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Developed by Sucker Punch in 2004, Sly 2: Band of Thieves brings back the cast from the original Sly Cooper game for another round of high profile heists. This time around, the Cooper clan is attempting to stop the assembly of their previously destroyed arch nemesis Clockwerk and must burglarize a variety of locations across the world to prevent the pieces from coming together.


Runs on the Sly Collection for PS3:

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Author's comments:

I'd like to thank everyone on the SDA forums that supported me during this run including, but not limited to, Surreal, AniMeowzerz, Renokye, and MAS8705. I also would like to thank RJWaters for starting a Sly 2 run and serving as the unknowing inspiration for my speedrun of this game. Finally, I want to thank my sister for watching my videos and providing support during the run.

This game turned out to be far easier to speedrun than I anticipated heading in. There were a few challenging segments (as I'll outline in the notes below), and some that were downright hellish, but overall the game was friendly to me. I ended up making some silly mistakes but ended up with a final (unofficial) time of 06:48:22. Given the length of the unskippable cut scenes, I suppose this is as close to an ideal time as it is possible to get. Still, who'd have guessed this run would be longer than the run for Kingdom Hearts?

This is the Sly Collection, by the way, as my PS2 game doesn't work anymore.

Here are the notes, segment by segment, pertaining to my run. I go into a fair bit of detail here, so don't feel obligated to read everything.

Segment 01 (A Shadow from the Past/The Black Chateau-Part 1)
-Here we go! We start in the Cairo museum with...a cut scene. Great.
-There might be a way to hit Sly's head on the dinosaur skeleton to kill upward momentum, but that seems too difficult to pull off.
-Double jumps cost time, so I avoid them as much as possible.
-Those are the only coins I can get near Bentley. Sometimes I get three.
-No matter where you move, Sly starts right next to Bentley after the cut scene.
-There was some controversy over whether hitting Triangle while running is faster. I found it didn't add any speed at all.
-Jumping on the rope before the cut scene saves some time.
-More coin collecting while I wait for Murray. I just barely get all of them.
-I hate the lines around the scene where Murray Thunder Flops in. They don't show up on my TV, but are present in the video.
-Murray has to say "All clear" before he starts with his "Another barrier..." speech.
-Sly always starts next to Murray after that cut scene.
-Why did the music skip? And while we're on the subject, what's with the blurry line to the right of the video?
-Breaking objects lets Bentley and Murray collect coins for me. I end up bumping into a few objects while doing it, though.
-Lol at hitting the window while Sly's talking.
-Carmelita has really bad aim, no?
-Too bad I never use that dive spin fall again in the run. It's too noisy to be useful.
-Blah blah blah cut scenes.
-The Safehouse select scene was smooth.
-Aargh bumped into the antenna. That annoyed me.
-Whiffed trying to hit the guard. Didn't cost me time.
-Clue Bottle 2 pissed me off to no end. It was always difficult to get in my attempts.
-I didn't want to use an aerial attack on that railing, but what can you do?
-Got some coins while fighting the rats. Cool.
-It's so easy to hit something while you're crawling.
-You can't assasinate the first guard, but you can kill the second. You can't run near either of them.
-I always used to fight the rats in this room. Never realized it was optional until doing this run.
-I got the perfect shot of Dimitri right away, which I was happy with.
-I messed up the zoom on the Money Printer, but it was the end of the segment so I accepted it.
-I cut here to avoid Bentley's slide show.

Segment 02 (The Black Chateau-Part 2)
-I got unlucky with the guard before this job.
-This segment is awesome because I get clue bottles while following Dimitri. It took many attempts to flawlessly pull this off.
-Sometimes the jump to the pillar in front of the night club can be landed without hanging, but this is all on a timer anyway.
-Hitting the car and letting the guards jump over me is one of the coolest parts of the run.
-I end up panicking a bit here and improvising for the fourteenth and fifteenth clue bottles.
-Cut here because approaching Bug Dimitri's Office from the Safehouse is faster.

Segment 03 (The Black Chateau-Part 3)
-I have to kill the guard before the job so he doesn't shoot me and make me fail the mission.
-Jumping across the sneaky ledges is faster than walking across them.
-Using the piano to jump to the light fixture was shown to me by Surreal. It saves a good ten to fifteen seconds.
-Dimitri's office is always sluggish for some reason.
-I return the Gold Painting to the Safehouse in order to earn money for two required gadgets: the Alarm Clock and the Paraglider.
-I don't know if bouncing up to the roof was any faster.
-Tutorial levels are tedious, but that's the only flaw with an otherwise fun Episode 1.
-Murray can throw pretty far, so little movement aside from aiming is required to destroy the power boxes.
-Those lasers are tougher to dodge than they look.
-Punching out the last rat and collecting the coins is useful.
-Another slide show skip.

