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Released in March 2005, the third in the stealth-based series now gives far more freedom and options, a greater variety and range of moves, a monitor for the noise made along with the ambient noise of the environment, and a knife that was puzzlingly missing from previous arsenals. A complex plot worthy of the Tom Clancy endorsement follows Sam Fisher on the shadowy trail of a computer program capable of destroying America's infrastructure, should it fall into the wrong hands. The Gamecube version has a completely different set of missions, and a lot more of them.

SplinterCellChaosTheoryGC   SplinterCellChaosTheoryGC

Individual Levels with 2 Players: 0:20:23

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Level Time Date Player(s)
Strassen 0:00:15 2008-10-28 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes
Über den Dächern 0:00:12 2008-10-28 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes
Gärten 0:00:36 2008-10-28 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes
Fischmarkt 0:00:56 2008-10-28 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes
Internetcafe 0:00:30 2008-10-28 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes
Silo 0:01:44 2008-10-29 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes
Labor 0:00:42 2008-10-29 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes
Tiefkühlkammer 0:01:12 2008-10-29 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes
Lagerraum 0:01:07 2008-10-29 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes
Docks 0:00:43 2008-10-29 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes
Wartungsabschnitt 0:01:14 2008-11-01 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes
Tunnel 0:02:20 2008-11-25 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes
U-Bahn 0:00:59 2008-11-07 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes
Der Bahnhof 0:01:26 2008-11-07 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes
Die Gasse 0:00:36 2008-11-07 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes
Ostflügel 0:01:28 2008-11-12 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes
Archiv 0:01:27 2008-11-18 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes
Serverraum 0:02:56 2008-11-12 'Tigger77', Thomas 'TT99' Tewes

Author's comments:

- The Gamecube version is TOTALY different to the X-Box version (I don't know about the PS2 version)

- If you start the mission there is a checkpoint-message on the screen. Player 1 can't move as long this message is on the screen. it's just possible to move ca.1 sec before and after the message. Player 1 has this problem only.

- Some times the level ends only if "Lambert" is ready with talking (If you see us waiting)

- Sometimes we use "hacking luck" That means: if you hack a PC you have to wait for highlited numbers and press the "x" button, this decrease the codes if you see the right code you have to press "a" now it's possible that the right code is that one who is market by hammering "a" That is incredible fast but it required incredible luck so we used it only sometimes.

Player 1: Michael 'Tigger77' Welle

Player 2: Thomas 'TT99' Tewes

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