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Released in June 2003, Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness sought to continue its predecessors' successes but received poor reviews due to its annoying controls and outdated gameplay. Being horribly buggy when it was released, it was said to be the worst Tomb Raider game to date. The storyline follows Lara Croft as she is hunted across Europe, accused of murdering her former mentor Werner Von Croy.


Best time: 1:57:55 by Aleš 'Ewil' Horák on 2006-11-17, done in 33 segments across 28 files.

Game saves are available in a .zip file.

Author's comments:

Angel of Darkness was meant to be a revolution in gaming, but Core unfortunately screwed it up. The result is one quite buggy and unfinished game (it was actually supposed to be a trilogy), but it's still a good game with great plot, music, graphics etc.

I was little worried if the run will be ever finished because of the bugs, but then I realized that most bugs happens only if you are quicksaving, then doing some action. I never encountered a crash to desktop or a famous "no-textures" bug during the run, because I didn't quicksave.

However, the game has a lot of other problems, which prevents me from making the run look perfect. Firstly, I couldn't get a smooth record via fraps set on 30fps, so I had to go for 60fps, which sometimes led to either small lag or a framedrops in power-demanding rooms. It's not a big deal, but definitely annoying.

Second, game engine isn't optimized and I couldn't get to work Alt-Tab to go to Windows and delete my fail attempts plus the menus are damn slow, so guess what was it like. Third, completely new controls required lot of training and getting used to it, but I still had problems with some jumping and I discovered in a very last level that there are hot-keys for weapons, so I didn't have to go to inventory everytime I wanted to switch my gun :)

What a wuss you can say, but I never heard of it and I must had overlooked it in options. Fourth, game has lot of random stuff, especially switches and ladders are pain in the ass. You can lose on them even 3 seconds, because Lara has to "hit" the ladder/switch in exact spot to use it and if she isn't in that spot, she simply starts to do tiny foosteps to get there. I don't plan to ever do a run for this game again, I must say it was quite frustrating and sometimes very boring comparing to my other speedruns.

And by the way, the game is so easy, that I never used or take any healthpack.

Now, let's get a look on levels:

  1. Parisian Back Streets: The worst and most boring level in AOD. You can't skip Lara's talking, there's a lot of boring stuff, no significant shortcuts and stupid camera. I even wanted to give up when doing this very first level, but I always finish the job to the end.

  2. Derelict Apartment Block: Much much better. One of my favourite, actually. I skipped a short cutscene by taking a hole in stairs, then I was using "Stairjumping" to speed up Lara to the top.

  3. Industrial Rooftops: There are two ways how to finish this short level, I obviously took the shortest with using of swan dives, which in this stage of game gives you farther distance than regular running jump. This part also contains Margot's Carvier's Apartment with the shortest chat choices and to obtain a notebook from an old lady directly.

  4. Parisian Ghetto: I was exploring this level many hours, then I remember there is a keypad with a working code, which you can get from 2 people, but first you have to visit Le Serpent Rouge level, so it wasn't anything easier than open the walkthrought and find that code :) But I had to take a strenght upgrade from nearby church in order to do a jump in Bouchard's Hideout.

  5. Louvre Storm Drains: Best level in AOD. The run is perfect, because I really enjoyed it. The only thing that could be done better is the second jump from the tube. It's possible to jump straight on the platform instead on a ladder, but since it's hard, if you fail, you die, and it's in the very end, I decided to take more reliable way.

  6. Louvre Galleries: I was so pissed of this level, because I died so many times on the roof when doing a perfect run. The camera there is stupid, so you can see in the vid that I only run there.

  7. The Archaeological Dig: It seems the rotating wheel with symbols is controlled by triggers carried by those 2 guards, so not only that I had to kill them to get ammo and mainly classic pistol to shoot down bats in the next level, but as a bonus I only had to lock one symbol, the others just appeared in a same row. Lucky me.

  8. Tomb of Ancients: Killing the bat is necessary, otherwise they would hunt you through the entire level. There're many shorcuts on a suspension ledges, but I was limited by only one full "life". Also taking the shotgun is a good choice, I used it in next levels.

  9. Neptune's Hall: I found out that swan diving to water gives great speed boost which allowed to survive all water works on one breath, but it was close.

  10. The Sanctuary of Flame: Everytime you enter this level, the flame wall runs behind you, outrun you and instantly kill you, but I was so fast that I avoided it.

  11. Hall of Seasons: This is 3 segments level due to randomness. First segment is the underground, second is up to the boss and third is boss fight. In second segment, there are quite cool shortcuts. I even think Core put them there on purpose, because it was absolutely obvious that you can jump it if you want. Four stairjumps is the best I could do. I never made it to the top with 5 stairjumps. This was the main reason for splitting.

  12. Von Croy's apartment: I wonder how could Cleaner (opponent) be so fast to get to the room with the second fight faster than me :) Cheater.

  13. Monstrum Crime Scene: Somebody must have forgot something in script, because I didn't ask Ludick for help, but he still offered me the security pass :)

  14. Strahov Fortress: I actually don't know why I did it 2 segment, I was probably scared of the very last shortcut jump into the vent. I accidentally found a speed boost from cable spool.

  15. Bio-Research Facility: Again 2 segmented. Reason for it is pretty obvious. I started to hate the 2 minute talking about end of the world... At the end there is a bad part where I was unlucky, I'm sorry for that.

  16. Sanitarium: Shooting down the "zombies" is necessary, otherwise Kurtis is so dumb that instead of opening the cage, he rather starts to punch zombies in the face. Also, it's VERY unfinished level with no textures sometimes.

  17. Aquatic Research Area: Another script missing or I don't know why, but even that the water monster can't hurt you in PC version, you can't pull the underwater level until you activate short cutscene.

  18. Boaz returns: I was afraid of this boss fight, because I had so many problems to beat him when I was playing it normally, but then it turned out to be a piece of cake.

  19. Eckhardt's lab: "Fight" with Eckhardt is extremely boring and very pathethic and because I wanted to do fight with Karel perfectly, I decided to split after Eckhardt. The problem with Karel is that you have to be damn quick and lucky to get onto the top without any stops, because he shoots some stunning lighballs.

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