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Debuting in May 2006, New Super Mario Bros. was released around the same time as the DS Lite. The first new 2D Mario game in over a decade, it borrowed gameplay elements such as straightforward level design, secret exits, and wall jumping from the NES classics. The game is also notable for introducing three new items to the Mario series: the Blue Koopa Shell, Mega Mushroom, and Mini Mushroom. The enemies and items also react to the beat of the music now.


Character note: Luigi is not considered a separate character because he plays exactly the same as Mario.

Category note: For 100% runs (aka 3 Stars File), you are not required to achieve the Secret Exit on 5-Castle to unlock World 7 because the Cannon from World 4 also takes you to World 7 and only using the 4-Cannon method, it still gives you the All levels, Cannons and Exits Star next to the player's file despite ignoring 5-Castle's Secret Exit.

Best 100% time: 2:26:20 by Jordan 'Greenalink' Greener on 2009-07-19, done in 45 segments.

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Author's comments:

Well here it is, my main speed running project.
New Super Mario Bros cleared with all levels, secret exits, all cannons; every star coin collected and paid in less than 2 hours and 30 minutes. I would like to say thanks to:
* The admins who keeps the site going.
* UltimateDarius, hillza, Serris, Kitsune, X, AndrewG, Maxml, ChucknorrisofNSMB for the support.
* adelikat for his (controversial) TAS of the Warps run which caused me to play this game again 100%
* Chronorox for his (unofficial) World record of his Single Segment Warps run, so good that not even I can beat it in a single segment.
* The verifiers to accept this run.
* Any other members I forgot to say thanks to.
* And you for watching.

As soon as the run gets published on SDA I will upload special versions of New Super Mario Bros DS that shall have a huge (main) game play screen on one side whilst the other side has both small screens, something like this video:

In the run I play as Luigi and just to let you know he doesn't have any game play differences (running & jumping) compared to Mario so there should be different categories for playing as a different plumber.

On some of the levels I stall for at least 2 seconds near the end. This is mainly because I avoid triggering the fireworks which is caused by finishing the level that has the last 2 same digits on the timer. Examples:
X =meaning any number
X11, X22, X33, X44, X55, X66, X77, X88 and X99.

X11, X22, X33 summons a Red Mushroom house that contains power ups at the start of a world map.

X44, X55, X66 summons a Green Mushroom house that contains 1 up mushrooms at the start of a world map.

X77, X88, X99 summons a Mega Mushroom house that contains a Mega Mushroom at the start of a world map.

X00 summons nothing, not even fireworks when you clear a stage.

Tricks used in the run:

*Enemy manipulation, you can trigger enemies sooner or later when running by panning the camera to the left or the right. It has some good uses which can make a difference. The most notable example is segment 7 when I trigger a Koopa sooner by holding R. It enabled me to bounce on him and clear past the retro staircase without slowing down.

* Fastest way to turn around: There's 4 ways to turn around quickly without losing too much time.

1) The most obvious one is wall jumping, wall jump allows me to go to the opposite direction at near full speed.
2) As Shell Mario/Luigi if you shell dash to a wall you bounce back to the opposite direction.
3) As any form (minus Mega and Shell Dashing) when you want to change direction you double tap the opposite direction, this skips the slide slowdown and you'll be going to the other direction much sooner.
4) Pretty similar to number 3 but if you become Fire Mario/Luigi, run and when you want to change direction, press X/Y to throw a fireball and when that happens, press the opposite direction.

* Effective methods to speed up the cliff slide sequences (Seen on Worlds 6 and 8)
1) Super Cliff hang slide: This is done by just jumping at high speed to the cliff's edge, you get a good boost (seen on Segments 32 and 42)

2) Instant Cliff Slide: This is done by throwing a fireball before the plumber hangs on it, he would be in a sliding position much sooner, best used when there is any jumps required (seen on segment 34 and 42)

3) Small air boosts: When you slide and you jump you don't get a good distance, you can accelerate by throwing a fireball in mid-air and the plumber accelerates a bit saving nearly a second if used contently (seen on Segments 32 and 34)

*Jumping based tricks:
1) Triple Jumping gives you the highest jumps in the game that can be used to jump over higher obstacles, Super/Fire/Shell forms can take advantage of their size and collect (star) coins that are usually too high to get.

2) Mid speed jumps are a bit higher than jumps that were standing still or slow walking speeds,

3) Edge land cancelling: More notable when making Tools Assisted speed running. It's also the only way without Mini, enemy or Mega support to clear past the retro stairs without slowdown. You would need to land cancel on an edge but you need to jump 1 frame before actually landing on an edge.

*Boss battles:
1) Fireballs is your best weapon, you can get this power up from nearly every level so it's hard not to miss this power up. The fireballs can speed up so many boss fights from Bowser Junior to Mega Goomba.

