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Lara Croft returned in her third adventure in November 1998 and travels to India, Nevada, London, the South Pacific and Antarctica. Encounter many dangers, traps, puzzles and monsters along the way as you take Lara hunting around the planet for four mystical parts of a meteor that smashed into the Earth many years ago.


Category note: Runs with glitches and no glitches are separate categories.

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2:04:10 by Shaun Friend, done in 27 segments appended to 19 files.

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Author's comments:

I was supposed to be improving my Tomb Raider 2 run (along with making an SS TR1 run), which is extremely outdated by the standards of my current skill level and knowledge about the game, but then XRiku89 on made a glitchless secrets runs of Tomb Raider 3, and watching that and seeing all the improvements he managed to fit in inspired me to improve my already not-bad TR 3 run for a third time and max it out as much as possible. The Hoff on Tomb Runner had also made a glitched run that came in under two hours, so I wanted to see how far I could push it glitchless. This also combined with the fact that the then-recent Fraps 2.9.5 fixed the crippling recording issues the second and third Tomb Raider games had before then, allowing me to record and play at an acceptable quality without having to jump through hoops and also that I managed to get a gamepad working and wanted to give it a torture test (it passed).

Thanks to all the SDA staff, everyone on Tombrunner, the person who emailed me the Antarctica boat trick ages ago (which I learned about, but didn't use in my last TR3 run, but did this time), and anyone else I forgot.

This run is glitchless (basically, because I felt like it), the tricks disallowed by this category are (the ones applicable to TR3 anyway):

Cornerbug and Flicker Motion: There are many (emphasis) ways to embed into corners in the original five TR games, the way the engine works means you "teleport" to the top of the block it is being used on (although not always; sometimes what happens is more arbitrary and random, like triggering certain things before you are supposed to). Flicker motion is a special cornerbug that allows motion while "stuck" in a ceiling.

Fence Bug, Block and Crack bug: Certain textures seams can be jumped through, allowing you to essentially go through some walls and corners.

Dive Bug: Swan dive into a wall at a very precise angle and you can fall any distance without dying (if there's a wall and the means to get the right angle anyway).

Quicksand Bug: By grabbing at certain places it's possible to go "under" walls and other obstacles through quicksand.

Exposure meter bug: Saving and loading while swimming in the Antarctica levels refills your exposure bar without having to leave the water.

Panel bug: When switches are blocked by glass panels dropping onto it the right way allows you to press the switch through the panel, this is only applicable to Area 51, where it allows you to skip most of the level (although this trick has recently been superseded by a certain type of cornerbug). I don't use this.

Flying UPV bug: In Lud's Gate the right set of actions allows you to make the UPV fly, letting you skip most of the level when combined with another shortcut (useless in a glitchless run).

There might be one or two I'm missing, but they probably aren't especially applicable to TR3. All these tricks combined save at least twenty minutes overall in each TR game, probably even more, which is why the categorisation is done on SDA. RadxxRyan is currently working on a glitched run of TR3, but, well, I'll leave it at that as it will be hopefully be sharing a place with this run on this page soon ;) .

What I DO use are many different cancels and optimised forms of movement to save time, for a detailed breakdown (for the glitches above as well) go to the Area 51 section on although I should note it's missing a couple of things.

As well as taking my skills further I also attempted to perfect my equipment use so that absolutely nothing was wasted, a tactic for the final boss I discovered ruined this a little (more on that later) at the last moment but ammo still remains the only thing I didn't gauge perfectly. The reason I choose London over the Pacific (Nevada first is a given due to what happens there) is because the Pacific has more combat so London lets me build up my stuff a little, and since this has always worked out I've never seen a reason to test it the other way around.

I also segment much more to optimise things and pull off some insanely hard tricks and difficult luck manipulation. Every time you save in TR3 PC loses you three seconds though, so each one has to be judged carefully (which is why many of the bigger levels are one segment, as I can at least finish them within that three second margin for error). This also leads to the annoyance that the PC version has no start of the level autosaves unlike the PS version and you therefore essentially automatically lose three seconds at the start of each level due to saving (hotkeys balance things out through)

Note that StatID's are missing on the first half of the run due to some technical issues, but I at least managed to fit them into around half the run. By extension, you'll occasionally see a few frames from earlier/later videos at the beginning and end of earlier videos (and an old StatID), this is because I couldn't find a way to accurately cut frames and therefore had to do it approximately, leaving a few bits of the video it was original merged with. Note that I did this run over multiple computers so you may find some video quality differences throughout the run. Finally, up until High Security Complex I had the "record" key set the same as the "lower draw distance" key by mistake (I thought it was a recording issue or something), so the draw distance is a bit lower than its supposed to be in a couple of videos.

