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Released in October of 2005 and developed by Croteam, Serious Sam 2 is a sequel to Serious Sam: The First Encounter and The Second Encounter. Despite featuring better graphics and the same unrelenting onslaught of enemies, it met with a lukewarm response upon release.


Individual-levels run on Tourist skill in 2:38:55:

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Level name Time Date Player
Jungle 0:01:30 2009-03-14 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Riverdance 0:01:18 2007-04-10 Bart 'TheVoid' de Waal
M'Keke Village 0:02:47 2008-06-19 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Road to Ursul 0:03:11 2009-03-23 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Ursul Suburbs 0:04:35 2008-07-14 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Kukulele Prison 0:05:44 2008-07-19 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Ursul Gardens 0:05:52 2009-04-19 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Kwongo 0:00:39 2007-01-19 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Deadwood 0:00:52 2008-04-15 Bart 'TheVoid' de Waal
Forsaken Compound 0:04:27 2009-05-30 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Branchester 0:02:40 2009-01-18 Bart 'TheVoid' de Waal
Woodstock 0:04:32 2007-07-07 Bart 'TheVoid' de Waal
Giant Junkyard 0:04:45 2008-08-14 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
ZumZum 0:00:27 2009-12-31 Bart 'TheVoid' de Waal
Hong-Pong 0:02:08 2011-07-31 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Wheels of Fortune 0:03:41 2008-09-28 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Chanolin Chambers 0:05:12 2008-10-18 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Chanolin Temple 0:04:30 2009-06-28 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Prince Chan 0:00:28 2009-01-05 Bart 'TheVoid' de Waal
Unreal Wasteland 0:04:07 2008-11-27 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Doomed Canyon 0:02:04 2009-06-13 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Boneyard 0:05:18 2008-11-29 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Count Kleerofski 0:00:42 2007-01-08 Bart 'TheVoid' de Waal
Greendale 0:02:20 2008-06-10 Bart 'TheVoid' de Waal
Coast 2 Cost 0:04:39 2009-06-13 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Kingsburg 0:01:36 2007-03-18 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Royal Sewers 0:05:15 2008-12-25 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Castle of Rock 0:04:41 2008-12-30 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Floaterra 0:11:00 2010-04-27 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Cecil 0:00:35 2008-04-15 Bart 'TheVoid' de Waal
Area 5100 0:03:10 2009-07-19 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Command Center 0:03:24 2009-08-11 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Freezepad 0:02:15 2009-01-31 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Frostpost 0:01:49 2009-02-01 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Hugo 0:02:18 2010-01-03 Bart 'TheVoid' de Waal
Siriusopolis Uptown 0:01:57 2008-06-14 Bart 'TheVoid' de Waal
Shield Generator 0:02:56 2011-07-06 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Be Quick or Be Dead 0:01:28 2008-06-16 Bart 'TheVoid' de Waal
Welcome to the Jungle 0:02:15 2007-05-17 Bart 'TheVoid' de Waal
Jump in the Fire 0:01:02 2010-12-19 Bart 'TheVoid' de Waal
Siriusopolis Downtown 0:08:20 2009-12-25 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák
Mental Institution 0:25:21 2010-02-14 Aleš 'Ewil' Horák

Author's comments:

Welcome to Serious Sam 2 IL speedrun done by Ewil and TheVoid.

The idea of speedrunning this game started back in 2007 by cortez, whom we'd like to thank as well as to henkie, who also ran several levels.
After several months, only Ewil and TheVoid ran the game, which is one of the reasons why it took 4 years to finish it.