2) The Mega Mushroom is even better but due to how long it takes to get one for reserve (from the Mega Mushroom house), it's only useful to use on 7-5 and 6-Castle.

3) Normal stomp + ground pound combo. Some Castle boss battles can be cleared faster if you use a normal stomp followed by a ground pound as a finisher. It's best used on 3 Castle and 7 Castle.

Here are my comments on each segment of the run.

* Segment 1:

1-1: Not bad, UltimateDarius has found a better place to obtain the mushroom which is at the underground section of the stage.

1-2 (Alt): Picking up a Koopa before the balance board is used to collect a star coin without a small detour to the pipe.

1-2 (Normal): I made a Tools Assisted sample of this course and I checked that picking up the star saves time by just over 10 frames. So I collect the star for this run too, it makes the last half a bit easier at the most.

* Segment 2:

1-3: Nearly flawless by a few frames.

1-Tower (Normal): I didn't go up right away, since the human error is too small. So instead I got another Fire flower for reserve which i will use at 1 Castle. I then got Coin A quick enough that I got up the block staircase before the set retracted.

The Red ? Block is one space away from 1-Tower which is pretty important for segment 4.

* Segment 3:

A Luck manipulation segment.
1-4: This is when I use my reserve to skip having to get a mushroom from the ? Block
Not fully perfect only around 0.5 seconds lost before getting the second star coin. The Red ? Block ends on 1-Tower and I pay a sign house to save the game.

* Segment 4:

This is when i get the Blue shell, it's faster than getting it from a Red Mushroom house and it saves around 10 seconds at the most.
1-Tower (Alt): Blue shell obtained, collected the missing star coin that is on route to the secret exit.
1-A: Having the blue shell saves me under a second when underwater before triggering the autos scrolling event. I also collected a Fire Flower to have on reserve to save up for the next segment.
Because I was 1 star coin short, I had to save the game by going to 1-Cannon and warp to World 5. Also warping to world 5 early skips the mini cut-scenes in Worlds 2-4.

* Segment 5:

1-5: Ok taking damage is not a mistake. I currently have no more use for the Shell in Worlds 1 and 2 and the only way I wanted to become Fire Luigi, is to take damage first. If you pick up a Fire Flower as Shell Form it will only add the Fire Flower in the Item's reserve slot.

1-Castle: A minor error some when after the second coin but it wasn't disastrous. Also since the run is aimed for Real Time, it's faster to defeat Bowser by using Fireballs. It will trigger the longer event sooner and ends sooner. During the time Bowser is in the lava melting, I hit the switch to destroy the bridge which is one of the required tasks to clear the stage.

Time overall (Rough estimate): 14m 13 seconds

* Segment 6 (World 2):

One of the few segments that seems pretty lengthy.
2-1: Plain awesome, perhaps a TAS run could get a 267 by avoiding slowdown on the 3rd star coin.

2-2: Pretty good, at the time i was recording it I didn't fully mastered the ground pound cancel when playing it on a recording position, the strat to the 3rd Star coin looks awesome. Picked up a Fire Flower as reserve for 2-Tower.

2-3 (Normal) One of the pretty tough levels to master 100%, it also introduces a quick turnaround trick by using a fireball, the toughest part was after the third star coin, I had to time the B button just right to wall jump.

2-3 (Alt) Since I got all 3 coins already, I aim for the Alt exit now. There was one small mistake where I missed ground pounding to a slope but other than that the rest went good.

2-A (Alt) Collected Star Coins B and C and it was nearly flawless. Jumping out of the water is faster than Shell-less swimming.

2-A (Normal) It's pretty hard to get the first Star Coin without slowing down first. I did slightly mess up the jumping part in one of the areas, so I lost around 3 In-game seconds overall. The reason I kept it is because it's a pretty lengthy segment and one of the Red ? Blocks is only 1 space away from 2-Tower.

2-Cannon is used as it is required for 100%.

* Segment 7:

A another luck manipulation segment.
2-4: It was also one of the harder levels to speed run 100% mainly because of the damn Piranha Plants at the early part of the course. The later part was also tough as I had to go pass the Hammer bros, then came the easy retro staircase skip by triggering a Koopa sooner by panning the camera and to bounce on top of him.
The luck manipulation was having the Red ? box on 2-Tower.

* Segment 8:

This segment is also short because I need to manipulate 2 things,
1) A Mini mushroom on 2-Tower
2) Having a Red ? Block 2 spaces away from 2-4.
2-Tower: Having a Mini mushroom allowed me to save time on Star Coin B and C. I also had a Fire Flower on reserve so I can use it to defeat Bowser Junior quickly.

