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Released in January 2005, Resident Evil 4 follows Leon Kennedy, now a U.S. Agent, on his quest to find the President's kidnapped daughter. His path leads him to a mysterious town in Europe where he is suddenly attacked by the locals who seem to have gone insane. Leon must survive long enough to rescue Ashley and solve the mystery behind the villagers' madness. The game was re-released for PlayStation 2 in October 2005, and for Wii in June 2007.


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Special weapons run, European version, in 1:43:47 by Tomi Salo, done in 18 segments.

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Author's comments:

This is actually my third and most likely the last speedrun of RE4 with special weapons. First one (1:54) was done somewhere around October 2005 and never submitted. The badly encoded second attempt (1:51) finished in December 2005 and eventually got on the site. I was never really satisfied with that time but knowing how annoying it is to speedrun Resident Evil 4, I didn't improve it. Well that was until atwyatt found the TMP glitch and basicly forced me to redo my run. This time I got 01:43:47, 7 minutes and 16 seconds faster than previously. Also, it is 3:44 faster than the current record at Shin's site.


Radix for founding this awesome site and mikwuyma for running it now. nate for encoding my run and DJGrenola for the other stuff :p. atwyatt, on top of the TMP glitch, you've been awesome help and support from start to finish. Ditman from GameFAQs for discovering the striker glitch (ditman), pota and torao for their groundbreaking runs from couple of years ago. ZhenXiang for his/her 1:47 run which I stole couple of tricks from and all the others who kept watching/supporting during the making of the run.

General Tricks and Techniques

The run

The reason I picked up the normal costumes is because I simply can't stand the special ones.

Anyways, hopefully you enjoyed my run. If you have anything to ask regarding RE4 or my run, PM me at the forums or at IRC on #sda or mail me at sarouyucgan at gmail dot com

Single-segment special weapons run in 1:42:31 by Austin Davenport.

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Author's comments:

Resident Evil 4 Speedrun Glitches/Tricks Guide:




First off I'd like to say that Resident Evil 4 is one of my top 5 games ever and if I had to choose a game to be known for, this would probably be it. I want to thank God for watching over this run and being with me everyday, you are the man! I want to thank my friends and family for the support and watching my streams of this game, and to all the fans/viewers out there that I have become friends with through this ordeal, thanks for everything! A shout out to B11ZZ4RD for watching pretty much every stream I have ever done, and a big shout out to all the members of the Resident Evil 4 Competitive Players group on Facebook that have helped me out with strats! =)

P.S. I hate Ashley


Now about the run:

First of all, as of 04/21/14, this is the recorded World Record for the Normal GameCube NTSC Single Segment run of RE4. I played it on a Wii with component cables for the best quality I could get and recorded it in 480p with my Elgato Game Capture HD. I only do Single-Segments runs of RE4, because I believe it takes more skill to do so, and due to this it is harder to get a perfect run. I had tried many times over 3 days to get a good run, but I kept screwing up and restarting. Then, on 04/13/14 I finally got a new WR. This run is not completely perfect and I can definitely improve this run, but for now I am really stoked about the time I got. For have only been speedrunning this game since September of 2013, I can say I am super proud of what I have accomplished! =D


I chose to run the GameCube NTSC version because first off I live in America and secondly it's the version I played when I was younger. I know that the PAL, Japanese, and HD remakes are faster, but nobody pays tribute to the original American version, so I decided to. I will run the HD version later, but the NTSC version will always be the nostalgic one for me and holds a special place in my heart.


Here is a list of glitches/tricks that I used in my run (I copied and pasted some of Tomi Salo because his explanations were really good):

The Ditman Glitch - The most important glitch in Resident Evil 4. Equip the Striker, press R and quickly press Y to go into the inventory before the laser reticule shows up. Then switch to another weapon and Leon does everything about 1.5x faster. though. The Ditman glitch gets canceled on almost every occasion. Here's a list of things that cancel it: Opening a door, taking damage, guarding an explosion, climbing a ladder (non-vertical), cutscenes, entering a new area, Get On/Kick/Crouch action commands and aiming/shooting with the Striker.


