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Released in March 2009, Resident Evil 5 continues in the footsteps of 4 by scaling back the 'survival' and 'horror' parts of survival horror and replacing them with shooting. The former aspects of the series got scaled so far back that players were given a permanent co-op partner for nearly the entire game, alleviating much of the vulnerability players experience when alone. (Un)fortunately, many players could not experience these new aspects because co-op involves friends and thus you would have to convince someone else to start playing this game as well.


Jill Desperate Escape Amateur difficulty: 0:11:23 by 'NaP-Pe', done in 10 segments.

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Chris Lost in Nightmares Amateur difficulty: 0:08:27 by 'NaP-Pe', done in 8 segments.

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Multiplayer Lost in Nightmares Amateur difficulty: 0:06:33 by Greg Innes (Chris) and Derrick Eide (Jill), done in 8 segments.


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Derrick: First off this run was done with a glitch that allows you start off the game with more weapons. It was used in the former WR speedrun and it doesn't affect the timer, so it is acceptable by SDA. Also this run was done on amateur mode like the former WR speedrun, to achieve the fastest time possible. Now on to the actual run:

Sometimes in the run you will see Jill with the handgun equipped when in reality I had an incendiary grenade equipped. The reason the game does this is because the glitch doesn't work for both characters. When doing the glitch, the weapons/items must be given to the player who isn't the host. That's why I collect the weapons before we start the run and while doing the glitch, then in the beginning of the run, I hand the 2 hand grenades to Chris.

When we first started running Lost In Nightmares months ago, it was just for fun. We honestly had zero intention of getting a record for SDA. We started on normal difficulty and I remember I was horrible because it was my 2nd time only playing LIN. Then after that came the speedruns for fun. We did it on amateur mode for the fastest time possible and I think our first times were around 8 minutes or so. After lots of practice we eventually got down to a time of 6:48. Around then we went to compare our time with the best out there, which was at that time 6:37 by Matt (Also known as Mat-Trix on SDA) and his partner Captain-Blubber. We used that run as a base and kept going. We got down to 6:41 and after tons of work 6:36. We were happy but knew a faster time was possible.

This is when Greg was MORE than generous and sent me an EZcap so we could record for SDA. So without him you wouldn't even be seeing this run. While we waited for the EZcap to show up in the mail, we decided to keep practicing. We then ended up with a time of 6:34 and were shocked. This came though with the help of a new trick at the jail key segment, but that will be explained later in the run. We honestly couldn't believe our luck that we get best time possible and we couldn't record it. The EZcap then came 2 days later and we kept trying to repeat that time. We finished with a 6:35 and a TON of 6:36's. We were THIS close to giving up after much torture. Either from the monster being in the wrong position near jail key, getting blue crank, or countless disconnects with the internet that ruined great runs. We persevered though and decided on ONE more day of running. Then on our final run of the final day, we got this. :)

The 1st segment of this run went perfect, we couldn't have asked for more. Me and Greg both agree this is probably the worst segment of the entire run, and for good reason. I have 4 completely unpredictable doors to shoot down fast, and Greg himself has an insanely hard grenade toss through the wall in piano room. If he's even a bit too early or aims wrong, the grenade hits tip of wall and pops right back out. I shot doors down fast by spraying across the top though and Greg did perfect with the hand grenade. Then after that is one of the worst parts of the run. We get a checkpoint so at this time Greg only has one shot to shoot the bedroom door down fast, or the entire run is ruined. We don't want more than 6 shots wasted on the door or it's almost too much time wasted. Greg does it flawlessly though. For picking up the passwords in this run we used a new trick I found out the night before this run.

I was testing ways to get the password faster. Normally mashing square until you get the pass is the slowest way. After about 50 runs or so I found out that if you press square and mash x until end of file, then exit with square, you could pick up password and it was about .30 seconds faster. But then the night before this run I was trying new things. This is when I found out the password shows up after you only check the file once, it just takes half a sec or so to show up. I timed it and it ended up being .50 seconds faster than just mashing square. Me and Greg both used this for our passwords in the run. After that section it's pretty much just Greg running back to dining room to burn paper and me running to computer room to input the passwords.

Next segment is probably the easier of the entire run. Funny how the hardest segment is followed by the easiest huh? Greg has to pull of a nice quick turn in the beginning and run to the door while I shoot the lock off and equip my grenade for rest of run, to quick turn around corners and such. After this room it's just running back to main hall to crank spikes and make it to the door. Greg has to equip a hand grenade before turning and running to door so he can also quick turn around corners for upcoming stuff. There was one problem we had running this segment in past attempts and it was pressing circle too early running to the door. I don't know why the game is programmed badly like this, but co-op actions are all the same button. So if you are a slight second too early, I accidentally give Greg a grenade instead, or vice versa.

