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Released in November 2009, New Super Mario Bros. Wii answered the question burning in the mind of every gamer for years: "How many times can I throw my friend into a pit of lava before they are no longer my friend?" By allowing up to 4 people to play simultaneously, Nintendo has managed to put a new spin on an old favorite, selling entirely too many copies in the process.

NewSuperMarioBrosWii   NewSuperMarioBrosWii

Best Single-segment Time: 0:25:14 by 'Auchgard' on 2016-08-08

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Author's comments:

This is a single-segment speedrun of New Super Mario Bros. Wii any% (beat the game, no restrictions) in 25:14.  It obsoletes RaikerZ’s previous SDA run by 17 seconds, due primarily to better strats and more optimized movement.

Before I get into the individual level comments, I want to give some shoutouts:
-RaikerZ, for getting times so good in 2012 that nobody could beat them until 2016.
-The NSMBW community, for being a based group of people.
-Blue Toad, for being the best character in NSMBW.
-Funky JayJay, the eternal hero of NSMBW meme categories.  Gone, but never forgotten.

On to the run itself…

I don’t watch the new file cutscene because the NSMBW community decided that it isn’t necessary to watch it before every attempt.  The timing method used for the run remains the same – first input with control of character (moving off the 1-Arrow spot on the overworld) to losing control of character (stomping the big switch at the end of 8-C).

-I get as much air time as possible off of the forward-spinning circular platforms near the beginning because you move slightly faster off of those than normal running speed.
-That climbing section right before the checkpoint flag is really easy to lose time on.  If you don’t slow down enough before the top ledge, you clip the wall and lose all forward momentum, which wastes a bit of time.
-After the checkpoint flag, I get the Propeller Mushroom from the ? block.  This powerup is… really broken, to say the least.  You’ll be seeing it a lot throughout this run.
-Sliding down most slopes is slightly faster than running down them.  The only exceptions are slopes that are too steep – you end up losing horizontal speed if you slide down those.
-454 is the optimal flagpole time for RTA strats.  455 is possible with a trick called “Third Prop Block,” but it’s TAS-only.

-The bottom route strat at the beginning of the underground section is a vintage RaikerZ strat.  It saves a good chunk of a second over top route because you can slide down the entire pink gem platform after the POW Block.
-Sliding down that tilt platform is faster than running straight across it.  It would be even faster if you could control the tilt angle to be a little less steep, but that’s not really doable with the Wii Remote’s sensitivity.
-I blow through the rest of the level with a Star, which significantly increases Mario’s max horizontal speed while active.
-455 is the optimal flagpole time for RTA.

-The triple jump at the very beginning of this level is important for a trick called “RNG Skip.”  If that Hammer Bro jumps up as early as possible, you won’t get enough height to jump off of him with a single or double jump, and you’ll get hit instead.  With a triple jump, though, you can get enough height to jump on him if he comes up.
-The triple jump to avoid all the Piranha Plants isn’t as difficult as it looks.  You can also go for a double jump instead – it’s entirely personal preference.
-I do another triple jump afterwards to get enough height to prop spin to the ledge leading to the secret exit.  You can get up there with a single jump, which saves frames, but it’s very precise and not worth attempting.
-450 is the optimal flagpole time for RTA.

-Before we can enter the level, we have to sit through some text courtesy of Toad.  Mashing does nothing to make his text go away earlier, but it does usually let you advance through it as quickly as possible.
-Since this level is so unremarkable, I’ll take this time to talk about the biggest time determinant in World 1: “happy feet.”  There’s a Goomba after 1-4 who you generally fight in order to proceed through the overworld, and also get a few Super Mushrooms for later use.

Why is he relevant in any% if the route never gets to him?  Well, after completing each of 1-1, 1-2 and 1-3, Fred the Goomba (don’t ask) can either run vertically, horizontally or not move at all (it seems he can only do that last one once in the 3 chances he gets per run, sadly).  Depending on what he does after each level, your W1 can be faster or slower than another run even if your gameplay is exactly the same.

(From fastest to slowest: Not moving > Moving vertically > Moving horizontally)

As a result, W1 times are pretty volatile for the simplicity of the gameplay involved.  My best ever W1 time is a 3:58.4 on cannon fadeout, which is really good (and requires very nice happy feet RNG).  This run gets a 3:59.5, which, while not amazing, is acceptable.