Now the level comments I list the name (and where the segment goes up to in segmented levels), part (video to download), the segment and the level finishing time. All comments are chronological:

Jungle - Part 1 - Segment 1 - Time: 1:06:

I frame timed things to max this level out; for the PC version this level is pretty much perfect for a glitchless run as far as I know. The Playstation version can be one second faster due to a geometry difference at the green slope you jump over, seemingly the only non-technical difference between the versions.

Temple Ruins - Part 2 - Segment 2 - Time: 13:21

The jump from the slope at the start is by far the hardest thing in this level; it's completely random and doesn't work 95% of the time, it seems to be based on incredibly specific positioning. The crawlspace shows a new trick I accidentally found; if you press the button to draw your guns you move slightly forwards and can leave most crawlspaces slightly earlier. I also did the level the opposite away around this time, as it didn't seem any slower and allowed me to get the harder stuff out the way first. When climbing out after the two switches underwater I got stopped a little at the top for some reason, The Hoff later found a slightly faster way to get across the invisible ledges than what I used, although it's only about half a second faster at the most. On the way back out the room I use the debris to push me through the quicksand a little. RadxxRyan later found that the boulder can be jumped over with a standing jump, which would save about a second over what I did and causes you to take no damage. I stop a little before the first keyhole, slowing me down slightly.

At the top of the pool room I stop just before making a jump to the boulder instead of continuing a running jump like I was supposed to, although the position meant I might have run off anyway. I made one wall bash in the block maze, but the rest was far better than usual, plus the fact I sprinted before made up for it. At the ceiling trap I landed bad and got a tiny stumble, but it didn't matter much.

The first statue blocks a couple of times but the rest of the fight went perfect, and I managed to both kill them close to the ledges and pick up the swords quickly. The biggest mistake is at the end, where I sprint slightly wrong (due to coming out the water at a different position to what I'm used to) and have to turn a little, losing me about a second. If you're really unlucky the final statue can finish you off as you put the last key in. Looking back it might have been a good idea to segment this level, but my mistakes are still very minor considering its length (which it turns out makes this the longest level in the game for a glitchless speedrun).

River Ganges - Part 3 - Segment 3 - Time: 2:25:

At the stop in the cave it's possible to jump straight across to both the ramp and the "snake corridor" which could potentially save around four seconds but the jumps are ridiculously hard. There's not much else, just general optimised Quad driving. Note that pretty much all of the wall hits on the Quad are intentional to set me up for certain things or are so unavoidable you lose more time trying to do so.

Caves of Kaliya - Part 4 - Segment 4 - Time: 1:33:

I realised the fastest geometric route through the maze isn't necessarily the fastest way, and found a slightly faster route due to cutting out a long crawlspace. Note that stopping on the walls in the maze is intentional as it's generally faster than manually stopping. The boss can't be harmed until the room is on fire. By hammering the weapon key Lara doesn't draw the pistols after putting away the Grenade Launcher, allowing a better finish. A little "bad" luck creates an incredibly epic finish ;) . At the start of the next level I jump from mid-air and do a roll when I land to save a little time.

Nevada Desert - Part 5 - Segment 5 - Time: 5:58:

This matches The Hoff's glitched time which was the fastest run of this level at the time. At thirty-five seconds the jump intentionally avoids a trigger square for the stealth fighter, as it pushes you off-course in the air otherwise so you have to wait for it (so this is faster than sprinting). Outside of the climb after using the detonator (where I was supposed to jump directly to the slope rather than the ledge beside it) this run is near-perfect for what it intended. Unfortunately, that's an issue, as, when I was nearly done with the run RadxxRyan did a glitched run of this level that also found a few new tricks for a glitchless run and did the final jump without stopping at all, saving about five seconds over mine even when forgetting the glitches that were used, which is a shame but not too bad.

