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Released in October 2012, Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise is the sequel to Naughty Bear, where you take control of Naughty and kill all the other bears for being mean to you. This time your excuse for the murderous rampage is that they didn't invite you to a vacation on an exotic island. That will teach them.


Individual-levels run of New Game+ in 0:21:39:

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Level name Time Date Player
Cuddles 0:00:16 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Pudding 0:00:36 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Goober 0:00:31 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Normal 0:00:21 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Trembles 0:00:33 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Fluffy 0:00:51 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Sunbeam 0:00:36 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Chubby 0:00:31 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Nibbles 0:00:55 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Bubbles 0:00:35 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Cozy 0:00:39 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Greasy 0:00:25 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Flopsey 0:00:36 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Silky 0:00:32 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Giggles 0:00:40 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Daddles 0:00:24 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Twinkles 0:00:46 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Juggles 0:00:34 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Jacque le Tickler 0:00:32 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Gordon 0:00:32 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Ken "Danger" Clark 0:00:38 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Robo-Pr1m3 0:00:35 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Colonel Ketchup 0:00:19 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Stardust 0:00:34 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Master Miyagi 0:00:30 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Buddy Bearperton 0:00:20 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Peluso 0:00:54 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Dr. Docteur 0:00:46 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Sir Rubert 0:00:29 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Comfy 0:00:31 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
The Grhuel 0:00:29 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
DJ Fuzz 0:00:40 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Oodoo 0:00:42 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
General Treacle 0:00:48 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Emperor Xoctopus 0:00:55 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth
Professor B. Brightness 0:01:04 2013-03-25 Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth

Michael 'MAS8705' Solseth's comments:

In regards of weapons, they don't add much value in regards of "damage level". Basically, all bears have two stages of death: when they go flying once, they are in an injured state where they will wabble away from you in fear, and if they go flying again, they are dead. Outside of a few missions, I like to use either the Unibear Horn or the Quantum fists. They both hit the about the same, but the quantum fists hit just a bit harder.


His goal is very simple, just kill him. I found out that where he walks, you can actually get in a good combo on him to kill him instantly and run to the exit. I use the Unibear horn, although I could have used the quantum fists here too. there were little differences between the two as the animation time for doing two hits are about the same. Plus Cuddles dies in two hits either way so I just used the unibear horn since I still had to max it out.


You have to feed Pudding to the plant and leave. That's it. This run was actually done on the first try as I was practicing the stage. The goal here was to first hit Pudding hard enough to where he goes flying right into the window and smashes it so that once you feed him to the plant, you can make a run for it through said window. I tried to recreate this several times, but noticed that my first attempt was actually my best attempt considering the placement of the hit.


Goober's stage requires you to steal a costume and then to grab goober and choke him in the woods. There is no "Pre-setup," so I ran towards the closet bear who is grilling by Goober (that is away from everyone) and then proceeded to choke Goober and end the stage... moving on...


Normal's stage requires the specific set up of wearing nothing and having a regular machete to kill normal. No strategy here, just run up to Normal and hit him with a quick combo and left. I found that it was faster to first hit him with charged attack, followed by a quick swing to end him rather than to hit him a few times (since the machete can't injure someone in one hit, especially if Naughty bear isn't wearing anything to increase his damage output).


Throw him into the Quantum Rift machine. At first, I thought I had to get rid of the robo-Bears around the rift, but then I realized that they actually mind themselves since I am wearing the Power suit. The goal here is to have fluffy chase you over to the rift so that you can stun him and throw him into the rift. Brightness is the only other bear besides Fluffy that will actually chase you down once you meet fluffy. The ironic thing about this was that I had a good run recorded, but I cut it off before it was finished, only to realize in the next run that if you run just ahead of Brightness, he will lose track of you while Fluffy will still chase you. With just him chasing me, it was a matter of lining up the punch so that fluffy lands next to the rift so that I could grab him and toss him in before running to the exit.


