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Released in February 2002 as the first Sonic game on GBA, Sonic Advance allows you to play with four characters of different abilities. Dr. Eggman is of course up to his no good tricks once more and it's up to Sonic and friends to stop him! The game is often criticized to be "too slow".


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Sonic: 0:16:18.50 by Daniel Zurad.

Author's comments:

Unless I'm mistaken, I believe this is the first sonic speed run ever on SDA! I know people have wanted one for some time now, so I finally decided to submit my run.

I did this run using my Game boy Advance SP, which was connected to my Nintendo Gamecube (GBP). I use the SP because I feel it's easier to Air dash, which is very useful in this run. I use it to change from ball form to running form without losing speed, and to gain speed (Neo Green Hill is a good example of this).

The run is single segment, done on the Normal Difficulty. Although anyone can watch it, I highly recommend you play the game first. A lot of people complained about how slow this game was, and it is, but I think you'll be in for a surprise to see how fast Sonic can really go!

You may have noticed that I start different levels at different times. This is because of all of the moving objects in a level. I find a good time to start the level, so that when I reach point A in X amount of time, the objects will be in a location that is to my advantage, or make my job easier. It was a pain in the butt to find a good time to start for the casino levels though.

You probably have other questions about the run such as why I took a hit here, or waited there, or sucked ass at the final boss. All of your answers can (hopefully) be found below in my level by level analysis of my run.


Neo Green Hill Zone - Act 1
Time: 0:26:23
Comments: I ran through without any major problems, so that's good. The one thing I have against this portion of the run is how slow my beginning was. By using Air dash at the right moments, Sonic can travel extremely fast through the opening of this level! I didn't really manage to do that. Since this is the first level, I used to just restart the run over and over if I didn't get the beginning right, but it just got very annoying so I stopped. At least I got a huge time bonus :)

Neo Green Hill Zone - Act 2
Time: 0:46:97
Comments: Again, a nice run through the level. You may have noticed that I wait 1/2 a second 13 seconds into the run, this is to avoid running into the timed spikes that move in and out of the ground up ahead (you probably figured this anyway...). It's kind of cool how it looks like I'm going to run into them, but I don't! I had a good boss fight too. My only complaint is that I didn't Air dash into the second loop around 21 seconds. This can make sonic zoom through the next part of the level MUCH faster (similar to act 1's intro) and he can even go off-screen! It looks impressive, but doesn't save a lot of time and is hard to pull off (I'd attempt the trick at times, and Sonic would land at a strange angle on the curve of the loop, coming to a complete halt and just totally ruining the effect). Since this is single segment though, I guess it's not the end of the world.

Secret Base Zone - Act 1
Time: 0:41:62
Comments: This level is pretty easy to get through for the most part. I made a small dumb mistake though around 17 seconds but oh goes on. SBZ1 is the only level where I actually find a use for Sonic's screwball attack (It seriously reminds me of Samus'). By pressing B twice, Sonic comes to a complete halt, but if you push A, he does a back flip/screwball sort of thing that sends him in the other direction. It prevents me from falling down and having to take the long intended route through the zipper line system (or whatever they call those crazy things nowadays).

Secret Base Zone - Act 2
Time: 1:13:67
Comments: No complains here! I got through the level without any tiny slips (just very very tiny ones that nobody cares about in Single Segment runs!) and had a good boss fight! I think at the time I did this run, I actually beat my personal record! I could be wrong though...

Casino Paradise Zone - Act 1
Time: 0:38:07
Comments: Ack, the dreaded Casino levels. Timed objects are everywhere in this level so normally, the player doesn't know what to expect. I have developed a route that allows me to pass through most of the obstacles with ease, but the problem is that if I make a mistake, then I'm more or less screwed since I have no idea where the timed objects may be (bumpers, enemies, spikes, etc). What would normally be a 1-2 second slip for most levels is actually more like a 15 - 20 second loss just trying to get through the newly placed obstacles. It'd be almost like going through a new level each time! Thankfully, I made it through the level without any slips, so I was fine! I even got my neat little trick at the beginning to work! So overall, a good run, though I forgot to Air dash off the top of the hill at the end.

