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Some loved it as an immersive space-bound piece of oblique storytelling and a medium for creativity; others hated it as a tired-out repeat of Bioshock et al. or the blantant exploitation of the rights to a desecrated franchise. Most recognized some merits, and had a bit of fun with the GLOO cannon. 2017's Prey will be remembered for its twisty ending, an attention to detail, and combat so freeform it's more or less optional.

Prey2017   Prey2017

Best Single-segment Time with Large-skip glitches: 0:06:58 by 'seeker__' on 2017-06-18

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Author's comments:

Hello everyone !
This was a solid run, I didn't "fail" any important tricks beside climbing the card in Arboretum and not slipping of it (which I did).

I will try to detail how each level went:

1st level : Your apartment

In this first section of the run, you need to do a precise trick where you need to grab a chair, throw it on top of the door, climb the door, and get out of bounds when jumping on it.
This part is very reset heavy because the chair will fall off the door 80% of the time and then you need to get out of bounds and not falling down while doing the trick.

Then, you need to go in the decontamination room. There is a trick here where you need to jump in a precise spot to jump over a trigger, which allows you to open the door without having to wait for the scientist to die.
The last part of this level is pretty straight foward, you need to grab the 2 Psi Hypo in the locker (the loot in this locker are random, but we are allowed to have a savefile with these Psi Hypo in the locker). Then, you need to grab the simulation lab keycard on the table, open the door with it, grab the gloo cannon (will be used to get oob in this run) and jump over the barrier.
Notice here I'm doing a mouse movement while climbing the barrier which skips the climb animation and saves about 1 second.

I did this first part pretty quickly so I was confident ending up this 1st level of the run.

2nd level : Lobby

Another pretty short level, you shoot 2 gloo at the wall, climb the gloo and get oob by shooting a gloo at the wall.
Then comes the funny trick, I shoot 2 gloo at the wall, fall under the bottom gloo and press/hold space. It will climb the bottom gloo and somehow go through the wall, which will get me inside the elevator.

Here again, I did no mistakes but I was a little bit slow with my gloo placements, so I lost something like 0.5 seconds.

3rd level : Life support

Nothing special here, you just run from the spawn to the other door. You can get sometimes blocked by the phantoms, or get damage boosted but it's very rare.

4th level : Cargo Bay

This level is also pretty easy, you run into the micro gravity area, reach the edge of the room and it gets you oob again, then you need to turn a small bit to the right, press F and enter the G.U.T.S level.

5th level : G.U.T.S

The beggining of this level can ruin your run, because you need to open the door and fly onto the conveyor as fast as possible and if somehow you get stuck or lose time, the robots will attack and stunlock you, which means you run is dead :( .
I got the 14.99 m/s boost here when the conveyor is going upwards. If I touch it with a speed between 10.2 and 10.8 (not sure about the exact values), you will get this boost which saves a little bit of time.
Then the rest of the level is nothing special, you grab the typhon lure and enter into the Arboretum level.

Somehow I managed to get a gold split for this level, I guess I got boosted as soon as my speed reaches 10.0 m/s without any delay.

6th level : Arboretum

This is in my opinion the hardest part of the run (and the longest part as well).

When you spawn, you need to jump on the box in front of you, slightly to your left, without any vision because at the beginning of the level you will have a black fading screen for around 1 second.
I succesfully managed to skip the climb animation on this box, and then you need to get another oob. I grab the bench and reach the top of the stairs of arboretum. I need to grab the shotgun, the pistol, and the Psi Hypo on my way to the Medical Bay.

Once I enter this room, you need to do a pretty easy oob, climb the room, get near the right side of the pipe.
This is where the run can die aswell : you have to fall down, landing on the floating fabrication plan (here I climb it so I don't get any fall damage or slip over it) and grab the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter Plan.
And of course I slipped off the plan, which happens sometimes if you don't have a perfect angle while climbing it and it can kill your run (you fall off and die), or you climb it again and lose about 1 to 2 seconds.

Then you need to go back at the beginning of the level, where the recycler and the fabricator are.

This last part of the level is a little bit random, since the loot you get in the body / crate are random. You need to have enough materials to craft the Nullwave Transmitter. Sometimes the dead body doesn't have a Suit Repair Kit, so you will need to loot extra crates in order to create the Nullwave Trasmitter.
Then you create the Nullwave Transmitter. Press backwards while looting this item (if you dont press anything, you character will be frozen in place for about 3 seconds) and enter the G.U.T.S door.

I did this level with an average time since I felt down when I was climbing the plan.

7th level : G.U.T.S (DOWN)

Pretty short level, you need to get oob and fall down until you reach 110 meters, then you need to do a precise trick where you need to go under the transition room between the micro gravity area and the normal gravity area.
Once you are under this room, you need to have your character looking upwards and you need to touch the wall, it will clip you inside the transition room and then you just need to open the next door.

I did this part pretty fast, at the start I skipped both climbing animation and I did the last trick pretty quickly without being stuck, which happens sometimes.


Another short level, I just have to go straight foward, place the nullwave device and get back at the entrance of the room.

9th level : G.U.T.S (UP)

Another precise trick I'm doing at the start at the level : I shoot a gloo at the roof in a precise spot, climb the beam under the gloo and get oob.
Then you need to reach the G.U.T.S pipe area which appears around 220 meters. Notice I have to hug the right part of the pipe so I don't get hit by the pulse which slows you down a little bit.
After that I enter the pipe, reach the conveyor and reach the next area which is Arboretum.

I did this area pretty fast, I was a little bit slow at the beggining when I wanted to jump on the beam, but the clip inside the pipe was insanely fast. I even managed to have a gold split for this level.

10th level : Arboretum

At this point, you can't really lose time because all you have to do is press W and follow a path. Here I jump on the box (skip the climb animation by jumping over it) and follow a path through the trees which leads you at the last level of the run.

11th level : Talos I Bridge

A 9 second segment where you can't really lose time here. You just need to reach the monitor, kill January (the robot), and activate the Nullwave Transmitter.
The run is finished when the cinematic starts.

And this is pretty much it. I'm still very happy about my actual PB and WR. There are a lot of precise tricks that can make you reset the run if not done properly. But the run is short so it's fine :P
My current sum of best is 7:00 with a couple of lucky clips (where you can shoot your gloo immediatly after you climb a gloo), we still don't know how to reproduce this bug constantly.
I can still save around 3 seconds in total, but it's getting really hard to beat this time.

I hope you enjoyed the run !

Also shoutout to the awesome Prey Speedrunning community !

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