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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, developed by Bandai for the SNES, was released in November of 1995 for both the US and Japan. The storyline of the game follows the series - Rita Repulsa wants to destroy the Power Rangers and rule the world. It's up to the Power Rangers to stop Rita's plans. You can pick one of the five color-coded rangers to play through each level. Halfway through each level, the ranger morphs into their ranger form, only to encounter one of Rita's minions at the end of the level. To entice fans of the show, stages 6 and 7 are fought with the Megazord.


Best time: single-segment 0:33:47 by Matt 'Deadstick' Johnson on 2007-08-11.

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Author's comments:

There really isn't much to say about this run. Most of the time-savers involve fighting the putties themselves. I attempt to, at most points, throw the strong putties into a group so I can take them down in one-combo. Sometimes, I do this with the weaker putties also, which takes two weaker putties down in one throw. Most of the weaker putties I kill by using a jump-kick, so I can keep going without having to stop, attack, then move again.

In this run, I choose Kimberly only, for several reasons:

  1. In her non-ranger form, she is the fastest runner than all the other rangers (at least as far as I can tell.)

  2. Her jump kicks are longer in range in her non-ranger form, so taking out weaker putties are easier while keeping her at a distance.

  3. She, in her ranger form, is a powerhouse. Her long range bow makes quick work of stronger putties from a distance.

  4. She also has a long range attack which can take down weaker putties that are on the other side the screen in one shot.

  5. Finally, she's the character I'm most familiar with using in this game.

This movie can be improved, but mostly by relying on luck. If you have the best luck in the world, I do believe sub-33 is possible. Luck is very crucial in this game.

Now for the thanks:

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