Casino Paradise Zone - Act 2
Time: 0:59:87
Comments: This level worries me a bit more then Act 1 because I haven't found a good way to get through the spinning platform area yet. Even though I got sidetracked a bit with the pinball flipper, I still made my way through alive, and rather quickly, so I'm fine with that. The very beginning also worries me. I have to do execute the route ASAP so that I can cross the gap at 4 seconds safely. The bumpers underneath the gap move up and down (and were moving up at the time) so it was a close call really. Had I hit the bumper, I would have lost my speed, and it wouldn't have looked very cool...but anyway. I messed up a bit at the red spring around 21 seconds; I just couldn't get on the damn thing! As for the boss fight, I've had better fights, but the fight is based on luck since he can pop out of any tube he wants. I've got patterns figured out though so I know what to do when he pops out of tube A or B or C. I'm sorry if it's irritating, but pausing really helps when fighting the boss. This is also my first hit in the game, but I get hit plenty of times later on, so it doesn't really matter. Besides, I got sub one minute!

Ice Mountain Zone - Act 1
Time: 0:53:83
Comments: IMZ1 is a tricky level because there are tons of little shortcuts that can be used to shave time, but are rather hard to pull off. The beginning route I take isn't really the fastest. It's just extremely hard and annoying as hell to pull off this 3 second time saver at the beginning though, so I just took the normal route. The speed shoes definitely help underwater, as I'm able to traverse it much faster. I messed up around 24 seconds, when coming down the slope and into the water. This part usually worries me anyway. Basically, I was supposed to hold back a bit, so that when I reached the bottom floor of the water, I'd hit the spring sticking out of the wall, not land on top of the spring and get hit by an enemy waiting in ambush. I guess I got a bit too nervous though and held back too much, causing me to completely stop. Ah well, I got through the rest of the level fine. There is one shortcut at the end that saves about a second, but it's very risky at the cost of a life, so I figured I'd play it safe.

Ice Mountain Zone - Act 2
Time: 1:31:35
Comments: Ok, so this is where my run starts turning from great, to ok. I didn't do a good spin dash at the beginning, so I had to do the little flip to make me stop, then spin dashed off of that. The rest of the run through the level was good, but not great. I messed up around the 13 - 18 second part a bit. It's too complicated and long to explain the whole thing, but I basically wasn't sure when I should spin dash through the shield (timed objects). I got through though. Now for the boss himself...ugh...I hate this boss. My 2nd least favorite boss in the game. Who's the first, you'll find out later! Anyway, what's annoying about this guy is that you never know where his icicles are going to fall down from. What's worse is that he might end up going away from the icicles he sent down, and unless I can manage a super spin dash jump fast enough to reach the other side, I won't be able to hit him. Actually, I got a good setup, but due to nervousness, I made some really dumb mistakes, like accidentally falling off the icicles...At least I made it through alive.

Angel Island Zone - Act 1
Time: 1:17:10
Comments: Well, I made a few dumb mistakes here, the first being around 9 seconds where I didn't roll under the enemy fast enough. Immediately following this mistake is another one around 13 seconds. I wanted to jump over the ramp and aim sonic to the right, landing him into the next passage. Instead, I accidentally jumped at a low angle and ended up hitting the edge of the ramp, sending me flying into a giant spike ball and landing into a pit of spikes. I got out just in the nick of time though. Except for a bad beginning, the rest of the run was pretty good.

Angel Island Zone - Act 2
Time: 1:32:12
Comments: Not much to comment about here. The hit around 16 seconds was intentional (obviously) as it allowed me to skip a small portion of the level (just a slightly longer way of getting up to where I went). I made a small mistake at 52 seconds. I wanted to jump straight up onto the platform and just spin dash right off of it (looks really cool) but I jumped a bit too late.... The boss fight went well, though I did take a hit. Also, I don't know why, but the capsule seems to come down later then the rest of the capsules...

