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Released in November 1998, Rogue Squadron was the first installment of the series with the same name. Rogue Squadron was one of the first games to take advantage of the Nintendo 64's Expansion Pak, which allows gameplay at a 640 × 480 display resolution, instead of the Nintendo 64's standard 320 x 240 resolution. The majority of the missions take place between episode IV and episode V. The game also contains the code that has been called the Nintendo 64's most well-hidden code because of the length of time passed before its discovery. The cheat code to unlock the naboo starfighter from episode I, which had not been released yet, took more than 6 months after the game's release to be discovered.


Best time with deaths: single-segment 1:01:17 by Evan K. N. Jankowski on 2009-09-04.

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Author's comments:

Finally got around to doing a run for this game which I do so love. A single segment new game run is what I ended up doing at least to start with. Using the end of level times to time it.

thank you to all the people who contributed to which is what eventually led me here, sadly I got there a bit late.

Some basic stuff on the run/game
-ships with an r2 in them a-wing x-wing y-wing heal a little over time least unless you get the "I've lost R2" message.
-the naboo starfighter is not used due to it requiring codes to unlock in game "pass codes" but still.

Ambush At Mos Eisley 1:23 best 1:23 - Found a good route then mostly just all about the accuracy, an occasional restart of the run when the rogues fail to kill those 2 probes driods for some reason, usually the second one goes down about the same time as wedge. Torpedos help speed up the bomber section a little if they hit.

Rendezvous at Barkhesh 5:19 best 5:19- Sadly this level cannot be speed up at all only slowed down if you lose the first transport. So just flew around and killed everything then messed around waiting for the bombers. Noticed something interesting a bomber comes and attacks the place the convoy leaves from. Please forgive me for all the screwing around with the camera and so forth just trying to keep myself amused this level gets kinda boring, when almost half of it ends up being just waiting. Also it seems the time looks like 6:18 on some of the videos uh oh, that's jsut how the 5's and 9's turned out it seems, see the time for defection for an actual 6.

Search for the Nonnah 3:53 best 3:53 - All you need to do for this level is find the nonnah wait for imperial shuttle to land kill at-st + tanks,then the four waves of bombers then just wait for the rebel shuttle to get where its going. Did a much better job with the at-st and the tanks than usual quite often end up dieing to them sadly but this time caught the at-st sidesways instead of head on. Bombers started coming before the rebel shuttle had even landed, lost a little time taking out the bombers, almost missed one due to the a-wing small bit of auto targetting but not taking much damage earlier helped the power of a shielded craft nocking an unshielded tie bomber. After the shuttle launchs nothing you can do to speed up the shuttle just went around and destroyed some stuff, while avoiding dieing ended up one kill short of a gold actually one of the harder levels to get a gold on without having to waste time, of the ones you can do it but not easily. There is not a big difference in the 3 spawning spots a few seconds perhaps as far as I can tell but then this one ended up being in the closest so can't be sure.

Defection at Corellia 6:48 best 6:36 - Started by heading for the probe droids, then a bunch of bombers to kill 3 + 2x 2 + 2x 1 most of my time lost is here, 2x2 bombers near Madine, kill first at-at, kill second at-at (don't need to kill at-st's) shoot down the 2 groups of 3 tie fighters that show up,they ask you too might as well nothing that will help speed this up more it seems.Then got upgrade cause I have the time and advanced torpedo's maybe helps on a few levels. Could have gone for the kills to get a gold but decided to destroy some at-at corpses instead, I find it interesting you can blow their heads off first, but well given that fact you can destroy them by shooting them in the head(see third at-at on fest) it makes sense I guess.

Liberation of Gerrard V 4:20 best 3:50(still have no real clue how I managed this) - This level is all about protecting the y-wing so they can disabled the yachts. Sadly an early death due to my fire going right through a turbo laser happens sadly a little too commonly with that one but still less than some of the canisters on taloraan and my last second torpedo missed, then just went after the stuff that can hit the y-wings. Can't go to the other half of the level till the cut-scene or a y-wing randomly goes down, even with nothing left to shoot at it. Post cut-scene just destroyed the rest of the stuff aside from tie fighters that could hit the y-wing ended up dieing a second time to an interceptor crashing into me which atleast provides an example of one of the games longer death sequences, along with looking rather interesting. As to how to speed this level up which is possibly although I can't seem to do it consistently managed 3:50,4:04,4:05,4:19, shooting at the yachts seems to possibly help which is why you see me doing it throughout the level, but I can't be sure. the yacht at 22:52 is the only one that needs to be disabled along with the big gun being destroyed to end the level. Ended up with two more deaths than intended for this level but I'm rather doubtful that they cost me any time maybe the first definitely not the second, first one showed a small problem the game has in some places second just showed something cool.