Segment 04 (The Black Chateau-Part 4)
-I start as Murray again, as he is selectable out of the Safehouse.
-Can't believe that flashlight guard caught me. Thankfully I didn't get shot.
-Throwing guards is always fun.
-Getting clue bottle 18 now instead of as Sly seems to be okay, given it's right in between the other two bottles.
-I'm glad I didn't miss any throws at the alarm horns.

Segment 05 (The Black Chateau-Part 5)
-Sometimes Sly can start the cut scene sooner if I hold forward, saving some time. It didn't happen this time.
-I kill the first guard for a clear shot out of the theater.
-It's hard to manipulate luck to only get two sets of coins out of the guards instead of three, so I don't bother. That would have taken way too long for six guards.
-The guards in the dressing room are a pain in the ass. Killing them helps clear the way to the control panel.
-Although I don't touch the chandeliers, you still need to shut them off before Sly is able to climb up them.
-I mess up the jump right after leaving the theater. Cost a few seconds.
-It's too bad you can't get more clue bottles while following Neyla. I only get one in this job. I get plenty of coins though, which is dangerous because you can't hit Neyla.
-I think Neyla has rubber band AI, so you have to be close to her for her to run more quickly. I could be wrong.
-I finish up the clues and go for the vault after the Neyla job. Knowing the vault codes beforehand saves some time.
-Loot isn't required for 100%, so I avoid it unless otherwise noted. Gadgets aren't required either, except for the two I already mentioned.

Segment 06 (The Black Chateau-Part 6)
-You don't have to bomb the first guard, but I do.
-Bentley doesn't get hit by the bomb's blast radius during a cut scene, apparently.
-It's a shame I had to put those guards to sleep. I shouldn't have let them catch me.

Segment 07 (The Black Chateau-Part 7)
-Murray glitches when he gets hit by a bomb. Strange.
-Your aim has to be impeccable when Murray is throwing Bentley. That wasn't true in the PS2 version.
-I end up pickpocketing the rat to see if he has anything good. I was pissed when I got a Bronze Comb. Not worth it.
-Thankfully the flashlight guard goes after Murray and not Bentley.
-Why did I make that first jump near the ledge?
-It took FOREVER to get through this rat fight without taking damage. Don't ask me why. It's a shame I'm not this careful about damage in the later parts of the run (or maybe not, it really was a pain in the ass).
-The Knockout Dive is too inaccurate to be used against the rats. I tried it, believe me.
-This conversation with Dimitri is one of my favorites in the game. It's a shame he only gets one episode. Sucker Punch was making a Monaco level, which probably would have included Dimitri again, but it got cut from the final product.
-Got stuck running after Dimitri. That was weird.
-The damage I take against Dimitri doesn't slow me down, as he can't be hurt in this stage anyway. I fiercely defended this in the forum, but I didn't need to. Everyone understood.

Segment 08 (A Starry Eyed Encounter-Part 1)
-Thought there might be a snake in the grass.
-I could have fallen instead of jumped to the rope and I could have landed closer to the platform.
-I grab the Burial Urn because it's so close to the Safehouse.
-Not sure what that extra jump on the tree was for.
-Zoomed in too early for the Electronic Winch.
-The guest shots go very well, which is why I accepted the minor mistakes in this segment. This is one of the rare segments where randomness is a factor.

Segment 09 (A Starry Eyed Encounter-Part 2)
-This is one of the longer segments of the speedrun, so it was the source of great difficulty.
-Thankfully no guards got in my way approaching Lower the Drawbridge.
-The jump to the second key guard was the source of many a reset. It is much more difficult than it looks.
-Getting caught by the monkey didn't affect getting the key from the third guard, thankfully.
-Sometimes the guard below the balcony doesn't appear. He caused me to reset a lot, too.
-Why did I walk to clue bottle 17?
-I don't know if I could have jumped directly to clue bottle 20. Oh well.
-An extraneous jump on the way to the winch. Sheesh.
-For some reason the guards stop pursuing you after you collect the tuxedo portion. Strange.
-I go the wrong way leaving 104. Very stupid.
-I always used to do Rajan's room last, so it was different for me to enter it third.
-The guard in 101 was right next to the tuxedo part. I had to kill him.
-And now for the first of two incredibly boring, impossible to optimize dance sequences. You can skip to segment 10 at this point if you want.

