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Sega released the sequel to their hit game Sonic Adventure on June 18, 2001 for the Dreamcast. Featuring similar gameplay to its predecessor, Sonic Adventure 2 once again throws Sonic, Eggman, superweapons, and cheesy rock into a mix and stirs. The player can follow the heroes' story as they try to save the world, or the villains' as they try to conquer it. Eventually, of course, they accidentally trigger a doomsday mechanism, and both sides must team up to stop it. A Gamecube port named "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle" was released early in 2002.


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Hero side single-segment: 0:29:09.01 by Felipe D'Andrade.

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Author's comments:

First, thanks to: -The guys from SDA, for encoding the videos and maintaining the site.
-Yoshifan for his Hero Side SS run that I learned a lot with, SadisticMystic for various glitches and tricks.
-The guys from The Sonic Center, for various tricks used at this run.

At this run, I tried to pull off some glitches and tricks that are hard to do on a SS with no deaths, like the door glitch at Pyramid Cave, and the new route/trick that I found at Crazy Gadget.
About Knuckles stages where luck is envolved, the Emerald Pieces appeared at favorable places.

Level Details:

-City Escape - 1:52.75

Nice run, I've managed to go through the loop with a Spin Dash that's a little inconsistent, down the building spinning save some time.

I flew off the street once at the truck chase.

-Big Foot - 0:22.97
I used the boxes to reach the boss and it ended with a nice time.

-Wild Canyon - 0:31.97

Favorable locations, missed the hint monitor at 0:17 that cost me about 3~4 seconds, missed to get the emerald at 0:30 that cost me about 1 second.

-Eggman 1 - 0:13.95

I'm used to finish this boss at about 0:12.85, but I messed it up a little this time.

-Prison Lane - 1:44.87

The enemy shot me at 0:29, the plan was to jump onto lowering railing and then proceed across the other railing till the pessageway, but when the shot hit me the railing down completely and I could not reach the other one, this costs me about 3 seconds.

At 0:52, I was trying to aim and destroy a door trigger enemy, that opens the door faster and save some time.

At 1:18 the enemy shot me that cost about 1 second, and at 1:23 I could not destroy the enemy at the right of that corridor, destroying it before would save some time.

AT The part after the last checkpoint, I've managed the plan correctly, I jumped onto the lowering railing jumped and turned around to destroy the door trigger enemy at the upper back corner of the room, then I proceed across the next railing to the final part.

-Metal Harbor - 1:25.47

Nicely done, all the tricks worked well, almost fell at 0:14 that cost me about 1 second.

Sonic unbalanced at 0:54 that cost about 1 second, then I reached the rocket nicely performing a spin dash jump on a tilt platform that transforms your speed into height, got a bad camera angle at this time.

the ending was nice, the camera angle was bad again but I managed to reach the goal ring.

-Shadow 1 - 0:12.49

The 3 hits were executed nicely and it ended up well.

-Green forest - 1:35.27

Everything went well, the camera angle turned to to oposite direction at 0:31 but I managed to reach the room.

I could also cut the loop at 0:52, perform the shortcut at 1:13 and cut the loop at 1:20

-Pumpkin Hill - 0:40.44

The Pieces appeared at favorable locations, I lost some time thinking and looking for the 3rd piece at some places before getting the last hint.

-Mission Street - 2:21.17

Get the Booster upgrade that allows you to perform long jumps, and you can jump slightly higher by jumping and hovering immediately, I did that to pass on the cages at 1:04

At 0:29 I used a whistling glitch just for fun, I aim for the enemies and whistle before shoot, that way you get unlimited score points without destroying the enemies, it doesn't affect the time or the speed and it doesn't give you any time advantage.

It ended up well

-Aquatic Mine - 0:36.54

The emerald pieces appeared at very favorable location

In the beginning, I turned the camera to the left a little and I could see the 3rd piece in front of the fans with no hints

At 0:25 I used a glitch to break through the wall and reach the room where the 2nd piece was faster, it was the faster option because of my location at that time, I would have to climp up the wall or use a spring to reach the room, to break through the wall you have to glide between the wall and the sign no2, then you have to know the path to reach the room because the camera won't follow you at the most of the times.

-Route 101 - 2:17.75

Nice run, if you keep the vehicle in a 'sliding' state your speed will only changes from slopes, collisions, and boosts.
So I keep wiggling around to keep sliding and maintain the speed gained from boosts and downhill slopes, if you stop wiggling around you stop sliding and loses the speed.

-Hidden Base - 1:52.02

Pretty nice run, at 0:18 I used a glitch to pass through the wall to cut since the walls aren't fully solid, by performing the Hover Jump you can pass through it, but sometimes the camera won't follow you, like happened at this run, and you will have to know the path to reach the pulley.
Some part of the next walls, the left parts, are solid, if you hit it you will be pushed to the quicksand

At 0:33 I performed another shortcut to save time, the camera angle starts weird but then you get a good angle, there's a little risk of falling on the sand.

