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Released in fall 2005, Ratchet: Deadlocked is the fourth episode of the well-known and PS2-exclusive Ratchet & Clank series. But this time, Ratchet will be separated from his sidekick Clank and is forced to compete in the deadliest sports show ever created in the universe: DreadZone. No one has won his freedom in this game, but Ratchet has yet to play...


Best couch potato time with deaths: Single-segment 2:10:51 by Bruno 'Linkinito' Ramadanoski on 2008-07-18.

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Author's comments:

Hi, welcome to my first speedrun done on SDA, Ratchet: Deadlocked!

First of all, I would like to thank Mike, Nate, Radix, Enhasa and all the people who run SDA since months and years for their awesome work they do for this site. Thank also to the verifiers who watched my run and accepted it. I also thank my mom and my sister for the DVD recorder, and my little brother for supporting me. And I also thank the (rare) members on the forum who followed the advancement, and also all the French Ratchet & Clank Community, I don't forget Daniel "CannibalK9" Burns for his great run of Ratchet & Clank 3 and, last but not least, Insomniac Games for making great games.

Ratchet: Deadlocked is a love story for me. When I completed R&C 3 in 2004, I thought it was the last, because Spyro had 3 episodes and everyone thought it was the last, in France. So when DL was announced, there was two types of people: the ones that believed it will be a great game, and the ones that don't. Just because there weren't Clank as a sidekick character. So I decided, to give more info on the game, to translate every piece of news I could find on the web. The french community was completely astonished by the possibilities and about 99% on the french forum bought the game when it was released. I waited it so long and when I played it, it was a joy. But I was a bit disappointed about the time to complete it. I finished the game the next day I had it. So, some months later, I said: "why not speedrunning it?"

I waited about one year and a half to finally record this run. I planned the run, I tried to do runs, I did times, but I wasn't able to record it. And the god came up in may 2008, when my bigger sister offered a DVD recorder for my mom. That was finally my chance. We quickly bought DVD-RW to finally record films, but I was worried on one point: will it lag?

In 2007, my best friend had a DVD recorder with an hard drive. But there was a problem: the lag was present and the game was unplayable. So I had to wait again... And my sister bought a GREAT DVD recorder. When I plugged in my PS2 to the DVD recorder, there was absolutely no lag. I was so excited that I make a run as soon as I plugged in.

I made a 2:19, which was a good time (one minute better than my best run), so I did my submission to SDA. But when I rewatched the run, I said "man, you can't submit this, it's full of mistakes." Anyway the proposition was done, but like the run weren't submitted, I had the time to redo it.

So I found a day to redo a run. And I make a 2:16! 3 minutes better! But I saw, minutes after I completed, there was a better way to have more dreadpoints in less time in my run. The dreadpoints are really important, you'll see it later. Also there was a huge costly mistake, so I decided : "let's try again." I changed my plan, and let's go.

One try... Two tries... Three tries... I messed up three times in a row before I completed THIS run. Fortunately it was at the beginning of the run. So now, let's go to the action.

DreadZone Station

At first there's a tutorial round. I pause the game to skip the first sentence of Clank which gains sometime. However, it doesn't work on other sentences. After, I change my commands to reverse up and down, because it's more comfortable for me. I messed up a bit here but I wasn't worth to reset the console for 1 second.

There was another advice, that I skip to make the targets appear. The first two ones are easy, and I use a little trick to kill the third one. Going to teleporter, and doing the little arena round.

Then I'm in my containment suite. Going to see Al, I take my robots, going to see Clank, and going to the Battledome. Simple but for now, Ratchet is slow as hell. Anyway, when he jumps like that, it's quite funny.

"Greetings..." STFU Gleeman.

In Couch Potato mode, enemies are really really weak at start, as well as the dropships, so it went quite fast. After I skipped the Al advice about the dysfunctioning robot, I gain some time to reanimate it. After, it's basically killing enemies.

When I reach the bolt crank, Ratchet must turn it because the robots doesn't have already this capacity. At the end, there was a little bug: normally six hits with Magma Cannon kill the turret. Here I fire 10. Dunno why. 1:51.

Well, now the run's comments will be more organized.

Bonus Challenge - The Big Sleep (2,500 Dreadpoints)

I can access to Catacrom 4 at this point but that's my plan. This is a 10-round arena challenge, so it's pretty easy. The Ratchet's life going down at any time but Nanotech spawns quite fast, so this challenge was cool. It was also my first weapon upgrade. The video presenting them are LOOOONG and USELESSSSSS... 1:20.

Dual Vipers V1 - Magma Cannon V2 - 2,500 Dreadpoints

After I choose a wrong challenge. Not a problem anyway, going to Catacrom 4 by the menu and it's quicker than getting back to containment suite and after going to Catacrom by the menu.

Catacrom 4

First Challenge

Bought Acid mod, and equip it. I love this mod, you can kill enemies about two times quicker, and sometimes it's one-hit kill. After going straight to the finish, 28 seconds. I was a bit hesitating about last jump because I thought EMP wasn't immediate.