Segment 10 (A Starry Eyed Encounter-Part 3)
-The jump to clue bottle 27 is quite difficult to pull off, so I'm glad I did it well here.
-And then I jump instead of press Circle...
-I probably could have taken a few hits against the chopper to save time, but I didn't want to risk dying.

Segment 11 (A Starry Eyed Encounter-Part 4)
-This segment was a pain to record. Either the elephant hit me, I failed to jump on it, or Bentley took damage in Boardroom Brawl. Very painful.
-You can't really save time on the first elephant because you end up waiting for the second one to approach the building. That's why I accept a few mishits on the first jewel and take damage from the trunk.
-The optimal collection of a jewel is four hits, a jump hit and then two hits. I do it pretty well on this second elephant, when it matters.
-I can't believe that flying laser thing went all the way to the elephant house. That was funny.
-I mess up getting clue bottle 30, but like I said, this segment was a pain to record.
-I have to hit the guard before killing him because if he hits the chandelier Sly's stealth attack will whiff.
-Like I said, it's difficult to get through this fight without Bentley getting hit. He actually does get hit at one point, but it's right near the end when I have to defeat all the guards so the timer isn't messed up at all.
-I collect lots of coins during this fight, which is dangerous but necessary to earn enough for the two required gadgets. However, at one point the guards stop dropping them for some reason.

Segment 12 (A Starry Eyed Encounter-Part 5)
-There's not much you can do to speed up this RC Chopper part. I mean, the controls are horrid and it's difficult to aim the bombs. Perhaps a TAS, if the proper tools existed, could do this segment perfectly.

Segment 13 (A Starry Eyed Encounter-Part 6)
-The only part you can optimize in this heist is the bridge bombing. Sly's dancing can't go any faster and the RC Chopper part is based on a timer with Murray walking with the wings.
-The middle main support beams take two bombs to blow up, which makes up for the smaller number of beams to make it more challenging.
-I once set up the last bomb and ran away from the bridge, earning a job failure in the process.

Segment 14 (The Predator Awakes-Part 1)
-I have to kill all the monkeys to avoid getting detected by the flashlight guards.

Segment 15 (The Predator Awakes-Part 2)
-This segment took a very long time to record. Any mistakes here are forgiven because this segment took so long to attempt. Still, this is one of my favorite segments.
-I messed up that jump from the spire to the base of the tree more times than I care to count.
-I hit Circle too soon getting the first plant. It only cost a second.
-That sixth clue bottle and second plant grab was smooth.
-I really have to go out of my way for the clue bottles before grabbing the third plant.
-Getting that ninth clue bottle isn't as hard as it looks.
-You have to jump to break that eleventh clue bottle. Annoying, I know.
-I could have waited to get clue bottle 20 until after Neyla's Secret. Oh well.
-Damned load times. Why does this binocucom conversation have them?
-I have jumped off the platform without collecting the bug.
-Obviously skipping all the pools is faster, as there is no failure inherent in doing so.
-Someone suggested the Smoke Bomb to lose the guards, but I don't buy any gadgets I won't need to complete the game.
-The jump to clue bottle 23 isn't as tricky as it looks.
-I forget to jump while sneaking across the ledge here. I do this in later segments also.

Segment 16 (The Predator Awakes-Part 3)
-Didn't even notice that flashlight guard running towards my dart near the first watermelon.
-The tree is the safest place from which to shoot darts, as no guards will detect you up there.
-Damned flashlight guards got in the way when I was going to the third spot.

Segment 17 (The Predator Awakes-Part 4)
-Murray can throw pretty far, so I don't have to be too close to the cushions to aim at them properly.
-That stupid monkey was right in my path and it wasted so much time! It was nice to kill him after that fiasco.
-These are about the only coins I can get in this episode.

Segment 18 (The Predator Awakes-Part 5)
-No point in sneaking past the flashlight guard if I just get caught right after getting past him, is there?
-Jumping into those TNT barrels is tricky.
-That boost while killing that flashlight guard was awesome, to say the least.
-I was going to try to get the camera stuck running back for the TNT barrel, but I failed at doing that.
-You can't touch the wheel of the spice grinder or it will detonate the barrel.

