed some easier/faster ways through some levels.
CMiller: Quick tips about speedrunning and about SDA in general on the forums.

This run was recorded with FRAPS at 60fps, 1280x720 resolution, and encoded with Anri-Chan. Options for the game: Audio was set to Software, Textures on HIGH, Runner vision ENABLED, PhysX DISABLED. Also, it was played in fullscreen with vsync enabled. No slo-mo was used in this run as there is no in-game timer to slow down. All keybindings are default except for the USE key that is mapped to MOUSEWHEELUP (I have a standard computer mouse, no fancy slick scroll wheel). If possible, all cutscenes are skipped.

Mirror's Edge came out in 2008 for consoles and 2009 for PC. One would think that this game was meant to be played through with speedrunning in mind the moment it was released. Unfortunately, this is an incredibly hard game to run. Death is a constant problem, even if you are not speedrunning the game. Once my route through the game was finalized and consistent, I started working on not dying throughout the run. From what I've gathered on the forums from other players' experiences on consoles, guards behave mostly deterministic for every playthrough. This was not the case on the PC run. The waypoints enemies would use, their chances of hitting you, the positions of the helicopters, and other things would vary from run to run. This game also heavily disguises level-loading. For example, nearly every elevator is a loading sequence and the doors will open as soon as the next section is loaded.

The general tricks I used in this run:
Side-step Boost: If you are at a standstill, strafe and jump at the same time, then look in the direction of your strafe. It takes a little bit to get used to, but you'll be running full speed from a standstill if done correctly.
Wall-Run Boost: Wallrun and then jump right off, your speed will increase a bit while in the air. It doesn't seem to be affected by level loading or specific timing, making it easy to do.
Jump-Kick: When opening doors or breaking through glass, it is (usually) faster to jump in the air, then kick the door/glass open.
Wall-Run Kick: When wallrunning, kick off the wall and there will be a slight "cushion" that will reset your falling height, allowing you to descend from some falls without dying.
Fall-Break Kick: If falling in a straight line (like from out of a vent), kick before landing instead of rolling. You'll be able to start running instantly instead of waiting to finish the roll animation.
Jumping up stairs: It is faster to jump up stairs than to just run up them.
Wall-Climb: Run at a wall, climb up vertically like normal, do a sidestep in mid-air, then jump and look towards the ledge and hopefully Faith will grab the ledge. This allows you to get to high to reach places quickly.
Use Slide: Only works on PC :( If you have to use something (such as a button, or pipe), slide into it and press your Use button at exactly the right time. This will trigger the event without playing the animation, saving time. For the Use Slide, I mapped my Use key to my mousewheel. I don't have a fancy sliding mousewheel, it's just the standard one you find on most computers.
I did not use the Wall-Run Kick Jump because that is a very black-magic-like trick that rarely works. I have never had any luck getting it to work even rarely, let alone consistently. This is one of the best tricks to do in the game though so you will see segmented runs using this frequently.
I did not use the Coil Boost because it doesn't work 100% of the time, it can slow you down if not done right or the game feels like loading while you're in air or landing, and it only boosts your speed by a marginal amount. So more time was saved by not using it and focusing more on consistent running and not having my speed be reduced to zero from having botched one landing.

I skip the training. I do a simple vertical wallrun to get up to the vents because this is a loading section for the PC, killing the framerate and always messing up my timing. Outside, running to the left avoids the vaulting over obstacles, at the cost of having to roll when you land. Finally, getting onto the helicopter cannot be done too fast or Faith won't reach the strut on the helicopter.

Chapter 1: Flight
I mess up the landing when going inside the building, sometimes you land on the fence and don't have to roll, I was a little too far forward for that. First slideglitch of the run, sometimes the elevators glitch and freeze you in the walls although it's very very rare. After the cutscene, the game freezes you for a bit, this happens a few more times throughout the run. Some runners will run towards the guards instead of around them, but there is no perfect luck manipulation I know of that will allow you to survive consistently. I really mess up one of the landings after you slide down the building and the helicopter is shooting at you, then trying to side-step boost didn't work either. A wallrun kick is used to skip going through the skybridge, this also causes the pedestrians to stay on the walkway and for the action music not to cue.