Waterfall Glitch - This one was used in 2-1. You have to be at the right angle to jump down behind the fence and get the key item without deactivating the waterfall.


TMP Glitch - Using the TMP equipped with Stock, you can shoot through doors to break locks on the other side. This was used in 3-1 to skip the Hedge Maze section and also in 4-1 to get the Queen's Grail quicker.


Floating Glitches - I used the Boulder Skip in 4-1 to skip the dynamite puzzle, the Salazar float glitch in 4-4 to skip the boss fight, and the Island Float Glitch in 5-1 to skip a big part of a chapter. These glitches require the Ditman Glitch to be active and you have to jump down on a certain spot causing Leon to float in the air.


Laser Room Skip - It is possible to go through most of the lasers in 5-3 so you won't waste any time with the dodge animations. It's unclear how this glitch really works but you have to switch the weapon, touch the right wall or stop at the exact moment causing the lasers go through you without dodging them.


Pause Trick - If you pause the game, the time you spend in the pause menu will be excluded from the total time. I abused that so I can buffer/cloak the loading times in the pause menu so I won't lose that time when I am entering the inventory with higher loading times. That was used in 1-1, 1-3, 2-1, 5-3 and I forgot to use it in 6-1.


Difficulty Adjustment (DA) - Everything affects the difficulty on normal. Your health, amount of retries, accuracy, deaths and so on. The game can get drastically easier/faster with the proper difficulty adjustments. This was used at the very start of the game with a load game DA, it was used on the gondola before The Big Cheese fight to make the Snipers in 3-1 not spawn, in 3-1 to be able to kill the Red Zealot in 3-2 with one rocket hit, and also before the Ashley section in 3-4.


Now I am going to talk about each chapter individually. I am not going to go into great detail, I am just gona hit the high and low points of each chapter.


Good - Got the window break at the very start and the "good grenade" on the 3rd grenade throw.

Good - Everything went smoothly!

Good - The Del Lago fight went splendid! With his stupid RNG, you never know what to expect, especially in a SS run. Anyways, I got 5/5 of the "skill" shots at the start, then he decided to be nice and swim back across the lake for another 5 hits, but I missed the last one because I wasn't fast enough on the 6th hit, but he had the good RNG again and I was able to get the final 10th hit on him anyways.

Good - The Waterfall glitch went perfectly!

Good - Everything went smoothly!

Good - Everything went smoothly!

Bad - First off, that inventory switch 0_0. Second, I did not mean to kill the ball and chain guy who was hitting me because he was my answer to the DA for getting one rocket hit on the Red Zealot in the next chapter, so I had to improvise and find other ways of getting hit. I managed to take enough damage and get Ashley in a timely fashion, so it turned out ok.

Bad - Stupid bugs. Also, I was a little crazy going through that pendulum room like that!

Bad - You have to play as Ashley.

Good - Everything went smoothly!

Good - Dat Boulder Skip doe! Also, the bug caverns went pretty much perfectly, which was a surprise. The bugs and I go way back.... and they don't like me.

Good - Got my beat to flow smoothly with the CT on the roller-coaster ^_^

Good - Got the Salazar skip! (the hardest glitch in the game in my opinion).

Good - Everything went smoothly!

Bad - This is my worst chapter, need to fix when I switch weapons and such. Lost a lot of time on this chapter. =(

Good - Got the laser room skip and the Krauser fight went as perfect as I could ask.
Bad - IT was being a jerk and wouldn't let me pass him, so I got hit, which kinda messes up the Krauser fight.

Bad - A stray arrow hit me in the knee, costing me a good 5 to 10 seconds.

Good - Did some flippy flips and got a new World Record! =D

Single-segment special weapons run on professional difficulty in 2:02:45 by Daniel Chamness.

