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A Flash game from "sometime in the 2000s", sometimes with "On" instead of "In" in the title, seemingly having only ever reached v. 0.5, with not a lot of info otherwise available. If the author themselves authored the physics, it's not a far cry from the real deal! Credit where it's due, y'all.

SonicInAngelIsland   SonicInAngelIsland

Best Time: 0:00:39 by 'RockoSonicFan' on 2023-05-12

Author's comments:

In the first level of the run when the level started I spindash and jump on the rock to run off it. Jump on the spring board to land on the rail and run across. Then I jump on the edge of the platform on to the slope, run down a bit and jump before the loop to gain acceleration. Then in the second level it's straightforward, when I reach the boss I make sure I jump right so I can bounce on him and defeat him.

This game is really fun and simple. It was really great to speedrun. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had speedrunning it.

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