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Released in 2010, Sniper: Ghost Warrior is the American public consciousness's attempt to absolve itself of guilt from topping a bunch of Central and South American governments during the Cold War. It turns out that the easiest way to do that is by making a video game wherein we do the deed, except this time, it works out. Oh, and General Vasquez wants nukes.


Individual-levels run on Easy difficulty in 0:38:25:

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Level name Time Date Player
Training 0:00:45 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
One Shot, One Kill 0:01:13 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
No Man Left Behind 0:01:48 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Dangerous Grounds 0:02:34 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Take Down The Rigs 0:02:01 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
An Alliance To Save Rodriguez 0:01:57 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Weaken The Regime 0:04:55 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
On Your Own 0:03:08 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
A Simple Rendezvous 0:01:18 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Steal From Under Their Noses 0:01:09 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
The End Is Near 0:02:08 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
The Hunt Is On 0:02:12 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Steal From Under Their Noses Part II 0:01:16 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
A Marksman At His Best 0:04:47 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Guardian Angel 0:02:24 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
The Showdown 0:03:48 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Seek And Destroy 0:01:02 2013-04-22 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge

Author's comments:

"Welcome St Dominic Camp rookies"

Speed Run Rules

*Each Mission Completed on Easy difficulty
*Bullet Cam disabled from in-game menu
*Inidivdual levels run (1 segment per mission)
*Low% (No Secrets collected)

I would like to start by giving some thanks to the whole of SDA for being awesome, many of the speed runs on the site have inspired me to do a run for a long time. My only problem was finding a run I actually could be bothered to stick with and complete.

Thanks to Nate for his work on Anri-chan it is an excellent program.

Thanks to 'Adzicents' for starting a run, although incomplete it gave me a few times to start beating and showed me a huge time saver on mission 1.

Thanks also to 'Cronikeys' and 'Crippe' whose pages got me through this run giving me somewhere to chill-out when running the game got too much. (^_^)


About the Game:
Sniper:Ghost Warrior is the second in the "Sniper" series of games released by 'City Interactive' (the first being Sniper: Elite) using the Chrome engine 4 it was released in June 2010 for Pc and Xbox360 With a PS3 release in April 2011.
The game centres mainly around the role of Sergeant Tyler Wells whom you control for most of the missions (As the sniper) for missions with more close combat you assume the role of the Delta Force operative Private Anderson.

The story is simple really in the first mission you are sent to assassinate General Vasquez who is being set up by a member of your team (Rodriguez) however the assassination fails, (what kind of game would this be if you killed him at the beginning?) Rodriguez is captured and General Vasquez escapes.
Your task hereafter is to rescue Rodriguez and finally assassinate General Vasquez.

But all is not as it seems...


Sprint jump- Basically somewhere in the code for this game they put in that you can only sprint for a certain amount of time (heart rate / short of breath)...which is fair enough... however this is only if your feet are on the ground for the entire duration of the sprint.
If you sprint then jump you maintain your speed while in the jump, then when you land simply...Jump some more! (^_^), by doing this you prevent two things, 1: the sprint time Limit is removed (pretty much) 2: Your heart rate hardly even goes up (if you need to use a "slow shot" for any reason your heart rate will be at around 80bpm instead of 141bpm which is the max and will cancle the slow shot).

Abuse of Objectives – Certain objectives will cause all guards to stop following you (or make them die) as they are completed, I use this a lot throughout.

Adzi's Tree Jump – Priceless trick when running the first mission which i eventually evolved into my method allowing me to get 1:13 basically it abuses how far you drop and land if your careful you can get down most cliffs with health shots (strangely before i saw adzicents' attempts i never thought of this :/ ).

OoB - Simple enough really jumping over (or crawling under) invisible walls in order to get out of the regular game environment (see mission 1, 2, 5, 6, 14 and 15)

Cliff/Tree Slip - WAS!!!!!!!! Used in mission 6 after the sniping section this trick abuses fall height impacts I will explain (this could be used elsewhere so ill leave it in even though its not used in MY!!! run).... when i make a jump from a platform of a certain height or higher the result is death however if i use a slope (the cliff) and a secondary object (the tree) to squeeze inbetween it makes a full height drop into two seperate drops. dropping between the cliff and the tree at relatively the same time causes me to "Land" i then carry on moving forward which the game now thinks is a new jump therfore making one jump into two jumps, if this is attempted using only a cliff face you will slide down the side of the cliff maintaining a single jump of the full height and if the jump is big enough you will die.
(think of it like the tree and cliff grabbing you then releasing you)

CheckPoint Avoiding - I use this a few times throught the game in mission 6 i avoid a 40-50 second sniping event by jumping over a fence to get round a checkpoint thus not triggering the event itself or the Enemy NPC's that come of it also in mission 6 i skip finding the documents by jumping over an invisble wall and i skip planting explosives by jumping around an invisible wall.