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Author's comments:

I've been waiting to do this run for quite a while, but never really had many good opportunities to put aside time to do it. Regardless, it's a good thing I didn't though due to recently discovered glitches that I used.

Striker Glitch: Allows Leon to run incredibly fast, but due to the time it takes to just activate the glitch itself, I rarely use it. When implemented, it only saves a few seconds at a time, and overall the time saved by the glitch isn't too much, maybe only 1-2 minutes.

Locked Door Glitch: With the TMP, and ONLY the TMP, locks on the opposite side of doors can be broken, thus skipping approximately 5-6 minutes of the game. I do not have to go through the castle maze, nor the falling ceiling to get the Queen's Grail.

Although the current record time for RE4 Special Weapons is 1:59:07, and I utilized glitches to save time, I am playing on PRO mode. Enemies are harder to kill, such as Del Lago takes extra hits, and enemy AI is a lot more responsive. I'll let my video speak for itself, considering the RE4 SDA page already has a lot of comments on it. If I want to be realistic, my time is about 1 minute faster but I had to switch recordable DVDs since I went over 2 hours.

My AIM is danthetrmptman and my e-mail is for anyone that wants to contact me to discuss this run or other games.

The Another Order, Special weapons, Japanese version in 0:27:53 by You-Hei Muro, done in 5 segments.

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Author's comments:

[General Strategy]

(1) Technique of Key usage and Skipping messages

The length of the messages shown at each door is different and depends on the door. In the case where the message is long (more than 2 messages, approximately), using a key from the item menu is faster than just checking the door to use the key. And in the case where the message is short, checking the door (as usual) is faster. And generally, to skip the message, tapping the square and X buttons quickly in turns gives you a faster message skip.

(2) Changing the direction of Ada by "Weapon aiming"

If you use "aiming" while you change the direction of "view", you can turn more quickly than usual. I designated this phenomenon as "Quick direction change" (This is different from "180 degrees quick turn".). But if you need to change the direction a lot, you had better not use this technique. Just use the regular direction change by using the direction button.

(3) Equipment

I arranged these items in the attache case so that I could change weapons quickly with minimal cursor movement during the run. And I carried one extra Hand Grenade and Flash Grenade, because I needed this for the "Quick direction change". If you run out of Grenades, you cannot perform the "Quick direction change".

Prepare exactly 6 bowgun bolts. You need these bolts in Chapter 5. The reason for 6 is because if there are some leftover arrows, the reloading of the bowgun remains for Ada, and Ada cannot start running or opening the menu quickly.

(4) Various regulations

You can see some of my manipulations look like "mistakes". However, in most cases, they are required to regulate the enemy's movements.

[Chapter 1]

(1) Skipping the cutscene

If you skip the cutscene in the regular way, there is a short time lag (you cannot control Ada during this short period). But if you push the start button just before starting the cutscene with certain timing, there is no time lag. This might be the only technique available at this stage.

(2) Behind the Church

Ada threw a Hand Grenade when he jumped to the other side. This is the strategy to make the 2 ganados move quickly. If you just jump, they will grab you with a high probability. But don't kill them (because of the difficulty correction system).

(3) To Get the Green Catseye

When you get the Green Catseye, get the 3 female ganados "out of the view" so that their attacks don't hit Ada. When enemies are out of sight, the hit ratio is low.

(4) Inside the Church

Ada walked 1~2 steps at the entrance. By this regulation, you can simply run through the ganado (with a cap) on the 2nd floor.

[Chapter 2]

(1) Dynamite Cabin

I used 2 Hand Grenades. But atwyatt found a faster strategy to use only 1 Hand Grenade.

(2) Dodge Buttons

Start pushing both patterns of dodge buttons even before the right set is shown on the screen.

(3) vs Female Chainsaw ganado (Bella Sister)

I used the Chicago Typewriter. But I heard from ZENO that throwing 8~9 Hand Grenades quickly might save some time. I have not examined this strategy yet.

