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Half-man, half-rabid-panther John Rambo gets a "modern" treatment in 2014's Rambo: The Video Game, which isn't really a proper instance of the definite article as C64 and NES games also exist... An invisible set of rails carry a jaded and comfort-loving Rambo through the thick of Viatnamese jungles, the thin of Viatnamese rivers, and the moderately rarefied of Viatnamese villages, docks, and cave networks - basically retracing all of the first three movies until everyone's extinction sentence has been duly carried out.

Rambo2014   Rambo2014

Best No upgrades, Single-segment, Private Difficulty Time: 1:31:09 by 'GrassHopper' on 2016-07-14

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Author's comments:

Welcome, fellow RAMBO fans and SPEEDrunners!

I present you the first PlayStation 3 speedrun of ‘Rambo: The Video Game’! This game was created in 2014, and the programmer from Poland created an interesting ‘Rail Shooter’ adaptation from the first 3 Rambo movies.


The game features probably the best elements (including funny bugs and glitches) of the genre:
— unlockable Primary and Secondary weapons = Trautman Challenges
— timing-based reload system
— shelters (up to 3 directions)
— energy bar = Wrath mode (with slow-motion, infinite ammunition and ‘Kill-to-Heal’)
— experience points (based on high scores)
→ upgrades = Skill points and Perks (armour, damage, ammunition etc.)
— extra: 2-player mode (with 2 cursors and weapon sets) + PlayStation Move motion-sensor controls


The reason why I play this game without ‘Upgrades’: the game is too easy to survive with Upgrades.
In ‘Rambo: TVG’ you can unlock Skill points and Perks by getting high scores (and eventually leveling up). With a single playthrough you can reach at least ‘Level 10’ (out of the 20 in version 1.0) and each level-up gives 1 Skill point and a new Perk. If you prioritize your points on upgrading Wrath mode and ammunition, you can literally kill any enemy without using shelters (and you can even become almost invincible in Wrath mode with 5/5 upgrade points)!
I like difficult tasks but the ‘Trautman Challenges’ (to unlock the Primary weapons) are so time-consuming that they would ruin the ‘speed’ part of this speedrun — so I can only play the game with the Primary weapon of each Mission, and the AK 47.


You can find all the information about the game and the speedrun elements in 3 audio tracks:
— a clean ‘gameplay’ (as usual)
— an English commentary, and
— a Hungarian commentary (which is probably the first time to be heard on SDA).

• Speedrun category: NO UPGRADES, Any%
• Platform: PlayStation 3 (DISC version 1.0, with the game installed to an SSD)
• Difficulty: PRIVATE (easiest, 1/3)
• Skills & Perks used: NONE
• Trautman Challenges unlocked: NONE
• Aiming Help: AUTO (Default)

I hope you will enjoy watching this speedrun, and I can assure you that the GREEN BERET difficulty speedrun will look more exciting! ;)

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