Dual Vipers V1 Acid - Magma Cannon V2 Acid - 2,500 Dreadpoints

Second Challenge

I begin by the first one in the tunnel (and taking the jackpot crate for more bolts). It's all about running, and about trust. I must trust my robots because I let them without any defense to going to the next bolt-crank. It's the same strategy for the 3 bolt-cranks (anyway I assured on these, because sometimes my robots get hit if I go too far). After, running and running to the Landstalker. 1:37, it's a good time.

Third Challenge

Aaaaah, the Landstalker. The crappiest vehicle in the game. Takes a lot of time to fire mortars, he's slow, and weak also. Anyway it's possible to get faster by bunny hopping. But I hate mortars also because sometimes they take down some targets we don't want to. That happened twice in that challenge, but I lost only 2 seconds on that one. 41 seconds.

Fourth Challenge

Arena round... One of my favourites. My magma cannon is now one-hit kill with Acid mod, and those zombies are weak... Easy. And when Clank says "Stay alive"... Ah, ah, "Staying aliiiiiiiiiiiiive!!!" I always think about Bee Gees and Half-Life in 60 seconds when Clank says that sentence, it's funny. And "Unstoppable" for skill point... Yeah, that's definitely the case. 52 seconds.

Bonus Challenge - Monuments of Death (2,500 Dreadpoints)

This challenge has a bug who can mess up a beginning of a run. You must plant explosives on 3 statues, but if you get too far from the second statue, it doesn't explode even if you planted explosives on it (it happened on my 2:19 run). So I had to wait. But other statues are simple, so this challenge was easy. Also, I found a shortcut between second and third statue, by going left after the bridge. I didn't notice it until that one, so I said "why not taking it?" and I did a good time: 1:14. Sarathos is unlocked because I have 5,000 Dreadpoints.

Dual Vipers V1 Acid - Magma Cannon V2 Acid - 5,000 Dreadpoints


First Challenge

Bought Mine Launcher. It's pretty useful in the run. And just after, my Magma Cannon evolves to V3. But after, something messed up: one of my robots fall, because of an enemy which was supposed to be dead for me. So I lost some seconds here. But the next part was flawless. 58 seconds.

Dual Vipers V1 Acid - Magma Cannon V3 Acid - Tesla Mine Launcher V1 - 5,000 Dreadpoints

Second Challenge

Again orbs to hack for my robots. I've been careful on that one, since my second robot died before. The challenge went very well because it's a straight-to-the-finish round except there are barriers, and sometimes my robots don't do anything so I have to recall them and regiving them the order. 1:10.

Third Challenge

Ooooh yeah, Puma. Easy to handle, powerful, fast and strong, it's for me the best land vehicle in the game. This challenge is all about trust. I literally abandon my robots for going to the next bolt faster. In this challenge, it worked perfectly (after, of course, cleaning the room before). 1:16.

Fourth Challenge - Boss battle

Some orbs to hack again, protecting my robots and evolving my weapons. At first, I kill nearly everyone before orbs are hacked. Then the king Leviathan comes, and I have to force him to get out of the center by shooting him. And when he gets out, I launch the ultra-useful Destructor from my robots to kill him instantly (and evolving my Dual Vipers). 1:10.

Dual Vipers V2 Acid - Magma Cannon V4 Acid - Tesla Mine Launcher V1 - 5,000 Dreadpoints

Bonus Challenge - Swamp Fever (5,000 Dreadpoints)

Landstalker, again. I have to kill 23 leviathans. But this time, only 3 mortars are enough to kill one leviathan. So bunny hopping and getting targets one by one was the best strategy. 1:15. Kronos is unlocked for getting 10,000 Dreadpoints.

Dual Vipers V2 Acid - Magma Cannon V4 Acid - Tesla Mine Launcher V1 - 10,000 Dreadpoints


First challenge

It's the longest planet in the game. Bought Fusion Rifle. I love this weapon, I prefer it to the Arbiter, because you kill faster and its range is more long than Arbiter. This challenge is all about running, and when I come to the arena, I have to kill some enemies to advance. But now Grind Cables are here and it's my nightmare. If you don't protect your robot, if he's hit, he disables the Grind Cable and you fall. So I had to kill the three guards before going to the last part and hacking the two orbs. Also, my Mine Launcher evolved to V2 at the end. 1:23.

Dual Vipers V2 Acid - Magma Cannon V4 Acid - Tesla Mine Launcher V2 - Fusion Rifle V1 - 10,000 Dreadpoints

Second challenge

First of the numerous Shellshock battles. Here's that simple: Fusion Rifle again and again until he's off. After, you just have to kill enemies to unlock the next challenge. I evolve my Fusion Rifle to V2. 57 seconds.

Dual Vipers V2 Acid - Magma Cannon V4 Acid - Tesla Mine Launcher V2 - Fusion Rifle V2 - 10,000 Dreadpoints

Third challenge

Grind railing. I hate grind railing. It's slow, you can be hit and lose some time... And you can only use your Dual Vipers. Anyway, the enemies in that level are weak and Acid mod makes the task easy. Didn't took a hit and make a perfect 1:44. Notice I'm always afraid that I fall at the end.

