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Released in November 1999, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation received mediocre reviews for continuing to adhere to the same basic gameplay of the first Tomb Raider. The game pits Lara Croft against her old mentor, Werner Von Croy, who has been possessed by the ancient Egyptian god Set.


Note: Since the corner and trigger glitches save a significant portion of time (20+ minutes), runs using those two glitches and runs that don't use those two glitches are two separate categories.

Best time with large-skip glitches: 1:28:04 by Aleš 'Ewil' Horák on 2011-02-06, done in 45 segments.

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Author's comments:

Welcome to my Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation speedrun done in 1:28:04. That's more than 45 minutes of improvement over the previous run due to many new bugs and glitches found since then.
I actually didn't find a SINGLE new shortcut as most of them required a bit of "science", so I basically just took all these shortcuts, did some planning, improved old routes and tried to avoid as many mistakes as possible.
I'll only describe the most important glitches, otherwise this comments would be really long. If you're interested in this a bit more, you can go to TombRunner website ( and read entire Area51 section.
I have to mention not all the tricks, bugs and glitches are there as new ones are being found literally every day.

I'd like to give thanks to these people:

- SDA staff - obviously :)
- xXApelaumXx - for finding Advanced Look Triggering and Flare-wall bug
- rr_carroll - for finding most of the new shortcuts
- xRikux89 - for finding a lot of new shortcuts and helping me with route planning
- AjAX - for finding some nice tricks in early levels
- MMAN - for creating his TRII and TRIII runs, which inspired me to begin speedrunning Tomb Raider games in the first place
- Petunia - for finding a crawl-corner bug in The Great Hypostyle Hall II
- Jorche - for finding a shortcut in Temple of Horus II
- everyone else on TombRunner ( and YouTube, who supported me or commented on this run

Most important glitches:

- Corner bug - If a platform or a ledge has top on which Lara can stand, its corner sometimes allow for corner-bug. Stand right next to the corner, turn 45 degrees out of the corner (so you end up facing out of the wall) and start jumping.
If your angle and position is correct and the corner allows for this kind of bug, Lara will start embedding inside. After she's "deep" enough, she should bug right to the top.
There are many variations of this bug such as crawl-corner bug (faster method as you replace jumping for crawling), jump-by bug to avoid triggers, swim-corner bug and many more.

- Flare-wall bug - Discovered by xXApelaumXx. The idea is simple - drop a flare facing any kind of wall while slightly turned left (it doesn't work if turned right).
The flare will almost fall into the wall. Then simply roll, crawl and take the flare again. Due to technical limitations of engine's positioning and clipping, Lara will embedd inside the wall and if there is some solid ground on top, Lara will teleport up onto it just like during corner-bug.

- Trigger-bug - Discovered by myself and rr_carroll. This bug always starts with a corner-bug or flare-wall bug. Once you're inside a wall, start jumping up and you might be able to activate some trigger placed nearby. It can be anything from spawning an enemy, activating a cutscene, disabling a trap or even teleporting to next level, which is the most interesting for us.

- Advanced look triggering (ALT) - Discovered by xXApelaumXx. Basically same as trigger-bug, but instead of jumping up you use binoculars. This allows you to activate more distant triggers. Downside to this glitch is that all enemies and NPCs must be killed and flare must not be active.

Technical side: Entire run was recorded in 1280x960 x 30fps with 16xAA on SoundBlaster Audigy. Some runs include "crackling" sounds during cutscenes or so and I'm not sure what causes it. It's probably the soundcard, although I tried my Realtek HD and does it too, so sorry for that.

Important note: This run was done on PC version, which has some small differences againts PS, mostly notable is that you take no damage from grenades. It was recently discovered there are at least 2 different versions. The main difference seems to be missing pile of rocks in KV5, which allows for a small shortcut, so I used that version.
Other than this, there's just a small change of architecture in Coastal Ruins, which is not important in this run anyway. Nothing else has been found yet. More info about it here:

Timing: Unlike previous Tomb Raiders, this one doesn't show you time when you finish a level. Instead, total time is given each time you make a save, so I always show Load game screen for a couple seconds in order to calculate the differences between each saves.
However, this does not apply to the very last level as you can't save when you finish it, so I manually enter statistics screen right before the level ends. All inventory screens and cutscenes are counted except one cutscene in Temple of Horus I.
It is unknown to me why this one isn't counted.