Chapter 2: Jacknife
If you hop on the trash can, then do a wallrun and coil jump while looking left, this barbed fence can be skipped, unfortunately, I mess up the first jump. Going into the stormdrains is a big luck manipulation part: if doing the route any different (for me at least), the helicopter won't be in the right place and will kill Faith, the trick is to look at the helicopter as soon as you land on the scaffolding and it will stop (at least in my experience), the scaffolding can then be ridden all the way down the storm drain, skipping this section. Inside the stormdrains, I wallrun up and look to the left to skip a small section. When entering the next section, the game again freezes you for a bit. Taking damage at the bottom of the slide is better since Faith will die if she doesn't feel like wallrunning correctly. When facing the guards, I take the right path instead of going left, I'm not sure if it's slower but for me it's safer at least. The Jacknife is pretty normal except for a missed sidestep part.

Chapter 3: Heat
I do a Wallrun kick instead of jumping off the ramp and rolling. Coming out of the vents, I Fall-Break-Kick to immediately start running. I get hung up a bit in the building after the guards on the wall. Outside, I Wall-Climb boost up the building. I purposely don't Use-Slide the elevators in the next building because they don't like it most of the time and will just refuse to work. Near the final crane, I punch the guard instead of running past him because he one-shots you sometimes.

Chapter 4: Ropeburn
I skip the electric fence by doing a Wall-Climb boost. I am very cautious in the subways because having a death here can cost around a full minute if a train kills you! I have timed the trains and they don't seem to run at a very consistent time interval so that is another reason why I wait that extra 8 seconds. When riding the train near the end, it helps to be near the end of the train and for the red sign to knock you off so you're right in front of the door and don't have to run back for it.

Chapter 5: New Eden
I double check to see where the train is because getting hit by the train here can cost about two minutes because of how far back the checkpoint is. When exiting the first elevator, the game will freeze you for a third time. The fence to the left of here can be double-jumped over. When vaulting in the first section of the mall, if you look behind you after the jump animation starts, you can head straight for the pole. The Level-load causes a little speed to be lost when chasing Celeste. If you pause before jumping down into the mall, you won't have to roll. Jumping on the blue advertisement and then jumping and Wall-Climbing to the next section allows the mall interior to be skipped.

Chapter 6: Pirandello Kruger
It's faster to not transfer ziplines because you can just roll and sidestep instead of having to take a slightly longer route. I wallrun and then jump over the barbed fence to skip a small section. I wait at the top of the dropping scaffolding to recover some health because it does quite a lot of damage on the way down and can kill you. I nearly die when the guards are shooting me, this part is all luck. By coil jumping and using the slide glitch, I turn on the conveyors and skip a medium sized section. When nearing PK central, I fall down and grab ledges instead of taking the long way down, skipping another section. In the final elevator, I show the viewer the sunlight coming through the elevator doors for entertainment.

Chapter 7: Boat
I roll off the vent, Fall-Break-Kick, and then Wallrun-Kick to get to the van faster. This is a major skip brought to you by Youtube user 'TheY2T', by going to the left on top of the cars, wallrunning, coil jumping to the right and then wallrunning, you will trigger the next checkpoint. After dying, I will load 2 sections later in the level. The doors in this level can be opened by Use-Sliding, saving much time. When climbing the pipe, a vent can be glitched through by climbing higher and just vaulting through it. Getting to the left side of the balcony saves some small time of running around to the right hand side. When fighting Celeste, you can only punch her twice before she counters you, so the quickest way to take her out is to punch her twice in the face, then counter her next hit by punching her while crouched. Repeat this until her gun turns red and grab the gun. The first wheeldoor in the chase shouldn't be glitched, because it will not open. If you look closely, you can actually see the wheel changing from model to model as Faith turns it.

Chapter 8: Kate
The machine-pistol guard needs to be taken out before going up the pipe because he will kill you if you don't. If you take too long to kill him, then you will get tazed and die. I mess up the Use-Slide in the elevator before the atrium. The second death-abuse is in this room, by falling and dying, you skip having to walk slowly across the pipe.