Egg Rocket
Time: 0:10.83 + 0:56.48 + 0:57.83 + 1:08.77
Comments: This is it. The one level that really scares the crap out of me. Not because it's long, but because of the shortcut. There's a HUGE shortcut right at the beginning that shaves about...30 seconds! It's really hard to pull off, and you only get one shot. Unfortunately, I jumped too late and didn't make it so I had to take the longer way. If I ever do a future run of this game, I'll be sure to practice up on this shortcut so I can nail it. The run wasn't a totally failure though. In fact, besides the shortcut, and a few small slips, the run was a lot better then I thought it'd be.

Cosmic Angel
Time: 1:32:28
Comments: This is where my run starts turning from ok into crap. I managed to get through the level fine (except when I got hit by the spike of course). The boss...well...I just hate this boss. He can be fairly easy, supposing you don't slip up. He moves back and forth on the set track, and you can only get him once on each trip (a trip is just going either way). You have to wait for him to start going in the next direction before you can turn him upside down and hit him. As you can see, I goofed up pretty badly with the boss...but I made it through. This is only the beginning of my really bad boss fights (thank God that it's near the end of my run).

Time: 1:31:48
Comments: Ok, so the first two bosses, I didn't have a problem with. I kind of took my time with the second one though, because I didn't want to make any dumb mistakes. My problem is with the third and final boss in X-Zone. THIS is my least favorite boss. He's easy to beat when, but only if you don't care that you beat the level in 2+ minutes. The problem with this guy is that he never does what you want him to do. You can get all 8 hits on him in a row, but he needs to use his claw attack. The claw attack is the only attack that makes Eggman vulnerable to your attacks for a long period of time. The other two only last about one second (allowing for two hits, max). So once Eggman pulls out his claw, you simply jump on top of him and bounce on him 8 times in a row. This would be much simpler to do if you could actually trigger Eggman to do this! The thing is, you can't. So you're probably wondering why I'm consistently running into him, taking numerous hits. When you're hit, you flash and become invincible for a very short period of time (2-3 seconds). This is useful because while you're invincible, you can get past Eggman, and easily jump on top of him. The problem is that he needs to be doing the claw attack for this to work. So my strategy is to basically stay close to Eggman while being invincible...sort of. I keep on doing this until he pulls out the claw. Unfortunately, he didn't do it until the very last hit (cheap bastard). I got my ass kicked by this guy...but I lived. It's very common for me to accidentally die (run out of invincibility time without any rings while overlapping Eggman's machine sprite). I really don't know how else to explain this (as I'm just bad at explaining stuff). But long story short, this guy sucks and it's this stupid boss that's costing me a 30 second difference on my run. I think you'll have more fun laughing at my failed attempts then trying to just enjoy the speed run.

Moon Zone
Time: 0:42:62
Comments: Ok, a few things about this. First of all, my speed run is over. The supersonic fight isn't supposed to count towards my total time. Basically, once you collect all 7 chaos emeralds, you unlock this super secret little boss fight. But once you unlock it, you always go to it if you start from any level before X-zone (regardless of whether you collected all 7 chaos emeralds in your current run or not). So basically, I didn't collect all the chaos emeralds in this run, but because I have done so in the past, it automatically stays unlocked and just sends me off to the fight anyways. As I said, this doesn't count towards my total time, and I couldn't be happier because this has got to be the worst supersonic fight I have ever had! It's horrible, awful, and icky! I guess I was just really nervous, even if it didn't count as my total time. I didn't think my run could get much worse then X-Zone, but boy was I wrong! Have fun laughing at me getting OWNED by Eggman in his cruddy plastic space suit.