Level commentary:

Part 01 - Angkor Wat - 5:44 - 2 segments

0:24 - Sprinting around is to prevent stopping.

0:27 - You can't immediately skip this cutscene, otherwise a cutscene is triggered later.

0:32 - Swan-diving skips waiting for Werner to deactivate the spikes trap. Found by AjAX.

0:46 - Same as in 0:27.

1:33 - 2nd segment. I use swim-corner bug here to skip this entire room, but it's quite unreliable. rr_carroll found another way, but I was never able to duplicate it and my method takes about the same time as his. Found by rr_carroll.

2:33 - I should have jumped forward to cancel the stumble. I don't know why I didn't.

4:12 - The only mistake in this run. She should have pulled the lever instantly, but I was slightly off the working area, so I had to sidestep manually. Half a second lost.

4:28 - Continued crawling activated Von Croy's speech a bit sooner.

5:29 - I used crawl-corner bug here to skip crawlspace on the opposite side.


Part 02 - Race for the Iris - 4:11 - 1 segment

0:08 - This seems to be the fastest way to trigger the cutscene.

1:22 - I use crawl-corner bug here to skip one room.

1:30 - Yay, under 49 seconds.

It's possible to save before the cutscene in Tomb of Seth, but it's always better to start "clean".


Part 03 - Tomb of Seth - 6:04 - 2 segments

0:13 - 1:20 - You don't have to be as fast as possible in this entire section, because you have to wait for guide to activate a trigger anyway, otherwise he won't go further.

0:29 - Arm-jam bug. After doing a certain actions, Lara's arm get jammed and she can't use it till you release all keys for a brief moment. That's why flare cancel here doesn't work instantly.

0:56 - Flare-wall bug up to pedestal. Saves around 20 seconds. Found by rr_carroll.

1:20 - 1:55 - Normally the guide follows you to next room, but because I picked up Eye Piece via flare-wall bug, this trigger is not activated and you have to do it this way.

1:32 - Blades and their trigger are not aligned precisely, so you can just roll back and forth to activate them without waiting for the guide. Original trick found by AjAX, improved one by xRikux89.

2:00 - Waiting for the guide to activate a trigger. You have to be in that room.

2:18 - This cutscene makes the guide to follow you, so it's crucial to trigger it as soon as possible.

2:53 - 3:15 - It often happens I'm too fast in this section, which results in guide getting stuck and not igniting the pool.

3:38 - I'm actually so fast that by the time I have control over Lara, the pool is still not transformed. Also, here's second segment because of this bitchy puzzle room. It's not hard at all, it's just that I have to light up two squares with just one jump and that's not easy.

3:48 - 4:00 - Again, you don't have to be as fast as possible in this section as the guide is triggered by Timeless Sands, I think.

5:41 - A very nice trick to get out of this room. Found by rr_carroll.

ALT doesn't work in this level due to the guide, who prevents it.


Part 04 - Burial Chambers - 2:31 - 1 segment

0:26 - Right path is quicker, but I need the shotgun ammo for later. It would be probably faster by a second to take the ammo in Alexandria instead.

0:32 - Here I'm embedding into the wall, then using binoculars to trigger a cutscene with Amulet of Horus. It's very hard and needs to be executed exactly as I did, otherwise you either trigger a short fly-by or don't trigger anything at all. I recommend to use floor texture as reference points in order to get the right angle. Once you're inside the wall, use binoculars, press Space quickly followed by Roll, then wait couple seconds and you should get the cutscene. You can also measure how right you got the angle by listening to bloodstream sound. If it's hearable more to the right, you're too left and vice versa. Found by xRikux89 and rr_carroll.

2:18 - Flare-wall bug up to the exit to skip entire sandroom. Saves almost 3 minutes. Found by rr_carroll.

