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Released by Natsume in 1992, Spanky's Quest is a first-gen SNES game starring a fruit killing, bubble blowing monkey and guest starring slowdown.


Best time: Single-segment 0:25:14 by David 'FFGamer86' Singleton on 2010-08-27.

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Author's comments:

First of all, I would like thank everyone here at SDA for maintaining this site and giving me the opportunity to get a run up here. I also like to thank aleckermit who helped motivate me to finish this run. My mom for first getting me into this game when I was much younger, and my dad for allowing me to use the TV, lol. Anyways onto the levels.

Area 1:

1-1: I was suppose to stun both and then kill the right one immediately getting the key but I had to use 2nd shot to kill him which cost me about .5 - 1 seconds.

1-2: Nothing went wrong here. I pause a little bit before going all the way to the right. This is so the basketballs don't go off screen and miss one of the enemies on the ledge. Also for this and every bonus level I avoid hitting the bubble back up to save time.

1-3: Miss small jump and then bubble shot wasn't too good. About 1 second wasted.

1-4: Perfect
1-5: Perfect
1-6: Perfect

1-7: I am unsure if there is a faster way to do this level. I think this is the best.
1-8: Perfect

1-9: Miss small jump that doesnt cost me much.

1-10: This level almost made me reset. These enemies don't have a consistent movement pattern. They tend to go in the direction of where you are. This time though the one that you see on bottom right appears there and he didn't go up the right side. So I have to skip getting an extra key for level 2-1.

Boss 1: All the bosses take 5 volleyball hits + 1 good soccer ball hit to kill. I say good as in the ball goes up through him and back down which is enough to finish off the boss. I try to time my hits as fast as possible because this is the best spots to save time. This boss went perfect too.

Area 2:

2-1: Have to get extra key which cost about 2 seconds.

2-2: Nothing wrong here.

2-3: I get the helmet which allows me to touch kill the next enemy I touch. I use it to get key easier and safer.

2-4: Perfect

2-5: All the bonus levels take half of your keys away when you go to the next level, rounded down. So I always try to enter a bonus area with an odd number of keys in order to keep an extra 1 throughout a few levels.

2-6: Perfect
2-7: Perfect
2-8: Perfect
2-9: Secret wall to get down to bottom faster. No major problems here.

2-10: Another simple level

Boss 2: Went very well. I got dangerously close to touching him 2-3 times. Saved very good time on this boss.

Area 3:

3-1: Nothing much here.
3-2: The little red bird hits you if you let it touch you. There is no way to kill it.
3-3: This level cost me plenty of my early attempts and to this day I still havent found the "best" strategy for this level. The one i used in this run sufficed as I didnt need to get the other key in this level.

3-4: Whenever your bubble touches a item it automatically upgrades to the highest bubble. I use that to pop it into the basketballs and that kills the other enemy below me to get both keys. Its easier to pull off then trying to get the key from the last level.

3-5: The route for this level was found recently. By jumping up and killing first. The ones on the sides dont go down as fast and give me time to gather rest of the keys.

3-6: Another random level. The pink enemy in bottom left either starts on top of the far left key like in this run or on the 2nd key in most runs. I have to start my attack earlier and It's a bit harder to time my hit from this part. I also intentionally take damage here to save time.

3-7: I make use of the key falling to make my attack upgrade to the highest bubble in order to kill all enemies below at same time.

3-8: Level went smooth

3-9: Have to wait for enemy to come across with key so I enter bonus level with odd number of keys.

3-10: I must finish this level with 2 extra keys so that level 4-2 can be completed in 5 seconds.
I spend a little bit getting some keys but it saves time for the future levels.

Boss 3: 3 for 3 on perfect boss fights.

Area 4:

4-1: Nothing out of ordinary,

4-2: Was so quick I had to slow down for the enemy.

4-3: This is the level if I had to wait for another key I'd have to wait for an enemy to come down and go into one of the cannons that had the key and that would take some time.

4-4: Starting a run from ice is slow so I only run on ice if the distance is long since speed is eventually greater. Also nice shot to grab key next to enemy controlling the egg.

4-5: Early pop of first bubble. But that made the rest of the level easier. Didn't have to wait for any of the fists.

4-6: Nothing much here.

4-7: Same as above.

4-8: I only need 3 of the 4 keys here since I am enterring a bonus level.

4-9: Hesitate for a small fraction of a second so the guy on top walkway goes down on right side instead of walking back across.

4-10: I need to quickly turn and shoot to kill the first one going into Cannon because if I didn't I wouldn't kill them when I went into cannon myself. Using the cannon allows you to kill all enemies you touch. He would get out of my range when I entered cannon so I shoot him beforehand.

Boss 4: First boss that didn't go according to plan. Missed first attack and that started a small chain of misses. Cost me about 8-10 seconds. This is the biggest mistake in the run.

Area 5:

5-1: I get hit on accident here but it didnt cost me any time as I was waiting for cloud anyway.

5-2: The keys in this level are way out of the way for this level so I just skip the level with my extra keys.

5-3: Another random level. The enemies start a bit different and it caused me to wait a second before getting to the top underneath door and by then the cloud was too close to make the jump up to the door walkway.

5-4: Perfect

5-5: Perfect

5-6: The highlight of this run. This level since it comes so far into the game has caused me to reset probably more than any other level. The jump going from the platform over to the ledge is very hard to make and I can only get it down about 1 of every 3-4 attempts. Missing this jump costs about 30 seconds to your time. So me making this saved tons of time and actually helped me get time down in the 25:xx range.

5-7: Perfect

5-8: Perfect

5-9: Nothing wrong here either. Made sure I had 3 keys going into bonus level.

5-10: This level has so much randomness I just try to get 1 key and then go all the way to right. Accidently got a 4th key.

Boss 5: This boss looks very easy with this technique. But if you start messing up he can hit you 2-3 times right in a row.

Area 6:

Boss 1: Perfect. Couldn't be faster

Boss 2: Get close to taking damage. I miss one ball and waste about 2 seconds here.

Boss 3: Perfect

Boss 4: Perfect, Much better than the last time.

Boss 5: Almost an exact replay of the previous "Grapes" fight.

Final Boss First Form: Perfect for the first form.

Final Boss Second Form: Tried to time hit when coming up but missed. The basketball hit didnt do any thing. This form takes exactly 3 volleyballs to kill. And many runs have ended here because if your not fast enough she transforms into the raven and then it will take you another minute at least in order to kill her. I manage to nail the next 3 volleyballs to finish her off.

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