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Released in December 2008, Prince of Persia is an action-adventure platformer and yet another reboot of the Prince of Persia franchise. Unlike the preceeding Sands of Time trilogy, it forgoes the time manipulation aspect of the game, instead opting for having deaths during platforming be little more than minimal nuissances. The story follows the titular Prince and his female companion, Elika, on a quest to heal the mysterious corruption of the world.


Best time: 3:08 by Tobias 'Aphox' Baers on 2011-04-14, done in 46 segments.

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Author's comments:


First of all I want to thank the following people

TheVoid: He not only motivated me to pick up this speedrun again, but also found a few timesavers, big thanks for that!

Akheon: I first contacted him via Youtube when I saw a few skips from him, later he found several glitches, which had huge effeckt on my route for this run.

SDAStaff & Community: I am enjoying this Site now for a long time and am really looking forward to finally giving something back to all of you! You are awesome.

I started the first planning and searching for tricks back in january 2009. I tried to find a game worthy to speedrun and to give something back to the SDA community.

Prince of Persia 2008 was entertaining to watch and I soon found a few nice tricks and skips. However I dropped the speedrun after planning and trying for a few months because this game has to many things that get in the way of speedrunning. After that around the middle of 2010 I had a talk with Thevoid and we somehow ended up on that topic, I showed him my few first trys and he motivated me to continue the run.
Around that time I watched the few first youtube videos from Akheon and since I started running this again I got in contact with him to discuss improvements. He really helped me out afterwards searching for new tricks and glitches and I had to amend my route on a daily basis, we found a lot of different things (useful or not).
I finalized my route at the end of 2010 and recorded most of the segments at the start of April 2011 (big holiday yay \o/).

After finishing this run now at the 14th April, I am looking forward to the feedback from the SDA community and hope that this is an entertaining run for everyone.

Tricks & Glitches

During the whole run there are several tricks and glitches used which will be explained here:

Teleport Glitch:

It is possible to teleport (or rather really really fast travel), by dropping down and hanging onto a plank with only half of your character. The other half is hanging in the air.
This will teleport you back to the last location your hang on to.
It is noteworthy that this is actually fast traveling because you have a few frames where you can stand up inbetween these two waypoints, which is used in Segment 16.

Save Warp:

Save warping is actually only possible in very few spots where the game defines the savepoints via cutscenes.
It is only used twice in the whole run.


I dont know which name I should give it else, basicly I am abusing the fact that the game does not store the camera-angle in the savefile.
The camera angle which will be used instead is the last one you had. So if you are loading a savegame you can set the camera-angle to what you want, start recording and the camera-angle will still be the same.
(I can not confirm if this is the same case on console)

Mouse-Abuse (PC-only):

Yes the Mouse-Pointer has great effect in a speedrun actually. You can move the mouse beforehand to a location on the Map you want to warp to next.
After that you just have to hit the map and press Elika to warp to the point you targeted.

Glitching through walls

For this to work you need a place with the following conditions: Two Walls near to eachother so you can jump inbetween them; They must have a ceiling; Enough space to peform a double jump.
If you have a place with these conditions you need to jump up to the highest possible place and peform a doublejump, you have to hit jump at the exact time again you hit the ceiling to glitch through the wall.
This glitch is used only once in my run, Segment 17.


letting the prince fall or die to be rescued by elika and so taken back to the last save location.


There is a way to jump directly after dropping down a ledge if you have enough of a wall to grind on it below it.
You need to hold your claw button why approaching the ledge and you will instantly drop down without holding the ledge first, when you start dropping down instantly press left or right and jump. This will help you reach places you could not usually jump to. Used in Segment 37.

Detailed Segment Comments:

Segment 1

01:53 - Intro finish, finally start of the run ^^.
02:23 - After some basic jumps we come to the first cutscene skip. This skip if very precise and random. In this case I got specially lucky since I preform a skip with two less jumps then usually necessary.
02:53 - here is the first mistake, I loose a bit of time because I jumped to early and hit the wall a 3rd time.
04:07 - First fight ingame, using the same combo for all fights in this segment. Sword-Sword-Sword-Claw-Jump+Press him against the wall, which finishes them all in one combo.
04:30 - Random problem that could occur here(does not in this speedrun) is that the prince freezes for 5 seconds because we skipped the first fight. Could not find out what triggers this to happen or not.
04:44 - after that wallrun you land just on the edge of the platform if you dont jump here you most likely drop down and catch the edge.
06:35 - another mistake here, I input claw to grab the wheel but nothing happens so a small amount of time is wasted.
06:43 - I am saving here just after Elika finishes her sentece with "we should hurry", after that you can save and spawn before the temple door when you save. (SaveWarp)

All in all for the randomness in this Segment it went pretty well, it took me two full days of attempts to just get the skip working with all conditions right.
I had 3 attempts which were ruined by the Freeze at 04:30 which wastes 5 seconds and was really happy to finally get a good one captured.
Please note that this Segment has been rerun. That is why the savegame will not line up with Segment 2, however all stats are 100% equal.

