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Released on July 11, 2006, Prey took more than 11 years to develop. By the time it was finally released, most of the innovations it promised were already implemented in modern FPS games. However, Prey introduced the novel concept of being literally impossible to lose. You take the role of an atheist cherokee named Tommy who denies his heritage throughout his whole life. While hanging out in the bar where Jen, his girlfriend, works, Tommy is abducted by aliens who plan to harvest the human race. Tommy is then forced to fight his way to the big boss while suffering through random white flashes and bright imagery.


Best PC time: 1:41:53 by Fred 'AjAX' Chicoine on 2008-01-15, in 49 segments.

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Author's comments:

Hi all,

Thanks for clicking on me first and second for downloading the run(if you did). I kept this secret during all the running and the posting, because I was retired, and I thought that it would had last this way, but my love for speedrunning was too strong when I bought this core2duo combined with my 8600GTS.

So I had to do it, 1st for TheVoid which I really respect and second, for me. I am having problems finishing runs, I always lack interest if I start another one at the same time, so for this run I concentrate really hard to be focus and finish it, I learned recently that I have ADHD, so it probably doesn't help in this domain, but oh well, it doesn't really change my attitude towards thing.

Of course I ain't a Machine like the now real known runner Kibumbi, (or the new horvathesque runner), but I think that it end up pretty well, since I had a goal to finish it in 14 days, from start to end, which I did, and I'm proud of it, of course it's not the most beautiful run in terms of running, like I mentionned above, but overall the run is pretty well done in my opinion and perhaps the best-looking one in terms of graphics.(At time of writing)

I played all settings to maximum with AA 4X and AF 16X and high quality.(Prey's engine max Anti-Alialising is 4x) That's why I said that it's the best looking run here, but I have not seen them all.

I had to record at 30fps for some unknown reasons, I can fraps Doom3:ROE at 60fps all max and HIGH but not this game.

The FPS goes woot! so I had no choice, sorry.
I prefer high quality graphics than low ugly one at 50-60fps.

I would like to Thanks TheVoid for finding most of the shortcuts and seregazav for running it a bit not long ago.

Now we shall get started with these comments.

Prey Done on Normal Skill
By Fred 'AjAX' Chicoine
Type of Run: Fastest Completion
Run Started: January 3th 2008 8:06PM
Finished: January 15th 2008 4:58AM

Level:Level NameTimeAmount of Segments
Level 1Last call5:461
Level 2Escape Velocity4:362
Level 3Downward Spiral2:362
Level 4Rites of Passage3:351
Level 5Second Chances3:062*+1
Level 6We All Fall Down3:302
Level 7Crash Landing3:431
Level 8Sacrifices4:292
Level 9They Are Others2:041
Level 10Guiding Fires3:002
Level 11The Old Tribes6:432*+1
Level 12Hidden Agenda3:232*+1
Level 13Jen4:042
Level 14The Dark Harvest3:521
Level 15Following Her5:072
Level 16The Complex4:552*+2
Level 17Ascent6:493
Level 18Center of Gravity4:353*+1
Level 19Resolutions7:372*+1
Level 20Oath of Vengence3:351
Level 21Facing the Enemy9:323
Level 22Mother's Embrace9:333

Total time: 1hr41min53sec

This Game have an autosave function, thus, It doesn't count for an extra segment, by that I mean that no time penalty applies. But there are places where I use an extra segment, using the quicksave function. The penalty applies, and number with an "*" means that I used one and when it is done, There is a "+" just beside telling you how much I used. For Example:

Level 5 Second Chances 3:06 2*+1

That means I made another segment not using the autosave function (quicksave), thus, *+1 means I used 1 segment using it, so 3 segments are being used. So I guess that the penalties aplies.

I hope it's clear!

Individual Level Comments

That concludes the comments, I thanks everyone who supported me, Big thanks to TheVoid again!

Oh and the song at the credits is from DEATH and his titled SPIRIT CRUSHER from the album called SOUNDS OF PERSEVERANCE.

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