High Security Complex (To first keycard) - Part 6 - Segment 6 - Time: 10:59:

The way losing your stuff works amusingly leads to me gaining a small medikit here. I use a button that frees two prisoners at once. I segmented while getting the card as how fast the prisoners kill the Guard is extremely luck-based and makes a big difference to the time.

High Security Complex (The rest) - Part 6 - Segment 7 - Time 10:59:

This time I pull off the fall onto the cooker without slowing down. The second Guard kill needs far less luck than the first; the prisoners killing this fast is normal here. I had to reposition a bit when picking up what he dropped. I also had to sidestep at the switch after that. I found a way to fall right at the top of the ladder at the next shortcut and save several seconds; if you sprint off at the right angle the game guides you right into the doorway. Near the end, after moving the crate to reach the ladder, instead of monkey swinging after climbing the ladder you can curve jump and grab straight to the next ledge, this is extremely hard to do and would require another segment, but I guess it might have allowed for a final time of 2:03... The Guard at the top of the room is very random in where he drops the final plug; if you're unlucky he dies in the middle and the laser there does a ton of damage, or at the back where it's slow, he died in a perfect position this time

Area 51 (To rocket area) - Part 7 - Segment 8 - Time: 11:17:

I later learned you can make the first Guard docile without having to kill him, but I didn't need the ammo anyway. After falling into the corridor with a split I found that going left is quite a bit faster than the right, although damage can't be avoided this way. I had to be careful not to lose time while segmenting as there isn't a definite place to save unlike other places I do so in the run.

Area 51 (Really hard jump) - Part 7 - Segment 9 - Time: 11:17:

This jump is so hard, and the rest of the level hard enough too, that I had to segment this level in three due to its presence alone, but it saves me a minute or so.

Area 51 (The rest) - Part 7 - Segment 10 - Time: 11:17:

At the start I jump back to trigger the Guard. In the room where you press a switch on each side it's possible to jump directly to the higher catwalks without having to grab, but it's so hard it would need another segment. On the second of those switches I jumped too late and had to press action to not bash into the wall, slowing me slightly. No, the disc that the Guard in the missile tower drops doesn't open the UFO, a shame as that would be an awesome shortcut. It is possible to fall right on the card without repositioning, but it needs a very precise fall. The rocket fire is safe to run through after six "stings" in the music (on the PS version it's five due to the track having to load and therefore being delayed slightly). In the vent at the top of the rocket shaft I had a wall bash. You can run through the lasers I wait for towards the end, but I didn't have enough health. A sprint gets cut short in the UFO. The last jump to the top floor is easy to mess up; an attempted improvement of this run was perfect up until that point where I failed and got killed there, which was the point where I stopped bothering with an improvement, looking back this run has very few mistakes anyway.

Thames Wharf - Part 8 - Segment 11 - Time: 0:24:

I'm pretty sure this level is perfected now. This is the most blatant example of the three second save penalty, as my actual time is 21 seconds. On Tomb Runner I uploaded a near-identical run that level skips from the previous (instead of saving at the start) that get 21 seconds to demonstrate this. I do another mid-air jump to speed up the start of the next level, like in Nevada.

Aldwych - Part 9 - Segment 12 - Time: 11:41:

My favourite level, and it turned out surprisingly painless to run too considering its length. Note the fact I use a flare while still climbing off the ladder after pulling the block out; the block apparently gives this climb special properties which allows that. At the drill pit trap I intentionally hang a second before falling, or else the drill is too high (the platform and the drill are actually separate objects; if you look carefully later you can still see the drill just below the platform) and when I return I take damage and get slowed down. I stop slightly in front of the power switch. Turning the power on is necessary despite me not getting the coin because otherwise the part of the level after the turnstile isn't loaded after a later shortcut that allows you to skip it.

rr_carroll found a really awesome shortcut while returning from the drill trap after getting the key; it's both faster and, for some reason, allows you to skip opening the turnstile later. The MP5 clips I pick up actually count as two clips, which I didn't know, but it's lucky considering they turned out to be useless and I would have lost even more time later if I had to pick up another set. I didn't think the flare cancel in the timed doors section would be possible, but it turned out that if I took no unnecessary damage on the way I have JUST enough health to survive it. The drill pit shortcut earlier makes both the Guard and the train not spawn at the tunnel before the masonic maze (yes, it does a whole bunch of strange stuff to this level). Inside the train I bash into a wall. At the very end I run too far and have to lose a few seconds on a back step, which is unfortunate as the mistakes before were most likely less than a second. The textures are messed up at the start of the next level because I skipped the cutscene too soon.