Segment 19 (The Predator Awakes-Part 6)
-That monkey's just chilling in the background.
-Once again, I only get one clue bottle while following Neyla. This time it turns out to be the last one.
-Jumping to the first guard is much faster than the intended route, which takes you to the water barrels again.
-Sorry for hesitating after the job completion. I didn't know which way the camera was facing.
-I didn't really need to collect the coins from the guard near the vault room door.
-Stopping right as I got hit was pure coincidence.

Segment 20 (The Predator Awakes-Part 7)
-I take care to take out any chopper I inadvertently hit because I think those are the ones that attack with their machinegun-style missiles.
-Look closely at the end. Bentley's still near the truck while he's supposedly falling down the tower, then he vanishes and reappears near the tower.

Segment 21 (The Predator Awakes-Part 8)
-It took many attempts to do this segment, and each time I started the guards would show up randomly, impeding my progress to the waypoint.
-Once Sly tells Murray he did nice work, you can start lifting the lever even if guards are still pursuing you.
-My aim during the turret segment could have been better, I suppose.
-Bad luck with the flashlight guards while walking the barrel. Usually they don't slow my progress.
-By far the smoothest attempt I had approaching Rajan. It's more difficult than it looks.
-There was no way I was going to get a perfect fight against Rajan. He's too fast and the timing is too perfect not to get hit. Four times is reasonable, I think.
-Hitting him into the electric walls does damage more quickly, but I was just focused on hitting him fast and didn't care where I sent him.

Segment 22 (Jailbreak-Part 1)
-I probably could have ran past those flashlight guards at the beginning.

Segment 23 (Jailbreak-Part 2)
-I went the wrong way after the first terminal.
-Again, I could have ran past the flashlight guard on the way to the third terminal.
-At terminal four, I figured out an ideal way to get past the first barrier nodes by manipulating the AI.
-That was a close call with that train.
-I took the tank damage because the hacking went so well and it only cost like two seconds.
That sixth guard turned out to be quite a pain.

Segment 24 (Jailbreak-Part 3)
-I have to apologize for this segment. The problem was that Close to Contessa had a time-saving but very difficult method of pickpocketing her quickly, and after I successfully did that I lost track of where I was supposed to go. Hopefully this doesn't kill the speedrun for anyone.
-I had Disguise Bridge down to a science due to repetition.
-I had time to pickpocket the first guard because the second guard only comes out after a certain amount of time has passed.
-The Voltage Attack helped a lot against these guards.
-Sometimes the second bat would go deaf and not hear me kill the first one. Not this time.
-I hit the carriage before the flashlight guard, so the Voltage Attack failed me there. I needed to take damage anyway, for a reason I'll explain later.
-Jumping down off the bridge and getting back up for some reason makes it so that I only have to kill one guard instead of two at the end.
-Here's the skip. If you land right behind the Contessa, you have just enough time to pickpocket her before the guards catch you and she turns around. It's tricky to pull off, but definitely worth it.
-I kill myself after pickpocketing the Contessa because the game warps you to where she is, thus saving time.
-Climbing that pole was pretty annoying. Landing on that spire was tricky.
-Aargh, why did I get caught by that second guard? Thankfully I lost him almost immediately.
-I purposely got caught by the third guard so I'd have enough time to get into position for the picture.
-This is where the failure really starts. Getting this fourth picture shouldn't have been this difficult, but for some reason it was for me. I was too far gone to reset now though.
-Ugh, then I had this mission to get through...
-Fell off the stupid God-damned tower for the second rod. Why does this segment have to be so terrible?
-I can't believe I forgot where the last clue bottle was, so I stopped the segment in order to find it and decided to save the vault for the next segment.

Segment 25 (Jailbreak-Part 4)
-I think it would have been faster to make the vault its own segment and then restart for Big House Brawl, but I decided to combine the two because the other segment was so long.
-Stupid spotlight hit me twice, slowed me down.
-I try to save time in the fight by using the laser and hitting the guards into the spikes so I only need one punch to kill them.
-Sure, I take some damage during the fight, but it's hard not to with fifty inmates to beat up.

