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"You have information that the 'Corporation' will stop at nothing to get - escape to safety!" says the blurb on what would appear a basic web-based bread-and-butter driving game from 2004. The basic controls (as in "the controls, which are basic", not "the controls that are basic") span five of the hundred-or-so keys on your basic everyday keyboard. For lack of a direct translation for the apt Russian proverb "на халяву и уксус сладок", the essence is probably conveyed in the words 'it's free, quit bitchin''. In all honestly, it must have hit a sweet spot in its corner of the market, having sprouted a lasting lineage of games that look, walk, and duck a lot like it.

OnTheRun   OnTheRun

Please use the patch that adds an in-game timer.

Best Time: 0:03:13.9 by 'RaulFran' on 2021-03-12

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