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Super Ninja Warrior Extreme is a 2013 Indie PC game that features a distinct lack of pirates. Seriously, why are there no pirates? Or dinosaurs. I could settle for dinosaurs.


Best time: Single-segment 0:08:12 by David Heidman Jr. on 2013-07-29.

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Author's comments:

Shout outs to all the back end peoples of SDA. I love you.

Hogosha brought this game to me attention a while ago when I stumbled into a game he was running. I I watched a video he made of him playing this game and I loved it from that moment. I immediately picked it up and I still love it. I love getting game recommendations from others.

The game kinda forces you to take each stage a specific way. After me and Hogosha shared a few videos, we felt we had all the strats figured out and we were off to the races. But then... Hogosha had to go and create a strat that if just STUPID!!! Final stage if you follow the first set kunai and just barely miss it at the bottom you can skip one set of kunai at the end of the stage. Wow. I hate you. The window for this to work is not as small as it sounds, but it is small enough that most of the time you do not know if you got the skip or not until you attempt to jump over the first set of kunai at the end and DIE!!! In this run, I hit it PERFECTLY. with no definitive visual queue, you just kinda have to go for broke.

I had a slip up on stage 10, I went just a bit too early (something I almost never do) and another slip on stage 27 where I hesitated and nearly died for it. Besides that, it is just cutting corners and attacking at better times.

This game is really fun. Support the Indy Devs please. They be AMAZING!!!!!

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