-Lastly, mashing 2 during the level name display screen (where it shows the level name and your life count) allows you to enter Cannons and overworld enemy fights faster.  Not normal levels, though, because reasons.

-Running up the shell is a 100% consistent setup to get a Star from the Roulette Block.
-I break the first brick block after the string of vines in order to minimize the time spent running up the small slope.
-I screw up and don’t get a triple jump off of the four-pronged platform over the water.  This wastes an extremely small amount of time, but looks ugly :(
-446 is the optimal flagpole time for RTA, but you can only get a very low 446.  This run gets a very high 445, which means I lost a small handful of frames.

-First off: there is no way to skip this guy in the optimal RTA route.  It just can’t happen.
-I get bad RNG and go the same way he does, so I meet him on his top slot.  Encountering him in the middle is faster by roughly half a second.  Sometimes he decides to be nice and spawn in the middle upon entering W5, in which case you can fight him in the middle 100% of the time.  That didn’t happen here.
-The fight itself is entirely unremarkable.  092 chest time is optimal for RTA.

-Due to having one less pipe transition, 5-3 is roughly 3 seconds faster than 5-2.
-This level has a bunch of enemies called Bramballs.  These idiots have extremely long, spiky legs that you have no hope of jumping over without either getting hit or prop spinning, both of which are slower in all cases than waiting for a second to bounce on its head.
-Ground Pound Cancels are used at a couple points in the level because they conveniently delay you for just the right amount of time to get past the Bramballs quickly.
-The leftmost blocks over the two logs are really annoying because they have a chance of stopping you for a second.  There isn’t much rhyme or reason to it – it’s probably based on subpixels or something similarly stupid.
-442 flagpole is optimal for RTA.

5-F AKA Propeller Beanie Is Broken, Part 1
-This level is all about finding a pattern of movement that allows you to reliably make the RTA cycle without any risk of getting hit.  As a result, there isn’t much to describe.
-547 is the fastest boss door time obtainable in RTA.  TAS gets what’s called “559 cycle,” which would save roughly 10 seconds if done in a run, but nobody’s ever been able to do it in real time.
-The Iggy fight is EZ every time.  Shoutouts to FastFright .

5-4 AKA Propeller Beanie Is Broken, Part 2
-Ah yes, 5-4.  Destroyer of far too many runs.  This is because, with the flight powers of prop, we can skip riding the raft through this entire level.
-The first and second jumps are the hardest.  It gets easier after that.
-If you’re going for POWless, which I do here, you have to weave your way around the Koopa before the last ? Block.  POWless saves a couple of seconds, but hitting that Koopa is an instant reset.
-352 flagpole is optimal for RTA.  I was slow on the first and second jumps, so I got a very high 351 instead.

Ok, fine, 353 flagpole is technically optimal, but that’s only been done once ever (and I think I got the last possible frame of 353 on the IGT).

-Movement in the first room of this level is way pickier than it has any right to be.  585 first door, which I get, is optimal for RTA.
-Movement in the second room is also dumb, but not as bad.  After the precise-ish triple jump to get to the downward stairs, I do another semi-difficult trick called “Flightless.”  You can sneak under the Boo, land on the first light block and jump off the edge of that to get to the ledge with the door.  576 door, which I also get, is optimal for RTA.
-The last room has a trick called BRJ, short for Boo Ring Jump.  There’s a faster variant called Fast BRJ (and the award for Most Obvious Trick Name of 2016 goes to…), but it’s TAS-only.

-This is the second-hardest level in the game, trailing only 1-C.

8-1 AKA Hate-Fun
-This level is dumb for so many reasons.  Most of them involve bad hitboxes, RNG, or both.
-Meteor RNG can screw you while jumping across the unstable platforms after the first purple mushroom platform.
-Meteor RNG can also screw you during the prop over the lava pillar before more purple mushroom platforms.
-If you get hit once, there’s a 2-3 second slower backup strat to get a Fire Flower so you can still do the double damage boost later in the level.  If you get hit twice, you lose an additional fraction of a second to getting Super Mario status off of the checkpoint flag.  If you become small Mario after the checkpoint flag but before getting the Fire Flower, well, you just go slow and be sad :(
-Meteor RNG came really close to ruining the run right after the Fire Flower box, but I managed to miss it by a hair.
-The damage boost I referred to earlier is right at the end of the level.  That sequence of jumps isn’t as hard as it looks, but it’s still finicky.
-439 pipe and 432 flagpole are really hard to get in this level, so I’m happy with that.  Those are both optimal for RTA.