Wow... Talk about insulting. Here's what is SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN. You are SUPPOSE to go to Dr. Docteur and steal his outfit and then take Chubby over to the Defluffer machine to defluff him. However, if you have Dr. Docteur's outfit already worn, you can just grab chubby, who is right in front of you and just get it done right away.


Throw nibbles into the cookie maker. This one is again pretty straight forward. While using the jungled area to recover stamina, I ran around nibbles to make him run TOWARDS the cookie maker, to where once he was right next to it, I grabbed him and shoved him in before making my way to the exit.


Throw bubbles into the sub-bass woofer. In this stage, I approach it a bit differently considering how there are many bears on the dance floor next to bubbles. If you try and run up in there with the power suit, every single bear will jump on you and stun you while you try and grab bubbles. However, it seems the bears don't mind a ninja with a hockey mask on, although the guards will still open fire with their megaphones. Anyway, due to this set up, it allows me to run in to grab bubbles and allows me to slip away without getting hit by the other party goers.


While disgused as the general, fire cozy out of the cannon. While it does say "Soldier" in the bear wares, the requirement of being "The General" is still completed by equipping the items. From there, it is a matter of grabbing Cozy to fire him out. I wait a brief second to ensure that he gets fair enough away to where either no bear sees me grab him or one bear sees me, but not the other which results in him and the other bear getting into a shoot out. More on that later.


Throw Greasy under a car and don't get spotted by him. Basically, you can just run in there without a disguse, otherwise, it is an automatic failure. That said, the "Greaser member" disguse is good enough to get the job done. Also another thing to note is that the other members can still techically stun you as you escape, so I had to manuver a bit around them to get through to the exit.


Get Grhuel to punish flopsey. After 12 stages of easy walkthroughs, we finally get to one that is a challenge. Yes, it is easy to have Grhuel kill Flopsey, but it is another to ensure that Grhuel actually does punish him as the first one. If he isn't attacking another bear, he is getting trapped... Stupid plant/Bear Hybrid. Eventually, I got the rythum down and was able to do it to where that by the time the stupid bear got a bone to use as a weapon, I injured Flopsey to allow grhuel the final blow (and of course me running to the exit before he was killed).


Silky likes Power suits. Enough said. Also impale Silky on his statue. Granted that if you aren't careful, they could easily ambush you.


Shove Giggle's face into a lawnmower. Really, there is no strategy here except for having armor if you are planning to be direct. Reason being is that there are guards with guns and they will open fire on you once you pass them. Still, its fun to have witnesses.


Trap and punish Daddles while naked. Well... There is a trap right in front of you. You go to Daddles, put the trap in front of him and snap his neck. Moving on.


Punish twinkles with a guitar while dressed as Bearvis. Suddenly, these got easy again. I equipped the "Bearvis" disguse and ran up to kill him.


Push him to suicide. Now this is where it gets complicated again. The idea of "Suicide" is to push a bear so far (injuring him, breaking stuff, hurting/punishing others around him) that he gets "Bubbles" around his head to where if you scare him again, he will off himself. Since I want to drive the doctor insane, I lead a few bears next to him and just downright torture everyone until he snaps. Good times... Also in case you are wondering why I'm wearing what I'm wearing, INSANITY HELPS!

Jacque le Tickler

Trap him and break his neck. Straight forward again. Go to the tickler, get the trap to trap him and snap his neck... moving on.


While NOT in disguse, kill Gordon with his gun. Basically, I swap the goggles I wear with the hockey mask so that it doesn't get counted as "Power Suit" and proceed to kill gordon with a standard "Kill" instead of just punching him. Also to note: you don't need to techically "Shoot him with his gun" as long as you still do your execution.

Ken "Danger" Clark

Punish Danger Bear with the Rod of Justice. Who better to smite danger bear than his double? More specifically, this one can be very dangerous considering the amount of people around danger bear ready to kill you, thus you have to have a disguise and Danger Bear is the best one with stamina, and his outfit still sucks. I'll explain the trap approach in the next one.