Total Time: 16:18.50
Comments: Overall, for a single segment run, this is pretty good. The run can be greatly improved as you can see. Egg Rocket and X-zone (if done right) can shave well over a minute! I'm willing to be that a near perfect single segment run (meaning no major mistakes) could sub 15 minutes! But that'll have to wait for another time

I do plan on updating this run. I definitely want to. In my future run though, there won't be a supersonic fight. My game data was erased unfortunately :(

Some people have also asked me if I ever plan on doing a 100% run where I collect all 7 chaos emeralds. Right now, I really don't have an answer. I would like to, but a lot of things would change. There are 4 playable characters, and when it comes to locating the special springs the easiest and fastest, varies from character to character. A lot of research would have to be put to find out who the best character would be to do this run with (I'm guessing either knuckles or Tails right now, maybe sonic, definitely not Amy).

Anyway, I guess it's time to wrap things up. If there were any questions that weren't answered, or you'd just like to talk about the run (comments, suggestions) then just AIM GCNDAN20735

I'd just like to thank you for taking the time to read my notes, and for watching my run. I hope that you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Knuckles: 0:16:00.28 by Joaquín Salido.

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Author's comments:


Unless I am mistaken, I believe that this is my first speedrun ever on SDA! I know that people enjoyed NintenDan's speedrun as Sonic, so I finally decided to speedrun the game as Knuckles.

I made this run using a GameCube, a Game Boy Player, a Game Boy Advance SP and a GameCube-Game Boy Advance cable. By using this cable, a Game Boy Advance can be used to control the game being played on the Gamecube.

This run is single-segment and is done on the normal difficulty of the game. If you really want to enjoy it, I recommend you play the game first.

Knuckles can take interesting shortcuts and alternative paths in several acts. As a result, he makes it possible to complete the game faster than Sonic. This was my main motivation to speedrun this game using the red echidna.

I played this game a lot back in 2007. However, it took me only two days to get this speedrun done.


Super Spin Dash
When you are standing still, press and hold the D-pad down, then tap A two times. Release the D-pad to blast off in a burst of speed.

Often, after jumping or bouncing off a spring, you keep a little momentum, but when you land you need to do a Spin Dash to gain more. If you press down as you land with the intention of performing a Spin Dash, you roll a little before stopping, losing time. Performing a Quickstop is useful in these cases. To do a Quickstop, tap B at the very moment that you land to perform an attack movement and stop fast. Once you have stopped, you can do a Spin Dash. There is another way to perform a Quickstop: Tap A just before landing. This alternate manner to do it does not work if you have bounced off a spring.

Ramp Jump
When floors are not level, the incline affects the angle of your jumps. If you are moving uphill, then a Ramp Jump gives you much more height than usual. Similarly, if you are traveling downhill, a Ramp Jump is shorter than a regular jump. These are referred to as Uphill and Downhill Ramp Jumps respectively. The angle of a Ramp Jump is different if you jump while running than if you jump while rolling.

Loop Jump
A variation on the Ramp Jump, which takes place inside a loop. If you enter a loop from the left and jump from the top left of it, you catch the next corner of the loop and are propelled off, gathering more momentum than usual. You get the same effect if you jump from the top right of a loop after entering it from the right.

Corner Avoidance
Sometimes, when you go fast across a stage, you find corners that stop you. You can avoid many of these corners if you tap the opposite direction of your advance right before touching them.

Pause Abuse
Pausing the game is useful to make the boss at the end of Casino Paradise Zone Act 2 easier to defeat.

If you play as Knuckles, you can perfom a Superglide to gain height and make your glide longer by jumping and gliding just before contacting an enemy or item box . This technique is useful on Angel Island Zone Act 1, Angel Island Zone Act 2 and Egg Rocket Zone Act 1.