Chapter 9: Shard
The big mistake of the run, costing around 13 seconds: after Use-Sliding the pipe to get the gases flowing, I accidentally start turning the wheel, causing Faith to stick there and get killed. Fortunately, the spawn point is exactly on this spot so I can just immediately continue. The route I use through the parking garage is the fastest way I know of without dying. I get lucky in the next area by barely surviving the bullets. The elevator shaft section is skipped by creeping off the side, waiting for a bit on the pole, then letting go, doing a 180 in the air, and performing two rolls. My nerves are going crazy at this point and I miss a grab on one of the snipers on the rooftop, as well as a ledge in this area. The viewers are treated to a nice vista of the city before the final and hardest part of the game. In the server room, I miss shooting one of the servers, causing me to backtrack for a couple of seconds. After the final cutscene, the game gives me one final break: sometimes Faith gets shot in the air and doesn't make it to the helicopter.
I've been working hard on this run for more than 6 months, doing over 30 timed runs, so I sincerely hope you enjoy watching it! Cheers!

PC Single-segment with resets: 0:34:49 by Filip Sahlberg.

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Author's comments:

Firstly, I'd like to give a shoutout to the Mirror's Edge community. They are a bunch of nice guys, still going strong after almost five years of Mirror's Edge.
There are two guys in particular that I want to thank: the father of Mirror's Edge himself: Ovendonkey, and his padawan: Zerocool__. These two guys found the Out of Bounds
skips which made Mirror's Edge Speedrunning appealing to me again (and very handsome Kappa).

Bindings that are required/recommended:
Jump bound to either mousewheel up or down. (to easier bhop and kickglitch)
Use bound to the opposite mousewheel direction. (required for the slide glitch)

Tricks and glitches used in this run:
Sidestep boost: Basiclly this is just a clever use of the evade animation. Turn 90° and strafe at the same time (eg. turn 90° to the left and strafe left at the same time)

Wallrun kick: Do a wallrun and kick. There's a "bump" that will reset your falling distance.

Kickglitch: The same idea as the wallrun kick, but when you feel the "bump" you jump. The "bump" is infact a platform appearing beneath you for three frames, therefore you
can double jump.

Rolling off a leadge: This works just like a wallrun kick, but you roll off a ledge so that your animation is playing when you are mid-air.

Wall boost: When you are doing a wallrun, facing towards the wall and jump will increase your speed. The more to the wall you face, the more speed.

Slide glitch: When you are near something you can use (eg a button) you can do any animation (eg slide, jump, punch) and scroll the direction use is bound to. Doing so will
skip the animation for pushing the button or rotating a valve. It's called the slide glitch because it was discovered whilst sliding.

Wallclimb sidestep: When you are doing a wallclimb, strafing to either left or right will let you climb higher obstacles. You can also do a wallrun if you face your camera
towards the wall at the right angle.

Fall break kick: when you are falling vertically and kick you avoid getting a hard landing (the animation you get if you don't roll after a fall from a great height).

Bhopping: Jumping is faster than just running. It is however, hard to keep that speed up, as a jump can also slow you down if you don't time it right.

*** Checkpoints that are missing is because I skip them ***

Training Area:

I skip this because it's fast.

Checkpoint B (Checkpoint A is a cutscene):

The first kickglitch in this section can be a little tricky to pull off. Frame perfect kick off the wall is required and the angle towards the

Checkpoint C:

Nothing much to say here other than I slide just before jumping to the helicopter, because if you go too fast, you will miss it.

Chapter 1: Flight
Checkpoint A:

Fast pace, landed smoothly on the rail to prevent rolling.

Checkpoint B:

There is a faster way to do the beginning of this section, instead of going around, you just go directly left past the guards. Faith's survival however, is dependant on the guards
pathing, how soon they spot you and how willing they are to want you dead (pretty much). I chose not to go there because of it's randomness. I lost some seconds when I failed
to land on top of the glass table, the big mistake in chapter 1,

Checkpoint C:

This part went very well, the kickglitch on the vent to the rooftop is also one of the more difficult kickglitches to get right. The angle has to be right,
otherwise you wont reach the ledge or you jump into the fence. Just before the elevator, you can wallrun jump over the guards, be sure to press the elevator button fast enough though.