Segment 26 (Jailbreak-Part 5)
-What is there to say about this segment? That I take enough damage to nearly die? Well, I do, but since I don't actually die then I'm okay with it. This episode turned out to be way harder than I would have liked.
-God-damned spiders always find a way to hit me.
-There's not much I could have done against that flashlight guard.
-I hate spotlights in this level now. Spotlights and spikes. Ouch.
-Then I get hit by the floor lasers. Seriously, how bad can this get? Actually, that's it for stupidity in this segment.
Those wolves are persistent. I'm still being detected by them even though I'm nowhere near them anymore.
-Had to take the long way around at the end of the second hacking section because I took too much damage.
-Murray likes to get himself stuck on stupid obstacles on the floor. That cost me some time.
-At the end, the Contessa sends out bomb spiders. Whether you destroy them or not, she moves at the same pace, so I destroy them so they won't damage me so much, except for one point where I try to run past one and end up falling off of the prison wall. Oh well.

Segment 27 (A Tangled Web-Part 1)
-I buy both required gadgets here. They'll both be useful in this episode.
-I go through the sewer so that I can get the vault the first time I enter the vault room.
-I couldn't see the flashlight of the guard, so I stupidly crawled out and got shot. Waiting would have been slower, however.
-Can't believe I had to wait for the blimp to show up. Oh well.

Segment 28 (A Tangled Web-Part 2)
-That eleventh clue bottle is possible to get by jumping towards it. I just fail at doing it.
-I hate these stupid axes. They really can mess you up something fierce.
-The ghosts in this game look creepy.
-That second ghost takes forever to line itself up for the picture.
-Should have been quicker with the bincoucom for the fourth ghost.
-I mess up my planned order for the fifth and sixth ghosts and it ends up costing time. Why must these segments have such mistakes?
-I hate that eighth ghost so much. I should have had it on my first attempt.
-The ninth ghost was a pain, too.
-I reset instead of going to the safehouse because the next two jobs can be difficult.

Segment 29 (A Tangled Web-Part 3)
-Luckily the general falls off the roof I throw him at pretty quickly.
-That was a close call with those guards and tanks.
-Easy switch to Bentley after Kidnap the General.
-Not much to say about Mojo Trap Action. It's tedious and it takes a long time. Moving on.

Segment 30 (A Tangled Web-Part 4)
-No problems approaching the job.
-Those axes have horrible timing. I hate that about this part.
-I take damage but the invincibility frames help me past that part of the level.
-The first hacking section goes well.
-The second hacking section goes well, too.
-I almost get hurt in that last part of the level. That was close.
-I tried to finish the third hacking section without destroying that big avatar (I don't have a better word to describe it). Obviously that did not go well.

Segment 31 (A Tangled Web-Part 5)
-I have to apologize for this segment. So many things go wrong and I end up wasting minutes getting caught by guards. I'm not even going to go into detail about it. You can see what goes wrong in the video. The worst part is the second guard with the front door key. I get caught by him three seperate times and it's quite pathetic. Oh well, I guess every speedrun has a bad segment or two.

Segment 32 (A Tangled Web-Part 6)
-Why do tanks drop coins?
-The trick here is killing the tanks quickly enough to avoid getting too much damage from their shots. I end up doing a good job of that here.
-The tanks lined themselves up nicely so I didn't have to look too hard for them, thus saving me some time.

Segment 33 (A Tangled Web-Part 7)
-I end up not grabbing the rope hanging off the blimp, as it isn't necessary.
-The wolf fight could have gone a lot better, but it isn't a long part at all.
-The hacking section is annoying, to say the least.
-This heist has a lot of cut scenes, no?
-Neyla segments are not difficult. I think I could have gone ahead of her at the end to save some time, but I was satisfied with how this worked out.
-The key to fighting Contessa is to keep her from falling off the battle area. I don't always succeed at that, but I do my best to make sure that happens and I do an okay job.
-Why does Carmelita's tank have a police siren on it? That makes no sense.
-I can't believe I fell off of the roof.

Segment 34 (He Who Tames the Iron Horse-Part 1)
-I didn't change the camera direction before taking a picture of the second blueprint so that cost some time.
-I save the clue bottle on the ledge near the second cabin until the end of the episode. It might have been better to get it now.
-Trying to avoid the bear traps, I get stuck hanging off of the cabin.
-Sly does a weird jump after getting the last blueprint for reasons I can't explain.
-I should have just used the barrel in the first place to get to the rope near the third cabin.