Now some basic info:

- All levels are done as IL on Tourist difficulty - the reason for Tourist is simply to make the run as fast as possible.
- All levels were recorded via built-in demo recorder, which unfortunately has several drawbacks:

- a) Stats screen at the end is not shown - we had to take screenshots
- b) Timer is not shown
- c) Cutscenes are shown and cannot be skipped - since all cutscenes are very short, we didn't think it's a big deal
- d) When you point crosshair onto an enemy, it's always yellow instead of green
- e) Issues with physics engine - this is due to 60fps recordings, higher fps shows no problem
- f) Some demos crash the game when you finish the level - sometimes it can be avoided, sometimes it can't
- g) Spawn effects are not visible

- Some levels can be improved by at least a second due to game mechanics and a great deal of randomness.
- Some certain spawns are always same if you don't quit the game. I'll point them out in comments for each level.
- This game has several shortcuts that can't be used due to "chapters" system that you must follow in order to trigger the next one. Again, I'll point them out later.


- Wall-strafing
- Enemy boosts
- Hovercraft climbing - if you strafe with hovercraft on a sloped surface, you can climb up.
- Diagonal flying - if you fly diagonally with a hovercraft it increases the speed a bit.
- Object boost - TheVoid found 2 methods:

- a) Tyre and "Use" button - stand on edge of a tyre, jump and simultaneously press "Use". If lucky, the tyre will "jump" up along with you and boost you upwards. Not a single level use it.
- b) Metal crate and double-barreled shotgun - stand on edge of a metal crate (wooden crates are too fragile), aim at the edge with your double-barreled shotgun, shoot and jump at the same time. If done correctly, the crate will spin and boost you upwards. The height varies a lot though.

Tech stuff:

- As we mentioned earlier, the game physics doesn't work well with demo recorder, thus some situations look weird. However, if you playback the demo with high framerate (100+), the physics will be ok.
- All videos were recorded in 1280x720x60fps on "Maximum" settings with 4xAA and no HDR. Since this game has a very comix style graphics with bright colors, the quality of videos is very low.
- HQ and IQ for the very last level were encoded without StatID as Ewil was getting "unsupported format" in Anrichan all the time for some reason. Other qualities were encoded just fine, even XQ. StatID was appended later.
- The very last level took over 60GBs of data !


01 - Jungle - 1:30 by Ewil

Very linear level with no shortcut. I wasn't able to beat 1:31 for a long time, but then I somehow did it. The only trick is to kill the last guy in the air.

02 - Riverdance - 1:18 by TheVoid

Pretty straightforward level. Using the Grenades in the beginning to create a shorter path around the corner. Shooting Mr. Onan in time so that he destroys the rock a bit. All the enemies at the end need
to be killed to trigger the end trigger so that needs to be done while walking straight towards the end. That's all.

03 - M'Keke Village - 2:47 by Ewil

0:08 - First issue with physics engine. I simply jump on the hut.

Very simple level - just kill everyone as fast as possible to trigger next wave.

04 - Road to Ursul - 3:11 by Ewil

0:28 - First shortcut to skip the first area - found by TheVoid

1:16 - I thought it would be possible not to lose the spikeball, but the trigger is too big.

1:47 - Killing the Simba as soon as possible triggers the enemy wave.

The spiders damage themselves if you are close enough. Don't ask me why.

There's a shortcut in the last area, where you can get boosted by a spider on the wall and get behind the exit door, but nothing happens as you have to kill everyone.

05 - Ursul Suburbs - 4:35 by Ewil

0:27 - First shortcut.

0:47 - Second shortcut - I think I never managed to do it sooner, it's just random.

0:57 - Third shortcut.

1:12 - It's possible to get over this gate as well, but enemies in the last area doesn't appear unless you kill brutes and dogs in the previous area.

06 - Kukulele Prison - 5:44 by Ewil

0:37 - This is one of the spawn wave that is always same till you quit the game.

2:43 - Another spawn wave that is always same.

07 - Ursul Gardens - 5:52 by Ewil

I really hated the first area - you can't make it any faster as everything is on timer.

3:19 - Small enemy boost to save 8 seconds.

3:44 - Two short cutscenes, but nothing really happens there, just walking.

5:55 - It's possible to get boosted over the gate, but the trigger is on the front side.