[Chapter 3]

(1) Throwing Hand Grenades farther

You have to wait until the Hand Grenade explodes if you throw it close to Ada. Throw it farther, then Ada can move soon afterwards.

And this is very detailed information though... When the Red Ganado is killed, he drops money. And if the money is close to the treasure box, Ada has to pick it up. So, I tried to explode the Red Ganado away from the treasure box.

(2) Get damage from a scythe

I got a damage or hit from a big scythe on purpose when I got out from the area. There are 2 merits from this. One is... there is no time loss compared with killing all enemies with a Hand Grenade. So, this is the minimal time loss (of course, you should not get any other kind of damage, like being grabbed or hit. This scythe is the only damage without any time loss, as far as I know.). And the other is... after this, you will be able to avoid enemies relatively easily because of the difficulty correction.

[Chapter 4]

The hardest chapter in this game. You need a lot of luck.

(1) From Gatling gun manipulation to the 1st lift

You have to move quickly after shooting Gatling gun to get on the 1st lift. Otherwise, you will miss the 1st chance for the lift.

(2) Cannon manipulation

I shot 2 because it was very hard to avoid their attack. But if you can manage that, just shooting 1 is faster.

[Chapter 5]

You need a lot of luck... not so much as Chapter 4 though.

(1) The 1st forced fight

The timing to shoot the bowgun bolts is important. You need exactly 6 bolts for a successful fight.

(2) vs Krauser

Shoot his leg first and his head when he kneels.

(3) vs Saddler

Proceed a little bit and shoot his head. One thing you need to be careful about is not to shoot the eye in his mouth. Otherwise, he moves dramatically.


I thank ZENO and atwyatt for their advice to improve my run. If I use their strategy and eliminate all my mistakes in this play, I will be able to improve approximately 10 seconds, I guess. Of course, you need the best luck and to succeed in all precise controlling. In my opinion, "Luck" is generally the most important factor for a speedrun. I hope my strategy written here helps other players to improve the speedrun record of this game.

I would also like to thank atwyatt for helping me to write this commentary and MT for introducing my run to SDA.

2008. 2. 1. You-Hei "Cab" Muro

Author's comments in Japanese:





鍵を使用して開ける扉は、調べずにすぐメニューを開いて鍵を使用すればタイム短縮になるのですが、別の手段で鍵を使用した方が早い場合もあります。それが □×交互連打。(あれ?○×だったかな?覚えてないなぁ・・・)。文章スキップスピードがボタン1つ連打より早く、メニューから直接鍵を選択するよりも早くなる時もあります。自分のプレイでは、こちらの方が早いと感じた扉はこの方法を使用しています。ただタイムがどれくらい縮まるかというと、1秒も無いような気もしますけど。




















































































Wii, Assignment Ada, European version in 0:05:48 by Robert Brandl.

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Author's comments:

Finally, one of my speedruns made it to Speed Demos Archive!
First of all I want to thank the Gaming-Elite Team and DerekT21288, for their support, atwyatt for his strategies I have taken over, mikwuyma for running it, nate for finish the video file for SDA and you for watching this speedrun.

Okay, let's talk about the run.

As you can see, I used the Wii edition to perform this speedrun. The advantage of the faster loading times does not mean that this run has got worse quality than Greg Innes' speedrun which was performed on the Nintendo Gamecube. I used the 3.2E Version of the Nintendo Wii firmware. Note, that other firmwares influence the loading times.

The first two minutes were nothing special, the only things that can intimidate you are the minigun of J.J. which can be used in hand-to-hand combat and the archer at the top of the stairs who can shoot an arrow earlier.

After I got the first sample it was important that I left the laboratory very fast because of the ganados who can block the passage and damage you. But sometimes they are blocking the passage even if you try to leave the room fast. That is why you have to hope that you can finish this room quickly without trouble.

The next place where you can be unlucky is the path that leads to the trasharea. Sometimes the enemy behind the Shieldganado screams alarm and sometimes he does not, it is important to have a bit luck there.