Segment 35 (He Who Tames the Iron Horse-Part 2)
-Getting the seventh clue bottle gives time for the train to pass so I can run on the tracks.
-More clue bottle collection while stalking someone. I love that about this speedrun.
-Nearly got caught by Carmelita on the way to the boats. That was a close call. Luckily it's not an automatic job fail like it was with Dimitri.
-I nearly get shot after grabbing the first key, but somehow I avoided it.
-After the first key, I could hear someone getting hurt in the background. I think a moose was hitting Carmelita.
-Waiting for the train to pass on my way to Murray was lame.
-I try to use the Paraglider as little as possible in order to land on a caboose faster.
-I had to get the last caboose before it went through the tunnel. I succeed here.

Segment 36 (He Who Tames the Iron Horse-Part 3)
-I got a little lost finding the waypoint but it doesn't hurt me too much.
-The train jobs are some of my favorite jobs in the game. It's old school platforming at its best.
-Once again, I forget to jump while sneaking across a ledge. It doesn't cost too much time though.

Segment 37 (He Who Tames the Iron Horse-Part 4)
-Sometimes the bombs don't fall directly beneath the chopper, making my attacks inaccurate and wasting time. Very irritating.
-That cannon can fire pretty fast depending on your skill at mashing that Square button.

Segment 38 (He Who Tames the Iron Horse-Part 5)
-I don't know why Bentley put Murray's job in one of the most difficult places to navigate to in the episode.
-The binocucom's zoom acts up in this job for some reason.
-Not having Atlas Strength requires me to improvise and throw the bear cub constantly in order to keep moving quickly.
-Unfortunately, I had to kill both bears to free up my path for the second bear cub. The moose getting hit by the train was epic. Having the cub leave my side when I wasn't looking was not.
-I don't know what Bentley was getting at. Nature documentaries ARE violent.

Segment 39 (He Who Tames the Iron Horse-Part 6)
-Here's where I get the last clue bottle and open the vault. Again, I might have been able to get the last clue bottle much earlier.
-I fail to jump over the fence with a double jump. That was annoying.
-Pickpocketing instead of crawling is a very dangerous thing in this game.
-I couldn't avoid getting caught near the end but it might have actually saved time, as I didn't bother attempting to sneak past the guards.

Segment 40 (He Who Tames the Iron Horse-Part 7)
-This ends up being the shortest heist in the game.
-Once again, forgetting to jump while sneaking really cost me some time this time. The game slows Sly down so you can hear all of Jean Bison's ranting and I could have definitely sped up there.
-As you can see, Bentley's chopper is capable of shooting pretty fast. It's just a matter of mashing that button.
-I should have just blown past those moose towards the end of the train because I end up getting caught anyway.

Segment 41 (Menace from the North, Eh?-Part 1)
-I got pretty lucky with that boat picture, as I was the perfect distance away to take it without zooming.
-I think I really messed up on my way to the seventh clue bottle, but oh well.
-Why did Jean Bison's house show that I could take the picture, then screw me over with an object hidden message? WHY?
-I collect the coins from the goat I kill, which is a waste of time because I no longer need them.
-I mess up the jump to the first log. I hate doing that.
-Taking the spinner picture on the first attempt was pretty awesome.

Segment 42 (Menace from the North, Eh?-Part 2)
-I think I had to climb up that pole in order to reach the seventeenth clue bottle.
-Waiting for the bears to open their mouths is irritating.
-As I proved, walking on the ice isn't an automatic failure. I don't know why the game decided to cancel my Circle button hit, but that's another story.
-I almost fell off of Jean Bison's house. Luckily my jumping skills paid off.
-I keep making little hesitations and small jumping mistakes that look really sloppy in this segment now that I'm watching it.
-No problems redirecting the laser inside that sawmill.
-I should have gotten the twenty-sixth clue bottle before placing that crystal but I wasn't thinking properly there.
-Getting hit by those logs was just dumb.

Segment 43 (Menace from the North, Eh?-Part 3)
-No problems sneaking to the moose head. I end up whiffing a swing on a hook and having to go back and forth once, but other than that I do this quite smoothly and effectively.

Segment 44 (Menace from the North, Eh?-Part 4)
-I end up getting in a huge fight at the beginning of this job. That wasted some time.
-Waiting for Grizzle Face takes a while, doesn't it? Luckily I don't need to physically move him around. That would have taken forever.