-Pyramid Cave - 1:39.67

Pretty nice run, all the tricks were executed correctly

At 0:14 I spin dash jump torward the hourglass, that way you jump higher

At that stage, you get the Bounce Bracelet, that allows you to jump, but the best thing, allows you to perform the Superbounce, a trick that makes you jump very higher than usual.
To perform the Superbounce, you will need a wall or even a low wall, spin dash torward the wall, jump and bounce before hitting it, the speed will be 'converted' into height and you will jump higher, but to perform it at low walls the difficulty increases, you have to jump and bounce as closest as possible to the wall, or else you will pass on it and will fall.

At 0:38 I performed a Superbounce and passed through/over the wall, like the wall on Hidden base, that wall is not fully solid, so you can pass through it if you reach the necessary height.
Also the Ceiling of the next area is Solid Inside, but not outside, so you can pass through it and 'enter' on the room.
The most of the walls from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle are like this, since you are out of the bouncaries of the game, you can pass through the walls from the outside.

At 0:51 I performed the Door Skipping glitch, you have to pass through an especific pixel that separates the door from the walls by spin dashing and jumping torward it, this trick is not that easy, and surprisingly I did it at the first attempt at this run.
Sometimes the camera won't follow you, so you have to hit the hourglass with a bad angle.
Thanks Werey for finding the door glitch.

The rest of the level was executed very well.

-Death Chamber - 1:35.40

At this stage, the Keys didn't appear at good spots.

In the beginning I did a spiral upper to check if the 2nd or 3rd closest Key possible appeared at this run, but it haven't.

At 0:15 I performed a glitch to pass through the door, this way saves a bit of time

At 0:28 I messed up a little, this cost me about 8 seconds

At 1:29 I performed the same glitch as 0:15, once you break through the boundaries you will land on the room with the doors closed, but you can also glide to other places once you are out of bounds.

In conclusion the level could be executed way better, something about 1:15

-King Boom Boo - 0:45.94

All executed well.

-Egg Golem - 0:53.55

Missed the Superbounce some times, as I said is hard to perform the Superbounce aiming for low walls, but the difficulty here is not because of the low walls, but because of the distance of the walls, they are very close from Sonic so you have to Spin Dash Jump and bounce very quick.

-Eternal Engine - 3:03.52

Not bad, I couldn't destroy the enemy at 1:07 as I used to, that cost me about 4 seconds, Also if I had destroyed the enemy I would be abble to land on the moving platforms and that would save some time.

-Meteor Herd - 0:46.22

Favorable Locations, I messed up the Last piece that cost me about 6 seconds.

-Rouge - 0:16.37

Pretty well executed.

-Crazy Gadget - 1:15.59

At the beginning of the level I was wondering about trying or not the 'Crazy Gravity Shortcut', and then I decided to go for it.
The jump at 0:40 is hard, to reach that area you have to perform a very specific jump on the edge of that platform, the sides of that area are fully of 'Kill Planes', kill planes are the death events and they are invisible, once you hit it you are dead, the same ones exists at the places that you can die, like cliffs, if there's no kill planes you would fall almost infinitely till you reach the very limits of the game, and you will find an invisible ground.
Then, the easiest way to proceed is taking an intentional damage, so you can air jump and attack the enemy and then homing attack to proceed, after the corridor you have to reach that inclined platform that is kinda hard, perform a spin dash and gain 'height' to destroy the enemy and proceed.

And then comes the hardest part, after the last room you have to break through underneath the walls, and then you have to aim for the goal ring with a bad camera angle and with not much reference, it's just one chance, if you miss the goal ring you will hit the kill plane and you will die.

-Eggman 2 - 0:20.69

The strategy worked well.

-Final Rush - 2:14.90

Nicely done, Final Rush has a high chance of death if you miss the rails, so you need to be very careful.

-Shadow 2 - 0:29.50

Everything went well and I finished the fight carefully.

-TOTAL - 29:09.01

Nice run, I managed the hard tricks on a SS with no deaths, most of the levels were executed nicely, and also the luck on the Knuckle's stages, except for Death chamber, was very good.

I hope you enjoy watching it.

If you have any question, suggestion or something that you want to tell me, you can send me a message at

Dark side single-segment: 0:28:14.52 by Felipe D'Andrade.

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Author's comments:

First, thanks to:

SDA's staff For their work on the site.

The people of TSC (The Sonic Center) for strategies, guides and videos.
Petrie911 for his Dark Side Run, SadisticMystic for the glitch performed at Cosmic Wall and other glitches, Yoshifan, Paragod, Brianpso, Psyknux and Blazest for tricks and paths at some stages and bosses.

Level Details:

-Iron Gate - 2:02.34

The level went nice, you have to wait for the elevators go down to proceed.
Minor errors like I missed aimming to the left sided upper area at level 4 security door.