Level comments

Level Time Best time in speedrun attempts
Neo Green Hill Zone - Act 1 0:27:08 0:26:90
Neo Green Hill Zone - Act 1 0:51:75 0:48:85
Secret Base Zone - Act 1 0:44:55 0:44:18
Secret Base Zone - Act 2 1:14:35 1:13:82
Casino Paradise Zone - Act 1 0:47:80 0:43:82
Casino Paradise Zone - Act 2 1:04:48 1:04:48
Ice Mountain Zone - Act 1 0:59:57 0:56:45
Ice Mountain Zone - Act 2 1:24:10 1:10:68
Angel Island Zone - Act 1 0:43:98 0:39:00
Angel Island Zone - Act 2 1:17:40 1:16:73
Egg Rocket Zone 2:53:30 2:53:30
Cosmic Angel Zone 1:51:60 1:48:52
X-Zone 1:40:32 1:40:32

Neo Green Hill Zone - Act 1
Time: 0:27:08
Best time in speedrun attempts: 0:26:90
Comments: Interesting way to start off a speedrun if you ask me. I took advantage of a glitch which allows you to glide over most of the stage. Beartin (from The Sonic Center) discovered it.

Neo Green Hill Zone - Act 2
Time: 0:51:75
Best time in speedrun attempts: 0:48:85
Comments: I jumped over a hidden spring (~0:24) which can be skipped faster.

Secret Base Zone - Act 1
Time: 0:44:55
Best time in speedrun attempts: 0:44:18
Comments: All your base are belong to us! I am happy with the time that I got here.

Secret Base Zone - Act 2
Time: 1:14:35
Best time in speedrun attempts: 1:13:82
Comments: I waited a little while the game is displaying the name of the zone to manipulate platforms and moving objects. This way, they were in an optimal position when I reached them. This act went quite good as well, making this zone really interesting to watch.

Casino Paradise Zone - Act 1
Time: 0:47:80
Best time in speedrun attempts: 0:43:82
Comments: This act has many moving objects and platforms, making it really hard to beat in a low time consistently. Because of that, many of my speedrun attemps ended here. I am content with my time, but it could have been way better.

Casino Paradise Zone - Act 2
Time: 1:04:48
Best time in speedrun attempts: 1:04:48
Comments: The boss of this act is random. Because of that, I got flustered, and that should explain mistakes like spin dashing in the opposite direction of the boss while trying to hit it. However, I am satisfied with my time here.

Ice Mountain Zone - Act 1
Time: 0:59:57
Best time in speedrun attempts: 0:56:45
Comments: After jumping over a Pen (~0:23), I jumped again and stopped when I landed. This is a rare occurrence, since you keep running in most runs. Oh well... My goal was to finish this act under a minute, and I barely got it.

Ice Mountain Zone - Act 2
Time: 1:24:10
Best time in speedrun attempts: 1:10:68
Comments: The game sinks you automatically when you reach the boss. There is a way around this, but I did not do the trick correctly this time.

Angel Island Zone - Act 1
Time: 0:43:98
Best time in speedrun attempts: 0:39:00
Comments: I took advantage of a major glitch. To trigger this glitch, you have to exploit the path swapper of the first loop de loop. Yoritoshi discovered that if you crouch near certain loop de loops with your back to them, wait for the camera to go down and move with the camera locked on that position, the map loses its solidity. After further research, I discovered that it is useful to finish this act way faster than you are supposed to. Since the map loses its solidity, there is a high chance that you will die if you are not careful after glitching this act. You are not supposed to be cautious while speedrunning, so most of my speedrun attemps ended here. Quartz (from The Sonic Center) discovered that you can use a Superglide while the act is glitched to glide smoothly through most of the act, which is what I did.

Angel Island Zone - Act 2
Time: 1:17:40
Best time in speedrun attempts: 1:16:73
Comments: :D

Egg Rocket Zone
Time: 0:12:30 + 0:34:16 + 1:12:16 + 0:54:68 = 2:53:30
Best time in speedrun attempts: 0:12:30 + 0:34:16 + 1:12:16 + 0:54:16 = 2:53:30
Comments: Right after the rocket lifted off, I took a big shortcut. After this, I glided and did not cling to a wall (which is a rare occurrence), landing on spikes as a result. Later in the act, I touched spikes a couple times, but I did it on purpose. I completed the act under three minutes, which was my goal.

Cosmic Angel Zone
Time: 1:51:60
Best time in speedrun attempts: 1:48:52
Comments: The boss fight was bad (to keep the tradition alive).