Lightseeds Total: 0
Powers: Red[ ] Yellow[ ] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 2

00:19 - Spawning just before the Templegate, running straight for the Bossfight.
01:18 - Entering combat with Elikas father for the first time. Since you are not allowed to use Elika's power yet it is much more Tricky to find a long and damaging combo.
01:33 - Blocking this attack here is necessary, he will try to hit you before you can start your next combo.
02:18 - First Corrupted Soilder, I push him down with the combo: Elika, Elika, Claw, Claw. You have to move up to him a little first, else he is out of reach.
02:52 - Second Corrupted Soilder, it is a bit tricky to push him down in one combo but I managed to find a nice one: Elika, Jump, Elika, Elika, Claw, Jump.
05:28 - After a bunch of cutscenes you are rewarded with an autosave and the end of the segment.

This segment was pretty good overall, no mistakes, pretty fast execution.

Lightseeds Total: 0
Powers: Red[ ] Yellow[ ] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 3

00:19 - Start of Segment, running up to the warrior level.
01:44 - Found some nice jumps which save just a little amount of time but still pretty nice.
03:02 - Saving and End of segment.

Not much to say about this segment, I didnt wanted this whole part before the warrior fight, its much harder to luck manipulate if you have the it right at the end of a segment instead of the beginning as many of you may know.

Lightseeds Total: 0
Powers: Red[ ] Yellow[ ] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 4

00:19 - Segment starts, I run immediatly for the warrior fight.
00:58 - Fight starts, tactic here is to let him walk to the edge himself evade his hit, crawl under him and attack him to force drop down.
03:41 - After the cutscene finishes, I go through the lightseed route I planned, do not wonder if you see lightseeds which I wont pick up, they will be collected in a later segment.
04:13 - Possible improvement here, when you are jumping to a pole you can usually hold a direction key and he will face that direction after the jump. However I have to change the direction twice on this pole which can be avoided.
05:02 - Ignoring the Soilder Spawn here if you are fast enough it is usually not necessary to fight him.
06:09 - Saving on the way to the concubine level and finishing the segment.

The Boss in this Segment is pretty easy compared to other boss fights. However I remember the light seed route afterwards gave me more problems.
This was one of my first segments afterall so my execution still had its hickups.

Lightseeds Total: 30
Powers: Red[ ] Yellow[ ] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 5

00:17 - Starting this Segment by running through the canyon for the concubine fight.
01:36 - While you are in this small cutscene I already spam up and jump so he will instantly jump in the direction of the pole.
02:03 - Same goes for here you can spam already the correct direction and you instantly jump in the correct direction.
02:36 - After killing the first illusion, I use the Teleport-Glitch the first time to back up to the last location I hang on.
02:57 - Another Teleport-Glitch after killing the 2nd illution which allows me to teleport back through the whole room.
03:06 - After teleporting back I can use the plank to jump over to the third illusion.
03:28 - Boss fight starts. The plan is to kill her with two combos, first one being the 14hit combo (sword, sword, sword, elika, sword, elika, jump, elika, sword, elika, claw, jump, elika, elika), second one is basicly the same but without the 3 sword attacks at the start, just to finish her off. Elika tends to bug out in combos sometime, as you may see here her attacks visually dont hit the boss, however that does not change anything in terms of speed since the damage still is counted.
05:12 - Autosave and end of this Segment.

I'd like to thank you for coming to tonight's special peformance of 'death of a concubine'.
This one is another segment I had to rerun, actually I rerun this segment around 3 times during the period of speedrunning this game.
However the last rerun only was because I recorded this segment only in half size...

Lightseeds Total: 30
Powers: Red[ ] Yellow[ ] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 6

00:19 - Game starts, this segment is about the lightseed route in the concubine level as well as reaching the last platform before the Alchemist boss.
00:27 - If I used a directional key (left or right) on the pole I think I could have skipped one turn.
00:34 - I am using a small tactic here to minimize randomness for me. Usually you would move the camera to watch to the position you want to jump to, which is not slower because you can move the camera while still in the climb up animation. However I use this angle instead, because I want it to be always exact the same angle. That makes you able to prepare the next jump after I drop down and Elika saves me, I will be on the exact same position with that exact angle and I will know how to jump from that position.
01:07 - Using the same tactic again, randomly missing jumps because you didnt hit the camera perfectly is annoying ;).
01:49 - Noteworthy position, the wall run here is really really stupid, you have to make sure to run long enough if you dont you will change direction ~90 degree and climb up the wall on the other side, randomly annoying thing.
02:16 - Nice little shortcut skipping to use the vines at wall.
04:11 - I make sure that the game accepts me as on the platform, if you save just the moment you hit the platform sometimes you will be saved somewhere before. Thats why I make a step there on the platform.