2:30 - Same situtation with the cutscene as in Tomb of Seth.


Part 05 - Valley of the Kings - 1:41 - 1 segment

All ninjas before the cutscene must die, otherwise they will attack Lara with their katanas and makes taking the jeep keys much more difficult and more importantly, slower.

Here, I use a technique called "UZI-shooting". This can only be done with Manual aiming setting in Options. Basically, you just repeatedly press Action button (not too slow, not too fast) instead of holding it, which almost equals the speed of UZI.

0:08 - This first guy spawns a guy in 0:19

0:12 - This guy spawns a guy in 0:23

0:19 - This guy spawns a guy in 0:27

0:27 - This guy drops the jeep keys. Unfortunately, the position depends on where he dies, but luckily you can get it pretty reliable if you manage to kill him fast enough.

The jeep ride is very easy and as you can notice, grenades do no damage. This is a bug on PC, console versions don't have it.


Part 06 - KV5 - 1:35 - 1 segment

0:10 - It's possible to overtake the jeep without touching anything, but it's damn hard and wouldn't make it a second, because I already end with high :35

1:05 - TRIV has 2 different versions. One that looks exactly as mine (older) and one that has a platform in this spot (newer), making the shortcut not possible. They probably did put it there later, because the place is bugged. If you won't do it exactly as I did, you'll end up with weird jeep jerking and camera behaviour.


Part 07 - Temple of Karnak I - 1:14 - 1 segment

0:25 - Corner bug up to the platform to save couple seconds. Stupid camera makes it a bit harder than usual. It's not possible to do a crawl-corner bug here.

0:31 - It's sometimes possible to grab the niche without stopping animation first, but I couldn't figure out what makes it happen. It would only save half a second or so.

1:19 - A typical trigger-bug. It's possible to end the level just by standing up, but that's rare. All enemies must die, that's why I killed those scorpions. Found by rr_carroll.


Part 08 - The Great Hypostyle Hall I - 0:22 - 1 segment

0:08 - I've tried many ways to drop down as fast as possible, but all of them ends in pretty much same time. I can't use flare cancel either, because of ALT later (flare burns for 30 seconds).

0:23 - Another ALT, but this one saves just a couple seconds. Found by rr_carroll and xRikux89.


Part 09 - Sacred Lake I - 3:34 - 1 segment

0:23 - Swim-corner bug here. Very easy to do this one. Found by rr_carroll.

0:34 - Partial flare-cancel because of Arm-jam bug.

0:36 - Corner-bug in just one jump. You have to hold Forward in order to do that, otherwise it's always two jumps. Found by rr_carroll.

1:43 - I'm pretty sure this is the fastest and safest way to get down even though it doesn't look like it.

1:47 - I actually didn't have to use a small medipack here, but crocs in the last room are usually bugging me and I don't need it anyway.

2:22 - I never understood why, but underwater doors can only be opened if you hit inner block with Lara's hitboxes. I guess it's just a bug.

3:30 - If you swim close to the opened underwater door, you'll get stuck, so I swim on the left side.


Part 10 - Temple of Karnak II - 3:13 - 1 segment

1:22 - Due to level design, you can't avoid stumble here.

1:38 - I always have to release all keys here for a brief moment, otherwise the Action button wouldn't work.

2:00 - Sommersault over the bump doesn't work.

2:58 - It's possible to turn just twice, instead of three times, in order to be able to crawl out, but it's pretty unreliable.

3:10 - This sound is there always, I never understood why.

3:12 - In this very attempt, I actually managed to jump by corner to avoid spawning ninja in next corridor. Doesn't save anything though.

3:14 - It's possible not to trip when sprinting over those two blocks, but it seemed too random and saves only half a second.


Part 11 - The Great Hypostyle Hall II - 2:31 - 1 segment

0:19 - Crawl-corner bug up the ledge to skip using Hypostyle Key and half of the level. I've always wondered why there is a window and perfect position to shoot the ball. Coincidence ? :) Found by Petunia.


