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Released in 2010, Sniper: Ghost Warrior is the American public consciousness's attempt to absolve itself of guilt from toppling a bunch of Central and South American governments during the Cold War. It turns out that the easiest way to do that is by making a video game wherein we do the deed, except this time, it works out. Oh, and General Vasquez wants nukes.

SniperGhostWarrior   SniperGhostWarrior

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Single-segment, Easy Difficulty: 0:36:43 by 'ImEliteGlitches'

Author's comments:

Hi, I'm ImEliteGlitches and welcome to my Single segment run of Sniper: Ghost Warrior for the PC. Released in 2010, this game debuted with mixed reviews, some actually disliked the graphical aspect and others thought the game was too repetitive. Regardless, this game can now be beaten in under 40 minutes RTA. Firstly, this run took many hours to achieve, a lot of those were spent practising the individual levels after I ran into a softlock or wanted to make a segment more consistent, case in point, Dangerous Grounds, though this run is not without its mistakes, it is still very well done and will not be easily beaten. The main difficulty with running this game (single segment) is that it can be very random at times, e.g. sometimes when falling from a height, the game can take away more hp than it tends to - the highest point that you can fall and survive will always take around 60-70hp -, also, sometimes enemies will spot you when they're not supposed i.e. the level Dangerous Grounds had me reset over 50 times, because of enemies being omniscient, I guess?

Shoutouts/honourable mentions: I would like to give a shoutout to 'Judgy', 'TheRot' and 'TitusJRK'; Judgy ripped this game apart back in 2012/2013, finding glitches for pretty much every level and doing a segmented run which I have had to defer to many times while trying to learn this game. TheRot found a few level-specific optimisations, as well as a major skip on the level, A Marksman At His Best, which saves over two minutes. He also set the (Old) Single segment WR for this game last year, giving me the idea to push single-segment. TitusJRK set a few IL WR's shortly after I took a break from this game, giving me a reason to comeback and push some IL times (and reclaim my lost WRs).

In terms of binds/settings: I have bound the Middle Mouse button to "throw grenade", Mouse button 3 to "use healing item", and C to "change stance" as I find these to be the most  convenient for me (especially since I don't play with Mouse and Keyboard regularly). I have the graphics set to the highest quality they can be and finally, I have the bullet-cam feature disabled in the options menu - it essentially triggers a slow, cinematic cutscene everytime you get a long-distance kill -.

Point of note: You may notice the main menu is a little bit odd (it's upside down, and in black and white), this is an issue caused by running this game on Windows 10/11, and the only way to fix it would be to download a file someone else has remade on the internet and replace it in the video files of the game, which sounded sketchy to me, so I decided not to do that. Onwards to the game...

Training Ground(0:45):
Essentially any training level you would expect: you shoot targets - with the Assualt rife and Sniper rifle - and then do a playful stealth section, being hunted by the "Rookies". Luckily, there is an option to skip the rest of the level after finishing the Assault rifle portion so you never have to see the rest. I have tried going faster on this level, but you need to wait for O'Neil's dialogue to finish anyways so it's pretty much always a 45s segment. Also the timer is displayed at the end here, after testing it myself: it is indeed accurate and even accounts for check-point restarts/deaths, which is very helpful.

One Shot One Kill (1:12):
The start of this level is again, waiting for some dialogue to finish, afterwards we go shoot a guard, ignoring our Spotter's countdown to 3, I guess the developers never ever foresaw that people would try shooting him immediately. After no-scoping the next guard we do an OoB which skips the entire level (get used to this). Thereafter, I go to a specific spot to trigger the boat to move, the rest of the level is scripted and will end once the boat reaches a certain point. I kill the guy here for fun :)

No Man Left Behind (1:27):
I have to manage my HP-stims on this level quite well; otherwise I won't be able to perform the skip at the end of the level, so I decide to throw a grenade at the soldiers here for safety - doesn't kill any of them, Rip. After being shot at, we can skip stuff - I haven't played this level casually in such a long time I can't remember what -, by just going prone under this rock (Simple, I know). I do another skip at the end here with some jumping, this skips a cinematic and some walking, saving 15s.