Lightseeds Total: 51
Powers: Red[ ] Yellow[ ] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 7

00:18 - Segment beginns, yay longjump onto slide.
00:43 - Boss fight vs Alchemist, yes you can really beat him like this lol...
01:58 - After you drop down there is a small pause, however this can be avoided by holding down left in this case he would have started running much earlier.
02:10 - The jumps in the pipe look very random and unnecessary hower they are not. This keeps me from being saved there by Elika later when I drop down because he never had save ground under his feed.
02:37 - This lightseed could have been avoided, I can't think of any other planing mistake I made else then this. It wastes around 6 seconds, the lightseed cost total amount of 12 seconds but could have been exchanged with an other lightseed at the very end which cost only 6 seconds to collect.
03:02 - Wallrun from the vines could have been a bit faster... usually he would automaticly wallrun there but the speedboost from pressing jump on vines ran out at the very end of the vine.
03:37 - Luckily get a direct drop down without hanging onto the vine there, hower jump into the wall sadly.
04:24 - Pretty precise jump here hitting inbetween the vines
04:31 - Really precise as well you need to make sure to jump from the wall at the correct time as well to get to the other wall.
06:11 - Saving and finishing the segment before the hunter tower.

Reviewing this Segment I might should have made two segments out of this. There are a few jumps in here with a low successrate over the whole segment that makes it really hard to make everything perfect.

Lightseeds Total: 82
Powers: Red[ ] Yellow[ ] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 8

00:19 - Starting one of the smalles segments of the run, you will see why.
00:32 - I am bruteforcing this jump through the ceiling which has really low successrate without aiming for it, problem with this is that if it succeeds you have to get the luck of a perfect boss fight as well.
00:40 - Going for the trigger of the bossfight, without you can not kill him.
00:52 - The first combo is only a 13 hit combo, I choose to leave a sword attack out so the hunter has less chances to block. I can finish him off with the second combo anyway.
02:14 - After the cutscene into Autosave and the end of the Segment.

Lightseeds Total: 82
Powers: Red[ ] Yellow[ ] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 9

00:19 - And another Segment starts
00:31 - To move this one step up is actually necessary to catch the second lightseed on that wall even if it does not look like it.
00:59 - Also this one step up is necessary, else you wont get the lightseed.
01:19 - This doublejump was acutally not planned but worked out fine.
01:40 - Questionable lightseed capture, could have taken this in Segment 11 when I go to the next hunter level anyway.
02:19 - Deathabuse to get back to the location before the vines, couldnt find a faster way to die here.
02:37 - You can randomly miss that lightseed here, which is pretty annoying.
03:27 - Saving and end of segment.

Lightseeds Total: 116
Powers: Red[ ] Yellow[ ] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 10

00:17 - Yay lightseeds, gonna catch them all
01:26 - Deathabusing here is definitly faster then trying to jump back as pointed out to me by Akheon. I timed it should be around a second faster.
03:22 - If you ask yourself why I didnt jump earlier from that wall back to the pole, that is because you will miss the pole if you dont crawl high enough.
04:42 - Having set the mouse to the exact position of the Temple on the map beforehand allows me to instantly teleport here. This is the first case of Mouse-Abuse.
04:50 - Save and End of Segment.

I had an interesting Idea which didnt made it into the run. I wanted to collect enough lightseeds to get two power at once, which is possible, you have to clear another level for this thought.
However it didnt made it, because its slightly slower then my current route.

Lightseeds Total: 146
Powers: Red[ ] Yellow[ ] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 11

00:19 - Start of Segment
01:04 - Hitting the first platform here starts elika to talk earlier so you can activate the next platform faster as well.
01:33 - It is annoying but you really have to stand a second after landing every time...
02:53 - Mouse-Abusing again to instantly warp back to the first Hunters level.
04:01 - Couldnt find a solid way to make this jump without turning around.
04:48 - Fight vs the Hunter goes really smooth. Since this fight has two parts you just need to damage him enought to make him jump away.
05:35 - Saving here, and right after I save my game starts framedropping on me. But since that time is not counted, because its after I save, I still kept it.

Lightseeds Total: 156
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[ ] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 12

00:19 - I tried to find a faster approach for the start but the first enemy would always kill me. This way all enemys do line up perfectly and you can climb through the first part fast and easy.
01:02 - You really need to be as fast as possible to cross this enemy here, as you can see I barely miss it.
01:11 - Grinding down this wall is also very precise a little bit further to the left you die from corruption, a little bit further to the right you die from the enemy.
01:15 - You can blindly jump and run that wall, because we were so fast that the enemy has not spawned yet.
01:34 - Plan for this boss fight, just through him down asap. Good thing many bosses can be killed like that.
03:06 - Wasting a bit of time here to aim, that is because I had so many trys fail here because he wouldnt do a wallrun or barely miss the lightseed that I had to give in and waste a second here.
03:32 - Jump could be faster on that pole, if you press directional key + spam jump here, he would have instantly jumped from that pole.
03:34 - Somehow here pressing directional key didnt work for me. Maybe its just me but I tried this out many times and couldnt do it.
04:02 - Last Lightseed taken for this segment and Instant warp to the tempel with the good old Mouse-Abuse.
04:10 - Saving and END.