Part 12 - Sacred Lake II - 1:39 - 1 segment

1:06 - Flare-wall bug to skip monkeyswing. Found by rr_carroll.


Part 13 - Tomb of Semerhket - 1:58 - 1 segment

0:29 - Flare-wall bug to skip monkeyswing. Found by rr_carroll.

0:41 - She should drop the flare, but due to Arm-jam bug, she won't till couple seconds later.

1:22 - I haven't found a way to make the flare cancel work instantly if I drop down in 1:20 like that.

1:23 - I didn't use extended sprint here, because I would have to slow down before the crawl-corner bug anyway.

1:30 - Crawl-corner bug to skip entire Senet game. Saves 5 minutes or so. Found by rr_carroll.

1:48 - Both jackals must die in order to get ALT in 1:56 to work.

1:56 - ALT to skip half of the level. Saves 4 minutes. Found by rr_carroll and xRikux89.


Part 14 - Guardian of Semerkhet - 3:54 - 1 segment

Lara has oddly looking left hand here. That's just a bug caused by using flare from Tomb of Semerkhet.

0:09 - It's possible to cancel out that bump, but then you'd be out of timing for the blades.

1:07 - This may not look fast, but I haven't found a way to do it faster without losing too much health or another flare.

1:15 - The hardest crawl-corner bug in entire game, saves half a minute or so.

2:20 - I never understood what is that weird sound in the background that sounds like cat's purring.

2:56 - Visst from TombRunner once mentioned it is possible to roll, then backflip to avoid bull's block, but I never managed to do that and the most important thing is that you wouldn't really have to do it since you have to wait for the bull anyway.

3:33 - Flare-wall bug to skip monkeywall. Saves 3 seconds. Found by xRikux89.


Part 15 - Desert Railroad - 2:44 - 2 segments

0:28 - Curve jump to skip a short cutscene. Found by me.

0:53 - The hardest jump in entire game. The idea is to jump of the train while visibly not on it in order to make it on top of the next cart. It's quite hard to pull it off, but it's possible. Found by rr_carroll.

0:56 - It's possible to skip this short cutscene, but setting up for it takes too much time.

1:08 - Second segment.

1:58 - Curve jump to skip another short cutscene.

2:05 - Curve jump to skip the very same cutscene as in 0:28.

2:12 - A small bump, but it actually helped me to slow down a bit, otherwise I would have bumped to the next cart's doorway.

2:24 - It's possible to make Lara jump of the train with another backward jump and be alive in next level, but it's slightly slower.


Part 16 - Alexandria - 0:30 - 1 segment

0:12 - Both scorpions must die, otherwise the shelf-corner bug in 0:19 doesn't work.

0:19 - Shelf-corner bug. Nobody really knows how is it possible to activate a trigger via shelf-corner bug, but it works. Found by rr_carroll.

It's possible to ALT out of this level, but I need the laser-sight.


Part 17 - Coastal Ruins - 1:15 - 1 segment

0:38 - YE,YE,YE,YE,YES.

0:41 - Flare-wall bug up the ladder.

0:46 - Here comes the tricky part to explain. This flare has actually three purposes. The first one is to make another flare-wall bug in 0:54, the second one serves as a flare cancel and the third one server as a "dummy" flare. You see the ALT with binoculars in 1:11 doesn't normally work. If you attempt it, you'll trigger a cutscene with skeletons and since you can't ALT when enemies are alive, you can't ALT unless you kill them with explosives, which I don't have and the run would also be slower due to cutscene. So what I do is to draw a flare at 0:46 and then I have exactly 30 seconds to enter binoculars mode and press Draw at 1:11. This flare will supress the skeleton cutscene for that time, so it doesn't matter if I do a mistake somewhere, because the ALT will only work 30 seconds after I drawn it.

0:54 - Flare-wall bug onto a platform from which I curve jump to skip fly-by cutscene.

1:11 - ALT. Explanation of how this one works is above. This skips most of Coastal Ruins and entire Catacombs.