* Segment 9:

A pretty tough segment as it involves a tough time saver at the early part of 2-5 and having a Red ? Block on 2-4 is only 1/4 of a chance for that to happen.
2-5: Performed a good time saver which skips involving to wait for the Block Hoppers to jump, the only slowdown were before defeating the Boomerang Bro and a series of jumps before reaching to the flag.
2-6: A stage that auto scrolls yay. Nothing much to say on this level.
The Red ? Block on 2-4 will be useful on segment 11.

* Segment 10:

From the route I used this is the fastest time I've ever done, until I was producing Segment 12 (2-Castle secret exit) I saw a time saver that i never knew it even existed which skips the rope swing if players wanted the Mini mushroom. Not even the verifiers mentioned it.
The problem was that I had to do the whole run again if I had to do segment 10 again due to consistency issues (Score, power-ups and current positions the Red ? Box and Hammer bros on the world map). So I let it go for now, the run was going well and it's been 3 weeks into the project at the time.

Total Time (Rough Estimate) 30 m 29 seconds

* Segment 11 (World 3)

3-1 is a stage which auto scrolls and it is mostly set in underwater so I skip that for now and go for 3-A.

3-A has a time saver that involves throwing a Koopa shell and towards a wall and then the plumber to bounce on it to skip the 2 Skeeters nearby the switch. The problem is, that the execution is really precise and too difficult to get it consistently. So the most reliable method is bouncing on top of the water bug and try to land on the edge. There was one cool time saver that you can swim underneath the destructible blocks to get Star Coin B.

After clearing that stage I go back to World 2 and go to 2-4 for the Alt exit.

2-4 I pick up another Mini mushroom to add in the reserve item for a massive time saver for 2-Castle Alt. The performance is pretty solid as everything went to plan.

* Segment 12:

2-Castle (Alt) One of the strangest things is that on segment 10 I performed a wall zip glitch without any problems. But if you enter the second room as Mini you are unable to perform the glitch, even when you power up as a Fire Plumber, so weird. The difference should be under one second at the most. The toughest timesaver is defeating Mummipokey by collecting the Mini mushroom from the reserve BEFORE the last fireball connects. This is obviously the fastest way to unlock World 4

* Segment 13 (World 3):

I go back to world 3 and do 3 more stages.

3-2 (Alt): I power myself up here for 3-B.
3-B: You can save time by using a Mega Mushroom but there's 2 problems:
1) The prize item (Red ? Box) never has a Mega Mushroom on this stage it get replaced by a 1UP Mushroom.
2) Getting one from the Mega Mushroom house costs too much time and when using it you become a Super Plumber without any items on reserve.
The advantage for not using the Mega Mushroom is that by the end of the level I'm still a Fire Plumber with a Fire Flower in reserve.

3-C: Jumping into the water is faster than using a lightweight platform for the first Star Coin.
The rest of the level went brilliant.

* Segment 14:

3-2 (Normal): The Rocking Mushroom has random movement which slightly affect my performance on Star Coin C and the jump near the end.

3-Tower: I took damage by the Amps (electric balls) to allow me to pick up the second coin much sooner. There was a notable 1 second loss error as I stopped moving a bit too soon. But I eventually caught up. The switch room is pretty tough as trying to wall jump to climbing the wired fence involves some odd input. I think I only had to press UP to grab the wire fence. The Koopa bounce sort saved me from retrying the annoying segment. Fortunately at the end I finished the stage with 434 remaining. 1 In-game second later and it's instant retry due to the bonus delays from a Mushroom house summoning.

* Segment 15 (World 4)

I go back to World 4 since the remaining levels on World 3 requires the Blue shell to saves loads of time.

4-1 is pretty frustrating for both exits, there were a lot of soft resets but I got used to the pattern and pacing and it made the run looking pretty impressive,

4-1 (Normal). Dorrie heavily reminds me of Lapras from the Pokémon Franchise. This one was the longer route of the two and I also got all three Star Coins.

4-1 (Alt) a tad slower on the first part when comparing to my previous route but the last part was pretty unexpected since I never planned to stomp on the last two Scuttle Bugs. I also finished the stage in 267 which is better than 265.

4-2: A tough, fast paced level, there was only 1 notable error on the way to the first coin. The only solution for next time is to stay on the middle of the purple mushroom and jump from there.

4-3: Another auto scrolling underwater level, this one seems more boring and the one at 1-A. I was a bit cautious in some parts of the level like the 2nd Star coin for example. I had to slowdown near the end because I might finish it with a 333 which means 3 Fireworks and a Mushroom house summon by the starting point of World 4.

* Segment 16

4-Tower: The first room led me to soft reset so many times until I've found a different, easier strat that doesn't lose any time at all. I also opened the door at the very edge to give me enough time to go past 2 blocks at around 477 on the in-game timer. The rest of the level went as planned and I was sort of fortunate that I delayed at 457 since I finished the level with 443.

* Segment 17

4-A: With my jumping skills I skipped all of the water wheels. There is a time saver that involves bouncing on 2 Paratroopas, but they are not always on the desire position I wanted them to be. So I manipulated it by slowing down around 280. It doesn't work all of the time but I find it to work most of the time.

