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This 1996 adventure game from Virgin Interactive for the PC takes Christopher Lloyd and inserts him in the character of a visual artist named "Drew Blanc" inside a wacky cartoon world much akin to "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" Everything from visuals to music to voice acting delivers the gospel of those exuberant 90's 'toons on the TV and other similar games like Day of the Tentacle. If you don't like it, you must have gotten whacked with an acme-mole-whackin'-hamme'.

Toonstruck   Toonstruck

Best Time: 0:33:25 by Andrew 'Bigmanjapan' Bondarenko on 2015-01-13 done in 2 segments.

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Author's comments:

This is a segmented run (2 segments) of «Toonstruck» done in 33 minutes and 25 seconds on PC via DOSBox 0.74.

Toonstruck feature multiple RNG elements. The most annoying one is the Fish Toilet puzzle; it's the reason for segmentation as you can literally lose up to a minute due to its randomness. Another issue is that in some places you can only proceed in the run when a certain NPC's animation is triggered. And NPCs animations are random.

Mouse pointer mechanic is also a bit tricky. Rick-clicking will instantly move you to another location (if no transfer cutscene is scripted, there are several locations where you can't transfer from/to via right-click instantly), but most of the time game doesn't store mouse pointer position from previous location. So you need to remember pointer position for every screen, especially because you can move pointer while it's not showing on a screen (during actions). I constantly shake mouse pointer because sometimes you can lose track of it due to high saturation background images.

I won't describe the whole run, but the important stuff in chronological order.


Part 01 (16:22):

Shop (bar). Color Telephone puzzle can glitch if you press buttons too fast. It's possible that phone won't register your input at all or display another color entered. You supposed to travel to Zanydu to learn what color number is by reading a sign but apparently Telephone puzzle is not tied to any trigger in Zanydu, you can solve it right away. Also Shop is the first place where you face RNG in NPCs' movements — you can benefit if Flux move by himself closer to a mouse trap while Drew plays piano.

Secret Passage in King's bedroom. Second instance of Flux RNG movement. Player benefits if Flux position himself closer to a plank.

Zanydu clock puzzle. Left trigger — 5 times. Right trigger — 5 times. Left trigger — until 6 o'clock.

Gift-O-Matic in Wacme concepts. You don't have to win a rubber glove, it isn't necessary to complete a run.

Shop (arcade). Wacman arcade is random; you can beat the owner a little bit faster than I did.

Fish Toilet in Zanydu. Segment ends when you place your mouse pointer over inventory bag after toilet is fixed.


Part 02 (17:13):

Fish Toilet in Zanydu. When you drop the red fish in the toilet the puzzle begins. You can catch violet, red, green and yellow fish. First two fish are always violet, after that it's random.

Seedy's bowling. After you exited dressing room there is a tiny timing window until the bear is returned. In this timing you need to place some glue on his bowling ball. I also managed to glue piano keys and candy-floss. Also Flux can go all the way to the dressing room (third RNG movement thing), so you a player is forced to wait for him to come closer.

Nefarious' castle prison cell. You need to talk to a pig guard one time; this will trigger his sneezing animation. When he sneezes you need to take a mat, do that 2 times because Drew finds a yellow crystal on the first time. Funny that for the same mat position you need to position Drew differently each time to save time.

Psycho clown cell. After you enter his cell you need to wait until he will remove his nose to use chloroform on it. This is the second most annoying element in this game. You can literally wait for a minute for him to trigger that animation. I was extremely lucky to get it on the first try. I decided not to segment it and go with only 2 segments.

Kitchen. Same RNG movement thing. I wasn't been able to douse a robot in time and had to watch his animation. But this time loss is nothing compared to psycho clown randomness.

Everything else is pretty straightforward.

Additional notes:

1. I don't use black hole to transition between locations. Puzzle you need to solve to get it is a huge timewaste;

2. Normally, after you build Cutifier, game should ask for a second CD. To avoid that, place both "ACT1" and "ACT2" folders in your game folder. Game will be played without interruption.


PC build and software used:

QuadCore Intel Core i5-3570K, 3400 MHz

ASRock Z77 Pro3

8076 MB (DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM)

Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7770

Hitachi HDS721050CLA362 HDD

Win 7 64

OBS 0.635b to capture the game


DOSBox 0.74 configuration (everything else is default):

windowresolution=1280 x 800




Mount X C:\Toon

Mount F C:\CD -t cdrom






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