Lightseeds Total: 175
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[ ] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 13

00:19 - Start of the Segment going for the second power which is yellow. You will instantly get into the cutscene when you hit the stairs of the tempel.
00:56 - And another time I have to fight the faster, again with no powers from Elika. Anyway this fight is pretty fast, you dont have to hit down his full HP.
01:48 - I get very lucky here. This was the first time I ever hit a text skip for a powerplate, I didnt aimed for it so this was a nice supprise.
03:37 - Saving and finishing the segment.

Lightseeds Total: 175
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 14

00:19 - Starting the Segment with instantly warping to second Hunter level.
01:01 - Using Death-Abuse here to get faster back to the bottom.
02:54 - You can usually drop down here faster, I dont know why it took so long this time.
03:05 - Elika gets in my way here, it is really really rare that she does not do that. I tried different methods to find out if you can somehow make her not do that but I couldnt find any that influenced the way she acted.
03:13 - Atleast I get lucky here and she backs off the other way.
03:37 - Skipping the fight with the corrupted soilder, most of the times you dont have to fight or kill them at all.
03:39 - This jump avoids all the climbing action, which is not only easier but saves a lot of time as well.
04:02 - Saving and finishing the segment.

Lightseeds Total: 196
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Semgent 15

00:19 - Starting the Segment making my way to the boss.
02:12 - Tactic for this boss here is again push him down as fast as possible.
02:49 - You really have to wait for Elika to climb up before you can heal the land here.
03:56 - Autosave and finish of the Segment.

Lightseeds Total: 196
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 16

00:19 - Start of the Segment, first part of the lightseed route for this level.
00:22 - Dropping down that corner is the set up for the Teleport-Glitch later in this segment.
00:51 - And here we go and activate the Teleport-Glitch. This will make fast travel inbetween the point where I droped down and the point where I use the glitch.
00:55 - As you can see, this is a fast travel and you can get up inbetween these two points. You have to hit it very precise to be able to reach these lightseeds.
02:34 - I am running a bit too long here could have saved a little bit earlier, but everything else was really ok.

Lightseeds Total: 219
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 17

00:19 - Start of the Segment, lightseed route continued.
00:59 - I am spaming elika here like crazy, but for some reason he does not want to make the longjump here. You would have hit the platform immediately. This is a little bit slower.
02:57 - this was pointed out to me by Akheon again, Death-Abusing here is probably faster instead of jumping back.
03:09 - Had a few Ideas how to skip the rings here using the walls, however turned out they are slightly slower so I had to use the rings.
03:53 - What the fuck is he doing here? No its just the set up for the Wall-Glitch so I can skip the black door.
04:37 - Saving and ending this segment.

Lightseeds Total: 241
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 18

00:19 - Start of the Segment, killing the Hunter!
01:18 - The Hunter fight starts, this fight is split into 3 parts so you dont need to do the full 14 hit combo. The chance of him blocking is really really high. I chose this combo here with 2 possible block chances for him, because I am to near to start with elika after the last jump forward, he would just hit me before elika can.
01:53 - I had the same issue here, he would often just hit me before I can hit him with elika. It does not look like it but this fight is highly luck manipulated, the chances to block are really high.
02:48 - To be able to hit a combo here I have to wait for him to come, else I would have to push him into the corruption which will trigger a cutscene that wastes time. Going again for 2 possible blocks in this combo, when I ran this segment I felt like I won the lottery.
03:51 - After I got the 25 lightseeds for killing a boss, Autosave and end of Segment.

Lightseeds Total: 266
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 19

00:19 - Start of Segment, escaping the Boss level! Aaah Out of here.. (Sadly due to loading the Autosave the epic music does not play)
01:43 - Skipping the Soilder again, nothing special dont know how slow you need to be to actually need to kill this guy.
03:32 - Good thing you can finish this fight with just one combo, bad thing its right at the end of the segment.
04:41 - Saving and finish the segment.

Lightseeds Total: 266
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 20

00:19 - Start of the Segment, climbing up and heal then land.
00:33 - This jump allows me to get through the wheels first cycle.
00:41 - Perfect jump here, you can hit the ring there or ofc an enemy, so I am pretty happy with this.
02:10 - Dont know how I got so lucky here that he still goes for the ring, I should have been a bit higher for this to work.
02:20 - As you can see you can hit claw here fast enough to start grinding before he hangs on to the ledge, there was a similar situation before in this level but there you could not do it.
03:53 - Autosave and end of Segment.

This Segment went pretty much perfect, cant complain about anything really.

Lightseeds Total: 266
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 21

00:19 - Start of Segment, Lightseed route for current Alchemist level.
00:57 - Skipping another Soilder, man you really dont need to fight any of those do you?
02:19 - Warping back here is much faster then actually walking back.
02:51 - Another place where Elika, will get in your way does not matter what you do... I dont know whats up with that girl.
03:00 - Skipping this Lightseed here allows me to skip the next soilder again, if you take it you have to fight him.
03:36 - Saving and finishing the segment.

In this Segment I skip to run the whole way up to the fertile ground as well. I timied the lightseeds and the relation of Lightseed per second is far below the everage.