Lud's Gate (To the museum) - Part 10 - Segment 13 - Time: 10:04:

I'll admit this is the one segment that's partially out of laziness; the ladder climb is incredibly laborious when retrying. Then again, I'm pretty sure it did allow the rest of the level to be much more polished than it could have been otherwise. This is another ladder that lets you use a flare while climbing off.

Lud's Gate (To last jump) - Part 10 - Segment 14 - Time: 10:04:

At the ladder in the Egypt part if you jump and grab rather than use action you grab higher, but I think it's slower as you have to use the slow climb animation a couple of times before Lara will grab up and use the normal climb. I have to reposition a little while picking up the key off the Guard. In the underwater maze thing it may be slightly faster to use the UPV in the last couple of trips but its hard to tell. On the way to the crusher room I just use some medikits instead of going all the way back to the air hole. The course I take to the crushers ensures they are in the right position. On the way back after using the key I go low in the shaft on purpose as there are some weird invisible wall things around the trapdoor if you head directly for it.

Lud's Gate (The end) - Part 10 - Segment 15 - Time: 10:04:

This jump is extremely risky and hard so I segmented for it, you can also jump left for a much easier version, but it's slower too.

City - Part 11 - Segment 16 - Time: 1:28:

This is the point where I could add StatID's. This went perfectly.

Coastal Village - Part 12 - Segment 17 - Time 4:57:

At the dart trap jumping across on the left lets you not have to stop to avoid the darts. When grabbing to the hut roof later on it's possible to do so without dropping first, but it's really random. There's not much else to say as this level is just general improvement and goes well.

Crash Site (T-Rex Cave) - Part 13 - Segment 18 - Time: 5:19:

I was going to do this in one segment, and made a run around six seconds slower like that, but I decided it was worth segmenting in a level with this much randomness. You could technically call the thing where I go under the Lilly pad a glitch as it's a sort of quicksand bug, but it's slower than what I intended to do (which I found really random) so yeah. Getting past the T-Rex is random, I made of bonus video of what usually happens (and did about seven times in a row here):

Crash Site (The rest) - Part 13 - Segment 19 - Time: 5:19:

Shooting down the Raptor is really random and needs the MP5, by my original ammo calculations I had to do it within 20 shots (and I had one shot left here), but it turned out not to matter. The Raptor temple is massively random and the main reason for segmenting, which allowed me to do it without really getting slowed down at all (and in the optimal order, as opposed to the one with the least luck needed). Leaving the Raptor temple emulates the moment I first found out about the flare cancel. Grabbing the bridge is a nice trick XRiku89 found. The Raptor in the plane is also pretty random. There are a few small delays I in this segment but that's about it, and my luck in the Raptor temple and plane made up for it.

Madubu Gorge (To the plug switch) - Part 14 - Segment 20 - Time: 7:22:

The jump at the start of the level uses a special trick; rolling can move you forwards very slightly on ledges with slopes in front of them and let you make jumps that are otherwise impossible, this jump always fails without the roll. I discovered that if you don't delay any moves you can make the Kayak perform the same set of actions every time; so I came up with a sort of "code" that allowed me to do this easily every time and turn the Kayak from a pain in the ass into a very easy ride, as well as being faster. This leads on to the craziest change yet; it might look like it but it's not a glitch as the rapids are also "solid ground" in terms of how the engine works (just set to do a special death animation), so parking on safe solid ground makes perfect, legitimate sense as far as the engine works (this was the only place I could find). This route is also far cooler to watch than the interminable monkey swings on the normal route. After the ladder I do another big route change that is a faster than the normal way and happens to make the return trip more interesting, I intentionally avoid the corner after jumping in the water, as staying near makes you get caught in a current and swept back for some reason. You don't need to climb up at the end of this segment, but it makes sure you're lined up (the jump is tough enough as it is) and gives you a good chance to save.