08 - Kwongo - 0:39 by Ewil

Enemy spawns are random in this level.

0:18 - If you look closely at Kwongo, you can notice that enemies spawned before him. This happens only sometimes and it's probably just a bug.

09 - Deadwood - 0:52 by TheVoid

This level was sometimes a bit strange because later chapters in the level sometimes didn't spawn (And so the handle you need to pick up wasn't there). I think it had something to do with the witches and
if you exactly walked over a trigger in the swampy stuff. Besides that the level is very straightforward, just walk from A to B and kill the first witch as quickly as possible.

10 - Forsaken Compound - 4:27 by Ewil

One of the most annoying levels to run as it mostly failed due to forgotten enemy that must be killed.

I don't remember exactly now, but I think there are some crates along the wall (or a tyre) that allows you to get over the wall, but since nothing else is triggered there, it's useless.

2:11 - This secret jump-pad allows for a slightly faster approach to the area. I have to go a bit around as there is invisible wall.

2:37 - I have to go here as it triggers another wave of enemies.

11 - Branchester - 2:40 by TheVoid

Clearing the path a bit by shooting those houses, makes for some straighter walking. Killing that one big brown bully up above triggers the helicopter, and killing the helicopter triggers the cage to go
up and reveal the trampoline. It's also possible to get on this cage and then kill the helicopter, so that the cage will go up along with you and then you can walk there above a bit on the bridge and such.
The rest of the level is straightforward, kill the green guys as fast as possible, then walk from handle to handle and flip them, then go the end trigger.

12 - Woodstock - 4:32 by TheVoid

This is the most simple level of the entire game because you're on this automatically moving elevator for the majority of the level and you can't speed that up. The only part that matters is somewhere in
the middle of it. Killing the helicopter as quick as possible spawns those red flying guys, killing them as fast as possible makes the elevator start moving again. Like in other levels the spawn points of
those red flying guys changes when you quit the game. The end part of the level is just some walking, although I actually wonder if you could maybe get a little boost from the big red guy I walk past.

13 - Giant Junkyard - 4:45 by Ewil

1:21 - There's a window on the right side, which allows for a great shortcut, unfortunately it's not usable because of the giant bot that arrives from the poo area. In order to get the big match appear (next chapter), you have to kill the giant bot and cross the rock blockade in the giant log. Obviously, you get nothing if you kill the bot sooner.

2:54 - This is the best boost I've ever experienced in any game. Spiders never do such a big boost, let alone two ! This was very lucky and saved a lot of time.

I managed to clear the final area in my best time, but I didn't notice the giant spider managed to throw out one spider egg. I think I lost a second there, but it's still my best time by 6 seconds.

14 - Zum Zum - 0:27 by TheVoid

This level was quite tricky to get a good time at. It's very random and very... awkward. I'm destroying the first flower otherwise Zum Zum will go to that one more easily/earlier. Then I damage Zum Zum a
little bit, but not too much otherwise he'll go to a flower. Then I wait a moment until he starts doing one of his longer attack sequences. Then just keep firing at him until he dies (And as you can see
he also has no invincible moment when he's almost dead). Sounds quite simple, no? :) Well, it's not. Try it yourself.

15 - Hong-Pong - 2:08 by Ewil

I'm still not sure what exactly ends the level. I tried to kill just one type of enemy, but it didn't seem to be it, so I decided to kill everyone as fast as I could. Serious bomb allows me to enter the third area a bit quicker since you have to wait for the bull to come close in order to open the gate.

16 - Wheels of Fortune - 3:41 by Ewil

In the first area, only spiked balls must be eliminated, everything else can be ignored.

17 - Chanolin Chambers - 5:12 by Ewil

5:07 - The last yin yang piece cannot be taken while standing on the pillar, it won't show up.

18 - Chanolin Temple - 4:30 by Ewil

First area is stricly timed, so you can't make it any faster.