Dangerous Grounds (2:35):
Screw this level, seriously. The route I take is very safe (costs 3s), I have had to reset here so many times it's unreal. After the cinematic,  I run straight to the lighthouse, I lose a lot of HP but it doesn't matter since the rest of the mission is sniping from a distance and I cannot possibly lose HP. The sniping was quite bad, showcasing the RNG (I should have killed the enemy sniper first try here).

Take Down The Rigs (2:00):
This level went very well; getting the jump over the pipe fast. The RNG blessed me at the end here, and my teammate didn't take an extra 15s to come and end the level. The end is purely RNG; after killing the guys I kill, the end time is out of my control.

An Alliance to Save Rodriguez (1:58):
An alright level; 1s off of the WR for this segment. Really just showcases the brokenness of this game and why developers need to add invisible walls if they don't want 4/5s of their level skipped. No RNG here, my team will come up the steps as soon as I reach the door. Now, Razor Six-Four (our Sniper and Playable protaganist) just has to run to the end of the level, and thankfully I didn't die by the fall. Also, running to the back of the container triggers the end cutscene faster.

Weaken The Regime (4:37):
Fantastic level, 12s off of the IL WR. The first part is scripted, though you can amuse yourself with the buggy NPC :) I shoot the guys before I get off the boat; they do a lot of damage to you and I like to have all my stims for the end of the mission for safety. You can crouch under the stairs here and swim across to the last plantation (this saves 3+ minutes). I don't jump too much while going down this hill as I have died before, professional snipers can fall, trip and die too apparently. There's an invisible wall which I have to go around, by jumping of course. And I can do another skip at the end by jumping over the fence. Enjoy the T-Posing NPC :D

On Your Own (3:07):
Another IL WR. Very boring level since there's no skips, just some HP management: I'll let the video do the rest of the talking.

A Simple Rendezvous (1:19):
Small skip at the beginning here to skip some extra running. I go around here to skip an unskippable cinematic showing the civilians being tortured, got to keep it PG right? After calling in the chopper we get told we have to wait 4 minutes; screw that, lets just go the end anyway. For some reason I couldn't skip the cutscene straight away, that probably cost a second.

Steal From Under Their Noses (1:14):
Pretty much all intended, until I cross the broken bridge and am able to go OoB, where conveniently the final bridge to cross and end the level is. A little bit sloppier in my opinion, since I got stuck on something before crossing the bridge at the beginning.

The End Is Near (2:16):
Have to listen to El Tejon here for a good 20s-ish then we get to do some more jumping to skip the camp section quickly. I get spotted while crossing the bridge, but fortunately the trigger to fail the player after being spotted has disappeared. I use my pistol for this entire section since I need a full Sniper mag to do the end sniping bit fast. After, we get to play as one of the militiamen helping Razer Six-four. We do the same glitch we used at the beginning, making sure to jump right to end the level immediately.

The Hunt Is On (2:12)
All scipted apart from the end where I kill the enemies with the MG and some good 'ol pre-firing. Now I just have to run across the bridge, shooting the barrels when told to and get to witness some more glitchy NPCs (since we were meant to snipe the barrels from the hill).

Steal From Under Their Noses Part II (1:35):
This level went quite badly for me, none of my shots hit the guy so I got spotted, I also had to wait (die) for the game to prompt me with the load last CP option since you can't do that in the pause menu - only able to restart the level. But yeah, more broken game.

A Marksman At His Best (2:30):
IL WR. There's some finnicky invisable walls here, eventually I'm able to get OoB though. The rest is navigating to a hill, where I can jump on the highway. Once I have ran across the highway I jump off and do some more jumping stuff to get back inbounds, the remainder of the level is intended. Again, huge thanks to TheRot for finding this, because the old/intended route we used to have to use was really inconsistent and bad for SS runs.

Guardian Angel (2:35):
This level went as expected, navigating the OoB is very finnicky and there's a bunch of leaves in the way. This skip is huge by the way, and saves about 4 minutes.

The Showdown (3:56):
This level was better than expected since the end tends to lose some time for me usually. Start of the level is just running past enemies, using the throwing knife to kill a guy in the way at the end of the tunnel to get outside. Once outside, I do an OoB by crouching under a fence, followed by some careful movement to not fall too far down. Then I run up a couple of ramps until I reach a Room with some explosives, which starts a 15s timer to progress the level (killing these enemies here isn't necessary but prevents the possibility of them killing you by throwing a good grenade). The rest of the level is just good Sniping - or at least I try -, making sure to kill the enemies as quickly as possible.