-Hot Shot - 0:23.47

The strat of this boss is attack it first with a spin dash jump, then jump and be above its cockpit before it gets vulnerable again

- Dry Lagoon- 0:53.87

Average emerald locations, at the beginning I'm checking some areas to see if there were emeralds present there, it doesn't cost time cause you have to free the turtle and then wait untill it walks to the water to go to the other area.
Then I had to go back to the first area to get a high placed emerald piece.

-Sand Ocean- 2:05.54

The level went really nice, with this path that I found. There are a few risky jumps, getting the speed shoes at the second checkpoint helps to jump easily, one false move could lead to death.
Minor errors at the level before 1:39 doesn't cost time at all, because you have to wait for spinners and moving platforms to carry you to other places.

-Radical Highway - 1:46.79

Well, all the shortcuts have been executed good with minor errors.
Missed the jump off the road at 0:54, then I have to jump off to the spring, the camera got locked on the right loop but I've managed to hit the spring without falling.

-Egg Quarters - 1:11.82

Not bad emerald locations, you have to get the Pick Nails power up because there are aways buried emerald pieces/keys.
Missed grabbing the wall a 0:46 that cost me a few seconds.

-Lost Colony - 2:20.80

Nice time, everything executed nice with minor errors, like the jump off of that 'guard' at 1:04, but there's a floating platform there to lift you up.
On DC version of the game there is a glitch that you can pass through the non-solid walls around the goal ring, it saves time.

-Weapons Bed - 1:30.84

Everything went well, minor errors like the 2 iron boxes destroyed at 0:57, I could destroy only one of it and jump on it to jump off to the other area.

- Tails 1 - 0:14.27

The fight went well, missed the third shot that cost me a few centiseconds.

-Security Hall - 1:03.70

Not bad emerald locations, Security Hall is a level that a single hint refers to a few different locations.
A few mistakes, missed 'dig' the door at 0:34 and the rise to the area at 0:54

-Flying Dog - 0:33.34

Really Nice execution of this boss, using blazest's strat, that consists in force the boss to turn back a little to the left of that corner and then attack it, that way it will get back to that area after moving and gets vulnerable faster.

-White Jungle - 1:40.00

The level went well, a few mistakes.
The speed boost launched me to that upper area at 0:46, it is a chance to spin dash and cut that looping.
I missed passing under the wooden structures, and then tried to homming attack the robot and Shadow misteriously diverted from it, then spin dash jump off from the looping and shadow stepped on the wall making him start to lose height, but then I could grab the edge, jump and homing attack to proceed, that cost me a few seconds.
I've managed to avoid landing on the spring at 1:13, that saves time

-Sonic 1 - 0:14.25

The fight went well, managed to do all the 3 hits without missing.
The trick is attack Sonic from behind.

-Route 280 - 2:43.84

The level went really well, if you keep the vehicle in a 'sliding' state your speed will only changes from slopes, collisions, and boosts.
Minor errors, I hit 3 cars that slowed it down a bit, but is better than crashing on a wall and the vehicle stops.

-Sky Rail - 0:42.99

Really nice execution, Sky Rail is a level that you can cut a huge part of it, since you can avoid rising 2 mountains because of its location and the map design.
There are faster ways to transfer from rail to rail at 0:16 and 0:31, but too risky to attempt on a Single Segment.

-Egg Golem - 0:24.49

The fight went well, shooting the Golem's arm on the right inflicts double damage.

-Mad Space - 0:59.62

Nice Emerald Locations, a few minor errors.

-Knuckles - 0:16.69

The fight went well, missed 2 hits that cost me some time, is important to defeat him before the floor opens.

-Cosmic Wall - 3:42.65

Cosmic Wall is a level that the time is determined by how fast you ascend to the platforms.
The level went really nice, I've managed to break through the ceiling before the first rail ride, this saves time.
To break through the ceiling at 1:03 you have to jump hover and then press a specific direction on the analog stick.
If you miss pressing the A twice fast Eggman will be sucked into the platform and there is no way to release from there.
And if Eggman gets locked on that red lasers barrier there's no way back, he will land on the rail ride platform, so this is a single chance glitch, if you miss it there's no way back and the run ends.
Then you can hover through a good part of the stage, that saves time.

-Tails 2 - 25.52

Not bad, Tails hit Eggman twice with the Giant Laser, he almost died but then I could finish the fight.

-Final Chase - 2:25.17

The most of the level path is inconsistent, expecially running on gravity drums cause sometimes Shadow loses his speed and gets locked if you try to move.
The level went well with minor errors, I've managed 2 risky shortcuts at 0:29 and 1:29
Different from grabbing the final rocket, There's a way to jump off from the platform before the big gravity drum, homing attack the spring down there and go toward the goal ring, it saves a few seconds but is too risky.

-Sonic 2 - 0:32.52

Everything went well, didn't miss any hit and I finished the fight carefully.

- TOTAL - 28:14.52 (No Deaths)

Nice run, I managed to finish the run with no deaths, most of the levels were executed nicely, and also the luck on the Rougue's stages was nice.

I hope you enjoy watching it.

If you have any question, suggestion or something that you want to tell me, you can send me a message at

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