Lightseeds Total: 293
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 22

00:19 - Segment begins, setting up for the skip.
00:24 - It takes quiet some time to stand at the exact position and aim for it. I actually think it is necessary to watch to the left there as well. Really precise jump found by TheVoid. Only god knows why that works.
00:33 - You can jump down there in one go, but I have to hit the plank.
01:14 - Dropping down here to set up the Teleport-Glitch.
01:20 - Akheon told me that Elika glitching out there didnt always happen to him, however for me it did always happen so I took that segment anyway. Two pumps on the handle to get her back to reality.
01:30 - Teleport-Glitch to the other Side skips half of this puzzle.
01:39 - Again you have to wait for Elika to show up at the handle, nothing you can do about it.
02:14 - This boss fight is most likely the easiest in the whole game. You just spam Elika then claw claw, this has 100% successrate.
03:18 - Autosave and end of segment.

At the start I wanted to make a segment only of the skip itself, however I trained that jump really hard and was able to make it 1 ouf of 10 times. So I decided to make it into one, the boss fight is really easy as well.

Lightseeds Total: 293
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 23

00:19 - Start of Segment, lightseed route for this whole level.
00:53 - It's sad that you can not die here after you collected the last lightseed even if you hold to the left site. It would be much faster instead of continue the flight.
01:41 - Droping down here to set up the Teleport-Glitch.
01:53 - Using Teleport-Glitch to get back to the other platform.
02:05 - Small brainlag! T_T
02:10 - Sometimes when you hit Claw for the handle, the waypoints for the prince are a bit flawed, like here. However this does not waste time you have to wait for the princess to get to her end anyway.
02:44 - To get these two drop downs correct and collect both lightseeds looks very easy but was actually really hard for me because the camera does what it wants there.
03:19 - Elika can randomly fuck you up here too and pushes you to the side before you can jump, gladly she does not here.
03:41 - Also this looks just like a "normal" wallrun this bitch can randomly drop you down for some reason...
03:51 - Pretty well done jump, the purpose here is to not hit the ground so you can Death-Abuse back to the beginning.
05:08 - Since I had to grab the lightseeds which took a bit of time and would make the soilder spawn I had to find another way to avoid him. This jump was pretty handy.
05:46 - Save and end of segment.

Lightseeds Total: 336
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 24

00:19 - Start of the Segment, ready for the next skip?
00:38 - You must hit jump at the very end of that board for this jump to work. (This one was found by Akheon)
00:51 - Making sure that you are on the exact correct postion you won't make it.
00:55 - Important here is that you do not hold any directional key else you will fall down directly after you hit that pipe.
00:58 - Triggering the fight.
01:13 - Starting the fight with the good old 14 hit combo and finish him off. Make sure to avoid hitting him into corruption to not trigger the cutscene which waste time.
02:36 - Autosave finishes this pretty small but chancy segment.

Lightseeds Total: 336
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 25

00:19 - Start of the Segment, lightseed route for current level.
01:23 - Making the doublejump here is stupid, you can reach the wall without doublejump and you will land a little bit lower on the wall as well. Reflexes not always a good thing.
01:48 - Thank god Elika is nice to me here and does not block my path.
02:17 - I think it is possible to avoid being saved on this platform. If you land somewhere at the very edge of the platform you could avoid being saved however I couldnt manage to find a good way to do it. It would help later when I die to get taken back not to this platform but even further back.
02:50 - pretty risky move to die that way, you can barely manage to get the lightseed there without the vines. This now is the part where I Death-Abuse to get back to the platform.
03:20 - Do you see it? Yes here is actually a smilyface with both powerplatforms beeing the eye's and a smiling mouth below the wall. This thing is sad while its corrupted I found it funny when I first saw it.
04:50 - Warping instantly to the Temple with Mouse-Abuse.
04:58 - Saving and end of segment.

Lightseeds Total: 369
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[ ] Blue[ ]

Segment 26

00:19 - Start of the Segment, Green Power and the way to last Alchi level.
02:41 - Using the Mouse again to instantly teleport to the first hunter level. This level hast 5 lightseeds that can only be reached with the green power, they are really fast to get so I take a small detour for them.
03:15 - Have to move the mouse now to the first Alchemist level, where another 5 lightseeds wait for me.
03:20 - When I warped from the Hunter level I made sure beforehand that I have the correct angle so I can already move while the game still fades in.
04:20 - Now warping back to the Alchemist level I last cleaned and make my way to the last Alchemist level.
05:11 - Pretty rarely you can avoid helping Elika up here, but sadly she did need my help here.
05:41 - Could have jumped here a little faster, tried to not miss the lightseed.
06:03 - These soilders nowadays don't get much attention...
06:51 - Saving and end of segment. Here is a cutscene, but I would need to wait for elika to get her feed on the platform as well to start it, thats why I kept it for next segment.

