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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is a semi-realistic stealth-action game (emphasis on 'stealth') first released for Xbox and various other systems in November 2002. A different development team made the PS2 and Gamecube versions. You play as Third Echelon operative and deadbeat dad Sam Fisher, and your journey takes you many places, including eastern Europe and China.

SplinterCell   SplinterCell

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Segmented, Hard Difficulty: 0:56:20 by Michael 'CotySA' done in 24 segments appended to 10 files.

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Author's comments:

Training (2014-01-18):

The jump to the pipe requires very precise timing, too early and you will bounce off the invisible wall above the pile, too late and you will just drop down, because you can't walk on the exterior of the pile that faces to the pipe.

I discovered a very powerful glitch, that makes me unhearable. If you mash the crouch button you are able to move pretty fast, but because you never do a full step you don't produce any noises.

Police Station (2014-02-27):

The first missed shot on the first guard was on purpose (the second wasn't :D), because it allows me to ignore the second guard.

In the third sector I used another glitch, that makes Sam unhearable. When I jump exactly in the moment, I'm landing from a previous jump I also won't produce any noises. It's faster than the other glitch, but it's almost uncontrolable if your path isn't straightforward and it's also extremly risky, because the timing is very difficult.

Defense Ministry (2014-03-07):

If you grab the driver you can control the direction he is falling when you knock him out. It depends on where your view camera is pointing at. If he lies at a place thats brightness isn't below the second bar on your visibility-meter it will cause an alarm.

It's not your goal to kill the mercenaries breaching Nikoladze's office, so it doesn't matter how fast you kill them, Lambert would also tell you to get the rest of the files if you don't kill them at all.

Oil Refinery (2014-01-30):

I discovered an amazing trick here! I found a shortcut up to the top floor where I lure one guard into the staircase. For some reason this guard will only stay down there, if I watch him going down. If I leave before he is in the staircase it doesn't work.

But this doesn't waste any time, because I still can outrun the technician and his two lifeguards before they reach their next checkpoint, where they would be waiting for me until I close up.

If there is a final conversation between you and Lambert, before the mission ends and you get shot during it, it's sometimes possible to skip the conversation by just mashing the interaction button.

CIA HQ (2014-02-11):

A good trick to save an alarm in this mission is to just scare the engineer in the serverroom, instead of knocking him out.

In the machine room in the third sector it's important that the guard sees you before the engineer does, so the engineer will run scared away and doesn't press the panic button.

You also have to prevent the guard to press the panic button by not changing your walking direction until you fully disappeard behind the corner, so he will follow you, otherwise he wouldn't.

Kalinatek (2014-03-29):

Skipping the two mecernaries in the first room in the second sector requires very precise execution and timing, you need to pass the door exactly in the moment the guard who's standing at the door turns his head in the opposite direction (he looks to his left and right side when he hears your steps), this is alot riskier than it looks.

Chinese Embassy I (2014-01-13):

You only need to record about 2/3 of the conversation, so after the conversation starts I got enough time to go back to see if the dog was able to pick up my scent, in this case he wasn't.

Abattoir (2014-03-21):

In the first sector I was really lucky with the small amount of damage I took.

If you shoot the lightbulbs in the second sector the machineguns will fire for a pretty long time up to the ceiling.

To skip a very long conversation with Lambert, I have to kill Grinko before he finished his announcement. Because I already sounded an alarm in the first sector Lambert won't tell me to be more careful after I talked to the hostages, like he did in my previous run. So I have to kill Grinko faster (because his announcement starts earlier) and thats why I had to set the final battle up with the smokegrenade, this is a few seconds faster than without sounding an alarm in the first sector. Killing Grinko before I killed all of his mercenaries prevents me from getting frozen.

In the end I used the trick, I described in the Oil Refinery comment to be able to skip the entire final conversation.

Chinese Embassy II (2014-01-24):

If you shoot Goa in the right moment during his conversation he will run faster to the elevator than he usually would. Unfortunately I can't find a sequence break here, no matter what I do to get before him or with him together in the elevator, Lambert will always end the mission.

Presidential Palace (2014-04-05):

I discoverd that there won't be an alarm when you enter the building during the "fighting soundtrack", unfortunately the guards in the back of the yard weren't alerted, so I sounded one alarm here.

But this isn't a big deal, because if the guard in the entrance hall falls to the left side (in my previous run he fell to the right side) after I killed him, he will be in a barely sufficient dark spot to not cause an alarm.

So I could have saved a little more time by using this wasted alarm in the yard to run through the lasers in the exhibition hall and the staircase (both count as only 1 alarm) but this wouldn't be alot faster. The guards in the corridor would run to the door to see what caused the alarm and because of that the first two of them would stand in a bright place, so I would have to shoot the lights on the ceiling to hide them. It would have been a few seconds faster, but because the rest of the run worked way better than I expected I'm 100% happy with it.