Time: 1:40:32
Best time in speedrun attempts: 1:40:32
Comments: I defeated the first two bosses quickly. The third boss is random. A couple of my speedrun attempts ended at this boss because I tried to defeat it faster taking way too many risks.

Thank you for watching!

I would like to thank the following people:
- NintenDan: For making his awesome speedrun as Sonic, which inspired me to do this.
- truesonic53: For his advice and discoveries. He is simply the best Sonic Advance player.
- Rolken: For conceiving and developing The Sonic Center, the premiere resource for the best Sonic video game players.
- SDA's staff: For spending their free time working on this great site.

If you have questions about this run, feel free to ask me here.

Tails: 0:14:37.66 by Kyle Ragbir.

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Author's comments:

I picked up this game a couple months before this run after my good friend Zeupar (Person who did the knuckles run) told me I'd be good at it. Now, I'm really glad I did as I had so much fun competing in the game. He also said that I was pretty good at it, so much so, that I should do a Single-segment run of it. Seeing as though Sonic & knuckles' runs were already taken and Amy is a slow and difficult character, I chose to speed run this game as tails.

This run was made using my Game boy advance SP, which was connected to my Nintendo Gamecube via the Game boy Player. The SP is easier to use for more precision and better control rather than a gamecube controller.

The run is single segment done on Normal Difficulty. I'm sure you've probably played the game before if you're reading this, but if not, then you definitely should so you could get a feel of how the game works. Also to note, this game is NOT as slow as people think. You just need to know how to run it :)

Most of the comments below should answer your questions about the run. However if you're still unsure about something, or you want to take up running this game. E-Mail me at where I'll be happy to help

Neo Green Hill Zone Act 1 - 0:30.38

Comments: Ah the first level of the game. Also one of the easiest. Everything went well during this level. Even though Tails can't superglide or air dash. He can still fly in order to make certain jumps easier and give himself more control. You may notice that I constantly use his Tail attack. This puts tails at a complete stop and allows me to Spindash straight after. My target for this level was originally 33.00, but I later reduced it to under 31 which I easily achieved :)

Neo Green Hill Zone Act 2 - 0:49.00

Comments: This level can actually be pretty annoying to run. There are quite a few platforms that you have to be at at specific times in order to continue without pauses. Then after that, there's a hidden spring at around 24 seconds in that is deviously hard to get a good jump over. Jump to early and you go to slow, Jump to late and you hit the spring. However, the boss fight is very easy, Well timed jumps and spindashes in a correct pattern and he's destroyed. Finally to end the run, there's a capsule that drops from the ceiling. As it falls though, it's not solid, so Tails (with his flight) can hit it optimally by Jumping and flying straight on top of it. I'll be doing this throughout the run on every Act 2 stage. My target here was 52, so a very good run overall.

Secret Base Zone Act 1 - 0:45.75

Comments: I messed up pretty bad in this level. First major mistake at 20 when I did an extra jump, then I mis-timed the jump at 36 which wasted over 3 seconds. Everything else went fine. (The Ziplines at the beginning can cause some trouble, but they went fine). I still missed my target of under 45.00 :(

Secret Base Zone Act 2 -1:12.77

Comments: This was an awesome run, with few minor mistakes. Usually after a bad run on an early level, I would restart if the level after went bad as well. But this ended up being an amazing run. The boss fight went well, if you don't get the first 4 hits on him before his first jump, then it will waste a few seconds, but I managed it well, along with a good capsule jump. Very happy with this run

Casino Paradise Zone Act 1 - 0:41:87

Comments: This level either goes really well, or really badly. Luckily this was the former. At the beginning, I wait for a while in order for the platforms to be in the correct place (Bumpers at 13). Usually I would wait a little longer, but I went sooner to allow room for error (which is exactly what happened when my 1st spindash was slow). Other than that great run and am pleased with it

Casino Paradise Zone Act 2 - 1:06.90

Comments: This level can really screw you over. The beginning is relatively easy, but the spindash jump at 13 can go very wrong. In this run, I almost ran straight into that enemy, but I jumped just in time and only wasted around a second. Then there's this stupid boss which is heavily reliant on luck. Depending on where he pops out, determines how many times I can hit him (either 1, 2, or 3) and even then you have to worry about getting hit. This is the only level that I use pause abuse as it becomes much slower and harder without it. It takes 8 hits to take him down and on a perfect run, you can take him down with 3 cycles. In this run, I got him in 6, which is bad, but I still made it under my target.