Jade Moon 1:58 best 1:51 - I go for the shield upgrade first because of how many levels there are to come and how useful they are stops damage for/from 1 hit be it stormtrooper blaster or missile, suicide the fastest way to pick them up also a nice respawn spot from there then went for the generator high enough the missiles barely shoot at you. End up roughly right where I need to be post cinematic and just have 2 interceptors and 3 bombers to shoot down, the lasers taken out to make this part less annoying the interceptors went better than usual, the last bomber not so much.

Imperial Construction Yards 2:25 best 2:20 - here and for kile II its possible but not that easy to wall hop a bit and save some time decided not to bother this time for this level in particular its less helpful without the blaster upgrade, take out scanners, kill 3 buildings making up the at-at factory killing the 2 missiles on the way there maybe a laser, took a little long on the last piece of the factory, then went for the at-st factory have to break a bit since going fullbore and ramming(if you die but complete the mission doing so then the level ends there without needing to respawn first) it doesn't do enough without the laser upgrade. Bomb upgraded not needed for Kile II really so waited and got it without having to waste anytime on Chandrilla.

Assault on Kile II 3:49 best 3:31 - wall hopping a bit too much unpredictable for me to want to include in the run. Destroyed the spaceport first messed up a little but oh well, then headed for communications array/garisson, bombed the scanners or whatever of the array leaving the main building till I destroyed the garrison. Leaving one building of either of those then destroying the other allows you to skip a cut-scene (wedge being captured) which triggers when 2 buildings are left for one of them and the other is completely destroyed.

Rescue on Kessel 0:27 best 0:25 - Just hit the train with the ion cannon, which is you secondary instead of torpedos for this mission.

Prisons of Kessel 7:18 - Close x foils go kill generator, units needed to kill for Madines people to pop out of the shuttle first prison those 3 ties, second prison either one of the at-st (didn't get the a-wing seeker missile upgrade easy to fire missiles more useful than seeker missiles for taloraan) the third and fourth both 3 ties ended up right where the last 3 ties spawn. rest of the level is just waiting and taking things out that could kill the shuttle. Leaving the barracks there is needed if going for a gold so the storm troopers come out.

Battle Above Taloraan 2:29 best 2:29 - Ah my favorite level, used missiles to destroy containers the lasers glitch and start going through/ when your going to crash and/or just to save some trouble in some cases, usually just suicide and get the blaster upgrade not worth the trouble to try and survive the dive most of the time then clear last platform. But this time I ended up crashing sooner so still had by advanced shields when I went for the upgrade so tried to survive it and did, sadly had some trouble with the last canister, but nothing that bumping it didn't fix.

Escape from Fest 5:28 best 5:28 - An example of what not to do at the start if your going for a gold go straight to the at-at and tow-cable it maybe killing the one laser right on the way and that last at-pt should still be alive when you take down the at-at don't understand why but it does die if you take too long getting there a few shots at the gate don't hurt but you do not need to destroy it yourself nor will it help speed up the at-pts doing so. Destroyed generator after second at-at, then went for the missile turrets around the lab, Since I had the time shot the third at-at just to show something different. Killed the 4 waves of 3 tanks, then 4x2 bombers. Destroyed the lab then went for the seeker torpedo upgrade.

Blockade on Chandrilla 4:57 best 4:57 - protected train for a while then flew ahead its possible to launch a seeker cluster missile with the v-wing and take out at least some of the bomber when they spawn before the cut-scene not easy to do though, destroy the 3 bombers, messed up a little here but oh well, then 6 at-st's suicided on the last one to speed up that part and the final three bombers. Went and got the upgrade while waiting for the bombers, also shot some interceptors but anyways. Something interesting the at-st with the upgrade in it you can just crash in to about the middle of it destroy it and you collect the upgrade at the same time.

Raid on Sullust 3:16 best 2:34(haven't come very close since) - rather annoying level and probably the one I have the hardest time managing a gold medal on, generally took out the missile turrets and a few transmitters first rather not get a gameover at this point, then finished the transmitters and went after the capacitor. First death came a little later than usual and second was me hoping stupidly that I could ram the thing but oh well also messed up with my direction after the first death due to how the radar points to transmitters not the closest but the next in an order.

Moff Seerdon's Revenge 4:17 best 3:56 - Have to kill everything, roughly missile turrets first dieing is bad, and tried to torpedo the lone interceptors I could they can be a big pain. A terrible suicide bounced twice before i died because torpedos are needed to beat this games only "boss fight" easily, had to turn and move back a bit because if your too close the tornedos just start going in circles around him, probably went a bit too far though.

Battle of Calamari 3:10 best 3:10(did manage 3:03 years ago) - Take out first devastator then 4 ties second devastator 5 ties + annoying one crashed into but had to die sometime and was a quick death at least. last devastator then just the last 9 ties, And um if you missed it your flying as Wedge not Luke this level.

adds up to 1:01:17
could possibly be improved a little. around 2 minutes away from my absolute best times written down during testing etc for the run. Raid on sullust,moffy's revenge and the nonsense that is Gerard V times beening the ones with the biggest room for improvement. But I'm quite happy with it given I had started submitting a run that was about a minute and a half slower when i finished this one.

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