Seek And Destroy (1:29):
Very hard level, you need to kill the 2 enemies at the beginning without stopping, which means lucky no-scoping or the throwing knives, I tried the no-scope route and failed so I had to revert to throwing knife. *I use the sniper at the beginning due to the fact that the knives can do no-damage sometimes, especially just after loading a level* The reason they need to be killed without stopping is so I can get past without being spotted (otherwise the mission fails), doing it this way ensure I can get past the particular guard pattern. I was getting a little shaky towards the end here since I was on good pace, and had to load last CP. At the end here, I shoot Vasquez ASAP and end the level.

Overall, this run was very good, hindered by a few mistakes, but remedied through the amazing early half. Thanks for reading and watching!!! If you have any questions about the run then feel free to post a comment on my Youtube, ImEliteGlitches, or visit my twitch at and ask when I'm live.

Individual levels run on Easy difficulty in 0:33:38:

Level Time Date Player(s)
Training 0:00:45 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
One Shot, One Kill 0:01:07 2022-08-06 'ImEliteGlitches'
No Man Left Behind 0:01:25 2022-08-06 'ImEliteGlitches'
Dangerous Grounds 0:02:28 2022-08-06 'ImEliteGlitches'
Take Down The Rigs 0:01:56 2022-08-06 'ImEliteGlitches'
An Alliance To Save Rodriguez 0:01:54 2022-08-06 'ImEliteGlitches'
Weaken The Regime 0:04:37 2022-08-06 'ImEliteGlitches'
On Your Own 0:02:59 2022-08-06 'ImEliteGlitches'
A Simple Rendezvous 0:01:13 2022-08-06 'ImEliteGlitches'
Steal From Under Their Noses 0:01:02 2022-08-06 'ImEliteGlitches'
The End Is Near 0:01:59 2022-08-06 'ImEliteGlitches'
The Hunt Is On 0:02:10 2022-08-06 'ImEliteGlitches'
Steal From Under Their Noses Part II 0:01:11 2022-08-06 'ImEliteGlitches'
A Marksman At His Best 0:02:10 2022-08-06 'ImEliteGlitches'
Guardian Angel 0:02:09 2022-08-06 'ImEliteGlitches'
The Showdown 0:03:35 2022-08-06 'ImEliteGlitches'
Seek And Destroy 0:00:58 2022-08-06 'ImEliteGlitches'

Jugdy's comments:

"Welcome St Dominic Camp rookies"

Speed Run Rules

*Each Mission Completed on Easy difficulty
*Bullet Cam disabled from in-game menu
*Inidivdual levels run (1 segment per mission)
*Low% (No Secrets collected)

I would like to start by giving some thanks to the whole of SDA for being awesome, many of the speed runs on the site have inspired me to do a run for a long time. My only problem was finding a run I actually could be bothered to stick with and complete.

Thanks to Nate for his work on Anri-chan it is an excellent program.

Thanks to 'Adzicents' for starting a run, although incomplete it gave me a few times to start beating and showed me a huge time saver on mission 1.

Thanks also to 'Cronikeys' and 'Crippe' whose pages got me through this run giving me somewhere to chill-out when running the game got too much. (^_^)


About the Game:
Sniper:Ghost Warrior is the second in the "Sniper" series of games released by 'City Interactive' (the first being Sniper: Elite) using the Chrome engine 4 it was released in June 2010 for Pc and Xbox360 With a PS3 release in April 2011.
The game centres mainly around the role of Sergeant Tyler Wells whom you control for most of the missions (As the sniper) for missions with more close combat you assume the role of the Delta Force operative Private Anderson.

The story is simple really in the first mission you are sent to assassinate General Vasquez who is being set up by a member of your team (Rodriguez) however the assassination fails, (what kind of game would this be if you killed him at the beginning?) Rodriguez is captured and General Vasquez escapes.
Your task hereafter is to rescue Rodriguez and finally assassinate General Vasquez.

But all is not as it seems...