Hard Difficulty: 1:12:41

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Level Time Date Player(s)
Training 0:06:45 2013-05-13 Michael 'CotySA'
Police Station 0:04:36 2013-04-22 Michael 'CotySA'
Defense Ministry 0:06:44 2013-04-30 Michael 'CotySA'
Oil Refinery 0:05:48 2013-04-22 Michael 'CotySA'
CIA HQ 0:06:37 2013-04-21 Michael 'CotySA'
Kalinatek 0:06:16 2013-05-25 Michael 'CotySA'
Chinese Embassy I 0:05:50 2013-05-17 Michael 'CotySA'
Abattoir 0:04:51 2013-03-29 Michael 'CotySA'
Chinese Embassy II 0:06:41 2013-04-22 Michael 'CotySA'
Presidential Palace 0:07:36 2013-05-21 Michael 'CotySA'
Kola Cell 0:04:56 2013-05-23 Michael 'CotySA'
Vselka Infiltration 0:03:46 2013-03-08 Michael 'CotySA'
Vselka Submarine 0:02:36 2013-03-16 Michael 'CotySA'
CIA HQ 0:06:16 2013-08-10 Michael 'CotySA'
Training (0:06:45)

This mission isn't very interesting to speedrun.

You can't jump over walls with a barbwire on their top in the parkours, because there is an invisible wall above them, but I found a way to shortcut here by using the few walls without this barbwire.

If the camera is in the right position you can just run through the room without hiding.

Police Station (0:04:36)

The reason why I can get past the three guards, talking to the drunk guy on the bench, is because I trick their AI. I let them spot me and then I disappear by running down the stairs. This will force them to run to the stairs. While they are running their senses aren't as good as usual, if I stay now halfaway in the shadows and don't be too loud they won't spot me. You will see this technique alot in my speedrun. Overall a quite easy mission besides the hard times you have getting clean shots with the inaccurate pistol.

Defense Ministry (0:06:44)

In the first sector it's very important to neutralize all guards while they are standing in the shadows, carrying them there would cost too much time. When I climbed from the pipe through the window I ran immediately between the panic button and the cook. Because I'm standing in his way he can't press the button and he will get scared and run away, so there will be no alarm. I found a big shortcut here, in the big hall I neutralized the guard next to the PC and then shot in the direction of the incoming colonel. This forces him to run down the whole way to the panic button, which is right next to the retina scanner. Similiar to Police Station, it's really hard to use the pistol effective, especially from great distance.

Oil Refinery (0:05:48)

Similiar to the trainings mission, no real fun to speedrun. I found a little shortcut here, I noticed that I won't take damage when I roll through fires in the Kalinatek mission, so I used this trick here too to just run back and cut off the way of the guy with the suitcase.

CIA HQ (0:06:16)

You can see at the beginning of this mission a technique I already used in Defense Ministry, I let the guards in the yard hear me, this will force them to look to their left and right side. While their head is facing to the other side I can just walk to the pipe. It's a little bit risky, you can't see where they are looking at, because of the car, so you have to predict it. Inside the building, when I run to the elevator, you will see the technique, described in the Police Station comment.

To save one alarm, which I used to run directly through the metal detector at the end of the second sector, I ignored the guard at the office and didn't knock the mechanic down. Instead of that I just scared him away, like I did with the cook in Defense Ministry. When I leave this room I have to wait a few seconds until the guard from the office, who came to look what's going on, uses the keypad, so I can just open the door and the door will be between me and him.

The game seems to start calculating the walking paths of the guard and the mechanic in the machine room as soon as the 3rd sector starts, thats why you will need for each route a different strategy for this room. If one route is faster or slower than the other one the mechanic and the guard will be at a different place.

I tried alot to finally find a route which works for my new, faster route. I bait the guard with a rifle shot and then let him damage my target person to save myself, important is, when you force Dougherty to run a little bit further in the yard, to just aim to his legs, otherwise his health won't be enough.

Important is also to not change your walking direction before you fully disappeared behind the wall, so the guard will try to follow you. If you do it wrong he will run to the panic button.

Although I got killed I still won the mission, because the green "mission complete"-screen appeared before I lost all my health.

Kalinatek (0:06:16)

This mission is all about aiming! At the beginning of the second sector you see again the technique I discribed in the CIA HQ comment. I let one of the two guards in the room hear me, so he will look around and when his head is in the right position (I can't see him so I have to predict it) I can pass the door. It's no accident that I'm stuck at the door for a moment, I knew I had to wait a little bit. This situation is also a real run killer, if you don't get exactly the right timing or don't have the exactly right route he will spot you. At the end of the mission I found a massive shortcut, which allows me to get directly onto the platform to end the mission.

Chinese Embassy I (0:05:50)

I found a very nice shortcut here, I found a way to jump over the wall directly into the next sector and the game somehow loads the next sector although I didn't talk to my target person on the roof of the building. This saves at least 30 seconds!