Destroy the robo with a stick. Yeah... Considering that the stick is the weakest item in the game, going mono a mono against a robot would be stupid. This is where I utilize the trap. You see, by this point, you are going up against bears (and other things) that can't be grabbed at all, thus by using a trap, if allow them to be grabbed. Thus after trapping the robo, I did the "Kill" command to get an instant kill on him and ran off.

Colonel Ketchup

Have him get killed by the other soldier bears. Simple: If you dress up as a soldier and attack the colonel, he will think every soldier turned on him and open fire on them. While it is fun to watch him try and fight off the other bears to no avail, I punched him a few times to make his death come faster.


Kill stardust in the woods while wearing Sunbeam's face. This game is magical, isn't it? Well, you would think this one is simple, but the problem is that the guy next to him, he can take you down in two hits (one if you aren't armored up). Also in case you are asking, both exits are about the same distance away from each other from the cantina with little differences.

Master Miyagi

Have one of the other pirates kill Master Miyagi. Just like the last costume party, you have to steal an outfit in order to complete the objective. This time in order to make sure I can grab one without alerting the other, I used the Mega-Boo to stun both of them so that I could grab one of them and steal their outfit. From there, just like Ketchup, I did the damage to the master before running off and it being finished by another pirate.

Buddy Bearperton

Punish Buddy with a knife. Basically just run up to him with the Jackets Member equipped and stab away.


Throw Peluso to the sand dolphin. This one is tricky in the sense of how Peluso is a big guy, and doesn't go down in a combo. After experimenting, I found it was much easier to go get a trap and throw him to the sand dolphin that way. Also I dress up as Peluso in order to bypass the guards.

Dr. Docteur

Throw the Doctor into the trophy case while undisgused. As we near the end game, the doctor went ahead to surround himself with guards in order to shoot Naughty on sight. To help bypass this, I use the Mega-Boo to stun everyone in order to grab the doctor and toss him into the trophy case. For the escape, they seem to flood the area around the exit. It was through later runs did I found out that bearvis actually blocks you if you don't take him out, so I give him one punch so that he runs away before grabbing the doctor.

Sir Rubert

Throw Ruber into their "iconic dividers" and have people see it happen. This one requires a disguse due to the incrased security around Sir Rubert and how he can't just be grabbed if you run up to him. That said, if you dress as a "Slab-Chisler" that is resolved. As for getting people to watch, that's not a problem. The other thing to note is that the stamina for this outfit is a bit low, so I lay back for a brief second to charge it up so that I can run out of there after the deed is done.


As a bellhop, punish Comfy on the service bell while he doesn't see it coming. Goes without saying that you need to wear the bellhop outfit to get in, and he is right next to the service bell for you to grab him and to punish him. That's about it...

The Grhuel

Punish Grhuel with the herbicide. Well... I punish Grhuel with the herbicide. What more do you want me to say? Well, ok... Obviously he is surrounded by other bears, so the attack has to be precise, but if you work fast enough, they won't realize what to do next until you run off.

DJ Fuzz

Have DJ fuzz get torn apart by the Zombears. The best way to get the Zombears to turn on DJ Fuzz is to dress as the Bearcatattoo Shaman and let him take a shot at you. Once the other bears see that, they will rush in to attack. There are two problems though, if you attack first, the zombears will attack you first, and DJ Fuzz can kill you in one changed hit or three regular hits. I found out though that if he does the charge attack, you can be in front of the actual shaman and move so that he attack the shaman.


Dressed as a bearcatattoo Shaman, punish Oodoo with his knife. Basically it is the last mission except for the knife that is used and the need of a bear trap in order to kill him fast.

General Treacle

Make the General kill himself.

Emperor Xoctopus

Punish the Emperor. That's it. You would think that would be easy enough, but considering how many aliens with laser guns there are, it can be tricky. The Alien outfit is definitely needed here. From there, it is a matter of using the trap to get a quick kill and run away.

Professor B. Brightness

Throw the professor into the Rift. Now, this one is very interesting considering how it is all robots except for the professor, and took alot of planning to figure out the best way to take him out. I decided the best way to do this is to go place a trap next to the forest nearby the rift and to lead the professor over to it just like in ____.

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