I got the same problem at the room where the guy pressed the button to shut the door, he attacks you way ealier sometimes. That was one of the most frustrating moments in my speedrun.

The cell where Ashley was captured in the story mode is easy if done correctly. You have to throw the grenade a little bit to the right to kill the enemies, otherwise you will lose time here, that is all.

The next room was the hell itself. This room is pure luck, sometimes one guy survives the explosion and makes you fail and sometimes one guy comes from behind way too early and grabs or attacks. Unfortunately I had to accept a compromise and fake out the guy with the spiked mace. Sometimes you are able to pass him without damage but I am not that patient. One ganado came from behind and tried to attack me but somehow I was able to avoid his grab, that was rary the case in my attempts. J.J. went fine, I tried to shoot as fast as possible with my SAR and get out of the room. I ran risks and fortunately for me it worked just fine.

Krauser was not as difficult as in the GCN version because of the knife which is usable in the Wii edition. I modified Derek Taylor's Krauser strategy and waited at the elevator because Krauser is much faster than Ada, you can save some seconds if you let Krauser bring the sample to you.

I am satisfied with the result and I hope you are fine with it too and enjoyed this speedrun.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me. You can contact me via E-Mail and Windows Live ( RobertBrandl AT gmx DOT net ) or ICQ and AIM (228502314). If you want to see more Resident Evil 4 Speed Runs, just check out my YouTube channel "XxSunbladexX".

PC version Normal: 1:45:48 by Bartolomeu Penkal, done in 16 segments.

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Author's comments:

Special thanks to Alan Snyder, Derek Taylor, Isaía Júnior and Michel Vanhoudt for all technical help, you are greats guys =D

Best European Xbox360 version with special weapons: 1:26:23 by Robert Brandl, done in 16 segments.

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Author's comments:

I left the Wii edition behind because there is a huge demand for RE4 HD speedruns, a lot of confusion about the version differences and the fact that loading times will be included by the game.

Please note that Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD for Steam has better loading times than the console version. We are still investigating if the PS3 version is faster than the Xbox 360 one because you can modify the console with a SSD hard drive and it seems that its slightly faster than the Xbox 360 version.

My objective was get 96 minutes in order to get first place in the official leaderboard. Tanuki666, a player from Spain, is the former world record holder with a time of 1:27:20. It was important for me to correct several mistakes from my old Wii speedrun (01:34:26) from 2013 aswell.

I want to thank Alan Snyder, Michel Van Houdt and Derek Taylor for their support and help during this run. This speedrun is not perfect because I want to keep the door open for the Ultimate HD version since this is the best version to speedrun at the moment.

The following glitches/tricks were used in my run:

- Ditman glitch: The most important glitch in Resident Evil 4. Equip Striker, press RT and quickly press Start, before the red laser shows up and switch to another weapon. Leon does everything about twice as fast, more like 1.5x faster probably, though. Ditman glitch gets cancelled on almost every occasion. Here's a list of things that cancel it: Opening a door, taking damage, guarding an explosion, climbing several ladders, using herbs/eggs/sprays, cgi cutscenes, entering a new area, Get On/Kick/Crouch action commands and aiming/shooting with the Striker.

- Float glitches: I used the Salazar float glitch in 4-4 to skip the boss fight and the Island Float Glitch in 5-1 to skip a big part of a chapter. These glitches require the Ditman Glitch to be active and you have to jump down on a certain spot causing Leon to float in the air.

- Waterfall glitch: This one was used in 2-1. You have to be at the right angle to jump down behind the fence and get the key item without deactivating the waterfall.

- Sewers glitch: This one was used in Chapter 3-2 and works like the Waterfall glitch. If you jump down in the sewers with the right angle, you are able to maintain the Ditman Glitch until the end of the room instead of interrupting it.

- Laser room glitch: It is possible to go through most of the lasers in 5-3 so you won't waste any time with the dodge animations. It's unclear how this glitch really works but you have to switch the weapon, touch the right wall or stop at the exact moment causing the lasers go through you without dodging them. I used A-Ms way to do it since this one is really safe.