Segment 45 (Menace from the North, Eh?-Part 5)
-This segment took forever to record properly.
-There's a glitch near the second DANGER sign where I can jump through the ledge by pressing Circle, but I couldn't get it to work while recording.
-The skip of Bentley's, that was lucky. I hope that doesn't qualify as a glitch or something stupid like that.
-That third ice wall grab wasn't necessary.
-Seriously, there was one recording of this segment where I died on my way to the vault. That really pissed me off.

Segment 46 (Menace from the North, Eh?-Part 6)
-I had some trouble reaching the waypoint here, but nothing too serious.
-I fail to jump on the ice not once...but twice. That was stupid, but I rolled with it to see how well the rest of the segment would go. Obviously it went well enough where I decided to keep that mistake in.
-I don't know how Sly caught that second grappling hook, but he did.

Segment 47 (Menace from the North, Eh?-Part 7)
-This ends up being the longest heist in the game. Who'd have thunk it?
-I get cute crossing the ice here, just for yucks.
-That ice wall climb is about as fast as it gets.
-I almost don't grapple Bison in time. The key word is almost.
-I cut it pretty close at the end. I am definitely one lucky turtle.
-Here's some fridge horror for you...where do they get the beaks?
-The fight with Jean Bison goes well enough. I miss a few hits but overall nothing too serious.

Segment 48 (Anatomy for Disaster-Part 1)
-That jump to the sixth clue bottle is the most difficult jump of the game. I'm sorry to say there's no good way to optimize that approach.
-I thought the guard was approaching the mech eggs so I waited for no reason.
-Waiting for the decks to reach the top of their rotation is a bore. Sorry about that.

Segment 49 (Anatomy for Disaster-Part 2)
-Some explanation is in order. After the first job, there is a movie clip followed by a slide show from Bentley. I was able to skip the movie clip after the job saved, but I needed to load the game once for the slide show skip. That's what this segment is all about.

Segment 50 (Anatomy for Disaster-Part 3)
-I guess don't use the Paraglider when bouncing off a piston?
-Guards in this job love to turn randomly and blow you up, so this job was a bit of a pain to record well.
-See that bullshit before the second charger? That's exactly what I'm talking about. The guard turned FOUR times before finally moving away from me.
-Timing those spinning rotating propellers is really tricky. I'm glad I don't wait too long at that one.
-I mess up the order of these clue bottles a little bit, but nothing too serious.
-Getting hit by that spotlight could have been avoided, I suppose.
-Spotlights keep messing me up! So frustrating!
-Now that propeller takes forever to climb back up.
-This dart-shooting section is awesome. I only miss one shot.

Segment 51 (Anatomy for Disaster-Part 4)
-I once thought I would have to do all these tag-team jobs in one segment. Thankfully that wasn't the case.
-This new ricochet shot Bentley has is difficult to aim, so these hacking sections take a little longer than I would have liked.
-The point of those nodes at the beginning is to give time for the moving avatars to catch up to Bentley, but I end up getting lucky and only needing to kill like two groups of them.
-Why did I have to get hurt near the last cylinder?

Segment 52 (Anatomy for Disaster-Part 5)
-That last clue bottle grab was epic.
-Little goes wrong destroying the power stations. I miss a few Juggle Grabs and take some damage, but overall not much time is lost.
-I had another Steal a Tuxedo moment going the wrong way to the engine room door.
-Sly's part of the job goes awesome. I do a superb job dodging the lasers and saws here.

Segment 53 (Anatomy for Disaster-Part 6)
-Mega-jumping is a lot of fun. I'm so glad it was added as a cheat in this game.
-I'm a little slow getting off that first tower.
-Paragliding to the last tower is faster than climbing up the spires and such.

Segment 54 (Anatomy for Disaster-Part 7)
-I gradually improved at this Clock-La shooting segment. I think my final attempt was about forty-five seconds faster than my first.
-This paragliding segment always messes me up. I fail to land on top of the platform and land beneath it instead. You'll see what I mean if you watch the video.
-That damned piece of debris killed me once before. Luckily I salvaged it that time.
-I'm a little slow on the uptake finishing that first head attacking section.
-I really mess up Bentley's section at the end. Not a very good way to end the speedrun, but whatever. I'm just glad it's done.

I made enough mistakes where sub-06:45:00 is definitely possible, but sub-06:30:00 might not be. If I ever return to this game, it might me for an any% single segment run in which I don't collect any clue bottles. That would be simple enough to route. Until then, I hope you enjoyed my run!

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