4-Ghost (Normal) : This is the fastest route for getting the normal exit. I had to destroy the breakable block to go pass since the other spaces to the left are 'hidden' blocks. In the last main room I jumped over the switch, this is not an mistake, it makes it a bit easier to get both obtaining Star Coin B and then heading to the pipe in a single cycle (hitting the switch once).

4-5: This one is pretty tough. There is a time saver I didn't do on the run mainly because it doesn't work all of the time. After getting the first coin, get the Bob-omb by the yellow boards and use it on the blocks by the second coin. The only downside is that you'll be taking a hit from this trick. The upside is that you can ignore the Bob-omb the developers intended you to use. A cool trick was used on the last Star coin, I did mess it up on the first jump so I threw it on the second jump.

4-6: I didn't practise this one too much because of the nature of the level. Just keep on ground pounding Mega Dorrie to speed up. I don't think the Mega Dorrie glitch works here because you will have to wait by the Piranha plant island for quite a while that doing it normally is faster.

* Segment 18:

4-Castle: The only possible theory to improve this is to do a tough, precise jump to the second star coin whilst the swinging platform is to the right half of the swing. Also these types of obstacles are always active even when they are off screen (so messing around doesn't really make a difference due to the nature of the obstacles). When facing Mega Goomba make sure that the ground pound hit doesn't defeat it, Mega Goomba dies much faster if the last hit was from a Fireball.

* Segment 19:

4-4: The only reason why this level is on its own segment is because I didn't have high hopes when obtain a Blue Shell from a Roulette block after clearing 4-Castle. If I remake this speed run I will combine it with 4-Castle next time. The attempt is pretty good I will try and avoid Shell Dashing down hills since it's notably slower than normal sliding or jumping down.

* Segment 20:

Now Luigi has the Blue Shell, I can finish off the remaining levels in World 3.

3-1: The first underwater stage that does not auto scroll. This is why I got the Blue Shell as it is effective to swim underwater.

3-3 The second underwater stage and way tougher than 3-1. Getting hit is instant reset because you lose so much time underwater without a shell. The hardest part is getting past the Bloopers without losing too much time. At 476 after the first Star coin the Blooper usually goes to the left but he was a faggot and went to the right instead. The touch screen section was a bit better and I felt ecstatic when the Bloopers failed to hit me that I got out of the area without taking any damage.

* Segment 21:

Now I deal with the Ghost house.

3-Ghost (Alt) is the shorter visit of the 2. This is another notable advantage of not having the shell that I can skip having to use any switches to go up the staircases (with the exception of secret doors).

3-Ghost (Normal) The longer visit, I collect all 3 Star coins, one of the coins requires the Shell to break 2 blocks by hitting them on the side to destroy them. I had to wait by the end to avoid the Fireworks and free Mushroom House summon.

I use the cannon to warp to world 6 and at the same time to save the game.

* Segment 22:

3-Castle, I rather take damage here than to use the Shell's Invincibility Crouch jump abuse since you can get past the traps much sooner. Triple Jumping is used to get the second Star Coin much sooner than expected. Mega Whomp has a disjointed hit box so it was safe for me to go underneath him when he perform a body ... err I mean face Slam. There was a small error on the third coin, it lead me to concern be reviewing this segment.
I had perfect luck against Cheep-Skipper that I ended up with a 433. Usually when you clear levels with 2 of the last digits being the same (like X11, X22, X33.... X99) you get some fireworks and a free mushroom house summoned. However because this is a Castle level they do not show any Fireworks and because I cleared 3-Castle for the first time the free Mushroom House event isn't showed but you still get it when you go back to world 3. The free mushroom house had a bit of use in a future segment so overall the small mistake lead me to save 2+ seconds overall.

Total Time (Rough estimate) 1hour 4 Minutes 27 Seconds.

* Segment 23 (World 5)

5-1: Looks easier to speed run than you think. There isn't a way without Mini or Mega support to get the first Star coin without slowing down, so the strat I used here is probably the fastest.

5-2 (Normal): Now this is when the run is getting a bit tougher, I need to perform 2 precise crouched jumps to get pass the first area. Then i need to get past the Piranha plants without slowing down too much and get the first Star Coin along the way. Then try and enter the orange pipe... without slowing down of course. The second half is a bit easier as there are some obvious places to jump from.

5-2 (Alt): All of the hard stuff again at the early part. You might see those 'breakable blocks to the left of the Piranha Plants but those ones are fake ? Boxes as they contain coins and a 1up mushroom. I collect the last coin by jumping on the trampoline without getting hit by the Spike Tops. I slowed down at the end to avoid getting the unnecessary bonuses when finishing the stage at 355.

* Segment 24:

5-A: Simple and straight forward. The switch background music seemed to end a bit sooner than usual.