Ice Mountain Zone Act 1 - 0:52:88

Comments: This was my best level in the whole run which actually beat my IL run at the time. For the path I took and the shortcuts I used, there weren't any mistakes. Not much else to say. Amazing run

Ice Mountain Zone Act 2 - 1:08:93

Comments: Good run. Took a safer (but slower) route at the beginning as I've messed up there too many times. Everything was going great until the start of the boss fight. Still don't know how I managed to get hit there. Must've been nerves. Still made it under the target so can't complain

Angel Island Zone Act 1 - 1:14:33

Comments: Here's where the nerves started to kick in. Not a very hard level with Tails but I made more mistakes than I would've liked to. The hit at the beginning was rather stupid on my part. But the rest was decent and it was still under the target.

Angel Island Zone Act 2 - 1:19:79

Comments: This level is why so many people don't complete the game. The amount of death traps can be a pain and usually when you get hit, you plummet to your death. But surprisingly, the level went very good. No mistakes as far as I can see. But the reason that this barely made it under the target, was due to the randomness of the boss at the end. Mecha-Knuckles' Attacks are completely random. The best thing you can hope for is him spindashing all 8 times so you could tail whip him 8 times. He NEVER SPINDASHED in this run which has never happened to me before. Cost me a good 7 seconds. But still dipped under the target. Not very happy with this but meh.

Egg Rocket Zone - 11:80 + 22:00 + 59:90 + 48:73 = 2:22:43

Comments: Another reason why many people don't finish the game. But this isn't too bad with tails. 1st section is easy, 2nd section went very well (one mistake with not making the ledge at 4:46). 3rd section was absolute troll. Way too many mistakes for me to be happy with, hitting the yellow spring at 4:20 was so annoying. Never missed that so many times in one run before. Then getting hit from the spikes was another setback. 4th Section went reasonably well and I ended up with an overall time of 2:22 which I'm reasonably happy with

Cosmic Angel Zone - 1:28:72

Comments: Many good runs have ended here. The level is relatively easy once you make the platform cycles. In this run, the level went very well. Only mistake was getting trapped by the box at 0:35 (wasted a second). The boss however, is less forgiving. One of the most annoying boss' in sonic history. Made two major mistakes costing me around 5 seconds, but was still under the target time.

X-Zone - 1:03:92

Comments: I've actually had a run that was around 6 seconds faster up to this point. However, the final boss was a wreck so the run was scrapped. However this run had a great final boss. The first two bosses are easy. 4 hits each and they're done. The final one however, is like mecha-knuckles from Angel Island 2. Completely random. Only this time, if he moves to the left, you're pretty much screwed as you end up having to be extremely careful with your rings. This run I got pretty lucky. Him doing the hand-grab attack makes him vulnerable for a large amount of time which allowed me to land a good number of hits. Haven't had an X-Zone like this in a while and was very happy with this. Just a shame that the final boss is down to luck :(

Total Time - 14:37

Comments: Overall, Pretty happy with this run. My initial aim was sub 15 and I managed that relatively easily. Pretty happy with this and might even come back to it if I feel like doing it again.

Just some people I'd like to thank for inspiring me to do this run

Zeupar: For introducing me to the game and helping me every step of the way
Yoshifan: For being the person who got me interested in speed running
Hypersonic7701: For encouraging me all the way
The Sonic Center: For being a good community overall and holding some of the best speed running competition that's out there

About time to rap it up. Hope you enjoyed the run. If you have any questions, contact me at

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