4:30 - There's a small gap in invisible wall, which allows you to go behind the gate, where the exit level trigger is. Unfortunately, nothing happens if you go there before you have access to hovercraft. The shortcut was found by Ewil.

19 - Prince Chan - 0:28 by TheVoid

Pretty simple level. As you can see you can hit the gong 2 times before it disappears. And then it's basically just grabbing the Cannon along with Serious Damage and just fire at him until he's dead.

20 - Unreal Wasteland - 4:07 by Ewil

The last area is quite complicated as you have to look out for all four spawn points at once, but I think I did ok.

21 - Doomed Canyon - 2:04 by Ewil

0:53 - Using a secret serious bomb is surprisingly faster than killing everyone with rocket launcher.

22 - Boneyard - 5:18 by Ewil

1:55 - You can't get further off the coast, otherwise the cutscene wouldn't trigger and you couldn't get to the last area.

23 - Count Kleerofski - 0:42 by TheVoid

Shooting the right pillars so that the light beam makes its way to the center and makes him vulnerable. I also need to shoot at him a bit otherwise he'll close one of those pillars. And then just full
force on him till he's dead. Missed one shot on a pillar, meh.

24 - Greendale - 2:20 by TheVoid

I love the spider boost down to the vehicle :) This was a pretty annoying level to do and it can be done a little better. But hovercraft climbing is... tricky. I didn't get a good boost from the first
spider I encounter, he can boost you to the gate. And those spiders (Or at least one of them) could come to you to do the boost sooner as well. I also fell out of the vehicle in the water. It is possible
to stay in the vehicle but it's just luck stuff. Not much more to say about this level.

25 - Coast 2 Cost - 4:39 by Ewil

0:47 - Shortcut found by TheVoid. It's possible to get onto the rocks immediately, but it's very easy to flip the hovercraft over. You have to be very careful on the following ledge.

0:57 - There's a small gap in invisible wall allowing you to skip the first area. Actually, it's possible to skip entire level via this shortcut, unfortunately the exit level trigger is activated only once you finish all the chapters and kill all enemies in the last area, so this shortcut only allows to skip the first area.

1:12 - You have to go here in order to activate next chapter.

26 - Kingsburg - 1:36 by Ewil

Simply get to the gate as fast as possible to trigger spiked balls and clowns, then kill them quick.

27 - Royal Sewers - 5:15 by Ewil

One of the least favourite levels as the level can end between 5:15 and 5:40, depending on your luck in the last area.

28 - Castle of Rock - 4:41 by Ewil

1:28 - A small shortcut.

Again, a very random last area.

29 - Floaterra - 11:00 by Ewil

The most boring level in entire game.

2:51 - This serious damage usually falls off the helicopter.

5:29 - Again, it oftens fall down.

6:34 - Awgh, it fell down :( It's not really important and wouldn't save any time.

The goal in the very last area is to kill everything that spawns in the valley. Once you do, a bull wave will spawn 8 seconds after that. Once you kill the bulls, your exit ride will start moving, so you have plenty time to do anything you want.

It's possible to get out of the helicopter, but it's extremely unreliable, so I didn't use it. It would only save 3-5 seconds.

30 - Cecil - 0:35 by TheVoid

Main things in this run is to have the fastest route of picking up the minimum amount of arrows needed and then shooting at Cecil and make every shot count. That's it.

31 - Area 5100 - 3:10 by Ewil

This is a very trick level to speedrun as you have to precisely follow triggers and kill the right enemies. First you have to save natives in the upper section. Then you have to kill 5 kleers wave in order to activate another 5 kleers waves. Once you kill them all, you have some time to save rest of the natives before the red biomech spawns. Then you have to kill all the Orcs and another red biomech will spawn. Then just kill everyone.

32 - Command Center - 3:24 by Ewil

0:30 - A brilliant shortcut found by TheVoid. Using metal crates and double-barrel shotgun, you can skip this first area. The second jump is bugged due to "low" fps recording. Basically, you have to get high enough boost in order to get over an invisible wall. I actually land on it if you playback the demo.