Madubu Gorge (The rest) - Part 14 - Segment 21 - Time: 7:22:

I segmented because the jump to get back here is extremely hard, and seems to rely on the roll trick I used at the start of the level. I thought the backtracking would be dull but all the stuff I found makes it as interesting as the first trip. After grabbing the monkey swing the turn left is intentional as otherwise you can't move forward. Again, the Kayak ride can be consistently done every time. This is another time I start the next level with a jump.

Temple of Puna - Part 15 - Segment 22 - Time: 2:00:

I planned my equipment to make sure I didn't have to take the trip to the secret, as that loses over a minute. The rest of the level is just optimised. Someone told me they managed to glitch the Puna fight and kill it in one shot, but have no idea how, and it probably wouldn't be allowed for a glitchless run anyway. Be warned that the FMV after this level is really loud.

Antarctica - Part 16 - Segment 23 - Time: 7:25:

The Boat trick is something I was really borderline on classifying as a glitch or not, but in the end I decided to do it; the main logic is that you in some way "turn on" the Boat by using it (as opposed to the switch, which it's surmised remotely turns it on temporarily). There's also the fact it doesn't save much time at all (about fifteen seconds, and half of that is backtracking). Staying at full speed while making turns in the boat is hard; I made a small crash here but it lost very little time. Throughout the level the important thing is to kill the Dogs as they get in the way a lot. In the cage bit I missed killing one Dog and had to turn around for it. The last Dog, that I miss killing, is a perfect example of what they can do, although it loses me very little time here. You can boost on the last stretch of water in the Boat, but I didn't have enough health to risk it. I also had to reposition the Boat before getting out.

RX-Tech Mines - Part 17 - Segment 24 - Time: 12:29:

The speed-up/slow-down parts of the mine cart rides have a big effect on your time (10+ seconds), so it's really important to get them right, which I realised later, this run does them very well. At the part with the grinding machine things it's possible to get through both in one go, but it would require segmenting and only saves a few seconds. At the cart stop after the Mutant part I brake as otherwise the cart sometimes doesn't stop there for some reason. The only mistakes were two wall bashes, there's also a faster way at the end that could save a second but that's it.

Lost City of Tinnos (To trapdoors room) - Part 18 - Segment 25 - Time: 10:55:

The start of this level involves a string of really difficult jumps within quick succession of each other, the hardest being the jump straight across the bridge.

Lost City of Tinnos (The rest) - Part 18 - Segment 26 - Time: 10:55:

I segmented because of all the hard jumps and this segment starts with another that lets me skip the whole trapdoor room. In the room I take the Uli key a Wasp can sometimes follow you up the ladder, which is annoying as it generally forces a restart. I found new ways for every element challenge except the Earth one, which already had a shortcut. In the Water challenge I use the last medikits I have so I don't have to go for air. The clips I pick up there are the only clips I needed. In the Wind challenge, I use a different route in the maze (the guide I used before got the maze wrong), and a really cool (and OCD friendly!) route for the spike barrels. In the fire room I move on the edges of the fire pillars and use XRiku89's method at the fire breathing heads (as well as a jump right on to the mask ledge after). The only mistake was a messed up sprint in the Earth part and a jump too far after using the lever on the way out of that area because I was too far left (which may not have lost any time). The sidestep at the Wind mask isn't a mistake as the door is open a set time anyway.

Meteorite Cavern - Part 19 - Segment 27 - Time not given (End time: 2:04:10):

While experimenting for the last level I discovered that you can beat Willard in only three knock outs by exploiting his attack (the clicking you hear when I jump over) and turn animation (the screen shake), this is a lot faster but it meant the clips I picked up in Aldwych were pointless and lost me about five seconds, this way of doing the boss is about ten seconds faster so it's not much loss. I used one bullet more than is needed when finishing him. You can skip the boss altogether but then the exit is inaccessible. The rest is straightforward.

Final Stats:
Time Taken: 2:04:10
Secrets Found: 2 of 59
Kills: 33
Ammo Used: 428
Hits: 399
Health Packs used: 13.0
Distance Travelled: 20.95km

It was disappointing I couldn't get under two hours glitchless (I could probably break into 2:03 with the majority of mistakes removed, but that's about it as things are). However, I did beat or match a lot of the glitched times on The Hoff's glitched run that showed under two hours is possible. I also managed to fit in pretty much every notable shortcut found so far so I'm happy with it.