Fourth challenge

It's the same type of challenge than the first one. But here you have to kill all dropships to advance, before the door to arena opens. So Fusion Rifle was very useful here. The arena is done quick, and the two last orbs are hacked. But I do an useless pause just before the challenge ends for skipping the cinematic. 1:27.

Fifth challenge

It likes doing the first three challenges all over again. Shellshock battle, Fusion Rifle abuse, and killing the very few enemies. 27 seconds, the time of that challenge will always me laugh.

Sixth challenge

Evolving quickly my Fusion Rifle to V3. It's again grind-railing, but it's also very straight. I was very lucky again because I didn't get hit a single time. So everything was cool, calm. I was ready to kick Shellshock's ass. 1:47. Nearly-perfect time.

Dual Vipers V2 Acid - Magma Cannon V4 Acid - Tesla Mine Launcher V2 - Fusion Rifle V3 - 10,000 Dreadpoints

Seventh challenge - Boss battle

The first Exterminator prepares to be exterminated. First battle, he backups before he can land. I love my Fusion Rifle. Max out my ammo, kicking his ass a second time, retaking some ammo, passing the swingshot part, kicking ass third time, bolt crank turned again, shooting my last ammo of Fusion Rifle, and obliterating him with Destructor. That was quite brief, isn't it? 1:25

Bonus challenge - Night Flight twice (4,000 + 2,000 Dreadpoints)

A quick challenge for many Dreadpoints, with the Hovership. That's awesome. It's my favourite vehicle in the game. Powerful, strong, fast, and it flies! Five turrets to kill, 32 seconds for the first try, 31 for the second try. 6,000 Dreadpoints in around on minute, and it unlocks Avenger Tournament for getting 15,000 Dreadpoints...

Dual Vipers V2 Acid - Magma Cannon V4 Acid - Tesla Mine Launcher V2 - Fusion Rifle V3 - 16,000 Dreadpoints

Avenger Tournament (DreadZone Station)

CHARGE BOOTS! YEAH! Going to buy Freeze mod and Wrench Upgrade. After, going to the ship to go to the Battledome. If I don't use the menu, it's because if you complete the first challenge by using the menu, you are taken back to the containment suite and it's slower. I hesitated to go to Al buying Shield Link, but I remembered you spawn at Al after completing the tournament.

Dual Vipers V2 Freeze - Magma Cannon V4 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V2 Freeze - Fusion Rifle V3 Freeze - 16,000 Dreadpoints

First challenge

Round against the clock. The Freeze mod is better than Acid mod for me, you can kill strong enemies faster using less ammo. It's an arena round, so it went pretty fast. 40 seconds.

Second challenge

First, I have to kill some enemies and dropships to advance, and it was fast thanks to the Magma Cannon (who freezes, I love Omega mods ^^) and Fusion Rifle. After, upgrading my Fusion Rifle to V4, and Magma Cannon to V5. It's all about killing, and moving. Near the end, my Mine Launcher upgrades to V3. 2:12, one of the longest challenges of the game.

Dual Vipers V2 Freeze - Magma Cannon V5 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V3 Freeze - Fusion Rifle V4 Freeze - 16,000 Dreadpoints

Third challenge

Last challenge before becoming an Avenger. Climb the tower of Power, beginning was cool, middle was great, and the end was TOTALLY CRAP! I fall at two platforms at the end! Fortunately I fallen into the orange force field and respawned at the beginning of that part. Damn enemy, he slowed me down... Anyway I lost around 5-6 seconds here but I said "it's an SS run, that's nothing on 2 hours." I finally climb it totally and killed the last enemies who were messing around... 1:31.

Bought the mandatory Shield Link for my robots and the Bogo to give them additional firepower.

Bonus challenge - Close and Personal (10,000 Dreadpoints)

The wrench upgrade is useful here, you kill everyone in one hit and sometimes you can kill dropships (it happened once in the challenge). Enemies are weak, wrench is powerful, and it's nearly a perfect chrome finish (reference to the other bonus challenge where you mustn't be hit) without that ball. 1:24 and unlocking Shaar and Orxon for getting 25,000 Dreadpoints.

Dual Vipers V2 Freeze - Magma Cannon V5 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V3 Freeze - Fusion Rifle V4 Freeze - 26,000 Dreadpoints


First challenge

I always begin by Orxon because Shaar is more simple with better upgraded weapons and more Nanotech. Chosen path of right because it's the closest one (but the two paths have an equal length, because if you take the left path, you do the right path reversed). Have to hack some orbs to advance, and sometimes, even if it's faster, the two robots hack their orb instead of one hacking and one protecting. And just before the last force field, my TWO robots DIE, because of that damn enemy Landstalker, they don't know how to runaway. Lost around 5 seconds because of those deaths. 1:14.