5-Tower: Another straight forward level as it is an auto scrolling stage. I could save a second on the way to Bowser Junior but it's pretty difficult to judge when your character is off screen.

* Segment 25:

This segment was originally going to combine with 5-Ghost visits but the luck factor became too frustrating so I split them up into 2, making this a luck manipulation segment.
5-3: I took damage on purpose since I have no use with the Fire Flower on the next level and it makes it a bit easier when trying to get past the third Snalicorn enemy.

* Segment 26:

This segment was originally going to combine with 5-3 but the luck factor became too frustrating so I split them up into 2. This segment had a bit more luck factor than any of the previous segments. By the time I clear both exits on 5-Ghost I wanted a Red ? Box or Hammer Bro to be on 5-B if that doesn't happen I try out 5-4 only if the World Map objects are 1 space away from 5-B. If that fails then it's instant reset.

5-Ghost (Alt): I collect all 3 Star coins on the first visit. There was nothing disastrous here.

5-Ghost (Normal): You can see the wall jump exploit trick here, it's very hard to master since there is a 1 Frame window to succeed. This is why there wasn't any but having too few does slow you down a bit like it does here. But I'm not aiming for pure TAS speed I wanted to have a good time with the good luck factor I need.

5-4: Another Auto scrolling stage great. This one is a filler level for this segment if none of the World Map lands on 5-B yet. This stage is also good to recover to Fire Luigi for the entire level.

Then I go to 5-Cannon to activate the mini cut scene on world 8. Now there shouldn't be any more cut scenes from worlds 5-7 now.

* Segment 27:

Now there is a Red ? Box on 5-B i can get myself a Blue shell and use it for the Alt exit on 5-B.

5-B (Normal)

I collect all 3 Star coins on this visit. As a Smell plumber you 'crouch' you nearly instantly stop which makes 'duck sliding' a bit difficult which is why I can't get the first coin from the 1 block tunnel. I used a Koopa for the second coin to avoid jumping over gaps (When the blocks becomes coins and vice versa). For the last coin I obviously used the Koopa shell to collect it as it skips a small detour.

5-B (Alt)

More painful jumping, the shell is needed to destroy some blocks underneath the tunnel.


I took the top route because it was a bit easier than the bottom route, I only lose around 2-3 seconds this way. When I had enough of the Blue shell I had to take damage first if I wanted to become Fire Luigi again, the only notable mistake is nearly at the end. I kept it because the delays from the world map objects were minimal and short. You might be thinking that I could have used manipulation and got myself a Mega Mushroom from a Red ? Box or Hammer Bro... well unfortunately it gets replaced by a 1 up mushroom.

* Segment 28:

5-Castle: Now Luigi has Fire powers I can defeat the boss a bit quicker now. I had good luck from Petey Piranha too as he attempted to perform a dive attack as soon as possible. Now not many people know this but even though this level has an alternate exit (much like World 2's Castle) there's 2 different ways to get to World 7 and the game only check's the more important method of the 2 which is using a cannon at World 4. If you did World 5 Alternate exit first to unlock World 7, you are still required to use the Cannon from World 4 to get the 3 Star file icon.

I go to a Mushroom house and pick up a Mini mushroom on reserve.

4-Ghost (Alt)

If I got a Mini mushroom from the Red ? Box, I would have to take the longer route since the shorter route requires destroying some blocks. So with the Mini mushroom on reserve, I took the fastest route to the second main room. Then I used the reserve item to reach an area inaccessible from any other forms.

I finish the segment by going to 4-Cannon, the last cannon used in the run. This warps me to World 7 and it ignores the Mini clear method on 5-Castle since doing that level's Alt exit won't affect the final result.

* Segment 29 (World 7):

This is why my route is very well planned, as a Mini Plumber I can save so much time on most of the stages on this world.

7-1 is also the only stage that requires 2 visits to collect all of the coins despite having 1 exit. It's mainly because, if you take the secret route, you get one of the coins and you end up on the other side of the stage. The problem is that the platforms to the left are so far that even when becoming Mini it's impossible to get there. Enemy manipulation is nearly useless as Fire Chomp always goes too high up when following the plumber.

7-1 (Normal): The toughest part is mastering the easy first Star coin. Fortunately it was pretty easy, land on the very edge of the moving platform, pan the camera t to the right and as soon you cancel the ground pound and land, hold both Right and Dash to fall off and land on the Koopa & collect the first coin.

7-1 (Alt exit): Mostly the same but a bit shorter of the 2 thanks to the secret pipe warp route. I collect the last remaining coin on this stage.

7-Ghost (Normal): You can easily screw up the early part by hitting the left half of a block that contains the power up. It's better to hit it from the right half, so the power up ends up on the left half near by the switch. I collect all of the star coins on the first visit and the second visit will only focus on the secret exit.

