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Released in November 2001 for PC by Her Interactive, Nancy Drew: The Final Scene (NDTFS for short) is a point-and-click adventure game where you play the part of fictional amateur sleuth Nancy Drew, and you must use your wits and wiles to solve a variety of puzzles and ultimately find out who kidnapped a damsel in distress called Maya. The game is based on the book of the same name.


Best time on Senior Detective difficulty 0:36:17 by 'Runa' on 2013-06-26, done in 3 segments.

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Author's comments:

My sister and I did this run in a joint effort, narrowing everything down and going through which steps/conversations/etc. needed to be taken to get to the end fastest, and we ended up finding a lot of loopholes/glitches on our own.

But here's the really quick version of the spoiler-free speedrun walkthrough we put together.


-Click top-right corner to skip intro cutscene

-Answer phone twice

-Talk to Brady

-Get wand

-Try locked drawer (you open it later)

-Open passage, then go through

-Talk to Simone

-Go through first door on the left in hallway, get quarter

-Go through middle curtain in hallway to theater

-Get gum in middle row

-Go to lobby, play game (R L D R R R D R D D R U R U) to get first gear

-Stick gum, get second gear

-Go backstage, get basement opened, go downstairs

-Press yellow button twice, hit left card, get magic ring

-Clover 4, 1, 2, 3, 5 for suits puzzle

-Finish slider puzzle, get items

-Talk to Nicholas four times (until you can show him the papers)

-Talk to Joe

-Walk down the stairs, trigger Joe, then go back upstairs and get press pass from him

-Go downstairs and call police twice

-Walk out door

Day 1 was pretty decent. Found a neat little trick to avoid watching the intro cutscene by clicking the top-right corner of the screen. We also found a convenient time-saver of walking downstairs then back upstairs to trigger Joe finding the press pass towards the end. Some of the puzzles were a little daunting, but we tried to move as quickly as we could. Calling the police at the end of day 1 was very time-consuming but couldn't be avoided.

Day 2

-Talk to Joe

-Talk to Nicholas twice

-Talk to Simone

-Talk to Brady to start press conference

-Go in front of the phone booth to trigger press conference

-Go to Simone's room and get hairpin

-Go to Brady's room, use hairpin, and get book (only look at page 1)

-Exit out the left door to avoid a cutscene

-Go to control board, press 121192 on keypad

-Highlight both faders, move both switches down, magnet, up one, then trap doors, then final switch on

-Go to open trap doors, and walk in

-Look up through peephole

-Go down through trapdoor, go left to look at puzzle (solve later)

-Go right, take booster up, and hit the trapdoor

-Oil the puzzle, then solve

-Get gloves and put them on

-Solve random electric puzzle

-Talk to police

-Talk to Joe

Day 2 was pretty straightforward. Minus, of course, that lovely electric puzzle. It's random every time, but again, we tried our best to make short work of it. Also, we weren't 100% sure what the exact trigger was for getting Brady to appear in his dressing room, but we found that if you go from the men's dressing room to the women's dressing room, and then back to the men's, he would appear every time, which was faster than what the game intended. We were also delighted to find that the blueprints needed in day 3 are automatically mailed to you later, regardless of whether or not you call and ask for them in day 2, which saved us a ton of time in the skipped phone conversations.

Day 3

-Talk to Joe

-Talk to Brady

-Go to Brady's room, open bag, and get Maya's notebook

-Talk to Brady

-Go to key maker and type SIVO to make key

-Go back to control room and put key in blue machine

-Pick up blueprints

-On your way to the closet, grab light bulb first and then hide

-Open blue machine again with key, and replace bulb

-Go to front of projector and insert blue slide

-Press focus knob once, turn switch on, press knob twice, then look at map and switch power off

-Hit light switch

-Go up ladder, go right and open key locker

-Grab the reddish purplish key

-Skip Maya, use magic ring

Day 3 was as good as it gets, though I did have a few driving hiccups (this game can be very click-nitpicky when it comes to navigation). We found a neat loophole that passed up an entire cutscene towards the end by pressing the knob on the projector once, then putting the slide in, then clicking on the knob twice again to avoid it falling down and having a suspect come from behind to start more dialogue.

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