Glitched 1:27:10 by Ryan Lawless, done in 31 segments appended to 19 files.

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Author's comments:

I'd like to thank the SDA staff for hosting this run. Also thank you to everyone at Tomb Runner, you guys are awesome, seriously, this run would not have been nearly as good if it weren't for you guys. Special thanks to MMAN and his glitchless run of this game. A lot of my strategy in the game was influenced by his run. And to my subscribers on YouTube, thank you for all the support. I've done many Tomb Raider speed runs but this is the first time I'm submitting one to SDA. This is Tomb Raider 3, using glitches, on the Playstation. I used a DVD Recorder to record the run. Here is some more info on the run:

- Sprinting is the fastest movement in the game. I sprint as much as possible in the run.

- Running and jumping is the 2nd fastest movement and I do that often, as it is better than sprinting in some areas.

- Time taken in the Inventory Screen is counted in the PS version, which sucks but I usually lose only 2-3 seconds in there.

- Also the PS version is much darker than the PC, so I apologize in advance for the dark areas. The brightness has been adjusted though, in most levels with anri-chan.

Most glitches used in the run, have already been explained above by MMAN (Thank you).

Now for the level comments. For the levels with 2 or more segments, the comments for each segment are seperated by a paragraph.

Jungle - Part 1 - Segment 1 - Time: 0:42

The first level is very easy because of the ability to jump around the slope. On the PC, you have to make a difficult jump over the slope. At the end I do something called a quicksand bug. If there is a ledge above quicksand, Lara can warp under the ledge if you jump from the correct distance. Here she gets warped right under the exit gate.

Temple Ruins - Part 2 - Segment 2 & 3 - Time: 12:43

The jump at the start is extremely random as to whether or not Lara will grab the tree branch. The big shortcut comes around 6:00 where I do a swim corner bug and flicker motion to reach the high opening and let the boulder pass below. Recently, The Hoff from Tomb Runner found a way to open the gate without using any keys. But again, this was discovered well after I had finished this run.

The save was done mostly to try and limit the damage the first Shiva can do when putting the keys in to open the big gate. I now realize that I could've finished the level using a small healthpack instead of a large, but it turned out not to be a big deal. The fight with the 2 Shivas went good considering it can be hard to quickly locate the swords they drop.

The River Ganges - Part 3 - Segment 4 - Time: 2:18

The quad bike is not easy to control. The first time getting off the bike, there is a way to reach the opening without grabbing but it's almost impossible to do on the fly. A couple slow-downs toward the end, but they were pretty much unavoidable.

Caves Of Kaliya - Part 4 - Segment 5 - Time: 1:30

Thanks to MMAN for the maze route. It is the fastest way through. The run and fight with Tony went very well. 10 Pistol shots and 2 Grenades will finish him off.

Nevada Desert - Part 5 - Segment 6 - Time: 4:25

Plenty of nice shortcuts in this one. I start the level with two crawl-corner bugs to reach the next area in a big hurry. Near the waterfall, I do a swim corner bug that drops Lara off right near the top and allows me to quickly jump over and behind the waterfall. Another corner bug on the water wheel. A very smooth run and making the tough jump to the fence at the end without stopping was nice. The Hoff may have found a way to skip getting the Detonator Key but we'll wait and see if he can do it in his speed run. ;)

High Security Compound - Part 6 - Segment 7, 8, & 9 - Time: 9:36

You begin this level with no weapons. Some of the guards carry keycards that you need in order to progress in the level. You must wait for an inmate to kill the guards in order to pick up their keys. This level is in 3 segments because getting the first guard killed quickly is almost impossible. Took me between 400-500 attempts and he still was not killed that fast, but I was just getting really frustrated.

2nd segment was good until the end. The 2nd guard that gets killed needs to see Lara before he will go after her. That's why I run toward him and then turn around. The slide was a mistake, I was trying to get rid of the bad camera angle and hit the wrong button. The last guard in the 2nd segment is killed by a deadly laser that I activate with the switch.