"Slow Shots" - This is not really a glitch or trick of any kind but I use it a lot and it does add time so I will explain.
If you use a "Slow Shot" you gain a few things, Better accuracy (aiming more precise), Bullet hit marker (red circle) appears quicker, Recoil is less and targets move slower so secondary shots more likely to hit. All of these things make it a good thing to use in short bursts (or a longer duration if there are many enemies in a close proximity to each other.)


Run Breakdown:

Mission |Final Time
00-Training |0:45
01-One shot one kill |1:13
02-No Man Left Behind |1:48
03-Dangerous Grounds |2:34
04-Take Down The Rigs |2:01
05-An Alliance To Save Rodriguez |1:57
06-Weaken The Regime |4:55
07-On Your Own |3:08
08-A Simple Redezvous |1:18
09-Steal from Under Their Noses |1:09
10-The End Is Near |2:08
11-The Hunt Is On |2:12
12-Steal from Under Their Noses Pt 2 |1:16
13-A Marksman At His Best |4:47
14-Guardian Angel |2:24
15-The Show Down |3:48
16-Seek And Destroy |1:02
Total |38:25


Mission Notes:

00-Training [0:45]:
Not much to say here, I don't think this can be beaten as I have to wait for dialogue to finish before I can exit which always makes the time 00:45.

01-One shot one kill [1:13]:
My previous bests for this mission were around the 4:05 mark until I checked the Forum page and saw 'Adzicents' run with a tree drop trick which saves around 40 seconds of dialogue before you climb down the cliff on your rope.

I modified this trick to a method about 4 seconds faster than adzi's version,
Then i found this method, basically the game has invisible walls everywhere around the platform except next to the stone pillar so i find a ledge and get past the wall, the rest is run to the end of level trigger.

02-No Man Left Behind [1:48]:
Ignoring my objectives i run straight to the exit road which has a MASSIVE!!! invisible wall however i found a small gap in a rock i can get through and get passed the wall (when i crawl through im actually inside a rock once out of the rock i just run to the end like normal. (i don't use the truck as it has a 16 second scripted animation and is longer then pure running)

03-Dangerous Grounds [2:34]:
This Mission required the most restarts in my entire run the first section had me restart around 200+ times until I got my movement timings right.
This time it goes nicely with not getting spotted and the guard falling quickly. Second section is simply run to the lighthouse your meant to fail if your spotted however I run through checkpoints too quick for the game to make me fail. Sniping is quick sniper on the cliff fell first shot which was nice.

04-Take Down The Rigs [2:01]:
Run!!!!, not much to this one... i skip the first room as it takes ages, I let the cut-scene kill everyone else on the first rig, shoot the 3 guards and the box ..thingy, shoot the barrel, shoot more people, clear the last floor, place grenade nicely, wait for friendly NPC. Done! (Note the NPC arrives VERY!!! quickly, this time was 4 seconds faster than my previous best [again waiting for NPC] but they can take 20+ seconds to arrive)

05-An Alliance To Save Rodriguez [1:57]:
I Brake this mission hard, basically the route i take past the tree gets you past an invisble wall which is supposed to make it impossible for you to follow the road around the cliff, which inturn should stop you finding the rocks i climb over to skip the sniping section.
Getting to Rodriguez I Just run through, not worrying about my team as they spawn by the tower behind me (If they didn't the first sequence break would be pointless as you need them to enter the house). Sniper route = Run and escape.

06-Weaken The Regime [4:55]:
Its painful to have to sit on something scripted when you just want to go as quick as possible.. ¬_¬ Anyway after the boat ride... I use a trick to go over an invisible wall so i can swim across the river without having to get the plans (saves around 1 minute)
Into the camps I Jump over the fence at the bottom of the first hill so i can cut through the jungle at the top (its alot harder to get over the fence at the top of the hill near impossible at times)
Boths camps can be skipped using the enviroment to get around invisble walls to avoid having to do objectives.