Next part is very important and essential to the run. We have to get most of running perfect and have me slightly ahead to trigger checkpoint faster or it's a restart. Everything went good though and Greg has to throw a tricky grenade on the stairs before the wall. He does it flawlessly and I run past the monster's right side. Now 90% of the time the monster is on the right instead and blocks you from passing. This depends on how close you are when the wall is blown up. I had to get close enough to spawn the monster on the left side, but not too close or the grenade would stun me. After that it's running into the next segment. Now here is where it gets tricky. There is 3 areas the monster can be at the jail key area.

He can either start up and jump down in front of you, if we get this, it's a complete restart and ruined run. He can also be in the tunnel on the right and walking up to the top, again this is a complete restart and ruined run. The final option is what we want for the new trick we found. He is in the tunnel again, but this time walking towards us. We need him like this for a reason, so he stays down near the door while we crank. I crank pretty good but not perfectly. We couldn't get our spike trick to work from previous runs but that only saves .20 seconds at most, so I didn't mind. I dropped crank early so I was happy. I run down to monster and this is where the new trick comes into play. We found out that after unlocking the jail key door, the monster can walk and push you into the door and push it open for you. This is MUCH faster than opening it yourself and saves approximately 1.5 seconds. Sometimes he walks away though or takes too long to open it and we have to restart the checkpoint. We got him to instantly push the door open for me though and I ran through into the next segment.

This next segment is easy except for one part, the assist jump. Again this is because the co-op actions are all the same button. If I press it too early or at the wrong position, I shout and just stand there, or give my grenade to Chris. Luckily it didn't take too long though and we made it into the catacombs. At this point though me and Greg were nervous. We already did 80+ runs and finally got EVERYTHING the way we wanted. No net disconnections and no monster in the wrong area. If we got blue crank though instead of red, run is over. Blue is way too slow compared to red and we can't continue. We got red and I swear if we got blue, I was done running the game for good. For the monster me and Greg both get flashes. I just use mine for after to quick turn up to Wesker, but Greg uses his on the monster. I crank and Greg has to pull something trick off. He jumps off the platform while I crank. He then has to do a strategy which we learned from the former 6:37 run. He has to knife the box for flash, grab it, equip, and then time flash right to blind monster. Greg runs around monster and has to punch him under the spikes at right angle. This was a really hard part of the run for Greg I think, and he pulled it off great. I drop the spikes early so we get a death animation skip for the monster, and we're off to the next segment.

From here it's just running up to Wesker. I need to time my turns perfectly with grenade though, but overall it took maybe 15 tries at most. Then it's Wesker, the complete asshole of the run. We used to hate him a lot more, but we got him down and knew the run was near it's end. It was frustrating for a few minutes but we got a perfect Wesker in 2 clean melee combos. The final seconds we had to skip the cutscene and wait for the result screen was agonizing, but when we saw 6:33 me and Greg were on top of the world. I really don't think this run would have been possible at all without Matt giving us the base for our run, and Greg. Again if Greg hadn't sent me an EZcap you wouldn't even be seeing this run or reading these comments, so I thank him tons. We both kept each other going when the other didn't want to continue and I honestly think we were the perfect pair to do this game.

Enjoy! :)

Greg: Derrick made this sound like an epic Hollywood blockbuster at the start but it's all true. This actually was the last run we were going to do. We already had a recorded 6:36 we were very close to submitting as the randomness was just not going in our favor.

I never seriously thought I would be running another Resident Evil game for SDA. Derrick pretty much covered the backstory but I will add in this. I would not have run this game or tried to with anyone else besides Derrick. When the times started dropping to about 6:48 I was still not convinced we had a prayer of beating the 6:37 run but Derrick was always positive and convinced me to keep trying. Derrick covered each segment in detail but there are two specific things I would like to get deeper into.

The first relates to the "pressure shot" in Segment 1. Sometimes that door just will not go down without spending longer than I would like. If you miss it, game over. End the session. Invite Derrick again. Keep inviting until the game decides to put MP5 in the correct place instead of the M3 or PSG1. Spend about 20 minutes glitching the necessary grenades and then you can finally attempt another speedrun. The second aspect is the sheer randomness of the game. At the jail key segment if the monster decides to be in the wrong position it's a restart even though it was not your fault. There is no way for Derrick to know where the monster will be before he triggers the checkpoint. The monster changes location after every restart on the previous segment running up to the jail key section. I have no problem being denied a fast time if my own skill is the issue but when it's completely random like this situation it really dents your confidence to continue with the run especially when it requires such a long preparation time. My only regret with this run was a bad quick turn when jumping down going to the jail key segment but if I did not just grit my teeth and continue on the monster might have been in a different location and you would have been watching a 6:36 run instead. I guess it was a blessing in disguise and some good luck for a change. It never really wasted any time since it only matters how fast Derrick runs at that section anyway.

That wraps up everything I wanted to say. Thank you for watching.

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