Second challenge

Have to turn six bolt-cranks in a huge map. This is one of the challenges that I hate in this run because my robots didn't want to use Shield Link even if I told them 150 times. So they died multiple times, also I fall on the lower ground one time, but overall I saved the challenge with a good anticipation and my robots, when they used the Shield Link, were perfect. 1:33.

Third challenge

A bug, again. Dunno why those orbs didn't unlocked before. Lost 10 seconds for a bug that I NEVER had, and I was forced to wait the end of Dallas' speech. Anyway that round was pretty good, and my robots responded quite fast this time (because every 4 orbs you have to recall them to hack other orbs). But they always mess up and they forgot another orb. 1:28... I hate that time.

Fourth challenge

Landstalker again, but it's an easier challenge. Just have to destroy some orbs and liberate fans. Also using bunny hopping to get faster and pass the swamps faster without much damage. 38 seconds, one of my best times ever.

Bonus challenge - Swarming the Gauntlet (6,000 points)

Kill 150 enemies in 3 minutes by using only the weapons on the Battlecourse? Easy. Dual Vipers for little enemies, Magma Cannon for big groups, and evolved my Dual Vipers to V3 and my Magma Cannon to V6. A very good round anyway. 1:15, one of my best times again. Now going to Shaar to have more Dreadpoints.

Dual Vipers V3 Freeze - Magma Cannon V6 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V3 Freeze - Fusion Rifle V4 Freeze - 32,000 Dreadpoints


First challenge

It's just about hacking orbs. Bought the Arbiter, and trying to upgrade it a bit. After getting in the arena, I use my other weapons and upgrade my Fusion Rifle to V5. I let my robots do the rest. And just before I get to the finish, an enemy bites my ass! Perverse! 53 seconds.

Dual Vipers V3 Freeze - Magma Cannon V6 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V3 Freeze - Fusion Rifle V5 Freeze - Arbiter V1 - 32,000 Dreadpoints

Second challenge

THAT is the hardest challenge of the entire game. That's one of the reasons that I decided to do the run in Couch Potato instead of Hero. There's plenty of turrets, enemy landstalkers, and because of the crappy condition of the Landstalker, I decided to do this challenge on foot. The missile turrets and landstalker mortars can break Shield Link, that's hell! First bolt-crank is easy anyway, and to be tranquil after, My robots throw EMP on each Landstalker and after I kill them. Anyway they die multiple times (unavoidable)... But they did they job pretty well compared to another runs where they fall like flies. The second bolt-crank was easy too, and the second part is now available. Going to the right, cleaning up the zone, and turning the third one. After, the last bolt-crank, obviously the hardest one. There's ultra powerful enemies (the big flies) and they can make you lost multiple seconds because they can kill your robots instantly. Anyway, after planting some mines, my Mine Launcher evolved to V4. So I had to freeze the big flying enemies to be cool. Did 2:03, a very good time for that level.

Dual Vipers V3 Freeze - Magma Cannon V6 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V4 Freeze - Fusion Rifle V5 Freeze - Arbiter V1 - 32,000 Dreadpoints

Third challenge

Turning 5 bolt-cranks in a massive temple. The first one is good, but on my route to the second, they die. Don't know why, but they had to come in quick, and they did. The second bolt-crank was alright, same for the third but I stayed with them a bit to be safe. The route to the fourth was great, but the fifth was horrible. A turret located at around 150 meters managed to shoot me! Incredible. So to be safe, I decided to turn that bolt by myself and let the robots protect me. 1:28, a good time.

Bonus challenge - Assault on the Frozen Tundra (18,000 Dreadpoints)

That was the occasion to make some Dreadpoints. It's basically the same challenge than the third one, but the weapons are on the ground, and there's only 4 bolt-cranks to turn.The first one went well, the second a bit less (my robot were hit just before the Shield Link protected him), the third pretty good (but I lost my Destructor him, without any consequence on the run though), and the last one was hot. Those big flying enemies threatened to kill me, so I used the Shield Link bug to take cover by entering it by the top. 1:15, a great time, and the Crusader Tournament is unlocked for getting 50,000 Dreadpoints. But I don't have finished with Shaar. "He must have cheated!" No Juanita, SDA doesn't allow cheats :p

Dual Vipers V3 Freeze - Magma Cannon V6 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V4 Freeze - Fusion Rifle V5 Freeze - Arbiter V1 - 50,000 Dreadpoints

Bonus challenge - Shoot to kill (6,000 Dreadpoints)

It's a Landstalker challenge with a fixed time (here 1:34). I used and abused of the mortars and it's an easy challenge. 24,408 points scored, sometimes I did above 25,000 but that isn't the point. At the end, I pressed Start too early by the way. So 1:34.

Dual Vipers V3 Freeze - Magma Cannon V6 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V4 Freeze - Fusion Rifle V5 Freeze - Arbiter V1 - 56,000 Dreadpoints

Bonus challenge - Robots in a Barrel (8,000 Dreadpoints)

Arena round, that's just about killing enemies. The occasion to upgrade my weapons, but this time none were upgraded. Everything went well, and I did a good time: 1:14.