Checkpoint D:

I do a very long wallrun kick at the beginning in this section to not only survive the drop, but also to avoid rolling, I mess up the second drop and I had to roll.

Checkpoint E:

The ending kickglitch here is a bit of a run killer. Frame perfect kickglitch is needed.

Chapter 2: Jacknife
Checkpoint A:

The trashcan shortcut, jump on top of the trashcan, wallrun and coil jump over the barbed wire. Be sure to angle your camera a little bit out from the wall when you do the coiljump,
there is an invisible wall just above the barbed wire on the right side.

Checkpoint B:

The first Out of Bounds skip, it's surprisingly easy to get Out of Bounds. I run through some buildings to the big building. You will see me turn around very quickly, that's because
I press and hold the hint key (standard binding is Left ALT on keyboard), that's a good spot to be aiming at. Then I line myself up using the floor, where the black floor ends and
shifts into the transparent floor, that's basiclly where my right foot should be. As soon as you fall, press forward. You should either be falling beside the building and get the
checkpoint, quit and reload. Or you will land inside the building and die. Both way works, but it seems for me atleast, that falling beside the building and quitting and reloading
makes the big door open instantly. If I die inside the building and then respawn, I have to wait 5 seconds before it actually begins to open.

Checkpoint C:

The only death in the run, my greediness didn't pay off. It wasn't too much of a time waste however, since I respawned just behind where I died. The leap to the very high platform
right after I run past the sniper guard, is actually a springboard jump. You can make objects act like springboard, if there is a smaller object in front of a slightly bigger object.

Checkpoint D:

Very nice section, I didn't clip through any pipes. Neither did I randomly let go when climbing the pipes (Yes, that can happen).

Checkpoint E:

You can just run past the guards, no need to go around. Really bad RNG can kill you, but that is very unlikely.

Checkpoint F:

The Jacknife chase. At the first drop, I jump and land to the far left on the object to skip rolling. After the second zipline, I do two kickglitches. At the second kickglitch I
hit the barbed wire in mid air. Taking damage from barbed wire mid air will let you survive greater heights.

Checkpoint G:

The kickglitch over the gap here is difficult. It needs to be frame perfect and you must also run at max speed.

Chapter 3: Heat
Checkpoint A:

This section has three awkward tricks; The kickglitch off the pole, timing is crucial and getting a wallrun on the pole can be pretty tough.
Skipping the fence; I hold forward during this trick and I make sure my angle is right so that I don't hit the fence and fall.
Lastly, the wallrun to a wallclimb turn jump on top of a vent. It seems like you can jump, whether you are against a wall or in the air when you do the turn animation.

Checkpoint B:

I pick up the gun here because you can destroy glass and open doors with it. In the office, I basiclly do two speedvaults, turn 90 degree whilst the speedvault animation is playing
then I do a wallclimb turn jump and turn back 90 degrees, back to back. I drop the gun after I exit the Office, because you can't kickglitch if you have it in your hand. At the
broken elevator, you can speed up how fast the doors open by spamming the button using the slide glitch. If you have a free scrolling mouse, this will open almost instantly.

Checkpoint C:

This section is hard, but very rewarding if you get it right. I mess up the angle at then second kickglitch (the one where I kickglitch on a big orange wall), so I grabbed the vent
instead of landing on top of it.

Checkpoint D:

I do a wallclimb sidestep to get on top of the fan hanging on the wall, followed by a wallrun jump to get past the fence. A frame perfect kickglitch on the curved corner to reach the

Chapter 4: Ropeburn
Checkpoint A:

The second Out of Bounds skip. The roll on top of the ledge has to be as far out as possible, otherwise you won't make the drop. I then do a kickglitch on the door's frame (the door
itself has no collision), while I am mid-air, I aim at a certain spot and sidestep to the right. Finally, I pause just above a building that is loaded by hitting a trigger. It's
hard since the building is invisible, so you must get a "feel" for when to pause, trial and error. One other thing; I can tell when the building is loaded either by the skybox
turning black or, in my case, the floor turning black.

Checkpoint D:

Very good train luck. It has two different cycles, one fast and one slow. I got the slow one and i could with ease cross the rails without having to worry about getting crushed by
a train.

