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Taking place in three kingdoms of literature - adventure, horror and fantasy - The Pagemaster from 1994 is a story about a young fearful lad, enacted by Macaulay Culkin, getting turned on to reading by meeting some of the most famous literary heroes and anti-heroes in their natural habitats. Other systems were conferred platformer titles whereas this PC rendition is a mouse-controlled adventure game.

Pagemaster   Pagemaster

Best Single-segment Time: 0:35:17 by Michael 'arglefumph' Gray on 2016-07-31

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Author's comments:

A video of this run with my commentary can be found on my YouTube channel:

My thanks to all the people who helped me improve this run. Special thanks to IsraeliRD for letting me do this game as a single segment, even though I have to switch CDs twice. Sorry my CD drive is so slow.

There are three main timesavers in this run.

1. In many places, you can interact with a screen for about a second before it loads. I do that whenever possible, but sadly, this trick only saves frames, not seconds.

2. You can instantly return to the library, by clicking on a character at the bottom of the screen. This lets you skip some long cutscenes. Some cutscenes can't be skipped, either because you get an item at the end of the cutscene, or because it would take too much time to backtrack to where you were when the cutscene started.

3. I use an unintended route. You're supposed to play Adventure, Horror and Fantasy, in that order. I do Fantasy first, for two reasons. One, that gets me to the randomized Mount Olympus puzzle as soon as possible. Two, it saves about thirty seconds to get a monster head in Fantasy, over getting a monster head in Adventure.

Overall, this is a simple game to speedrun. It's mostly just memorizing the route and clicking quickly.

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