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Released in 1993, Stimpy's Invention features creative teamwork between Ren and Stimpy, such as forcing Stimpy to cough up a hairball or throwing Ren like a boomerang. It turns out Stimpy's new invention, the Mutate-o-matic, has exploded. Ren and Stimpy set out to recover the parts.


Best time: 0:09:02 by Adrian 'InsipidMuckyWater' Feiertag on 2006-01-04.

Quality note: Run has a "shaky cam" feel to it, due to poor source tape.

Author's comments:

I'd like to thank Radix and Nate for their dedication and for allowing us runners to have a place for storing our runs on the internet. I'd also like to thank Aquatiger for some early pointers in this run.

As you can tell, my dear parents were gullible enough into buying videogames based on television shows and movies. There's not much to say about this game. I altered the default controls a smidgeon, so that "Special""Special" and "Jump" were assigned to ìAî and ìB,î respectively; I feel I should be able to run and jump without having to lift my thumb. Also, my only goal was to finish the game without any deaths, and I succeeded.

Sidewalk: Perfect. A considerable time passed before I realized that I could actually clear both a crevasse and a lawnmower in a single bound.

Kitchen: Perfect.

Icemaker: I hesitate before taking damage from the Eye-Scream, as he normally is not in my way. Also, the final walrus scores an extra hit, but this often occurs. Otherwise, 'twas a solid run.

Zoo: Were it not for the blatant accident at the third giraffe, I would not have suffered any damage.

Monkey Cage: Perfect.

Aviary: Ahhh, the classically irritating aviary level. Actually, my only error was taking a hit from the final vine, but this is almost expected, anyway.

City Streets: Almost perfect. The final firemen hits me when my C button failed to work; luckily, though, I didn't need to drop down a few levels on the construction frames to grab the powdered toast, so I made some extra time, there.

Bike Ride: Okay, I must humble myself before you, the modest audience, and repent for this appalling performance. Honestly, the ride wasn't one of my worst, but this part of the level is just so damn uncooperative, it almost cannot be managed without dealing with some pain. In any event, this scene cannot be significantly shortened or lengthened, since it is scrolling, so I didn't lose any time. At least I performed a perfect descent at the end, evading all of the potholes.

Pound: Perfect.

Pound Sewers: Perfect, but I take unnecessary damage from the final anvil.

Wrestling Match: Perfect. In case you were wondering, I only venture into the left side of the ring because the right side is littered with glitches; typically, if I run to the right, the wrestler in the ring teleports to my exact location and causes an extreme amount of damage.

Outdoors: This was one of my better runs. Only one mosquito damages me.

Outdoors II: Unfortunately, this wasn't one of my prettiest. In my own defense, I've never done all that well here in my past experiences. I take damage once, and Stimpy is hellbent on being the uncooperative AI sidekick in every video game. This level definitely cost me up to five seconds, or so. I'm quite glad, though, that I grabbed both Powdered Toasts in this scene.

Mutate-O-Matic: Hands down, this is my best run of this final level. Even though I make use of nearly all of my restored lifebar, I was able to finish the level extremely quickly. And FYI, at the start, I have to wait for the air bubbles to reach a certain height before ascending to the top; otherwise, the pack of bubbles I'm near won't connect with the ones spawning near the top. Once out, and after taking necessary damage from the sparks and candle flame, I make a personal record for jumping up the infuriating light bulbs of doom: I only take two hits! From there, the rest of the level is flawless.

Enjoy the poorly choreographed and absolutely ridiculous excuse for an ending cinema. Bluesky must've put all of ten seconds into planning it. They were probably busy conjuring the clever Raptor ending for Jurassic Park. Sorry to namedrop.

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