7-Ghost (Alt): I pick up a power up from the same block to become Fire Luigi. I then aim for the secret exit of the course, nothing much else to say.

* Segment 30:

7-2 would be done sooner but I didn't want 2 very tough levels. So in order to make it a bit less frustrating, I collected a Mini mushroom from the Red Mushroom house then I did 7-Tower.

7-Tower: The level is a bit easier than it looks and the only real tough part is the wall jump by for the 2nd Star coin. Even though I had to wait for the set of blocks to change positions I wasn't losing any time because if I was already on top of column B, I will still have to wait for column C to go down.

Sadly I cannot really master the stomp when Bowser Junior has his mask on. Besides I will have to hit him with 6 Fireballs first before stomping him (or else he still survives and I have to wait for him to be vulnerable again) and he does run a bit faster this time too.

* Segment 31:

Now with the Mini mushroom in reserve I go to 7-2 and perform the infamous timesaver.

7-2: Should I even comment how awesome this level is alone. It should be featured on the upcoming MAGFest it's that awesome.

7-3 i had to power up again so I took a mushroom from the ? Box and then got a Fire Flower from collecting the 8 Red coins.. I couldn't get a mushroom from the fake ? Box if I was still mini because he falls to the ground too long that you wouldn't get enough hits to get a mushroom as a prize. The Giant Wiggler feels more like an Auto scrolling stage so I couldn't really do much other than going into the pipe from the other side as soon as possible.

7-4 (Normal): Because I already completed 7-Tower from my previous segment, I can go to 7-4 which is 100 times easier to complete than 7-Tower.

I had to save the game by going to World 6 since the only 2 sign posts left are saved for a huge segment later on.

* Segment 32 (World 6):

This segment was originally combined with 6-2 and 6-Tower1 but due to a trick on 6-2 that is so difficult to execute I had to split them up.

6-1: A fast paced level, i used 2 minor speed tricks on this stage:
* Super Cliff hang slide &
* Instant Cliff slide.
I very rarely got a 259 on this stage but I mostly get 258s mainly because of the part around 267 it's pretty difficult to clear without any errors.

After getting out of the pipe I try and minimise the air time when blow away by the sand tornado, running is still faster than spinning in the air.

* Segment 33:

This segment was originally combined with 6-1 and 6-A but due to a trick on 6-2 that is so difficult to execute I had to split them up.

6-2: The wall jump for the second Star coin is WAY HARDER than it looks. It requires a corner boost to let me wall jump from a tad higher spot enough to get the coin. This saves a good amount of time, it doesn't matter too much if I mess it up on the first attempt because later on I'll be able to catch up when the water tide is lower. Most notably the last Star coin I'll running with the star at max speed more often.
I wasn't fast enough to jump out at 419 other wise I would have shaved off a few seconds 2-3 at the most but I had to do another tough level after this.

6-Tower1: This one is also pretty tough at times. But I've found a reliable strat that works most of the time. On the room where I did some wall jumps after bouncing on Dry Bones, I managed to perform a Edge Land cancel which saves a second or two but it was a bit too high that the pipe slowed me down a bit. But it's still faster than having a full edge land.

* Segment 34:

In my original 100% run route I got a Mega Mushroom to speed up 6-3 but there's problems like the time it takes to get a Mega Mushroom. When I was actually recording the segment I found an awesome timesaver that makes the difference of not having the Mega Mushroom very minimal.

6-3: The speed tricks are pretty easy, only the triple jump over the pipes is the most challenging on this level. This is one of my favourites because it looks pretty impressive.

6-4: A fast paced level with loads of Fire bar traps. I didn't want to take damage mainly because the traps spins so fast that it's a tad faster to wait first and go pass without taking damage. On the second half of the stage you get to see a bit more Instant Cliff Slides and Small Air Boosts.

6-Tower2: One of the time savers requires me to be Fire Luigi first then take damage to go pass the Spike Top and destroy the breakable blocks. I slightly screwed up one part before going into the green launcher pipe. However I caught up when I got up the staircases without any slowdown.
I on the way to the third coin I usually take damage from one of the spikes but for once that didn't happen. I forgot to jump to become small so I can go underneath the 1 block tunnels a tad faster.

* Segment 35:

To avoid luck issues I can go to 6-B and collect a Blue Shell from the Roulette Block.

6-B: I rarely get a 312 so I had to avoid a 311 to skip unnecessary bonuses, so I mainly finish with a 310.
6-5 : *insert Kanye West's Gay fish Song* These Deep-Cheeps are the most annoying enemies in this segment as most of them spawn in cheap spots that can slow you down easily. You can have a look at the Bloopers clips to understand what I mean. I took damage at the end nearby the Mega Deep Cheep because I have no use with it and also the speed tricks in 6-6 are much easier to execute without the Shell.
I go to a Mega mushroom house and get a Mega mushroom in the reserve item slot. It has some uses against Monty Tank in 6-Castle.