07-On Your Own [3:08]:
I run along the road taking the route through the broken fence and jump of the cliff to save time.
run past the guards into the camp and get within the activation area, I'm guessing its 0m-20m. I then run to get the c4 from the village using a health shot on route running though the camp using this route saves about 4 seconds to going around, run back to the camp going the long method (as the first route is only quicker downwards)
I throw the c4 and run to the next site again going through the camp saving more time, I climb up to the site using the cliffs throw the c4 and hope its close enough, camp 3 this was the first try I did where I killed no guards in the camp and it paid off, took a health shot on escaping to be sure I would make it (normally bullets here will do 6-15 damage but on random occasions you can get some that hit 30-40 not nice.

08-A Simple Rendezvous [1:18]:
What can i say about this mission, originally my times for a "speed run" of this mission were in the 3:25~ region as i had a firm belief that you had to sit through a 2 minute countdown as the helicopter arrived this however wasn't true, The problem was i thought if you went down the hill before the timer was gone you got automatically killed by the game this was wrong you just take a hell of alot of damage over time
Therefore with enough medkits and moving quicker than the game intended me to (sprint jumping) i can activate the end of level trigger before i should really be allowed to :) .

09-Steal from Under Their Noses [1:09]:
Abusing End of level trigger and a lack of invisible walls take a look-see.

10-The End Is Near [2:08]:
Start the mission and wait for the guy to shut up, then I stealth ... kind of .. through the camp to the bridge using the tanker to skip a slow crawl through the tent. jumping along the edge is quicker than the swim, clearing the area is quick.. just 3 guards.
Time to kill some people..The next part uses the same skip as before but allows me to reach the end of the level trigger before the cinematic trigger saving me about 11~12 seconds. (8 seconds of cinematic + 3~4 seconds running)

11-The Hunt Is On [2:12]:
Scripted Jeep ride for most of this 2:12 run, after that part I send a bullet into the barrel and run to the end.

12-Steal from Under Their Noses Pt 2 [1:16]:
When I first speed ran this mission I didn't think sub 4 minutes was possible due to you having to follow a certain course around the camp (invisible walls EVERYWHERE!!!)
I then managed to get sub 4 of 3:23 using the original route the game means for you to take. i then found an alternate route taking a further minute off of that time bringing it down to around 2:25
and then i found the jackpot for this mission, using the first guardtower to jump over a building i do the entire thing in a barely believable time of 1:16. (i have to use the tower as there is a one-way invisible wall blocking the route i take out of the camp)

13-A Marksman At His Best [4:47]:
This Mission Is Incredibly well built I Spent months trying to brake it to no avail :(
The first two spots can be done as quick as you like as long as you mark the higher target first, the next three need to be done in the order shown and you have to wait for the closest guard to turn around. (or start his turning animation there is a small delay between the spot and the shot)
Grab the supplies from the boat, climb the tree mark some more stuff and run away, The second bridge you come to is the life/death moment these guards will kill you if they so wish to simple as that lol.

14-Guardian Angel [2:24]:
This Mission gets broken, After climbing i take out the two guards otherwise i get shot in the ass while trying to go OoB, While On top of the cliff i need to stay above the "normal" ground level until im past a certain point otherwise the game Auto-fails me, once im past that point i drop down run to the end and plant the charges ... done and done

15-The Show Down [3:48]:
guards inside the cave are ignored,upon exiting the cave i go left and do a fence hop using a nicely placed tree.
For the rest of the mission "Opps I Broke it (^_^)" I use a hole in the fence using the cliffs to get to a later section of the mission where i grab the charges.
Sniping goes pretty good only a few annoyances such as bullets either missing or not doing enough damage to kill in one shot (¬_¬)

16-Seek And Destroy [1:02]:
¬_¬ .... It took me 4 months to get this from 1:03 to 1:02 ¬_¬
Your suppose to kill more people and not be seen.
I'll let the video do the talking on this one =)

Final thanks to anyone who stuck around to watch this run, I know it's not really a game with much interest but I enjoyed doing it.


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