Lightseeds Total: 391
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[ ]

Segment 27

00:19 - Start of the Segment, Climbing Heaven's Stair.
00:34 - "How many times did you use that Line?", after hearing that hundrets of times its not even funny anymore, lol.
01:06 - you have to make sure to move pretty far into the room and peform a doublejump to make the fight starts befor the window closes in the background. Else you will have a small pause there.
02:42 - As you will see here using Death-Abuse in this puzzle is really much faster. You can avoid grinding down the wall and reclimb the platforms again.
03:17 - Here you can skip climbing the next platform at all, by Death-Abusing and just jumping to the next trigger.
03:31 - Small pause seems unnecessary but you really have to make sure that you are atleast aiming for the next platform and not screw up your segment.
05:03 - And another bossfight, which is instantly dropped down, had around 10 segments coming to that point, you can get some bad luck there.
06:31 - I try to hop into that cutscene so that I still get the lightseed. If you normaly move into it you will actually miss it.
07:10 - Wow we are openning a black gate the "normal" way. Sadly it seems unavoidable, atleast so far!
07:23 - Autosave and end of segment.

Lightseeds Total: 393
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[ ]

Segment 28

00:19 - Start of the Segment, Alchemist Bosslevel.
01:48 - I liked how epic and hard the whole power plate stuff looks, however this is really the easiest thing in the world after you played the game so much as I did. Anyway fighting this boss really took me long again to luck manipulate, there is always something that goes wrong, he blocks many attacks etc so yeah that level took me still pretty long.
01:54 - I dont know if its just me, but I found this conversation had something of Monkey Isleland Pirate fight where you have to find the correct swearword or phrase to win.
03:01 - Damn I really have to fight these soilders in this level hue? Gladly they die rather quickly.
03:34 - This guy really liked to screw me up. He would just move to much to the left so I couldnt finish him with elika only etc.
03:54 - Last thing that can go wrong in the second part of this bossfight is that he blocks my first attack. If that one goes through he is dead and the segment is done, as you can guess he blocked it several times before letting me through.
04:33 - 25 tasty lightseeds for killing a boss.
05:30 - Autosave and end of segment.

Lightseeds Total: 418
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[ ]

Segment 29

00:19 - Start of the Segment, escaping the Bosslevel and lightseed route for Heaven's Stair.
01:18 - Pretty anticlimactic without the epic escape music beforehand.
03:11 - Death-Abuse here, not necessary to climb any further, all lightseeds collected in that part.
03:24 - Unnecessary Elika catch here, could have been avoided by dropping down first and then adjust the direction.
03:30 - Again Death-Abuse is faster then climbing up the poles.
03:38 - The turn on the pole was unnecessary as well, could have hit correct direction key and jump.
04:30 - Warping with Mouse-Abuse directly to the first Concubine level.
04:38 - Saving and end of segment.

Lightseeds Total: 443
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[ ]

Segment 30

00:19 - Start of the Segment, rest lightseeds of the first concubine level up to the Royal Garden puzzle.
00:32 - If you were wondering in the early segments why I didnt picked that lightseed then here is the answer.
01:40 - It is possible to catch the wall further down when the jump sits 100%.
01:48 - You might be hearing the small claw noise when I jump here, you actually jump slightly higher when you wait for that. However the jump is a bit shorter as well and the angle is slightly different so there are areas where you cant use it as efficiently.
02:13 - Death-Abuse here obviously faster then moving back normally.
02:19 - Small pause here I didnt hit the angle perfectly for the rings so I had to adjust a little.
04:07 - My first plan was to save right here after the cutscene and finish the puzzle and the bossfight afterwards in one segment. However turned out that the bossfight is the biggest horror ever so I redid this segment to make the next segment easier to run.
04:14 - As you may notice the Puzzle itself after well trained and observed is actually the easiest thing ever so I had no problem adding it to this segment afterwards.
05:52 - Saving after a pretty well done puzzle, end of segment.

Lightseeds Total: 455
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[ ]

Segment 31

00:19 - Start of the Segment, Concubine bossfight in Royal Gardens.
00:55 - Boss fight starts, this fight really is hard to get a perfect one. By now the bosses block really much attacks, you start the fight without elika and you can not instantly back up to her and bring her back. So in the small period where you cant you have to use it to get some damage in. In this case I try to get her into a good position as well so I have enough space to use my next Combo.
01:04 - Here is where the fun starts, if you managed to get past the first hurdle and got Elika back on her feet, starting with this level bosses can use the claw ability. There is no good, long and damaging combo which starts with claw so if she uses that instead of what she uses in my run (magic) it is an instant reset.
01:24 - If you were lucky and got this far, you still have all the luck involved conditions, not blocking, no claw etc. She uses sword in my run which I actually didnt liked because it means she has an additional chance to block. However I accidently got 1 sword attack too much in and she didnt blocked, that was really lucky, because that means the combo ends 1 hit before the cutscene of the end of that combo. So this segment is even shorter then planned.
02:23 - I got 1 segment this far and my PC decided to framedrop to 9 FPS in this exact scene after like a day worth of trys only on this boss. Man I was pissed...