* Segment 36:

This segment has some pretty cool time savers; 6-Castle is also one of my favourite levels to watch again and again.
6-6: This level shows why most of the speed tricks are much easier to perform without the Blue Shell. For the early switch sometimes I can make it without taking damage. But taking damage isn't all that bad; it makes it a bit easier on 6-Castle and is usually faster by 1 In-game second.

6-Castle: This one shows brilliant precision as I get all 3 Star coins by chucking Koopa Shells. The Castle boss is the only boss that cannot be defeated in less than 10 seconds without Mega mushroom support. Hitting Monty with 3 Fireballs forces him to retreat. So with the Mega mushroom I basically destroyed him as if Luigi became the Juggernaut.

I save the game by 7-Mega Mushroom house to get another Mega Mushroom which will be used in 7-5.

* Segment 37:

This is one of the longest segments in the entire run.

7-5 (Alt): There is a secret pipe that can be used only when the wooden blocks are destroyed. You can use Bob-ombs but they take too long and there's too few that it's pretty hard to destroy enough blocks to get into the pipe. The solution is to become Mega again. This way I also collect Star Coin C without any slowdown.

7-A: This one is quite easy; the toughest part is the wall jump after getting the second star coin. You have to be big enough and a precise wall jump to contact the pipe. The mini section wasn't bad. There was slowdown nearby the left most Piranha Plant to because one hit = death.

7-4 (Alt): Very easy level to do, I aim for the secret exit and collect the last star coin on this stage.

7-5 (Normal): Now this one is pretty tough. I have to avoid getting hit and not to slow down too much. Everything went to plan and the second half of the stage is way better than my obsolete attempt shown on Youtube.

7-6 (Alt): The shorter visit of the two. This is also pretty tough, too many bouncing Paratroopas makes me think that the level design was done by a member who did the Lost Levels. This visit had better optimisation than the next visit probably because of the small error.

7-6(Normal): I collect the remaining 2 coins on this stage and go to the default exit. There was an unfortunate hit that cost me a few seconds near by the yellow pipe guarded by a Piranha plant. At this rate I was very likely to end the course with 355 so an extra hit wouldn't make a difference really. It would make it a bit easier on the last part since the temporary invulnerability gave me less pressure to worry about.

7-7: What a good way to end a segment with a stage that auto scrolls. I was a bit cautious in this one because there are loads of places I could easily screw up on. I did forget to face to the left on the flag pole but I kept it because it was 10 seconds faster than the previous attempt I posted on Youtube.

I saved the game by paying the sign nearby the Green mushroom house it's mainly because the last coin on 7-Castle is a high risk (leading to death) and the boss fight requires simple input but you can lose a good amount of seconds if you mess it up.

* Segment 38:

A short segment all thanks to 7-Castle high risk, high return factor.
7-Castle: When making the segment I worked out how to get the last Star coin 100% of the time without dying and I also discovered that panning the camera to the left moved Lakithunder's starting point, it made a difference since the gap is smaller so he descends a bit slower, it enable me to defeat him in under 5 seconds without the use of a Mega Mushroom.
It only took a few tries after knowing this so it wasn't too hard.

* Segment 39 (World 8):

In the last world now with 12 levels left to go.
8-1: I found out that you don't need the trampoline to get the first Star coin making it a bit easier at least.
8-2: I bit harder of the 2 levels on this segment. There's a bit of luck factor with the Skeeters. There was 1 important timesaver that enables me to get the last Star coin and go into the pipe without having to hit the water tide switch twice. I took damage which is not an accident since it has some good uses for 8-Tower1 which I take damage again on that level.

The Hammer Bro ended on 8-4 which makes the luck factor less frustrating as it will always go on 8-3 after clearing 6-Castle. Hammer Bros and Red ? Boxes never stay on a Castle/Tower stage. They can go pass them making 2 spaces possible (8-4, 8-Castle is ignored to go to, 8-5).

* Segment 40:

8-Castle: I take damage from Dry Bones so I can get pass the small tunnels very quickly, I got a Fire Flower in reserve so I can use it before facing Bowser Junior for the 9th time. I used the flying ? block as it is a tad easier to get the last star coin. I could have also tried to hit the hidden blocks and then perform a wall jump first to get up there but it's pretty difficult for accuracy and you do lose a bit of time since you have to change direction after getting the last star coin.

8-3: Since the Hammer Bros always goes onto this stage after clearing 8-Castle, there is 1/4 of a chance to obtain a Blue Shell. The performance was pretty good, I did miss one jet pipe but It was mainly because I can focus on the last Star Coin without forgetting and also to avoid the Cheep Cheeps too.