Dual Vipers V3 Freeze - Magma Cannon V6 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V4 Freeze - Fusion Rifle V5 Freeze - Arbiter V1 - 64,000 Dreadpoints

Crusader Tournament (DreadZone Station)

Here, I go immediately to the challenge by the menu because this time, it's faster.

First challenge

The Mine Launcher round. It's for that reason that I buy the Mine Launcher. It's a very strategic round, but you can upgrade your weapon quickly here. But it's a very long round, and sometimes you need to wait for ammo. Here, I were lucky because I was short on ammo and my Mine Launcher evolved to V6 (it evolved to V5 prior in this challenge). It gave me 4 free ammo. At the end, there's many enemies and sometimes I shoot before my ammo gets to 1, so I had to wait a little bit of time. 2:06. It's one of my best attempts.

Dual Vipers V3 Freeze - Magma Cannon V6 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V6 Freeze - Fusion Rifle V5 Freeze - Arbiter V1 - 64,000 Dreadpoints

Second challenge (after a comeback to containment suite)

Here, you need to turn bolt-cranks to advance and deploy the grind rails. When the first rail was deployed, I tried a trick but it doesn't work. So I took it when it was nearly-fully deployed. After, you just have to turn 3 other bolt-cranks, and killing enemies. That's simple as that. Nothing messed up, just killing enemies to gain some experience. 1:17.

Third challenge - Boss battle

Reactor. Ha, ha, ha. No one resists to the mighty power of Fusion Rifle. NO ONE. 21 seconds. You call this an Exterminator?

Bonus challenge - Heavy Metal (16,000 Dreadpoints)

That's the challenge who permitted me to gain some time. In fact, on the precedent plan, just after the last bonus challenge, I had 247,000 Dreadpoints. So I need 3,000 additional (to access the Ghost Station, 250,000 Dreadpoints are needed), and at first I did another challenge. And I found quickly that I did "Zombie Attack" which earns 12,000 Dreadpoints and lenghs 2:30. This round earns 16,000 Dreadpoints... Faster. This round is all about my beloved Fusion Rifle (I want to sleep with him if I could) At first, upgraded my Fusion Rifle to V6, then to V7 (they fall like flies, explosion on explosion... Great to watch ^^) just before the end of the challenge. 1:55, that's quite an improvement over the old plan! You remove 35 seconds and the time you need to redo another challenge to fill the 3,000 needed Dreadpoints. And I gain access to Valix Belt and Torval for getting 75,000 Dreadpoints!

Dual Vipers V3 Freeze - Magma Cannon V6 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V6 Freeze - Fusion Rifle V7 Freeze - Arbiter V1 - 80,000 Dreadpoints


First challenge

I prefer to begin by Torval, because it's easier and faster. Bought Mini-bomb mod and equipped it to Arbiter and Mine Launcher. Perfect to do additional damage. Have to destroy three turrets after disabling it, it was quite simple to destroy them and moving from one to another with charge boots. Did another useless pause in order to skip the cinematic. 53 seconds.

Dual Vipers V3 Freeze - Magma Cannon V6 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V6 Mini-bomb - Fusion Rifle V7 Freeze - Arbiter V1 Mini-bomb - 80,000 Dreadpoints

Second challenge

Oh yeah, hoverbike. Destroying 12 little flying balls, that's my job. It went pretty well, but each time I do this challenge I mess up just after the tunnel where you start. This challenge is also involving luck, but luck was mine this time. 1:15, that's my best time EVER on that challenge.

Third challenge

Hoverbike again? Oh yeah again. But this time, it's for turning three bolt-cranks. The first two ones are hard, because there are lots of enemies. So I had to clear the zone before my robots can turn the bolt-crank, so it cost some time but it's better than using an ultra-risky strategy. At this point, with so much enemies, I can't trust my robots, they are too weak. The last bolt crank is easy and there's a trick to skip all the way to get it by jumping just before and let the robots doing the rest. 1:19.

Fourth challenge

Dammit, that was a close one. I didn't shot down the turret, and it nearly killed me by using mortars! So I had to take some cover and Nanotech to stay alive while my robots planted the explosives. Finally all went well, the bombs have been planted (lol) and 15 seconds after, terrorists... Hmmm, I win. 1:07, good time overall.

Bonus challenge - Turret Trouble (20,000 Dreadpoints)

That begins to be worthy. Turret round, my button bashing skills are going to be used! When you use turrets, the faster you fire, more damage you do. I shot pretty fast, but I was really tired after each killing spree (damn, I have to clear my CS vocabulary outta my mind!). Sometimes, enemies were really moving fast so I had difficulties to shot them. Anyway it went well, and I did a good time: 1:36.

Dual Vipers V3 Freeze - Magma Cannon V6 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V6 Mini-bomb - Fusion Rifle V7 Freeze - Arbiter V1 Mini-bomb - 100,000 Dreadpoints

Valix Belt

First challenge

This world can be a pain. In my 2:19 run, I died on Valix 4 times. It was because of the robots who got hit by enemies and removed the mandatory Grind Cable and after, falling into space. So this challenge, very linear in its conception, needs to be really cleaned up before passing to the next section. You just can't take risks unless to be lucky. Also I prefered to use slower double jumps because it's much safer. 1:21.