-The game tried to screw me again with the big meteor right before the pipe.  Meteor RNG is dumb.
-All of the strats in this level revolve around minimizing time spent on backwards-turning wheels and maximizing time spent on forward-turning wheels.
-That double spin jump off of the forward wheel isn’t as bad as it looks, but failing to do the second spin results in a very hot bath.
-443 second pipe is optimal for RTA, and not easy to do.
-The last room is just a bunch of jumps off of orange platforms in order to avoid going at 0.0001 mph on the backwards wheels.
-423 flagpole is optimal for RTA.

-This is my favorite level in the game both casually and for RTA.  Shoutouts to BonerCoaster , the emote that never was.
-It’s also an autoscroller, with the only things you can do to influence your time being optimally jumping off the Bone Dragons and two slick double wall kicks.
-414 pipe is optimal for RTA.
-That double wall kick after the third Bone Dragon isn’t free, but it’s also not hard once you know your visual cues.
-339 flagpole is optimal for RTA.  In case it wasn’t obvious, this is a really good W8 so far.

-The last two levels in the game are also the hardest two.
-I, uh, start this level off excellently by missing a Ground Pound.  10/10.
-Cannonball Jump (you’ll know it when you see it) is a really picky strat.  Too low, and the second cannonball will hit you.  Too high, or don’t slow down enough after bouncing on the second cannonball, and the third one will getcha.  There’s a small patch of middle ground where you get a bounce off the third cannonball while still having upward momentum from the second one, but it’s really not something you can rely on.  Hitboxes are hard.
-454 first pipe is optimal for RTA.  I get a high 452 because I’m bad at Ground Pounding.
-The rest of the level is dominated by what are referred to as the “five skips.”  These are prop spins of varying difficulty that allow the runner to skip most of the platform shenanigans for the rest of the level.
-First skip is free.
-Second skip is hard, but I manage to pull it off.
-Third skip has a 100% easy every time setup to bounce off the Mechakoopa on the ledge.
-Fourth skip is free.
-Fifth skip is annoying.  Spin too early, and you bonk on the ceiling and die.  Spin too late, and you fall in the pit.  Spin a wee bit too early, and you fly right into the Mechakoopa, lose prop, and (usually) die.  Even if you live, it’s slow.
-After fifth skip, I get owned by motion controls and spin the platforms apart a second time.  This isn’t a big time loss at all, but it’s still dumb.
-Bowser Jr., aka “Our Boy BJ,” is an annoying but simple boss.  The strat speaks for itself.
-363 or 364 is optimal for RTA.  I get a 361 because of the aforementioned two mistakes.

-The triple jump to the top platform with the firebars everywhere is called “Fast Firebar” because you beat one’s cycle to get off a jump.  It’s not hard, but when you’re on PB pace it’s really easy to choke and lose a few seconds.
-655 first pipe is optimal for RTA.  656 is doable with IL strats.  I get a very high 654, which is A-OK.
-Autoscroller room is the game’s way of giving you and your steadily growing nerves some quality alone time.
-The patterns of Bowser’s pre-fight fireballs are RNG, but there are always two groups of five if you go fast, and no pattern can cost you more than a good chunk of a second if you know how to react.
-Bowser fight is free.

8-C: Bowser Escape
-This is the hardest part of the entire run, and it’s not close.  Getting those fireballs to follow you straight horizontally so you can quickly break all the walls is incredibly difficult.
-I drop one fireball due to making it go too high.  I know I’m bad at games, trust me.
-And that last fireball.  The one right before the platforms section.  I have absolutely no idea how that managed to live long enough to break a hole in the right wall.  I’ve watched it back at least 30 times, and every time I think the fireball will explode too early.

Shoutouts to MVP Fireball for letting me have sloppy gameplay and still go fast.  He’s the unsung hero of this speedrun.

-Platforms section is executed as well as can be expected for RTA.
-I stomp the switch at 506 IGT.  The best I’ve done in a run is 507.  The IL record for this stage is 511, but that requires numerous strats which aren’t fit for full game RTA.

And that’s the run.

I didn’t get 69 coins in the credits, sadly.  The official explanation is because I knew this was the run I wanted to submit to SDA, and decided to leave the credits alone.  The unofficial explanation is because I was talking to people on Skype and completely forgot the credits were rolling until they were already 75% done.

Kudos if you made it all the way down here.  Thanks for watching, and enjoy the run!

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