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Shadow of Destiny is a 2001 Adventure game for the PS2, following Eike Kusch's attempt to uncover and prevent his present day murder in an intriguing time travel plot.


Best A-ending time: 0:26:21 by 'Runa' on 2013-08-04, done in 9 segments.

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Author's comments:

I love this game. And I love Eike, too. Isn't he just adorable?

Here are the (very rough) notes I put together, starting from NG+ and aimed towards the A ending... 

Also, thank you so much, SDA community, for your tolerance and support with this run! It's been an absolute pleasure!


-Choose "Am I dead?" "Who's there?"

-Go to fortune teller

-Travel to past

-Talk to girl, old lady, and mother

-Travel to present

-Talk to juggler



-Leave fortune teller's house and go to house on fire

-Talk to Hugo, say no

-Run back to the juggler to get egg

-Talk to Hugo, then say yes

-Start in fire house, use digipad to travel back in time

-Go around house right side, see Hugo

-Travel to present



-Start in front of café, go to square

-Travel to past with Dana

-Use lighter

-Go to alchemist's house

-Talk to seed guy

-Go get ladder in front of butcher shop

-Talk to squire guy by museum 2x, trade postcard with him

-Use ladder by door, get medallion

-Use medallion by seed guy

-Travel to present



-Go forward to museum

-Go across door, upstairs to meet Eckart

-View one painting, then go downstairs

-Say, "Can you give me any proof, then?"

-Go forward to grab energy unit

-Travel to present



-Go forward to bar, trade egg for fry pan

-Go outside, use frying pan



-Go forward and left to get to bar

-Travel to "I think Mr. Alfred"

-Grab energy unit behind poster

-Go up to man at museum

-Grab energy unit on floor

-Go outside, talk to men and say, "I guess a library"

-Travel to present

-Grab energy unit before going upstairs

-Go to library, through white door

-Read medicine book

-Travel to "four years since"

-Go to butcher's shop and get meat

-Grab energy unit by well

-Use meat by dog

-Go forward, get lab key

-Grab energy unit downstairs

-Travel to "her father sells medicine"

-Grab energy unit by well

-Go to alchemist house

-Go down into lab

-Go back upstairs

-Say "I think you may be my ancestress" 2x

-Travel to present

-Use antidote



-Grab energy unit going forward

-Travel to "a cold day"

-Say "something about time travel"

-Get pocket watch

-Travel to present



-Go upstairs, be pushed

-Travel to "night before"

-Try to open tower door, but trigger need key

-Travel to Mr. Alfred's

-Grab energy unit by door

-Enter house, get key

-Go to bathroom first to go through white door

-Go to tower

-Get new rope

-Travel to "night before"

-Go back up tower, use new rope

-Travel to present

-Go up tower, touch rope



-Travel to "will I see the red stone"

-Go to photo shop, see Dana

-Grab energy unit by alchemist's house

-Go to alchemist's house

-Talk to father, and give him the Philosopher's Stone

-Travel to "10 days from experiment"

-Enter alchemist's house

-Go to basement

-Grab energy unit on floor

-Travel to present time

-Go to town square, find Hugo and Margarette

-Go to Former Alchemist's House

-Grab energy unit in front of fortune teller's house

-Travel to "a cold"

-Head south and find homunculus

-Grab energy unit by bench

-Travel to present



-Say "have it your way"

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