The last helicopter was a bit fail, but 3:24 is still my best time by several seconds.

33 - Freezepad - 2:15 by Ewil

The last area has again always the same spawns till you quit the game.

34 - Frostpost - 1:49 by Ewil

0:15 - It's possible to get boosted over the fence by that giant spider, but again the next chapter is not triggered and nothing happens afterwards.

0:47 - I got boosted over the fence by one of the footballers, but once again I had too low fps to record it properly.

35 - Hugo - 2:18 by TheVoid

The guy can damage you quite a bit if he hits you. Being lucky helps (And restarting, too ;)). Shooting some buildings and stuff along the way for straighter walking. When in the helicopter you just need
to make every hit count. There's a moment where he flew up and thus I needed to follow him. He actually always flies up so I should've gone up already as well. That could've been improved a little bit but
it's a pretty solid run.

36 - Siriusopolis Uptown - 1:57 by TheVoid

Grabbing all those weapons in the beginning need to be done to open up the gate. Then only shooting those flying things in the back is enough to open the next gate. Then only the big red dude needs to be
killed to make the window break and the helicopter spawn. When the window breaks the helicopter is invulnerable for a moment, that's why my partner, Mr. Klodovik, needed to wait a little bit.
Then killing the 3 big red dudes to spawn the vehicle and then it's just flying to the end.

37 - Shield Generator - 2:56 by Ewil

This level is the main reason why this entire speedrun took 4 years to do. There's a very frustrating shortcut that got me often thinking if we ever gonna finish this run.

0:32 - A very quick metal crate boost. It looks simple, but it's not. Orcs are trying to shoot the crate, there's red bot shooting rockets at you and of course some kleers. You have to be really fast to pull it off.

1:44 - The harderst and most random shortcut in this game. Basically you have to attract a certain amount of kleers (I couldn't make it with less than what you see), get to the corner, hold forward and add left once you hear them jump at you. If you did it correctly, Sam will be "stuck" in that corner and that means you have some chance to make the shortcut, otherwise restart the level. Now wait for the second attack and start jumping. If you're really lucky, you'll get enough height, the last kleer will boost you forward and you land on the highest platform.

2:01 - Here's a high chance of falling down, that's why I'm very cautious, although I think I should have risked a bit more.

2:06 - Another great failing point. Usually, you just fall right of the ledge and die.

2:50 - I wait here for the transporter (blue lights only - a bug due to shortcut) to cross me in order to drop down invisible wall that goes around the balcony, otherwise I would fall down.

38 - Be Quick Or Be Dead - 1:28 by TheVoid

I really enjoyed running this level. This is one of those levels that are random as hell and it could basically always be improved. There are a lot of enemies running around and so it's possible to get
all kinds of boosts. The spider boost into the hole between the wall and the beams is pure awesome.

39 - Welcome To The Jungle - 2:15 by TheVoid

My least favorite level of the whole game. The ball rolling is just annoying. It's also not a perfect run, especially the part near the end where I got bumped to the right by the big white dude.

40 - Jump In The Fire - 1:02 by TheVoid

Ah, one of the levels I enjoyed a lot to run. At first I had a 1:03 and thought it was perfect and couldn't be improved anymore. But then I thought about the big red dude before the lava bridge part, he
can boost you. Kaching! 1:02.

41 - Siriusopolis Downtown - 8:20 by Ewil

Another timer-based level with clearing up entire areas.

6:27 - This serious bomb kills both giant spiders in each corner.

42 - Mental Institution - 25:51 by Ewil

No real tricks or shortcuts here, this is very straight-forward.

It's possible to get boosted over the wall by a bull, but once again nothing happens afterwards as you didn't finish the chapter.

Thanks to:

- cortez
- henkie
- AjAX
- #ssdq channel on Quakenet
- Everyone, who supported us

We hope you enjoyed our run and if you want to, you can try to improve it !

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