A 3rd segment to this level because of the somewhat hard trick right at the start that MMAN discovered. With a good angle, Lara can just land in the opening before falling to her death. This saves a good 15 seconds. I go in the crawlspace to pick up another key. At the end I pick up my favorite weapon, the Desert Eagle, then I use a great corner bug found by The Hoff to skip some guards and another switch further away.

Area 51 - Part 7 - Segment 10 & 11 - Time: 6:32

My favorite level. I should have picked up the MP5 gun here but I did not think I'd be able to skip as much of Crash Site as I did because there is an MP5 in that level right before the T-Rex appearance. I ended up not needing to go that way except to get the gun. Saved because of the extremely complicated part right at the start of the 2nd segment.

Huge thanks to rr_carroll for the amazing flicker motion trick to skip about half of the level. It's really complicated to explain; basically you press Roll to make Lara flicker toward the left, then Roll again to face back the other way and do some careful angling with the wall to trigger the doors to open above. Made a little mistake pressing the 2nd switch in the timed doors room. Other than that, I'm happy with this run.

Coastal Village - Part 8 - Segment 12 - Time: 2:35

A great shortcut found by xXApelaumXx to save over a minute from the previous route. The shortcut involves the swim bug in the cavern. And thanks to rr_carroll for the crawl corner bug at the end to reach the bridge.

Crash Site - Part 9 - Segment 13 - Time: 1:25

This level features a falling corner bug. Thanks again to xXApelaumXx for finding it. Normally, you would have to get inside the crashed plane and use its rocket launcher to blow up the wall. Run went perfect. I had to go a little out of the way to get the MP5. As I said in the Area 51 comments, this shortcut was not found when I was doing Area 51; otherwise I would've gotten the gun there.

Madubu Gorge - Part 10 - Segment 14, 15, & 16 - Time: 5:09

I'm sure to get some criticism for this run, but this really is not an easy level. MMAN found a neat trick in his run where he was able to park the kayak on land and finish the level in about 7 minutes. Later, someone else (I forget who) found another parking spot which enabled me to get through the level even faster. The level is in 3 parts. The first save was done to limit the amount of damage Lara takes in the kayak bit.

The first save probably wasn't necessary but as I said I wanted to limit the amount of health Lara can lose on the kayak run and because the jumps around the rocks in this part can be difficult to do perfectly. This segment was mostly about setting up for the extremely difficult jump that you will see in the 3rd segment.

The very start of the 3rd segment involves an extremely difficult jump from the plug room back to the rocks. Thanks again to MMAN for the shortcut. I made a small mistake on the way up the rocks. Again you can see the reason for the first save, when I lose half my health on the big drop to the room below. Then you have to deal with crocodiles before finally exiting the level.

Temple Of Puna - Part 11 - Segment 17 - Time: 2:00

Perfect run. I got poisoned by the dart throwers but still managed to finish the level without needing a healthpack. Thanks again to MMAN for the great strategy of killing Puna.

Thames Wharf - Part 12 - Segment 18 - Time: 0:21

You can skip 99% of this level without any glitches. Not sure if the developers did this on purpose to see if players eventually would discover it, and they did. Thanks to xRikux89 for helping me get through the barbwire without needing a healthpack.

Aldwych - Part 13 - Segment 19 - Time: 4:30

Once again, thanks to xXApelaumXx for the nice crawl corner bug to get THROUGH the closed trapdoor in the train and skip a good portion of the level. I had to take a slight detour near the start for some flares. Again a very smooth run besides stalling on the big shortcut a little bit because you can't see the corner until you're on top of it. And after the corner bug, the camera gets stuck for a few seconds but I managed to find the button immediately.

Lud's Gate - Part 14 - Segment 20 & 21 - Time: 4:02

MMAN is a God, and a while ago he found a way over the barbwire near the start, by doing a very careful running jump and dive to the water below. So once again, I'm able to skip most of a level by using a great shortcut. The save is because of that crocodile that swims around the big underwater puzzle area. However, I did some testing and found that the croc does NOT always follow Lara in the room. Thus, the segment.