Part 18 - Temple of Poseidon - 0:09 - 1 segment

Simple ALT to get to The Lost Library. Saves over 5 minutes. Found by xRikux89.


Part 19 - The Lost Library - 0:47 - 1 segment

0:38 - Flare-wall bug to skip entire first floor.

0:40 - If you look closely, Lara holds an invisible flare. This trick can be achieved by holding Flare button while performing flare-wall bug.

0:48 - Flare-wall bug using invisible flare.

0:54 - To make this ALT to work, you have to embedd the wall via flare-wall bug, turn a bit to the right, so you're in 90 degrees angle with the wall, use binoculars and then press Draw and Look after a short time. The only problem are those pesky flare ghosts, which usually set you on fire and even if you manage to get into Hall of Demetrius, you're still be on fire, or they can block the binoculars light and prevent you from doing the ALT. Entire section from 0:36 to 0:54 must be done as fast as possible. Found by xRikux89.


Part 20 - Hall of Demetrius - 0:25 - 1 segment

0:27 - Flare-wall bug and then another ALT. It's actually possible to make it with the very same flare you have in the beginning, but she usually drops it at the very same moment you want to use binoculars and since you need a new flare in next level, it's safer to use a new one. Found by rr_carroll.


Part 21 - Coastal Ruins - Pharos, Temple of Isis - 2:09 - 1 segment

I always did these two levels in one segment, because they're both very easy.

0:19 - For some reason this flare-wall bug only works if you press Look button after you embedd inside the wall.

1:57 - Same issue as in Sacred Lake I. You have to bump with Lara's head into the inner square of the door, otherwise she won't open it.

It's possible to end this level via ALT, but you'd have to kill the shark with a grenade, which I don't have and it's also really hard to do.


Part 22 - Cleopatra's Palaces - 0:39 - 1 segment

0:08 - Avoiding cutscene trigger by jumping through a corner. You only need half of Lara's leg to be inside the wall. Found by rr_carroll.

0:16 - Crawl-corner bug to skip going around, saves just a couple seconds.

0:35 - Flare-wall bug and ALT. This one is a bit tricky. Use binoculars, wait 1-2 seconds, press Draw, wait 1-2 seconds and then press Roll. If you do it right, you'll be in City of the Dead within 5 seconds. Found by rr_carroll.


Part 23 - City of the Dead - 1:06 - 1 segment

0:07 - Another arm-jam bug after ALT. Same happened in Guardian of Semerkhet.

0:19 - It's maybe faster to go up the ramp on the right, but this guy must die, otherwise I wouldn't probably survive later.

0:26 - Parking motorcycle between both turrets is the most reliable and fastest method here. I tried to park right next to grenade launcher, but that takes longer since you have to turn around.

0:40 - Yet another arm-jam bug.

0:43 - Crawl-corner bug to skip almost entire level. The turret will usually set you on fire, but that fortunately doesn't happen everytime. Not really sure, who found this.

0:49 - I had to release all keys for a brief moment or she wouldn't draw the grenade launcher.

0:52 - The idea here is to blow up the gas canister, which destroys the turrets. They would kill me otherwise.


Part 24 - Chambers of Tulun - 0:14 - 1 segment

Oh yeah, I finally improved this level by 1 second :D

I could have done this level along with City of the Dead, but I like the rule "one segment per one level".


Part 25 - Trenches - 0:42 - 1 segment

0:12 - Turning around with the motorcycle is slower than just driving around.

0:18 - Since I'm doing an ALT in this level, all enemies must die.

0:46 - Precise angle depends on where exactly you embedded the wall. The more you're left, the more straight the angle has to be. Then use binoculars, press Draw and quickly Look. You'll be teleported right into Citadel Gate from the other side and with motorcycle standing nearby. This skip almost entire Trenches, Chambers of Tulun, half of Citadel Gate and entire Street Bazaar. Found by rr_carroll.


Part 26 - Citadel Gate - 2:34 - 1 segment

Since I arrived via ALT, the motorcycle is prepared nearby :)

0:45 - I never managed to get so far before the cutscene. I usually end up somewhere near corner, so this saved at least a second.