Second challenge

Hovership rampage! Oh yeah, 12 groups of enemies to kill. But those enemies are resistant, and the mortars aren't really powerful at this stage of the game. But there was a great thing, the radar shows the closest group after killing one... So my route was traced! 1:37.

Third challenge

Hacking orbs in that challenge can be a real pain because the slopes into the buildings block your robots often. So using the Regroup command was mandatory. But I don't know how they died in the way to the north generator (anyway how could a north/south can exist in a 3D space?). After, they block themselves, costing seconds again... I hate those robots. I thought they were smarter than those of third episode. Well, they fly, they lost their legs but maybe their brain was in their feet? Another useless pause to complete the massacre. 1:00. I did better.

Fourth challenge

At this challenge, I was really safe because on old runs, I died here multiple times. But it's very straight anyway, so I used the same strategy than first challenge: cleaning the zone, and advance when it's safe enough. My Magma Cannon evolved to V7, that's have been a long time that my weapons didn't evolved. Well, everything was cool and relaxed, and finally I finished Valix campaign. Vindicator Tournament has been unlocked for having 100,000 Dreadpoints, but be strong, there's again 2 bonus challenges to do on Valix for the last sections of the run. I forgot : 1:23.

Dual Vipers V3 Freeze - Magma Cannon V7 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V6 Mini-bomb - Fusion Rifle V7 Freeze - Arbiter V1 Mini-bomb - 100,000 Dreadpoints

Bonus challenge - Time Extension! (12,000 Dreadpoints)

I fucked up at one ring. Usually I do it perfectly, but that damn sun came and did a reflect on my TV so I didn't saw anything and I missed the ring. So I had to go as fast as I could to not lost too much time. 1:17. I did 5 seconds better.

Dual Vipers V3 Freeze - Magma Cannon V7 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V6 Mini-bomb - Fusion Rifle V7 Freeze - Arbiter V1 Mini-bomb - 112,000 Dreadpoints

Bonus challenge - Your Land is my Land (16,000 points)

It's basically the same challenge like the third challenge, but replace orbs by bolt-cranks and add another one in the middle of the course. Once AGAIN, my robots mess up. So I turned the bolt-crank by myself for the third time of the run. But after, on the two last nodes, they were perfect. Those robots are creepy. 56 seconds.

Dual Vipers V3 Freeze - Magma Cannon V7 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V6 Mini-bomb - Fusion Rifle V7 Freeze - Arbiter V1 Mini-bomb - 128,000 Dreadpoints

Damn, I hate this world. Fortunately I leave it.

Vindicator Tournament (DreadZone Station)

Well, the badluck continues, I fall off because the trigger to access Battledome doesn't happened. So I fall off, fortunately you can't die in containment suite.

First challenge

I love weapon change rounds. It can upgrade our weapons so much in a good time. But if your weapon doesn't evolved enough, it can be a serious pain. Fusion Rifle was good (evolved to V8), and... Scorpion Flail? Wait a minute, I didn't bought this weapon! Fortunately enemies were weak and I had just to look my radar to locate them and fire at will. After, Mines, great round, and I left some mines behind to destroy enemies after the weapon has been changed, then Arbiter. I didn't evolved it much, because I largely preferred the Fusion Rifle to it. It evolved to V2 anyway. And to finish, the weak Dual Vipers. Thanks to the Freeze mod I could kill them faster. 1:45.

Dual Vipers V3 Freeze - Magma Cannon V7 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V6 Mini-bomb - Fusion Rifle V8 Freeze - Arbiter V2 Mini-bomb - 128,000 Dreadpoints

Second challenge

Damn, a survival round. Taking time to evolve weapons again, because it's all in the killing for that round. Mine Launcher evolves to V7, Dual Vipers evolve to V4... And that's all. 2:26. Long round wasting time, but it's mandatory...

Dual Vipers V4 Freeze - Magma Cannon V7 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V7 Mini-bomb - Fusion Rifle V8 Freeze - Arbiter V2 Mini-bomb - 128,000 Dreadpoints

Third challenge - Boss battle

The Eviscerator prepares to have some additional assholes. My Fusion Rifle is locked and loaded. When the second wave of "little eviscerators" come, I love that moment: 4 kills when they are spawned! Great moment. And after, shooting him until he dies... 37 seconds. Well, he stood longer than his absolutely not regretted friend Reactor. And Stygia and Maraxus are unlocked (for getting 125,000 Dreadpoints), but I had to do bonus challenges first to take some Dreadpoints.

Bonus challenge - The Corkscrew (25,000 Dreadpoints)

I hate those special orbs. You have to fire on them to advance on grind rails. And the ammo are getting short because they need time to get activated... And there's enemies to complete the scene. Anyway, it went well, and look at the great shot of the leviathan around the end of the third grind rail. Boom! He hits me costing around one second. And to finish, arena round. Great round. 2:17.