Checkpoint E:

You can avoid the train by jumping on top of the pipes in the tunnels.

Checkpoint F:

The train ride. At the end you can use the sign to push you off the train.

Chapter 5: New Eden
Checkpoint A:

Probably the hardest chapter for me. Right off the bat I kickglitch and land on an invisble wall. The wallrun is the key to get this to work. Since the invisble wall is very thin,
a perfect wallrun is needed to be able to land on the wall.

Checkpoint B:

The kickglitch on the pole to get across the gap is really awkward, you don't have too much room to work with. On top of that, it needs to be frame perfect.

Checkpoint C:

This section is pretty straight forward. The only noteable trick I do is the speedvault just before I enter the door that leads to the elevator. in mid-air I do a wallboost on the wall
to land past the fence. A small but neat shortcut.

Checkpoint D:

The couch. Arguably the hardest shortcut in this route. By jumping towards the couch at a certain angle, it will act as a springboard. I get a very precise wallclimb and I turn jump.
You can't actually run on the very thin ledge, so I do three wallboosts to get to the other side.

Chapter 6: Pirandello Kruger
Checkpoint A:

The third Out of Bounds skip. On the catwalk, I jump on top of the fence with max speed and land on a very thin wall. I go through the wall, be careful when you are inside the building,
the floor in the middle has no collision. I get on top of a high invisble obstacle and then I get on top of a slightly higher obstacle. I run along the wall and I kickglitch at the end of
it. While I'm mid-air, in open space, the room loads and just as I hit the floor the room finished loading.

Checkpoint C:

The factory. I use the slide glitch to press the button through the wall. I do the same thing to get the lift moving, so that I can drop down through the hole which the lift was covering.

Checkpoint D:

The huge pursuit cop area. A very simple wallclimb turn and the ninjas are no threat.

Checkpoint E:

Nothing special to see here.

Chapter 7: The Boat
Checkpoint A:

The fourth and last Out of Bounds skip. I do a kickglitch to reach the roof, drop down and do a kickglitch across the gap (the road has no collision). Wallrun climb turn jump over the
gate. I drop down and hit the checkpoint and quit out and reload.

Checkpoint F:

Here is where I end up after the quit and reload, skipping almost the whole chapter. The easiest and fastest cycle here is to do one crouch kick/punch and two punches.
After you've done that cycle three times successfully, you can disarm her.

Chapter 8: Kate
Checkpoint A:

You can land on the pole to avoid rolling at the first gap.

Checkpoint B:

The two back to back kickglitches here can be a bit tricky to get right. At the first kickglitch, I jump pretty early to avoid getting stuck on that pole near the wall.
At the second kickglitch you need to get a wallrun on a pole which is difficult.

Checkpoint C:

The atrium. Pretty flawless, missed two speedvaults.

Checkpoint D:

Went for the "yolo" shot, but I screwed up the timing.

Checkpoint E:

The plan here is to do two rolls on two ledges, minimizing the amount of rolls that is neccesary. Unfortunately I screwed up the first fall.

Chapter 9: The Shard
Checkpoint A:

A big time waste happened here as I didn't get the jump on top of the rail. Had to do the backup strats.

Checkpoint B:

A little bit of RNG to get to the elevator very fast, I slide kick the glass to minimize the chance of getting shot and killed.

Checkpoint C:

The most RNG heavy section in the game. I barely survived, one more bullet and I would've been done.

Checkpoint D:

I slide off the elevator to easily grab the pipe. I drop down and land on the very edge of the platform so that I don't have to roll.

Checkpoint E:

The Sniper nest, can be a little bit RNG. But if you do it right you won't die.

Checkpoint F:

The server room. RNG can screw you over. But if you get the speedvault and you disarm the machine guy directly, you will most likely survive.

Checkpoint G:

I quit out and reload to skip the very long cutscene. I also don't go fast here because you will miss the chopper.

I hope you, as a viewer, enjoy this run. It's not a near perfect run, but this game is very difficult to speedrun and getting a run without any flaws is (near) impossible.

Single-segment Easy with Deaths 0:37:01 by 'Req'.

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Author's comments:

A bad run wouldn't be complete without a failed Jacknife kick!

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