Part 27 - Citadel - 9:07 - 3 segments

This is probably the worst level for speedrunning in entire TRIV. There are just so many cutscenes, annoying camera switches, narrow corridors etc.

2:38 - Second segment due to the cutscenes.

2:43 - Flare-wall bug to skip entire trip to the lever. Saves 2 minutes. Found by rr_carroll.

3:16 - Here I use a trick called "Movable object glitch". Stand in front of a pushable object. Hold Action to let Lara kneel. Now press Forward and release Action at the same time. If you timed it right, you can no longer move the object. This would be useless, but it allows for this magical trick. If you start pushing another object, the first one you locked will move in the same direction ! It works with multiple objects and it also allows you to get the pushable object onto platforms. When you stop pushing the "master" object, the master-slave relation will break. In this case I enslave 2 objects and move with the third, master object. Unfortunately this trick is nowhere near reliable, so I segmented it. Found by MrJavi94 and later improved by rr_carroll.

4:32 - Third segment.

6:37 - You can't do a sommersault here, you'll get stuck.

6:56 - Here's probably the only possible improvement. I could have entered the crawlspace a little bit more to the left and I would only need one turn in order to get out of it instead of two.

7:46 - The only way the Knights will swing their swords is to stand still, but if you do that, the first swing will always miss the wooden barrier, because they will be too far. But if you run, turn or crawl, they will only get closer without swinging, so I crawl to attract them a little bit closer.


Part 28 - The Sphinx Complex I - 1:56 - 1 segment

0:22 - Crawl-corner bug to skip opening the gate. Found by me.

0:26 - Because of ALT, I have to kill all enemies. These were the hardest to kill, because they move quite random. Only about every tenth shot killed them both.

0:37 - Here I avoided a trigger, which spawns two red ninjas near crates.

0:49 - Taking shovel parts is actually not necessary to get into Underneath the Sphinx, but it has its specific use later.

0:53 - I never managed to jump onto Sphinx's leg without stumble, so this is not a mistake.

1:17 - This jump avoids spawning a ninja near door.

1:22 - Basically the only mistake I made in this run. It's possible to open the door instantly if you stop at the precise spot.

1:28 - It's quite easy to shoot both grates, which is what happened here.

1:50 - ALT. Very easy to do. Found by rr_carroll.


Part 29 - Underneath the Sphinx - 8:29 - 1 segment

0:30 - You can completely avoid trapping both bulls simply by running around a column.

1:14 - Sometimes you don't have to do flare cancel here, but it usually doesn't work.

1:18 - I could have sprinted a little bit longer.

2:36 - Got a bit unlucky with a bat.

4:17 - Here's the only mistake I made in this run. During pushing buttons, Lara's arms gets jammed and you can't use Action button till you release all keys for at least one frame. I always do that right after I push the very last button, but I think I was too fast and it didn't work, thus I had to stop here for about half a second, otherwise she wouldn't come out of water. Btw, this is the only attempt, where I made this mistake :)

5:02 - I never figured out a better way to handle this corridor without losing even more time.

7:04 - I had several good attempts that ended exactly here. There must be no angle between Lara and niche, otherwise she'll just step away if you hold Action. And to make it even worse, bats annoy you.

7:10 - I think this is the best glitch in entire Tomb Raider series. You might have noticed I didn't pick all 4 Stones earlier. That's because I can create one ! Remember how I took both shovel parts in The Sphinx Complex I for no apparent reason ? This is where they come in handy. For some reason, if you don't combine the shovel parts and you leave the level via ALT, you can combine these parts in this level to create Stone of Maat. Found by xRikux89.


Part 30 - Menkaure's Pyramid - 1:52 - 1 segment

0:50 - Here's quite a funny bug. If the bug goes inside the room with you and you kill it with grenade, the scorpion will attack you after couple seconds, but for some reason he kills you instantly no matter what amount of health you have. There are 3 ways to avoid this: 1) Kill the scorpion - Takes a bit more time and one more grenade, which I can't spare. 2) Get lucky - If you manage not to kill the bug, the scorpion will kill it instead of you. 3) Get even more lucky - It's possible to avoid instant death if you jump through a corner at the very same moment.