- Red Zealot Trick: I used this one in 3-2 and that trick requires an incendiary grenade. Burning that zealot and letting the cutscene play through makes him not run down the hallway and that saves a lot of time.

- Difficulty adjustment: Everything affects the difficulty on normal. Your health, amount of retries, accuracy, deaths and so on. The game can get drastically easier/faster with the proper difficulty adjustments. That was abused in several chapters. All hits I got in this speedrun were intended. This mechanic works on normal difficulty only.

NOTE: Almost every situation in this speedrun was random thanks to the AI, I won't explain every single one right here. :)

I believe this chapter is the most adjusted one. I did not use the window shot strategy and the Pueblo cutscene warp in my Wii speedrun because I did not master them at that time. Now I implemented them into this segment and saved a few seconds. After I did all the required kills in the village, I shot myself with the rocket launcher to trigger the difficulty adjustment. This one granted me to kill Del Lago in Chapter 1-3 with ten hits instead of eleven.

This is the shortest segment in my speedrun and it is harder than it looks. I used a handgrenae to destroy the two doors in the house so the Ditman Glitch won't be interrupted by Leons actions. The first ganado in the second area is quite annoying. Sometimes you can pass him without getting grabbed but that was rarely the case. This time it was important to me to avoid the second last ganado without faking him out. Its kind of difficult to do so but it pays off.

Chapter 1-3 was not that frustrating this time thanks to the difficulty adjustment in Chapter 1-1. Thanks to the way better loading times, the Ditman Glitch was useful in more areas. As you can see I only needed ten harpoons instead of eleven. I had to reset there a lot beause the pattern of Del Lago is quite RNG-heavy.

Not much to say here. I used the Waterfall glitch in order to save a couple of seconds. It was important for me to pull this one off faster this time.

2-2 & 2-3:
2-2 was pretty straight forward. I used a tiny shortcut on the farm through the traps to shave off a bit. In 2-3, I used two hand grenades in order to abuse the factor that running with a grenade, rocket launcher or nothing equipped makes Leon run 4.6% faster.
The gondola area is essential for the next chapter. Thanks to the difficulty adjustment mechanic in Resident Evil 4, I can lower the difficulty for Chapter 3-1. I had to take six hits in order to lower the difficulty.

God damn. This chapter was so difficult last time but thanks to the proper difficulty adjustments, this one was quite a piece of cake. The difficulty value was significantly decreased that caused the AI to be less aggressive, only attack in one direction or that the game spawns less enemies like in the waterhall. That granted me to do some areas faster without flash grenades or several kills.

The novistadors can be tricked in this game. You have to "look away" with RS in order to make sure that they won't attack you with QTE-attack.
Time timing in the sewers had to be very precise because of the swinging blades; I didn't want to wait for any of these to pass by. Thaks to the great loading times of the HD versions, it pays off to do the Ditman glitch in the second part of the sewers and that simply invited me to do the rarely known sewers glitch to maintain the Ditman glitch.

I used the Red Zealot Trick in this chapter and this required an incendiary grenade. Burning that zealot and letting the cutscene play through makes him not down the hallway. Thanks to the difficulty adjustment in 3-1, I just needed one rocket to finish him off. That area was very difficult because of the two archers who had to miss me with their arrows.

The next area was difficult as well. The third zealot had to run in my direction to not block the path – that happened too much so I did the Ditman glitch there.

3-3 & 3-4:
There is not much to say about this segment. The last part of 3-3 is kind of difficult because the zealots right before 3-4 have to attack you with their shields so you keep Ditman until the end. If you kill two zealots under the bridge, one more zealot with a shield will spawn und make things more difficult.

Because 3-3 is very short and not too random, I decided to play 3-3 and 3-4 together to save a couple of seconds. Thanks to the "Special 2" outfit, this segment can be done very fast without any disturbances. I adjusted the difficulty for 4-1 because I had a couple of seconds left before Ashley reached the door and the game heals both chracters after their reunion anyway.

