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Released in 2008, Tag: The Power of Paint is a mix between a first person shooter and a puzzle game, not unlike the genre defining Portal. The gameplay in Tag uses the concept of spraypainting surfaces with different kinds of paint: green, bouncy paint; blue, sticky paint; and a speedrunner favorite, red paint that speeds up walking. The game is available for download here. It was very well received, even managing to impress Valve Corporation enough to hire the developers to add the same concept into Portal 2.


Best time: single-segment 0:05:32 by Tristan 'Serial Gamer' Languebien on 2010-03-28.

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Author's comments:

I'd first like to thank and to congratulate the whole SDA team for the work they do . Continue like that, is a marvel ! (all the speedrun-addicts agree, isn't it?)
I'll also thank Tanguy, the one who made me know the game -thanks dude, I love you- without mentioning Frozen_ and TheVoid who contributed to the TAG topic on the forum.

So, here is my second speedrun : TAG - the power of paint... An amazing game (it won the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase award) with amazing shortcuts. All the ones who didn't play it yet, download it, it's free.

The run is not flawless, due to the bad inertia of the character, and due to precise tricks who needed time to aim. Otherwise, I think it will be hard to beat.
The video talks of itself, I'd just like to notice some few things :
Level 5 : I doubt it's possible to get on the platform at the end of the level...
Level 7 : the character can't stick and walk on the wire netting, I had to jump on the cylinder.
Level 8 : I have to walk "horizontally" on the part of the wall who goes out, the character bumps onto it otherwise.
Level 9 : I made all my possible to rend this long and boring level enjoyable to watch (even if some tricks are dangerous)

I hope you'll enjoy the run !

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