The little delay at the start of the 2nd segment is to coax out the croc so that he swims up to Lara and then for some reason will dive back down to follow her only half the time. Another big trick involves the underwater vehicle. If you run into a wall with it and press Jump, Circle, Jump, Lara's air meter freezes and allows me to pull all switches without having to go back for air. Each time I get off the vehicle to pull a switch, I have to activate the bug again. Upon leaving the underwater area, the trick also allows Lara to FLY with the vehicle. It's pretty hard to control, but this allows me to fly directly to the end of the level. And yes, I was VERY close to dying from the scuba divers.

City - Part 15 - Segment 22 - Time: 0:52

Short level. xRikux89 and rr_carroll are the heroes here. Thanks to xRikux89 for using a Rocket Launcher to kill Sophia from a much longer distance than normally. The way to kill her is to shoot a small electrical box way up at the top so that it electrocutes Sophia. rr_carroll suggested that the MP5 should also work but not as far away as the Rocket Launcher. Lara will not target the electric box, so you need to use the Look button to manually aim the gun at it, thus a lot of missed shots. Also thanks to rr_carroll for the several corner bugs used to get up to the shooting spot.

Antarctica - Part 16 - Segment 23, 24, & 25 - Time: 2:08

Here I take advantage of a possible programming error. In the Antarctica levels, there is a meter that depletes very quickly, this is because the water is very cold and Lara will lose health as soon as that meter runs out. However, by saving the game just before it runs out, it will reset when you load the game. This allows me to do yet another incredible shortcut from xXApelaumXx, a couple of swim bugs skips pretty much everything in the level (Yeah, I'm feeling guilty about skipping so much, but hopefully everyone will love all the cool shortcuts). Without the save and reload trick, I would've needed about 10 or more healthpacks.

RX-Tech Mines - Part 17 - Segment 26, 27, & 28 - Time: 12:27

This level was a bit complicated because I thought I was able to use a couple good shortcuts but I only came out 2 seconds faster than MMAN's glitchless run. The first segment actually covers about 90% of the level. I did the middle mine cart path first because it takes the longest. Then the bottom path deals with the annoying mutants that are merciless. The two that attack me while trying to escape took MANY attempts and it ruined a lot of good runs. I finally figured out a quick way to reach the button immediately and somehow escape without needing a healthpack. This segment does a have a few small mistakes but for such a long level, I liked how this run turned out.

The first save comes from doing the cold meter reset trick from the last level. I had to save again shortly after. Then on the 3rd segment I was able to make it out.

Lost City Of Tinnos - Part 18 - Segment 29 & 30 - Time: 10:44

The last full level of the game proves to be a difficult one. I'd like to especially thank MMAN for the improved bridge jump, the very hard curve jump to land in the small switch alcove and for his astounding improvements to the 4 puzzle rooms. Also to xXApelaumXx for the corner bug at the very beginning of the level. The level is segmented because of the very hard bridge jump and curve jump in the first half of the level.

The 2nd segment simply involves getting through the 4 puzzle rooms. Doing the standing jump at the end of the water puzzle allowed Lara to run through the water instead of wading which is much slower. It was good to segment before starting the rooms because it allowed me to focus on making each room go perfectly, and I'm very happy with the results.

Meteorite Cavern - Part 19 - Segment 31 - Time: Not Given (Estimated at 3:11)

Final level. Once more, thank you MMAN for an excellent strategy on the boss, Willard. Shoot him 9 times with the Eagle, if you hear him make his 'bite' noise, that's your key to sprint for an artifact then shoot him one more time to stun him. Repeat until all 4 artifacts are collected, then fire about 50 MP5 bullets at him for the kill. My ammo worked out perfect. One final thank you goes to xXApelaumXx for the final corner bug of the game. It skips the trigger for the exit gate closing until the helicopter lands. By doing a quick corner bug just before the trigger square, you can sprint right through the opened gate instead of having to wait for the plane.

The End.

Final Statistics:

Time Taken: 1:27:10 (Game's Timer is wrong)
Secrets Found: 1 of 59
Kills: 13
Ammo Used: 133
Hits: 98
Health Packs Used: 5.5
Distance Traveled: 52.60km

A great run overall. About a 35 minute difference between my run and MMAN's glitchless run. The final time given on my game is wrong, I have no idea why. I've timed it several times manually and by using the Stats Screens for each level. There absoultey was no cheating involved in the run. I really hope no one thinks I cheated. If I did, I don't think I would make my run 14 minutes slower than what the game says.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the run.

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