Dual Vipers V4 Freeze - Magma Cannon V7 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V7 Mini-bomb - Fusion Rifle V8 Freeze - Arbiter V2 Mini-bomb - 153,000 Dreadpoints


First challenge

Landstalker + lots of enemies = pain in the ass. You have to shoot at little targets to disable force fields and advance farther. But I wanted to be safe (I died multiple times here when I did some test-runs) and cleaned the zone to be safe enough. Moving was hard, and I had to recharge my life one time to be okay. I wanted to stand until the last orb was destroyed. Also I could use the Destroyer, but my robots always die before they use it. 1:44.

Second challenge

Well it's a straight-to-the-goal challenge, but with bolt-cranks to turn. Here, same strategy, cleaning the zone, send my robots, and going to the next point while they turn it. Evolved Fusion Rifle to V9, and the round went very well: I did 1:19.

Dual Vipers V4 Freeze - Magma Cannon V7 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V7 Mini-bomb - Fusion Rifle V9 Freeze - Arbiter V2 Mini-bomb - 153,000 Dreadpoints

Third challenge

I hate my robots AGAIN! They die, they don't protect each other, they die again, they don't do what I order them to do... They completely messed up the challenge. The good news, they always mess up at this round. I kept my hovership to have more fire power, but sometimes, it isn't enough. 1:59 for that one, and an ironic "excellent work" from Clank. Ha, ha.

Fourth challenge

Eaaaaasy! Three waves of enemies, just shooting them with my best weapons is the solution. Also evolved my Arbiter to V3, and I was so fast the dropships couldn't take place they were already exploded. 46 seconds, to finish with Stygia.

Dual Vipers V4 Freeze - Magma Cannon V7 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V7 Mini-bomb - Fusion Rifle V9 Freeze - Arbiter V3 Mini-bomb - 153,000 Dreadpoints

And unfortunately, no bonus challenges.


First challenge

Robots are emprisoned. Fine. Don't have to put up with them... Well for first challenge, in fact. I mess up a bit at first by hitting the store, and after everything went well until my robot is liberated. And everytime, when I shoot an EMP, he misses the shot. I hate him. But after, just have to kill the two big daddys to finish the challenge. 52 seconds.

Second challenge

This one is all about Puma, and bolt-cranking. Like other rounds, you know the song, cleaning up a bit, send my robot doing the job, and leave to the next node while he's turning the actual one. Everything went well, my robot wasn't disturbed, but I could had gain some seconds by more trusting. 1:13.

Third challenge

One of the challenges that I hate. My robot has to hack some orbs to advance, after using an EMP, climb a metal slope, hack other orbs, climbing another slope and using a grind cable. He died just after the EMP and mess up about climbing the last slope. 1:07 for that challenge.

Fourth challenge

Another challenge that I hate, but it's an arena-style round. It's just you don't have many ammo refills in that challenge, so you have to take care. At first, liberating the second robot (fortunately he's useless on this round, except for killing enemies), and I had to leave the button multiple times to clean the zone. After, killing, and killing again. Evolving my Magma Cannon to V8, this round is the perfect coordination of Fusion Rifle and Magma Cannon. 1:52, a good time. Liberator Tournament is unlocked, but I need some points again.

Dual Vipers V4 Freeze - Magma Cannon V8 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V7 Mini-bomb - Fusion Rifle V9 Freeze - Arbiter V3 Mini-bomb - 153,000 Dreadpoints

Bonus challenge - Speed Trap twice (32,000 + 16,000 Dreadpoints)

It's simple a time trial. Simple, at first. 54 seconds for first try, and... I MESS UP on the second, because of one fucking ring! But I said "you just lost some seconds, you're far... And you did a great run overall, that's not a reason to abandon." Did 1:01 on that second try. Yurk. Anyway, I've got many points quickly to be alright for the next part.

Dual Vipers V4 Freeze - Magma Cannon V8 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V7 Mini-bomb - Fusion Rifle V9 Freeze - Arbiter V3 Mini-bomb - 201,000 Dreadpoints

Liberator Tournament (DreadZone Station)

First challenge

Oh yeah, we enter in the last straight line. Going to kick Ace's ass (^^). Here, some rampage with Arbiter on the first two rounds, and thanks to the mini-bomb mod I could kill enemies quicker. My Arbiter evolved to V4, just before... B6? Oh nooooooo... Fortunately enemies are very weak so you can kill them in one shot. Whew. I was worried about it at first time, but by doing test-runs I saw it was okay even if you don't buy it. 1:53.

Dual Vipers V4 Freeze - Magma Cannon V8 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V7 Mini-bomb - Fusion Rifle V9 Freeze - Arbiter V4 Mini-bomb - 201,000 Dreadpoints

Second challenge

Accelerator round. Oh yeah, I love it. The more you kill, the faster you are. Well, here again, perfect coordination of Magma Cannon and Fusion Rifle. And I was using the Arbiter when I was getting low on ammo. It's ont of my best attempts: 1:35.