Lightseeds Total: 455
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[ ]

Segment 32

00:19 - Start of the Segment, Royal Gardens lightseed route first part.
00:35 - Well I dont think that this is intended that you can hit the platform from below, however I did that since the first time I played this game, I wonder why they didnt test this.
00:45 - Could have aimed for that jump a little bit faster.
01:10 - Preholding the direction here to not have to turn on that pole does not work for me on this pole for some reason.
02:25 - You can that lightseed without droping down there as well, however pretty precise and I got 3 of 4 without dropping down, which is pretty good.
02:56 - Dont ask me why the prince decides to walk up that ledge slow...
03:01 - Got both the lightseeds on that side without dropping down.
04:08 - Death-Abuse again faster then returning back.
04:41 - All Lightseeds in that area gathered so I warp back.
04:48 - Save and end of Segment.

Lightseeds Total: 494
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[ ]

Segment 33

00:19 - Start of the Segment, finishing lightseed route of royal gardens and save right before next levels boss.
00:40 - Killing the soilder beforehand is faster then killing him afterwards. Tried a bit arround but the perfect fight with a soilder I had was still 2 seconds slower then killing him beforehand.
00:58 - Have to move around the platform like that to avoid Elika's jump, which would slow you down.
01:58 - I tried many times doesnt matter how fast I was this enemy there would always kill me. Thats why you have to wait here.
02:17 - You can avoid the cutscene here if elika lacks behind enough, this is one of the few cutscenes that won't come up later if you skip it because after that the land is cleared by then.
03:10 - I actually managed here to drop down this level without her opening the gates, however there is no trigger which lets you move forward afterwards.
04:49 - After doing that jump the camera really bugs out hard when you move up there, gladly I can just save at this point.

Lightseeds Total: 499
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[ ]

Segment 34

00:21 - Start of the Segment, killing the boss.
00:30 - It really can not get any closer, you can barely make it before this enemy crosses.
00:46 - the boss fights starting from the last one become really annoying, the luck manipulation gets harder and harder because the bosses block much more attacks and let them use only claw on you with their buff. I think you could kill her with two combos if the 2nd is the 14 hit combo, however I had several tries where it would have worked but the game didnt accept the combo after sword; sword; sword; elika; sword, it would just not accept another hit and stopped the combo on its own.
02:16 - Autosave and end of Segment.

Lightseeds Total: 499
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[ ]

Segment 35

00:19 - Start of the Segment, lightseed route for current level and teleport to tempel.
01:32 - Death-Abuse here faster then returning.
01:45 - You have to grind this pole down all the way, else you wont hit the ring after then second pole.
02:32 - Instantly warp back with Mouse-Abuse to the fertile ground of this level.
03:24 - Hitting 540 Lightseeds never felt so awesome.
03:25 - Warping back to the tempel, have to move the mouse to the right location this time.
03:33 - Saving asap, end of segment.

Lightseeds Total: 540
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[ ]

Segment 36

00:19 - Segment starts, getting Blue Power, defeating the father yet again.
00:22 - For this plate I found a spot which skips the text, pretty hard to get still.
01:39 - Starting the boss fight, first combo starts only with 2 hits before jump because you would push him a cutscene if you go for 3 hits after that I try to push him as far as possible into the other direction so if I start the next combo he will not trigger that pushed to the wall cutscene either.
02:08 - I am skipping a cutscene here, there is a small window where you can push map inbetween these two cutscenes however this cutscene will be triggered next time I visit the temple so its not really saving time. Then I warp to the last Concubine level.
02:16 - Saving, end of Segment.

Lightseeds Total: 540
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[X]

Segment 37

00:19 - Start of the Segment, First part of the Concubine boss level.
00:33 - Using the Drop-Jump here to skip the Black-Door.
00:35 - I dont know why it is not possible for me to hit the powerplate directly here, for Akheon it did work (he uses the console version). I really tried hard but I had to use this method afterall.
02:12 - You can have really bad luck with these illusions they randomly teleport away. This can happen just before you kill them, or they just teleport far away to make it annoying.
02:42 - This boss fight is split into 3 fights so you can take her down in the first part easily with 1 combo.
04:07 - Saving just before the next fight.

Lightseeds Total: 540
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[X]

Segment 38

00:19 - Starting the Segment, 2nd part of the bossfight.
00:34 - This part is really annoying again, you dont have Elika at first and you can't make her stand up directly either. So what I need now is a combo that gives a little bit damage but mostly gets her away from that wall so I can preform a larger combo on her when Elika gets up.
01:55 - This annoyed me so hard, it looks like you just use Elika's magic to late, however while recording its not possible to hit it earlier for me. It is stupid how much the game does reacts on different FPS rates. Anyway I tried to get this out of the segment and testet it several times and I couldnt manage to hit this jump earlier while recording.
03:15 - After this little "puzzle" finally the last part of the fight, and I kill her with just one combo.
04:25 - Autosave and end of Segment.

