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Released in November of 1999, Resident Evil 3 takes place before and after the events of Resident Evil 2. Jill Valentine, former S.T.A.R.S. member, must find a way to escape Raccoon City before she is overcome by the seemingly infinite amount of T-Virus creations - all the while being hunted by an abomination known as the "Nemesis." Resident Evil 3: Nemesis has been released on multiple other platforms including Dreamcast, PC, and GameCube.


Runs on the PC version:

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PC version Hard mode Single-segment: 0:45:10 by Jake Tabor.

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Author's comments:

I want to give shoutouts to MarcFirewing, Carrot, TheLevelBest, and ZENO. Without their brilliant strats, I wouldn't have gotten this far! Of course, I want to thank SDA and the positive causes they are for!

In hindsight, this run seems flawless. I kept an extremely optimized pace for just about the entire run. While the boss fights look sweet, they were not as optimized as I wanted them to be. It cost me around 5 seconds in total for the boss fights, not taking Gravedigger into consideration. It is possible to kill Gravedigger in 1 cycle, but the chances are very VERY slim.

That brings me to the RNG. I couldn't have gotten a better shotgun (Brad) area if I tried =D.The RPD itself was really impressive. Perfect zombie pattern, but 2nd try on the door code.

When I hit the clocktower, the rng went pretty downhill. THe music puzzle was worse than I thought. I didn't realize how much time you can save if you get a good music box puzzle! Got the Nemesis skip on stairs.

On to Mr. Santana himself :). Carlos was decent for me, but I got poisoned. Im starting to gravitate towards drain demos than spiders. that's how annoying it is. Not sure if some spider poisons are rng. BEST possible code though.

The park went really superb, despite not getting frog things on the bridge. In all likelihood, from my experience, the enemies' reactions in the park are more RNG based than the enemies themselves.

The Dead Factory went superb. I got a little confused on the water sample puzzle; think it was my nerves :)

Overall, the run was very good for me. Enjoy!

PC version Hard mode All bosses Single-segment 0:50:50 by 'uhTrance'.

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No author's comments provided.

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