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The second in a hugely successful and popular fighting game series launched in the arcades in 2002, followed by PS2, GameCube and Xbox ports a year after. The eight-directional movement with its step and avoid mechanisms are back and improved upon. Combat still revolves around weapon usage and the plot around a sought-for superweapon called the Soul Edge. Developed by Project Soul and released in 2013 by Bandai Namco for the PS3 and Xbox 360, the HD Online version contains High-Def graphics, extra characters, the modes from previous versions of the game, plus online play with few gameplay differences.

SoulCalibur2   SoulCalibur2

Runs on the HD Online version are considered comparable with those on older platforms.

Best Arcade Mode, Easy Difficulty Time with Voldo: 0:00:47.48 by 'Tigger77' on 2017-10-12

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Author's comments:

******SoulCalibur II HD Online -Arcade- Voldo [0:47.48] PS3******
I'm very happy with this run as it is sub 50, which was my optimal
goal (5 sec on avarage per stage 1-7 + 15 sec Inferno).

~Tigger 77

Stage 1 -Taki- [04.01] Total: [04.01]****************************
  Excellent Taki fight thanks to good AI cooperation.

Stage 2 -Kilik- [02.74] Total: [06.75]***************************
  Best Kilik fight ever!!

Stage 3 -Charade- [03.56] Total: [10.31]*************************
  Charade blocking saves some important frames.

Stage 4 -Talim- [07.69] Total: [18.00]***************************
  The jump attack missed but good recovery.

Stage 5 -Maxi- [04.31] Total: [22.31]****************************
  The sidesteps help getting him to the edge of the arena.

Stage 6 -Mitsurugi- [05.02] Total: [27.33]***********************
  One of my best Mitsurugi fights ever!

Stage 7 - Yoshimitsu- [05.27] Total: [32.60]*********************
  Very good fight, the jump attack in the end worked perfectly.

Stage 8 -Inferno- [14.88] Total: [47.48] ************************
  Decent Inferno fight. He blocked a bunch but I got very lucky
  with the last form

Difficulty level: Easy
Fight count    : 1
Life Gauge     : 90%
Round time    : inf
Neutral guard    : OFF

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