Lightseeds Total: 565
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[X]

Segment 39

00:19 - Start of the Segment, "escaping" the Boss level and the way to the warriors gate.
02:08 - Skipping yet another Soilder, I dont know why they even try.
02:39 - It is possible to hit the small fence in the background with doublejump, which skips the small cutscene. However I need to cross here another time and its not possible from the other way to skip the cutscene, so it would not save any time.
03:44 - I tried to find a way to skip this cutscene, but didnt managed to find anything.
05:27 - I dont get why the soilder does not spawn here!? Maybe he stopped trying afterall, lol.
05:50 - Saving and end of Segment.

Lightseeds Total: 565
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[X]

Segment 40

00:19 - Start of the Semgent, killing the warrior.
00:33 - This skip was found by TheVoid. I think there are different version of this skip out there, I know atleast of another one. However I choose this one because its easier to aim for.
02:16 - Typical Warrior fight, push him down. This fight went really well.
03:40 - I know I take a few hits in this fight none of them did cost any time thought.
06:12 - Autosave, end of segment. With this Autosave you get a free Save-Warp. The whole "carry Elika to the plate" thing is skipped when you load this Autosave.

Lightseeds Total: 590
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[X]

Segment 41

00:20 - Start of Segment, escaping the warrior bosslevel, warping to the temple
00:39 - The doublejump is actually necessary, atleast for me. The camera is really annoying sometimes and you can evade the camera bitching with this doublejump.
02:00 - This time the soilder spawned, sadly. Because he is pretty hard to skip if you jump to early you wont be able to run long enough on the wall to hit these poles, if you jump to late he will obviously spawn.
03:44 - Yes I tried to get this jump in before the enemy crosses the path here. Sadly I couldnt make it, so I have to wait here.
04:02 - Warping to the temple to fight the final fight!
04:10 - Saving and end of Segment.

Lightseeds Total: 590
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[X]

Segment 42

00:19 - Start of the Segment, jumping through the inner Temple.
00:21 - Here is the cutscene which I skipped last time I was here by warping before it is triggered.
00:48 - Hurray, Powerplates... to be honest, this is just easy stuff, but since I need much luck manipulation for the upcomming bossfight I cant afford to have this part in the segment all the time.
03:04 - Saving just before the door to the bossfight, end of Segment.

Lightseeds Total: 590
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[X]

Segment 43

00:19 - Starting the Segment, last fight with the father.
00:29 - Funny bug which can happen here, most likely during speedrunning this game I guess, is that the textures from the cleaned temple would be loaded here instead of the corrupted temple textures. Looks kinda silly.
01:39 - This fight is really hard to luck manipulate and took a lot of time. Ofc the chance of blocks are really high but thats not the main issue. There is one spot after the first combo where he will most likely use claw-buff I was able to integrate this into my tactic, however if he uses sword-buff on him or a second time claw you can reset. In the previous boss fights sword was not a problem but in this case he does not loose the sword-buff after you hit him once or twice. Also the space is pretty narrow you push him easily against a wall or the ground which triggers a cutscene. But in this case I am abusing this and had my combo's planned to juggle him inbetween.
02:50 - Autosave, and end of segment. I still wonder why they have choosen to autosave in the middle of a cutscene.

Lightseeds Total: 590
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[X]

Segment 44

00:19 - Start of the Segment, fighting the God himself.
02:24 - Couldint find a way to make her not catch onto you, have to life with that.
04:48 - I hate that last floor, if you are fast it really breaks down just under your feet, you have to hit jump before it breaks down else you die.
06:06 - Autosave, end of Segment. Another weired Autosave if you ask me.

Lightseeds Total: 590
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[X]

Segment 45

00:19 - Start of the Segment, Cutscenes, Cutscenes and yeah walking with Elika in your hand.
02:21 - Who had the idea to start Credits in the middle of the game? Sadly you can't skip them earlier then I did.
05:04 - Autosave, end of segment. I had to make this an extra segment because it wasted far too much time always watching a 5 min cutscene basicly to get a try starting.

Lightseeds Total: 590
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[X]

Segment 46

00:19 - Start of the last segment, no spoilers!?
00:27 - You can not actually jump down any earlier. There are invisible walls all over the place to prevent you from "death". However TheVoid just recently told me he found a way to die at this place and Elika does rescue you! What a bitch, she is just pretending to be dead, maybe wants that lightseed drug again, lol.
03:44 - I start jumping here, because you would normally start walking slow much earlier, so I figgured if I jump into that area I can skip a part of that.
04:04 - Sadly you can not jump while holding the lightseed. When he starts moving it is always a little bit slower I usually prevent his by jumping.
04:47 - Last second of Human input, I guess game over for me.
05:36 - THE END, and Credits. ( You can watch them if you want it is only 11 minutes )

Lightseeds Total: 591
Powers: Red[X] Yellow[X] Green[X] Blue[X]


After all I really enjoyed speedrunning this game, going around searching for shortcuts planning a route for 540 lightseeds messuring which of them take to long to gather etc etc. It took me really long to finish this project, but I think it was worth it.
I hope you all will or did enjoy this run, because that was the main purpose of it.

Also I hope I can become an bigger part of the speedrun community. Cya around!

Aphox (aka L0rdy in the forum)

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