Afterwards I warp to World 3 and go to the secret summoned Mushroom house and get myself a Min Mushroom on the reserve slot. The luck factor for the rest of the segment was decent, the delays of the world objects were so minimal that it saved me at least 2 seconds.

Time Overall (rough estimate) 2 hours 14 minutes & 19 seconds!!

* Segment 41:

8-4: This one was pretty tough at times; the toughest part is clearing the touch screen section without any mistakes. I took the star to speed up the last part and getting past the last Scuttle Bugs.

8-Castle: This one wasn't bad, being Mini Luigi was useful in the first half of the stage; the only notable mistake was the small delay it took for me to pick up the Fire Flower. It was collected to make the next set of levels a bit easier and to get past the Spinys in 8-6. The delay was short enough that I barely finished the stage with a 434.

I also had to make sure that none of the World Map objects cross over the bridge when the bridge was revealed. I would lose at least 3 seconds of extra waiting.

* Segment 42:

8-5: This run is very well optimised; there was frustration from a Podoboo right next to the first Star coin. I worked out that panning the camera to the left reduces the chances of the Podoboo to jump after I go pass it.

8-6: Not bad, the wall jump for skipping the green pipe isn't always easy to do. A TAS run might be able to clear past the Goombas at around 385. At around 369 instead of going to the right I go to the left mainly because I would still have to wait for a certain Spiny to go down 1 level to enable me to collect the last star coin on this stage.

8-7: After tossing the Red shell, I couldn't go too far or else the Shell would go back to the original position. At the same time I defeat the Sledge Bro with a Fireball to prevent him from performing any ground pounds that would stun me for a few seconds. The star is collected to make the second half of the stage a bit easier. The last Star coin was acceptable as the Sledge Bro didn't do much to slow me down.

I then go to a Red mushroom house and pick up a Mini Mushroom on the reserve item slot.

* Segment 43:

8-8: This level has huge amounts of luck involved that I didn't care too much if I took damage just to have falling debris to destroy some important block(s). All of the breakable blocks on the furthest star coin are 'fake ? blocks' these Kab-ombs are not the solution they go up in the air and explode like fireworks. In the huge maze with micro tunnels, it's faster to go inside from the left half you save a good amount of seconds this way. The attempt wasn't bad but it could be improvable with at least 2 seconds. The reason why I collect this Star coin last is because I can collect a star outside when I exit the pipe. It makes the second half way easier to clear past.

8-Tower2: A semi auto scrolling stage featuring a Green Block snake. Nothing much happens here other than activating it as soon as possible and facing Bowser Junior for the tenth and final time.

* Segment 44:

8-Bowser Castle: The last main level of the entire run. This one is nearly perfect the only improvement is the wall jump to the Early Switch block. You can get to the wall a tad higher but it requires harder execution and precision to get up and above the block before ground pounding. I kept this segment mainly because the execution for the rest of this segment is incredible. You'll love it. I even got the 3 second win on the final battle against both Bowser and his son.

At the end, right after the credits I show you the file menu to show that I currently have 2 stars next to my file. I am 1 star short to confirm the game to be 100% completed. Find out on the next segment what I have to do next.

* Segment 45:

The Blue Mushroom house:
This special bonus house is unlocked when you clear Bowser's Castle for the first time. This is where I pay off my last 80 Star coins. Afterwards Luigi performs a victory pose as I pay off everything. Then I save the game and quit to show you that the file currently has 3 stars next to the file now. I load up the file again as a reminder to the viewers how everything on each world has been done.

That's it; I personally prefer this run over my Super Mario 64 DS run. Even though there were 10 more segments than I originally planned, it has way much better quality of game play and most of the mistakes only took up to 2-3 seconds.

A single segment run would never get 100% in less than 2 hours and 30 minutes mainly because of the HUGE luck factor there is in this game, the only alternate is using Red Mushroom houses but you got try your best and avoid taking damage to prevent losing your best power up on certain stages.

Even though a very few of my segments had notable flaws on some of the stages, the luck factor of the delay after the Red ? Box/Hammer Bros move to a different spot made up for it. The delays range from 0 to over 5 seconds depending on where the plumber is and where the World Map object is going to next.

This is possibly the last DS run to be filmed on camera, all of you forum members would understand why, Zelda Spirit Tracks will have a test speed run like Phantom Hourglass back in 2008. It won't be submitted to SDA mainly because the whole run will have a huge black stylus covering over the Touch Screen.

The next project is very obvious.... want a clue; it's a sequel to this game.

NEW SUPER MARIO BROS WII, hopefully it shouldn't take 3 years after the release to have the first ever run up on SDA. Plus the run will be in widescreen with component recording cables if I can get around the recording lag issue first.

No one has the right to upload this speed run onto Youtube or any other video hosting site (other than Greenalink and SpeedDemosArchiveSDA). If you want to see it, watch it here or those 2 Youtube Channels. Anyone uploading my run will get flagged instantly.

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