Third challenge - Boss battle

Ace Hardlight. Finally I'm gonna kick his ass. Fusion Rifle abuse until he uses his holoclones. After, it's all about mines. You don't have to find the good one with the mines, they do all the job. I could have kill him faster if I used the mines before. 1:11 anyway.

Bonus challenge - Less is More (50,000 Dreadpoints)

The worthiest challenge is here. 50,000 Dreadpoints waits after those 8 long rounds. Perfect occasion to evolve my weapons. Finally, my Fusion Rifle become the Anti-Matter Rifle, its ultimate stage (V10), Mine Launcher gets to V8 a little time after, and after it's a rampage with Magma Cannon, Mine Launcher, and Anti-Matter Rifle. Only happiness in that round. 2:36, but they worth the 50,000 points. And I finally unlock the last world, the Ghost Station, for getting 250,000 points in the game.

Dual Vipers V4 Freeze - Magma Cannon V8 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V8 Mini-bomb - Anti-Matter Rifle V10 Freeze - Arbiter V4 Mini-bomb - 251,000 Dreadpoints

Ghost Station

First challenge

First of all, swapping discs because I was getting close of the 2-hour mark. After, let's ready for the longest challenge in the game. 5 bolt-cranks to turn, first one was great, at the second, my robots doesn't want. So I decided to do it myself. And...


I fell! I died! Dammit robots! Screw you! It would never happened if you did your job! That's the worse mistake I did in this run. But fortunately, when a bolt-crank is turned on this challenge, the rails are still here, even if you die. So I lost around 25 seconds, and I was lucky I died early on that challenge. I've continued, without too much problems, on the third bolt-crank, and my robots have finally understood. They died at the fourth node because of a turret, and the fifth node was alright. This challenge was tough, but completely screwed up on that death. I've said "well, a death won't really screw up my run... And I was lucky this time, so I'll continue until I kick Gleeman's ass." 2:33 + 25 seconds lost = 2:58.

Second challenge

Again, turning 4 bolt-cranks around a big building plus one on a completely another platform. Anyway, it went good, but I screwed up some parts because of the numerous useless walls that I hit when I was using charge boots. Did the same tactic (letting my robots doing the job while I'm going to the next node), and it was good. Evolved my Magma Cannon to V9, by the way. 1:57, it's a very good time anyway.

Dual Vipers V4 Freeze - Magma Cannon V9 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V8 Mini-bomb - Anti-Matter Rifle V10 Freeze - Arbiter V4 Mini-bomb - 251,000 Dreadpoints

Third challenge

Going to get the Hovership after this challenge! Have to hack some orbs and after, going straight to the goal by destroying the computers in the last room. But I was low on ammo, and I had to destroy the computers with Dual Vipers. 1:16.

Fourth challenge

Time to blow up this place. 33 nodules and 9 turrets to destroy. I admit I didn't really planned that challenge, you just have to shoot what you see, and nothing else. Anyway I did 1:51, that's a very good time for that challenge. Now, going to kill Gleeman.

DreadZone Station

Little briefing by Clank...

DreadZone Station Interior

First challenge

Well, let's blow the first generator. Everything was perfect until my robots die... Again. So I had to wait they hack the orbs. After, there were so much enemies just before the generator room that my robots messed up a bit. And they died another couple of times while planting the explosives. Yeah, that one was hard. 2:14, I did sub-2 minutes on that one.

Second challenge

So now let's blow the second generator. It was very well, my robots didn't die too much, they weren't too much disturbed, and the generator was blown pretty quickly. Magma Cannon rampage and Arbiter rampage again. 2:03.

Third challenge

The first bolt-crank was a nightmare. I thought it was cool when very strong and resistant turrets get out of the floor. They killed my robots, and they had to return the bolt-crank to finally advance with me. "Station is seconds away from exploding?" Hahahaha. I've 9 minutes in front of me, Clank. Finally getting to the final room, my robots mess up again and lost some time, but the last generator is finally blown. 2:18.

Final boss battle

Oh yeah, this is it. It's quite simple anyway: Anti-Matter Rifle, and after, Arbiter to finish him. And it's over, he's explode.

I let the ending cinematics and credits to thank Insomniac Games for this game.

"You make me feel like a young boy again!"
"Hmmm... Said what?!"

Final statistics:

Time: 2:10:51
Weapons and mods: Dual Vipers V4 Freeze - Magma Cannon V9 Freeze - Tesla Mine Launcher V8 Mini-bomb - Anti-Matter Rifle V10 Freeze - Arbiter V4 Mini-bomb
Dreadpoints: 251,000
Nanotech: 52
Bolts at the end: 1,014,916

Well, I hope you enjoyed these comments and this run. And I thank you, for watching my run! I don't know what run will be next, but be assured it will be a great run. I think this run can be definitely improved by some minutes, but I don't know if I'll try to beat it.

With love from France,
Bruno "Linkinito" Ramadanoski

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