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Trials Evolution is a racing video game where you control a motorcycle trials rider who traverses an obstacle course. The Gold edition of the game is essentially all the content of Trials HD and Trials Evolution combined and optimized for the PC.


Best time: Single-segment 0:50:10 by'TheBlazeJp' on 2014-08-27.

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Author's comments:

Gold edition is essentially Trials HD and Trials Evolution from the xbox 360 arcade merged into one game with Trials Evolutions mechanics.

Trials Gold has a wide variety of events including core bike obstacle tracks ranging in difficulty from beginner to hard.
There are three progressive bike unlocks from a 0% Game state with accompanying training programs that are skipped in a speedrun.
The category features many skill games with numerous different mechanics and target goals, also know as Mini Games.

Trials speedruns are all about learning a wide skillset of stick movements to utilise many bike techniques to go as fast as possible, Including:
Wheelie flips, Back wheel slides, Bike coasting, Back wheel spring hops, Regrips, Hard leans, Gradual leans and many more.

Lots of different skill games, Many of which have bike handicaps such as; limited gas, no leaning, constant gas or even back wheel only.
Some of the skill games even feature non-bike skills such as nitro boost flying, Ball control courses, Flying and swinging rag doll esque mechanics and many more.
There is also a lot of blind navigation routing and muscle memory to navigate to the next events before the event pages visually load.

As the game is speedrun in offline mode on Uplay each core track features tracks ghost dots that indicate best IL track times from previous speedrun attempts.

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