That's the longest chapter in the whole game and there is nothing much to say about it either because it is very consistent besides the clock tower and Verdugo. The archers in the clock tower are very annoying; they can hit you everywhere and ruin your run.

The end can be very blood boiling if you do not stay calm and focused. Verdugo has two attacks and each one requires a different timing to dodge. I used Ditman in the last room and stopped at a certain spot, so I was able to trick the AI due to my faster walk speed.

This chapter was very easy. I used the IRL to destroy the boulder and moved on. Please note that the Lava Hall Glitch, that the New Game runners are using, is slower in New Game+.

I tricked the Novistadors just like in 3-2 and spared a couple of flash grenades. Thanks to Ditman, I was able to pass the last trap without waiting. The timing is very, very strict though. Unfortunately it wastes time if you play 4-2 and 4-3 together because you have to deal with an uncancelable cutscene if the beginning if you dont save at Chapter End 4-2.

That might be the easiest chapter in the whole game. Just watch, there is nothing to say.

Quite a hard chapter thanks to the float glitch at the end. The shots with the Chicago Typewriter at the beginning were intended. The first two zealots had to scream alarm so I can go through them without taking any risks. You have to be quite lucky that the zealots you kill don't drop too much but that was not the case during my attempts. I changed the route to the elevator slightly which is faster but more difficult. The rest was pretty straight forward until Salazar. You have to be very precise and fast to pull off the glitch and that was very hard for me to do.

My favorite chapter in the game, you can skip so much here. Thanks to the practice, I was able to pull off the island float glitch everytime. You can skip 1/5 of this chapter with that glitch thankfully.

The second area was really annoying because of the Ganado with the rocket launcher. I had to adjust this strategy because he hit me every time with his shot and it turned out fine.

The two Regenerados can be dodged without a fake out but you have to be very lucky in order to do so. They have two attacks and they have to attempt the grab so you can dodge them but that rarely happened in my runs so I let that out.

This chapter was not too bad. Your movement has to be very precise to get around every enemy flawlessly. The "Special 2" outfit helped a lot as well to dodge their attacks and save more time because just one character can be hit at a time. As soon as I got onto the bulldozer, the chapter is basically finished if I keep control. I adjusted the difficulty with my Striker shots and used three hand grenades at the end to save more time in 5-3 due to the higher walkspeed.

The most annoying chapter in the game. The whole community is waiting for a way to skip the QTE-cutscene with Krauser because it takes so damn long.

The laser glitch was frustrating me way too much until I used A-Ms way to do it, which is easuer to execute.
The cages and Krauser area are just so unpredictable at certain parts and caused me some extreme frustration during attempts. The cages take a lot of luck.

I shot against the wall so I guard myself before Krasuer throws his first flash grenade. That granted me to skip the second guarding animation and saves a good amount of time.

The statue push takes precision and is pretty annoying to deal with very late into the segment. The robot part is horrible also if I just run by quickly and the gunner shoots me 90% of the time so I played slightly safer and went around the gunner to avoid his shot. Final Krauser goes down in 1.5 seconds (The high difficulty causes him to run at me which is faster) and I finish the chapter without any problems really.

5-4 & 6-1:
The hardest segment in the game. Anything can happen everywhere. Pure frustration.

The second part went fine either even though it is unfortunate that the Ganado did not keep the door open for me so I had to activate Ditman a second time but that was almost unavoidable.

The last part of 5-4 is harder than it looks. The two big Ganados can block Ashleys path so I had to trick them with the "Follow me"-command – a bit of luck is needed as well.
If you do not kill Saddler with the Special Rocket Launcher you stay at the point where you killed him which was very nice for me.

If you are interested to watch more Resident Evil 4 speedruns, make sure to follow "Sunblade89" on Twitch. I hope you enjoyed this run!

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