Sprint jump- Basically somewhere in the code for this game they put in that you can only sprint for a certain amount of time (heart rate / short of breath)...which is fair enough... however this is only if your feet are on the ground for the entire duration of the sprint.
If you sprint then jump you maintain your speed while in the jump, then when you land simply...Jump some more! (^_^), by doing this you prevent two things, 1: the sprint time Limit is removed (pretty much) 2: Your heart rate hardly even goes up (if you need to use a "slow shot" for any reason your heart rate will be at around 80bpm instead of 141bpm which is the max and will cancle the slow shot).

Abuse of Objectives – Certain objectives will cause all guards to stop following you (or make them die) as they are completed, I use this a lot throughout.

Adzi's Tree Jump – Priceless trick when running the first mission which i eventually evolved into my method allowing me to get 1:13 basically it abuses how far you drop and land if your careful you can get down most cliffs with health shots (strangely before i saw adzicents' attempts i never thought of this :/ ).

OoB - Simple enough really jumping over (or crawling under) invisible walls in order to get out of the regular game environment (see mission 1, 2, 5, 6, 14 and 15)

Cliff/Tree Slip - WAS!!!!!!!! Used in mission 6 after the sniping section this trick abuses fall height impacts I will explain (this could be used elsewhere so ill leave it in even though its not used in MY!!! run).... when i make a jump from a platform of a certain height or higher the result is death however if i use a slope (the cliff) and a secondary object (the tree) to squeeze inbetween it makes a full height drop into two seperate drops. dropping between the cliff and the tree at relatively the same time causes me to "Land" i then carry on moving forward which the game now thinks is a new jump therfore making one jump into two jumps, if this is attempted using only a cliff face you will slide down the side of the cliff maintaining a single jump of the full height and if the jump is big enough you will die.
(think of it like the tree and cliff grabbing you then releasing you)

CheckPoint Avoiding - I use this a few times throught the game in mission 6 i avoid a 40-50 second sniping event by jumping over a fence to get round a checkpoint thus not triggering the event itself or the Enemy NPC's that come of it also in mission 6 i skip finding the documents by jumping over an invisble wall and i skip planting explosives by jumping around an invisible wall.

"Slow Shots" - This is not really a glitch or trick of any kind but I use it a lot and it does add time so I will explain.
If you use a "Slow Shot" you gain a few things, Better accuracy (aiming more precise), Bullet hit marker (red circle) appears quicker, Recoil is less and targets move slower so secondary shots more likely to hit. All of these things make it a good thing to use in short bursts (or a longer duration if there are many enemies in a close proximity to each other.)


Mission Notes:

00-Training [0:45]:
Not much to say here, I don't think this can be beaten as I have to wait for dialogue to finish before I can exit which always makes the time 00:45.

ImEliteGlitches's comments:

One Shot, One Kill
Pretty much just running through, ignoring all enemies and utilising a grenade throw to alert the guards on the tower early, hence preventing a cinematic from playing.

Weaken The Regime
A nightmare to run, two minutes are entirely scripted and the rest is pretty simple but then you come to an invisible wall that you have to spam-jump to get over. Not very fun.

On Your Own
Routing has changed a bit, specifically; after getting the charges. Besides that, nothing.

A Simple Rendezvous
Decided to change the route a bit, instead of going through the main entrance I go to the right, over the fence. Saves about 2-3s.

Steal From Under Their Noses (part 1)
Not much to say apart from I just don't stop, at all to kill the enemies; wung it at the end by doing a good strafe to get as far down the bridge as possible.

The End Is Near
Again, not too much has changed. However, I did discover that you can completely ignore going to the first hostage location... guess the developers really dropped the ball onthat one.

The Hunt Is On
This entire level is pretty much an auto scroller, except for two-instances: firstly, the enemy vehicle at the beginning of the mission - you must destory this to progress -,and second, the three enemies that come running up the hill, you must kill them aswell to progress. So, in essence, I triggered these things as soon as possible to get a 2:10.

The Showdown
This level isn't too interesting, what does take up a huge portion is the sniping (which I did bother to learn the triggers for). So, for the first wave you must kill 6-8 enemies(reference the run for the actual number), anyways once they are killed another group of enemies spawn, this time they are coming down the stairs on the huge digger. Upon killingthese guys, another wave spawns at the trucks, killing 5 of these guys spawns more enemies at the same digger location, killing all these guys immediately causes your squad to start running up the stairs, whereby them reaching a certain a point causes the mission to end.

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