0:56 - Jumping through a corner to avoid spawning very annoying scorpion.

1:01 - This crawl-corner bug is almost impossible to do without 0:56. It's an alternative path to get near the pyramid and only saves couple seconds. Found by rr_carroll.

1:25 - There is alternative path to get onto the pyramid found by xRikux89, but you would have to get rid of some enemies, which wouldn't really save time in the end.

1:47 - Flare-wall bug to get the revolver faster. Due to the keyhole, it is not possible to do it right under the revolver.


Part 31 - Inside Menkaure's Pyramid - 4:29 - 2 segments

I segmented the first part with ropes room, because it's quite hard to pull it off flawlessly and the room with swinging blades is also very annoying.

1:49 - It's possible to safety drop here without catching the ledge and then use a flare cancel, but it wasn't reliable, so I decided to flare cancel later.

3:59 - Pulling the chain from behind has only one reason - the following cutscene can't be skipped and there is too small space to do a backflip and turn right.

4:32 - Flare cancel does not work here.


Part 32 - The Sphinx Complex II - 0:09 - 1 segment

Easy level to do. Simply embedd the wall, roll, turn a bit right, use binoculars (you have to be quick or you'll get teleported to Underneath the Sphinx) and then press Right twice, Down twice and Draw. If done correctly, you'll appear in The Mastabas. Found by xRikux89.


Part 33 - The Mastabas - 1:28 - 1 segment

As usually, all enemies must die in order to get ALT to work.

0:30 - This grenade kills both jackals and destroys two gems inside lions's heads. It's possible to destroy all three of them if you use supergrenades, but you it takes 6 seconds to take the ammo in Citadel and another 2 seconds to switch it in inventory, so using just normal ammo and revolver should be slightly faster.

1:03 - Flare-wall bug up a Mastaba to skip half of the level. Found by rr_carroll.

1:23 - I wait a bit till Lara aims onto the jackal behind the first one, otherwise the grenade wouldn't kill all enemies in this room.

1:30 - ALT. This couldn't have been done better, that's why I left the bump in 1:18. Found by xRikux89.


Part 34 - The Great Pyramid - 0:29 - 1 segment

0:18 - Flare-wall bug up the mastaba to skip half the level. Found by rr_carroll.

0:35 - ALT to skip the rest :) Found by xRikux89.


Part 35 - Khufu's Queens Pyramids - 0:52 - 1 segment

0:34 - This flare has no use in this level, but it will be useful in the next one.


Part 36 - Inside The Great Pyramid - 0:23 - 1 segment

ALT allows me to skip entire Shaft key thing. The flare from previous level prevents the ALT, that's why I drew it there. Found by rr_carroll.


Part 37 - Temple of Horus I - 3:28 - 2 segments

Lara must finish all animations, otherwise she'll say "No" if you try to use a waterskin.

2:01 - This segment was actually not necessary. In my practice run, bats were always following me down the shaft and usually knocked me of the ledge during cutscene, but I made some changes and they didn't follow me.

2:09 - I have to use a medipack from inventory instead of via hotkey, because of a bug. If you only have one medipack left and you press hotkey to use it, it won't heal you.

3:22 - You don't need armor pieces nor amulet.


Part 38 - Temple of Horus II - 1:57 - 1 segment

0:11 - This bug is called the "Edge-bug". It seems like whenever there is a monkeybar above a triangular-shaped edge, Lara will be teleported onto that monkeybar if you hold Action by the corner. I let go of Action to cancel swing animation. Found by rr_carroll.

1:25 - This shortcut skips a short cutscene. Found by Jorche.

2:05 - Since this game doesn't show the final statistics, I just manually entered it right before exit.

Possible improvements: I should have taken another flare pack in Underneath the Sphinx and use it, especially in Inside The Great Pyramid. It wouldn't save that much though, only around 2-4 seconds.

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed this run, it's my best so far.

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