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Released in May 2010, Rocket Knight is a modern reboot of the ill-fated franchise. In the new game, Sparkster faces off against both the wolf and pig empires (because two is better than one) and, once again, his rival Axel Gear. Can even Sparkster's courage revive the series from the depths of the '90s?


Best normal difficulty time: single-segment 0:32:41 by 'Harry9397' on 2010-09-12.

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Author's comments:

This is my Single Segment run of the new Rocket Knight in 32.41, in this run I aimed for very solid regular level runs and relied on luck for 2-4, 3-3 and 4-3, because believe me you need it.

1-1 [02:02]
Since this run I have improved my route, for the route I used in this level 2:01 is about perfect, but 2:02 is very good, my current best IL run is 1:55.

1-2 [04:18]
I hit the guy straight away at 00:56 to save time, I think its the only thing that influences the start. As for the end no matter what Axel Gear does I have a way so I always aim for under 04:20.

1-3 [02:25]
Probably my most consistent level, a couple of small things cost time but thats it.

1-4 [00:15]
I think I got unlucky not to make 00:14 which is perfect, but as long as you hit him 4 times at the start you'll always make 00:15.

2-1 [01:24]
This is probably the best I can hope to get on this level as I leave out a couple of things too risky for a SS (also gold mode is faster).

2-2 [04:04]
A pointless level really, if you get lucky its 04:04. if not its 04:05 (people on the PC version apparently have 04:02, I don't know how this is)

2-3 [02:26]
Thankfully I didnt mess up the start which I often did do and always costs 4 seconds, again everything was pretty good and I ended up with a nice time.

2-4 [00:26]
This is where my run really begins, the level itself is really easy but if I am to achieve my 26 seconds I need the wolf king to throw dynamite and NOT RUN AT ME. Its got to be something like a 1 in 3 chance and this really annoyed me, the route will not work without it and you end up with 40+ seconds......restart.

3-1 [03:23]
I enjoy this level, the start/middle is determined by whether you make the right platforms or not....which I do, and the end is just flicking a few switches, very easy.

3-2 [03:21]
The hardest regular level by far, its so scary doing this level for fear of making a mistake, you will see me lose some time in this, especially towards the end but its to be expected, 03:21 is maybe just over my ideal time.

3-3 [00:56]
FUCKING AXEL GEAR. Now for people that havent played the game this may look like a bad attempt, however this is what axel gear does, flys around avoiding and frustrating you, in my opinion anything under 60 seconds is fine for this boss as the amount of luck is unbelievable, Axel Gear is a speedrunning nightmare.

4-1 [03:51]
After coming out of Axel Gear with a good time I know this is it, the only problem with this level is dieing so I make sure not to get hit, your time comes down to the end and its pretty straightforward.

4-2 [02:40]
The last regular level, the only thing I changed with this is to kill the guy 30 seconds in so he doesnt mess me up, like most of my regular levels this is a relatively mistake free run.

4-3 [01:10]
The final boss, the start is luck based on his animations and the end I execute perfectly, so a pretty good finish to what I consider a very good single segment run.

TOTAL [32:41]

Thanks to everyone who made this run possible and I hope you enjoy watching it.

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