If I don't kill the dog he will pick up my scent and kill me while I record the conversation. The reason why I start the videosequenz and then go back to kill the dog is because this sequence will start the conversation, I have to record. It doesn't matter how much of it I record as long as I record the end of it, so I can take care of the dog without losing any time.

I found another shortcut here. I always thought it's impossible to get past the guards and get to the other side of the yard, but I found a trick: If the guards look up to the ceiling they won't see me when I sneak around them.

Abattoir (0:04:51)

Important here is to not take much damage in the first sector, because you need all your health to run through the 3 automatic machine guns in the second sector, but sometimes you get killed there even with 100% health, it's a little bit of luck abusing.

Important is to save all your tazers and ring-projectiles for the final battle and kill Grinko before Lambert tells you to do so, this will skip a very long conversation!

I would discribe this map as a mixture of CIA HQ and Kalinatek, the tactic here is very similiar to the tactics on these missions.

Chinese Embassy II (0:06:41)

At the beginning you will see again the technique discribed in the Police Station mission, they spot me I disappear by rolling, they will run to the door and I can climb up the ladder.

A little shortcut here is to run through the machine gun at the stairs in the big hall instead of climbing on the pipe. If you pay attention to the position of the gun it's pretty easy to do.

Presidential Palace (0:07:36)

This is the hardest mission in the game. I tried to record this at least 200 times! I had to improve and change my route over and over again, because it was too difficult to do.

In this mission guards and mercenaries can't sound alarms if they spot you or find bodies, because there are no panic buttons. The only way how an alarm can get sounded is when you run through a laser or when you leave bodies in bright places and then cross an invisible "body-finding-line". There are different zones and when you leave one and cross the line to go to the other and you didn't hide the bodies they get found when you access the next zone.

In the yard you have to stop the spotlight to continue rotating and search for bodies, to do that you need to let it spot you and then leave it's field of view. Because of that the spotlight will get fixed in the last position it saw you, it took me a while to realize why there is sometimes an alarm and sometimes not when I access the building (cross the "finding-linie").

In this run some kind of bug happened, the spotlight spotted the body lying next to the palings, which I use to jump over the hedges, but it didn't rest on the body and continued rotating. Usually i will pick the light up, by walking over the palings and then fix it at the last position it saw me, so I don't need this bug to happen. I'm not sure why this bug happens sometimes, maybe because I killed this guard exactly at the moment the light was directly on him, but I'm not sure.

The four guards inside I avoid with two sticky cams and, as I said, they can't press a panic button and if one or two of them get unconscious the others will wake them up, so this will not cause an alarm. The two guards in the next room and the four in the corridor are all in the same "zone". So when I access the room with the locked door to hack the PC, all the bodies which were in bright places get found, so that's my first alarm (it doesnt matter how many get found, as long as it is the same zone it's just one alarm).

My second alarm I used to run through the lasers, waiting until they disappear costs way too much time. I had to neutralize the 2 helmet-wearing guards in the corridor, because it would be too hard to kill them and the two normal guards when they get alerted by the laser alarm. There is no other "body-finding-zone" in this sector anymore.

The last "finding-line" is in the second sector when you want to access the basement, so I shot the light near the elevator to hide the two bodies there, after this situation there is no alarm system anymore.

Getting out of the basement, like I did, is pure luck abusing! You have to do two small steps forward, that's the maximum before you get killed, while the mercenary is talking to you and as soon as the lights are off you have to take the shortest way out. Even with 100% health, the perfect timing and the perfect route there is a very very high risk of getting killed. I was incredibly lucky to get out there without losing much health, usually I expect to lose at least 50-80% health here. This situation ruined so many of my runs!

The roll at the end, to get down the stairs without getting spotted, needs a very precise timing. A little bit too early or late and they will spot you. I found this by accident, I thought for a very long time there is no way to get down the stairs without getting killed, but somehow the guards won't notice you with that roll, if you just sneak they will.

Kola Cell (0:04:56)

Unfortunately there is no way to force the colonel to run himself to the retina scanner, he seems to be programmed not to leave the corridor. All I can do is to bait him to the end of the corridor and then carry him to the scanner.

Important is to freeze Masse with a cam or ring-projectile, because otherwise he will run away. It's easy to escape, after knocking down Masse (one guard will throw a grenade which will kill him, I don't have to do this on my own), because when mercenaries breach a room they will first run to a "basicposition" until they can react to what I do, that's enough time to get away. The same technique you see in Presidential Palace when I leave the elevator to get into the basement and just run past the mercenary coming out of the basement, because this guy didn't reach his basicposition yet. You will see this also in Vselka Submarine in the final battle.

Vselka Infiltration (0:03:46)

My favorite trick here is how I shot the two smokegrenades up in the staircase and force the two guards to run into them by shooting a few times. Overall it's a pretty easy mission.

Vselka Submarine (0:02:36)

This mission is all about aiming, there are no shortcuts or tricks possible here. Important is to save all your tazers and ring-projectiles for the four helmet-wearing guards in the final battle.

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